Journalists' Hangout 20th November 2018

Journalists' Hangout 20th November 2018

hello and thanks for joining the Tuesday edition of journalists hangout am i or dilly-o subahu today on the show let me remind you that it's just 87 days to the conduct of the 2019 general election and as the poor draw near Nerra we expect that serve will be giving you in that analysis of events as it unfolds now labor insists governor must pay 30,000 naira minimum wage or forget reelection a PC to sanction ministers senators over litigation others others withdraw of cases against party and later on the show defense headquarters accuses Amnesty International of undermining fights against insurgency as insurgent invade army base in Brno killing soldiers are we hanging out with Asuka James in Mecca Medina gone and our Denis Kuno so if you're ready let the Hangout starts now many thanks for joining us after countless meetings and endless negotiations the new minimum wage issue is still unresolved a presidential intervention to settle the matter once and for all could not get the desired results as the meeting between President Mahmoud wari and state governors in Abuja on Monday ended in another deadlock this is largely owing to state governors refusal to agree to pay $30,000 minimum wage agreed by the trap attack committee but organized labor has vowed to fight on the Nigerian liberal Congress insists that God knows must pay or forgets reelection in 2019 who blinks first in this showdown nilam star from you and them looking at 30,000 higher let's say the federal government's can pay or agree to pay 30,000 area it's very very difficult for you to see a cross board that's Allstate's you know people will talk about governor's security votes people will talk about cars they will talk about but the reality on ground is that some states basically cannot and what I want to ask you is that why is it that we have a fixed minimum wage across both in lego states what we call the standard of living is different from militia the standard of living English is different from some fast it's why do you have a unified minimum wage I think it has to come from understanding the defective kind of federalism that worked which in this part of the world permit me do a verbal journey to the United States of America where you have different wages across the different states of the US at some point realism most definitely at some point you have people earn like $18 per hour so I'm safe paid $15 per hour how we know that about some weeks back we had some issues with okay maybe an increase the amount paid by a certain organization let me leave the name out of the show now the point remains that in this part of the world we have a system where at the end of every month when the revenue mobilization and fiscal allocation committee sits certain amounts are doled out to the respective states so when you talk about the system were prepared there is no question and the fact that the governor's must do all they have to do to pay the amounts because if we had a system where the respective gardeners for instance may be more or less have been allowed over the years or they were able to think out of the box we would have this complain but since it's a collection and bring back home strategy then you have to agree so if every state governor usually agrees to go to the center to connect it is going to be difficult to have them one to pay something different for another because they all go to get from their world from the side but they don't get equal amounts don't get to derivation I promise you that they do not get the same amount particularly for producing statehood which of course gets extra 13% but it must be said that in the overall we're talking about a system where people go to collect certain amount of money and we're talking again about a system where those who are elected representatives get into office which to among those amounts and money's there are times when you look at it it's difficult to fathom so when you're talking about the life of the people who work for the greater part of the year and when it's time to let them get a living which it becomes impossible I think it's gonna be difficult then again if you look at this the respective states of this country have the capacity to develop its natural resources I want to go to the northern parts of the country and tell you here in Baku that there's an abundance of solid minerals that these state governors have not developed over the years everybody have been or has been subsisting on the offer on the side of part of the country so in addition to the problem of not having the financial wherewithal to pay its also has to do with their inability to develop what they have for instance Lagos is a coastal state it's as leverage is my time capacity it's as leverage perhaps a presence of industries and there are the human resources okay me that would be openings award and not forgetting the fact that some of these states are also limited okay bye in terms of the constitutional provision okay you cannot access your natural resources it is an exclusive preserve of the federal state cannot access natural resources but that doesn't mean they can access creative resources you have landlocked countries in this world miley is one that volcana fascinated to creatively internally or in collaboration with foreign partners for development partners you know I've been able to creatively solve their problems but he stops God knows from thinking in a revolutionary manner not in stops governor's from cutting down on waste I tell you what you see the governor's really don't want to be honest with Nigerians there's a state I will mention here you can imagine in a host in a whole year this same state declared revenue from college fees at 250,000 said I was all it got from all the trucks or the vans