20 thoughts on “Journalists' Hangout 21st January 2019 | Presidential Debate

  1. These men continue to confirm the stupidity of many Nigerians. How can you continue to recycle old uneducated rulers and expect something good. Call a spade a fucking spade. Their absence from the debate is a fucking disrespect to Nigeria!!! Imagine in 2020 trump decides to disregard debates, it will be over for him politically. You can’t disrespect your country like that. The Arrogance is unacceptable!

  2. If all presidential candidates are not invited for a debate what is the essence of terming it "presidential debate?"

    There should be no other parameters other than the fact that the person is a candidate of a recognised political party.

    If the numbers are too much, then let it be conducted in stages.

  3. I know if my lovely president Omoyere Sowore is there he will finish all these idiot buhari foolish Atiku because both of them are too old to rule nigeria

  4. congrats papa otitoloju senior, we are enjoying your son Doctore Jide, everyday, even members of the opposition party (i wont mention names) enjoy him too but pride no gree dem accept. enjoy your 82nd birthday. God bless you. he has already blessed u with a great son sha !!! hip hip hip hurray.

  5. I can't imagine this is coming from otitoloju, you're supposed to come out and rebuke this guys absence directly, but you're telling us that buhari is not an excellent speaker, and atiku is very wise for taking that decision he takes by running away, am highly disappointed in you on this issue, this is unlike you, I don't know what went wrong earlier today.

  6. What rubbish are these people been paid to say? You don’t enjoy light and your happy to say they should come back. Your facts are noted but we need especially journalists need to shift the mind of the people from all this mismanagement.

  7. Doctore Jide… far more people than u think watched the debate. I also think that based on the general public perception, the debate will not necessarily affect how people will vote in Feb, i put this to the general education level of the nation and our democracy still in its infancy stage, perhaps in another 10 years.

  8. I honestly used to regard Mr Jide's commentary on Nigerian politics, your comments on the show today shows how hopeless and powerless you are in the future of Nigeria; your words today will be culled back; this is so sad for the young people of Nigeria.

  9. Babajidi, are you really a journalist or are you APC spokesperson . Please be honest and stop kissing ass. I understand that you are trying to safe your job ,but you can only deceive morons . So be honest to Nigeria and stop kissing ass.

  10. Why are you attacking Otiotoju? He who play the piper dictate the tune? You cannot bite the finger that feeds you. TVC,
    is owned by most professional, thug in Nigeria history, stealing our collective resources to build an empire including this Chanel, no wonder his nickname bear semblance to arm robber; Jaguda . You cannot presented to be clean when you collect your wages/ daily bread out of looted fund. In Nigeria ethics and moral is always in the background. Babajide is just doing his job, as far as his T&C of his employment goes.

  11. Most comments on this platform is based on biased sentiment against his person and government. Babajide has highlighted what will likely happen base on past trends and analysis. Remember votes are not counted on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Buhari is favoured and most likely will win this election as long as South-west vote are secured. He might not win by a huge margin like 2015, however he will win most votes in South west, including Edo and might lose some states in North central (Benue, Kwara & Taraba) base on past voting patern & trends. I wish there are good structures for these better candidates from other parties. They simply don't have the the means and Nigerians will not vote for them in large numbers. Buhari can afford to lose south-east along with five states in South-south. This Man called GMB is basically worship like a GOD in the North regardless of his performance. Please take time to watch his rallys in Kaduna, Kogi, Bauchi, and other northern states. You have not seen anything yet wait till next month. I am not implying that Buhar is the best candidate or hes performance is impeccable. He's an average president, i am waiting for the next southern Christian President come 2023 from southwest or South east. Every election and politics is local….i support Babajide's analysis its the truth if you disagree please wait till election is over and return to this forum. I rest my case…🤔

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