the characteristic of the jerk in only a $250,000 set by commissioner at an open meeting now they had to bypass the consultants the mayor of consult of the governor appointed I reach out to various groups in the haulage business to try and increase revenue you find out when corners I like that traditional ruler sent people to them politicians and people to them and because they can't pay everybody so what they do is okay this all right you be special assistant on revenue generation in charge of this market you're in charge of this place now these people go to trade us or they you know they employ young your employer youths let me not call them thugs the employers with spikes on the route you know truck drivers cut you know a car driver I rinsed now to get to you know to export all kinds of money from them but you know where the problem is how much of this money even doing that how much of it gets back to the government I've watched some of these people collecting money in a market and I saw people collecting you know cash and one of the officials was holding money a lady was holding money this way moving about in the muck and I just collected okay two thousand three thousand who accounts money who tells who gives you the right the actual ego that was collected and then you see you cannot beat 80,000 in federal management scandalous because even if like the opening in question I said why do we have a uniform minimum wage cough notes we had there when the concession was very very last time and they did not they said nothing about it you talked about natural resources we need to review the Constitution God knows were there and he kept silent so you see it's like a conspiracy of the Union it against the people those things that they can do to make this country better do you really need conspires to make sure that they do nothing little or nothing about it about those things so that they can keep Nigel subservient and hungry let me allow as well as it was still back to the question I asked them me you know this is a situation that it's quite worrisome now and last week the reports a newspaper carried a report that I think it's only legal state so so that's amounts now the understanding what I discovered gathered was at 24,000 I have some people are talking about 24,000 NT for the governor that's in 20 to 500 so it's a 5d i think the federal government at 24 the private sector the economic country all the private sector representatives they sort of the federal government is in 1620 2005 labor has been insisted for 30,000 yeah wait check inflation rates in 2011 and 2018 if the last time I checked I think in 2011 tour single digits I think we left in point something no 11 you also understand that the exchange rate has gone in excess of about former percents if you look at if you look at all this the governor's I've not you know shown the capacity that they are really broke and that is why if a governor is traveling he goes on a chartered flight it doesn't like 20 million don't a governor who know great loan he would go with it so he's going with the charter flight he won't say hey please airline just like we are traveling this I need a cheap-ass tickets let me use that word at a discount at a discount because I'm going with it one two three four including myself economic class I'm not business class aware you understand the God knows I'm not sure was that ah that they are really broke and those like I said it is only Negro state that is making money outside whatever they are getting and it is very worrisome even the governor both to me I still think that the there's a lot in all the states in the Federation that they can't make money from and that is my label is saying that you can't tell us that you can't pay thirty thousand don't forget they posted every sixty six thousand before the announced that make you fine we have we are going to meet at a particular point and our point is it clear now the thirty thousand so it means label as reduced it by 50% so where is the governor's reducing the Allen they still want to maintain eighteen thousand that the country won't pay that's I'm trying to talk about the reality of how many groans panting God knows I've known should listen to my they have not shown Dukakis yes that they are broke because if they tell me that a god no who goes out every time is going out is distributing money is a game is going with each other flights I mean scurrying time a convoy like five six cars all in unison we swell and everything you can tell me looking at what I'm seeing here it's in Towson area and we have boost it's the suit default there are three fourteen eighteen thousand air and I know that is not as eighteen thousand level oh one is massive that would be graduating no at the point is time they look for way around it you know if the the lowest person is level oh one is taken eighteen thousand and maybe a director level is expected to take like two hundred two hundred thousand but that was that was in this situation now when we are saying this statute thousand air and the nigelball Congress it's eighty seven days or it's six days to the election and they know that this is the time to strike this is when it's going to hot much but you know so holding the federal government to run some kind of and what do you expect well I like us to understand the fundamentals in these arguments because it's very important with Pete bring the individual aspects so that the viewer can understand what we're saying it is according to law that every five years you do a reveal that is number one again as of 2015 of all ghosts that simply means it was due for review yeah the federal government has solved a crime never dimmed it fits in the first place so call the labor representatives and say we know it is due could we have a discussion and review nobody talked about it 2016 why you should have an effective amount in place nobody mentioned it again until they started scratching your skin and telling them we will go and strike now one of the most one of the heights of indiscretions in this you know negotiations for me was when dr. Chris egg again about two months and three weeks ago issued a white paper on thank you for joining us yes I announced you know while the label and the other people were back and forth something interesting happen dr. Chris is you know issue the white paper where we criminalize going on strike it talked about the fact that if an employer at your group is a yes-no Olympic and I felt that while talking about trying to find solutions to the problems of the country and that's why you didn't defeat to issue or white paper I think it was even at that point that label got very angry do you know what a Baba said he said the thirty thousand was not even an idea of label that was what day the governor's eventually had to come to because they felt the kuru paid is sixty six thousand so if behind closed doors you agreed and in as a matter of fact labor came out to announce that this is the position that we have that is steady thousand twenty four hours afterwards dr. creasing a geek came out are refuted that that was in a position and I remember are you Bob about getting very miffed that how on earth could he say that having a grid behind closed door that that the amount they are going to approach with so I think first the governance is about responsibility and that is where the leadership of this country is really disappointed I never say this if you even look at Raja Gosnell form that appears to be the body speaking we do not recognize an idea governance or Roman law so who gives the authority to naija Governance forum to say that is their position according to Lord they don't exist so we need the governor's to follow the bidding of demand that represent label go back to your state and let's have a harmonized figure because it is sickening so continue to have these discussions because it is no living which we will pay 10,000 after all what do we go from here we have to be creative you know thinking president talking about deadline of December you pay us in the early days of his administration what are the idea of bailout funds how where did the Monaco they've paid three strands is only three tranches by not right led no where did the money come from let me tell you is about being creative try to beat about the bush the only trying to buy time what is only gonna get worse because don't forget Christmas is approaching so the governor's should know that the federal government and the state governments and local Camejo just one GA once it's on the tripartite committee organized neighbor has an organized Depot has another city organize private sector has it towards it so the Ferger meant loop governments say Gomez I better come together and I agree on that thirty thousand lets them meet neighbor because they should not let this thing get out on the streets and then Nigerians hungry poor jobless Nigella's get incensed you never can tell what who come out of it ultimately I'm looking at you put into good fortune different little parts now the all progressive Congress kind of backlash it gives the ruling party if this is not properly handled that is ready the federal government has to come in you know shouldn't allow the state government to detect the to decide and direct this discussion discussion at all if the president has to step in and are also Cudas they're like the joint stick although so the ferragamo cannot decide for the state or should state seven days to the election and one day in the life of every politician is very important this is we are talking about strike vessels boots right now because by the time he gets to that deserve at a tea party Faust or wherever if NLC decides to shut down the economy and shut down the country it would be disastrous for the when you really need and the governing APC because and that is where the federal government or the president has to start saying Gigi step aside what I wants to bring the VP or himself such quality negotiation because I think the NRC is beginning to lose confidence in the minister yes true because they wants to say one thing inside and you come at an inside that thing you have told yourself to two fists the best thing is let the president come out meet with label meet with all of them and then issue I agree perhaps they might even listen to the president because the president is someone they would trust I believe so if the presences okay fine mwah uncool I can't give you 30,000 but I'm I'm I'm showing you that I can give you 20 something thousand or 27 or they can reach an agreement let the president comment and it should not send his lieutenants because that is where the problem because at the dots on the decimated force if Labour shuts down the economy we will not be talking about a piece will be struggling to convince Nigerians they are already doing that now they'll be struggling again to convince Nigerians to vote for them so the President and mrs. Angela's and everybody around him we should be talking to him now issue people want to talk if you leave the jjigae and Iancu let them go and sit down somewhere let the president step in go on the boat together maybe I'm a people they're committed they can reset it again however wants to do it you can even call them let them the governors are saying that's okay if you are insisting that will PD status thousand-aire we have to downsize well the point is that's going to be even more disastrous for them let's begin by saying that the federal government has released three tranches from the poly Club respond to them and I remember that each time the president is doing show this one it has always been yes copy those and Iran why can't you do it what you look at all government of the shoot-down the one college expenses we are not going anywhere which is an hour to Keaney rather to come up with the sorted it's not that finally solution are you thank you thank you Laurie thank you for calling yes I was talking earlier that's if there's a downsize and a number of workers it is going to be very disastrous let us understand first that's more than half of the state governors across their six states a tradition behind in terms of paying salaries and pensions so you are the passings that you intend to downsize the people that are already are grieved that you've not paid their salaries these things are very important I should say so it is very very essential at this points to map all these issues out so that day you cannot efficiency here how about those redundant once God knows having one thousand because one of it is that governments do when they are living when they're living office is to load the civil service in their state with new employees with new teachers with all kinds of people in fact there are people they keep on the fringe and family members there are people on the fringes who are not on the payroll of the civil service where the governors are living the from those who are they go decide all right still to come APC to sanction ministers senators over litigation others withdraw of cases against the passing we'll be right back after this break please stay with us still journalist hangouts in case you're just joining us this is journalist angle which you live from television continental here in our headquarters in Lagos Nigeria it is certainly not the best of time for the or progressive Congress that APC as the governing party continues to battle post Pomerance backlashes but the party has decided to will the big stick against agreed party members the APC national walking Committee has threatened to sanction members who abandoned the practice resolution mechanism in to seek redress in law courts after a meeting in Abuja APC National Police Secretary Larry is on Alou frowned at short actions and advise aggrieved members to withdraw all court cases take advantage of the reconciliation committees or face sanction as well let me start with you here because of the primary election I know some states some governor's actually went to court some took a knife to cut some troop to the party to court and some candidates are some aspirants that lost outs in the direct or indirect primaries actually in courts to get you know yes and is their rights anybody would tell you that is a legitimate right but there's always an appeal committee when you finish the primary there's always a primary appeal committee and if that one is not working and then APC we've kind of set up a reconciliation committee but we are very close to the election the APC is like it well Bob thinking after four years getting into power they'll be able to manage all the crisis within them because it was different different parties coming together then after the primaries you'll be able to manage the primaries but it's like the situation is get even was because even when you accuse your chairman the person leading the battle for you of one thing or the other it means but for the party to even go into the battery yourself they some people who are supposed to be the foot soldiers might even walk against the party and that is what is happening because if you look at it if you are taking your party to court you are slowing down the process that will lead the party the party into the victory that they want because in every step that the party takes you know to forge ahead in any state if you didn't reverse when do you think that oh we are going to win the election either the governorship the House of Assembly and all that if there's a court injunction or the dekat papers and in some way the party Secretariat everybody who want to say Who am I going to support in supporting this person let me don't go and join the other party and that is where you start affections happening before a day before the election in audio state and that is what is going to happen and it is going to be a – for the party so it is good thank God is coming this early for the party to tell those who have code kisses I'm even surprised about the Minister for communication you know if you know you're a good party man I keep saying it if you have good part I wonder why still a minister you know I don't know why I don't know if party man and you know that your party is going through a lot what you should do is to leave whatever you do forget about that you have lost election is just like normal game you will lose Sunday and you win Sunday you can lose lose lose they should even take a cue from their president that's the president he lost understand until they won and they should always remember that as a politician if you can't if you start early if you win or you lose lose lose they would be dead you win and I don't know where politicians don't think that way they just think that oh it has to be a do-or-die affair but it is not like that because they continue I oh let me finish if they continue the APC is going to go into into the 2019 election as a divided house Amica look at the situation now and they are acting members to withdraw cases guests politics the party the party is supreme ordinarily the party supreme my journey political party you submit yourself to his rules regulations and decisions ordinarily what is in this case even while that is an asserted no but again the constitution of the country is created and the peace is concerned Eko John gives Nigeria the right to seek legal redress against you know when their rights breached or breached so now in this case these people have decided to seek legal redress and they should not be denied that right but you see the tone of the statement by Larry is so Neil is really really unfortunate because what you're trying to do is to force it on them that they have no right to cry out even though they agree they have no right to cry out that they should first exhaust the party's internal internal resolution mechanisms of the mechanisms of the party but at the same time it is in the open that a lot of this that went down during the primaries were really unconditional and we against the interest of even the members of the FEC and even the party so who are those who are going to address this already you everyone you have removed three governors you remove a muscle yari and Rochester Crozier from the reconciliation panel so what you are doing is already you you are walking to the answer you have already said answer IO systematically water names names Romita because people we need to reconcile them with you know the politics okay fine are you there are some influential members in the APC today if they were involved in things like would you leave them are what I felt this lab don't know where I'm heading to that they should have a thirst for for new militia first of all try to talk to those men those three god knows talk to them try to pacify them before you talk of going on reconciliation drive because you can't go there conservation drive Rochester Crozier son-in-law is worldly people you are threatening to expel how does it sound how does it sound how does it son you first of all reach out to these people privately as I said it on this table before that we will show Molly went about talking to party members agree party members D for he emerged APC national chairman he has turned the other side of the knife why to these people privately how come is now invoking me you know what do you make of this situation I say that I want to quote from a book that has no name if the foundation of our grieved APC members be destroyed what does it portend for them to understand that when people have occupied high offices for up to 80 years they've had total control of state machinery they've been able to call the shots build the demigods in their respective states and as an election more less like you've lived in the house with a woman for many years our children for you there comes a time where you have to treat her as a friend as a compatriot rather than a second-class in that home now I think the failure that has brought us to this point is the inability of a show male so actually temper is vociferous persona with wisdom I appreciate the fact that is somebody who is confident it stalks off but let's also understand that you are dealing with what we call in no Primus inter pares those who are first among the rest so you must understand that particular that particular expression so the inability of the a piece in leadership to really come to terms of the fact that you are dealing with people whose ego must be my surgery the best shape border I saw to have them come to the table with you talk about the people that good ego you need to massage carefully and even if you want to take anything from them you've got to find a way to rob their hand so that it should be slimy enough for you to get it out all right I want to take it by force let me say this and I know that the world is watching these problem may be part of the Albatros of the ruling party concerns and 19 because a Sukkah mentioned some there are many persons and are aware of their are being strategic at the respective ends to really make a mess of this there are people who know they won't get something but they also ensure you don't get it so both of you will feel the pain of losses exact and that is the exact thing that is playing out now in the first place could you want to have reconciliation who is learning is earning compared to a Rochester Crozier that you are saying you have to go to court you don't understand the capacity of the governors and the impact they up now you have telling you we have to be careful not being I'm surface spoken now it's only Luis speaking or show my lad Elias poco he said Oh show me Levin said something that the world would not like to repeat that if the president condones infinity he doesn't condone appearance in the first place that's a disrespect to the highest office order in the land then they are great people in their respective and location so I think very well that this lucien to this program is well cuts out it is spelt out and i want to say it's a very very important for them to begin to look if you have to go at night to go india knees so beg these governors we don't care we don't want to see the videos are you let them find a way or else this is going to be shooting themselves in the foot do you agree with that no that's this was substantially robbed them of victory in 2019 if he does all robe maybe the presidential body states that these things are happening is definitely going to affect us to walk with only a scary permit in subjective if you look at all of these areas where we have this problems the pdps deliberately kept quiet because they know that this is going to be a non doing yourself I do for instance River States is a very strategy state for any governor problem the man who is there continues to consolidate whereas before a bickering wiki is no easy horse to ride upon and you have a product and the people want to go there in my own assessment they are lightweights so it lights won't want to contend with on every weight and the lights weights are consenting to one another we can lead amici we can put images food on the ground in reversed it so what are we talking about country explain this all right moving on now in warfare the rule of adequate funding and logistics is critical the niger army appears to be shot of this in its anti-terror campaign in the countries are not East's on monday the defense of course has accused Amnesty International deliberately recycling falsehood to ensure the country's countries like the United States of America refused to sell fighter jets to Nigeria acting director of Defense Information Brigadier General John arguments that the movie dampens the morale of the troops engaged in the counterinsurgency operation soldiers unless to feel the brunt as they continue to face stiff opposition from the insurgents just on Sunday many soldiers were killed and dozens with sustained gunshot injuries when Boko Haram invaded an army base in Martelli our local governments in broad new states Jeremy this Omega Amnesty International the reports they've been giving about you know the war on insurgents in the north od Mike Ovitz is an independent main ji-ho international NGO that gives reports about human rights situations in countries all over the world and I haven't seen any country that has reacted positively to unleashed his reports particularly talking about human rights vanish was talking about as also the involvement of the ministries in these countries the human rights violations no country not even the United States not even Britain not even France we react positively to the damage reports by Amnesty International I mean if we take our time to go country by country country by country you find out that I mean the reports do you know if you look at the depth of human rights violations you will know that it's a scary situation globally so what I think the ministry should do is to engage Amnesty engage them cooperate with them walk with them what if we continue to antagonize them these guys are gonna do their job there are the time some people organize a protest when time necessary that if you leave now you know that's it what is all this do these people understand how these things walk suppose get out there whether they're your country or the name I mean they get his reports somehow or the other and to say that I'm Nessie is working to undermine the fight against insurgency III I don't know how that sounds but that doesn't that's not a very nice way to put it I think you can insist that okay I'm let's see look at look I look at what we've done look look look look look look put your own side of the story on the table Nigerians will be left to make the judgement but when you are the one making the German and then I'm on an IV look at the statement I give you all so insulted in idea media in virtually corner gen journal is ignorant he said they just report what I'm nasty Choza without knowing unless easing that is insulting the media to also work with you help you everybody feels sad in by this is so Jessie we feel very sad at the loss of lives but again we must deal with this issue right in there is no the right steps I suppose looking at this now I think the previous report from Amnesty International as you know as affected our relationship with the United States of America in terms of selling of arms and everything and they were always quotes delayed because of the reports of any human rights violation yeah exactly if just like a mecca said if did nanami beliefs that they are not violating any human rights what they should do is they should not in any way just like spoiling the name of the media the Nigerian the local media because what I notice that most times they were those Goods before in media and then there starts to longer mhm in those thinking that they look who me that does not matter and that is that is insulting to the Nigerian media you know we the Nigeria media is trying as much as possible to project Nigeria the best possible way outside and I know the number countless of times where once a news break we try to get the nygean I mean to even confirm go to reiatsu it will be very difficult they would stop posting you from one person to the other from one person to the other it is only when the foreign media will know escalate it that is when used assassin all of them do want to do a press conference and then they want to now invite the local media amnesty in 2008 this this year they put out reports of human rights violation the deans does go there and begin to write distance just spoke with women about 250 women that they spoke with how do we established so it is when they brought out this they didn't all go to one camp they went to several towns having these camps you know and the interview people the way the human right the Amnesty International who operate is different from the way the Nigerian Army wore it and I bet you they would have gone there with money they would have even bribed so just there and so that would take them to where these things are happening that is how it works how they will also get their own information and then you get this this statement documented so it is left for the Nigerian Army the difference headquarters to work side by side with the Amnesty International are these things happening just we know they are trying we are very saddened that we are losing young soldiers and men in this war that we never never thought it was going to take this long you know about it so benign Jeremy I miss you not the difference that Kailash is not being that we are happy you're not okay our families well I think the first thing we have to look at is anything of this nature comes up let us first of all understand before begins we go to the report of Amnesty International only this year alone we've had about three D from protest two from the Army and one from the melody from the from the police over non-payment of allowances that tells you here that there's something wrong from the inside only this year as a matter of fact the last one was by some mobile police officers who blocked some routine medical because certain allowances weren't paid I want to say here again that in the course of my investigation as a media person I spoke with a couple of people who have gone to some beasts and returned and it told me the for instance if you have a gun that's about maybe 48 mm and Boko Haram has about the one that is over 80 mm definitely do be able to reach you from further distance now in the 2018 budget alone said t8 billionaire has been budgeted for nothing other than the purchase of ammunition we know very well that idea would take delivery of 22 karna jets in 2020 now we believe strongly that in Iran army continues to invest to ensure that our tere our territory the sovereignty of the country is guaranteed I appreciate what we're doing and let us also not forget that oftentimes the reports we have that people put up because the regime is a very creative body there are times when people report war or insurgency they join them we see before they were able to take over Iraq before they were able to send the insurgents out of Iraq this year we saw CNN and BBC reporters they traveled with the army I'm hoping and waiting for a day when I join army will allow the media in this country go with them on such occasions so that we can not always have to report press conferences who will report what I'm saying here that why you are the height of such of such engagements because you need to clarify please let us also not on the field to understand this that it is not unlikely that when war phase on innocent people also suffer let us get that straight so if an independent body that is able to do a thorough job comes up with I think at times every one of us should lend some some form of humility that perhaps we need to use the report to make things better after there's one called friendly fire at the military you could be having some training and maybe you deposit a or you left bomb somewhere and it destroyed the passage I should not have destroyed they call it friendly fire so I think that it is needless contending with the figures if I'm nesting that International says ten persons were killed by you why you were having a warfare rather than get into gods are discussions because at times you don't begin to rub yourselves in the mud when some of these things come on then I think what Adam said is a very costly thing nobody engages the media disrespectful and go scot free even if this era which would be a military gym the military didn't succeed so you do not speak that's what you remediate that is completely disrespectful and I'm expecting him to retract his statement because we have been doing the best recruiters of all the military so you can't talk to us that way it is completely unacceptable I must say that here for the records where are we going to risk some other things he said the morale of the military guys that's you know you know they have low morale because they don't have the equipment to fight because most of these countries should cut the United State will not say because of the reports right because of the report so how do you walk around this what is 40 minutes are doing the embassies we have olivine water what are they paid to do the lobbies their government engages all over the world foreign lobbying colonies what are they doing if I'm Nesi can if reports by you know an I oppose amnesty can make you so jittery and then you have many diplomats all around the world drinking coffee and having breakfast in nice hotels around the world and they cannot positively project your policies but just positively influence foreign governments on your behalf then something is wrong somewhere diplomatically something is wrong something is wrong you are already saying that amnesty unless it reports even more powerful than the strength of the diplomats your entire diplomatic corps in the analysis in Europe in the meeting condition or even in night even in the United Nations what you'll see we are passing a very strong message about the strength of your diplomacy and we are better be careful some of these things the way they are received in certain places around the world it's just unintended you know they create unintended images about how we manage things here as well James Ofunato Condors I think we are setting the defense at what us must see how they can work with this international human rights organizations they have the numbers they have if they bring out if they turn out this report the student will get aside we should also carry out their own investigation this is somebody did anything carry out your own investigation and make it public deal with these people because that is the only way people can stop if at all there are this women rights foundation in Australia people would not do this go ahead and taking their lives into their hands that's our offering today I want to thank you a super James thank you for me part of the show I believe thank you for coming on the show and that's it on journalist angles tell us tomorrow for another episode of the program you can also watch journalists and out on other platforms showing on the screen we are also on youtube CBC News TV news Nigeria a feedback channel is journalists hang up our TV see news dot TV have higher Dylan's welcome see tomorrow god bless Nigeria you

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  1. Workers in Nigeria is not well treated . The work the work but they don't eat from their sweat is unacceptable .

  2. Congrats panellists! Nice presentation. On image building – the Nigerian ambassadors will continue to have an uphill task to accomplish, convincing world leaders to support Nigeria in the fight against insurgency when the head of government is an embarrassment on the world stage. Again who can trust a Nigerian military that shows a level of irresponsibility in managing crises situations? Look at the blatant killing of protesters in Nigeria recently. And there is no attempt by any one to bring anyone to account for the loss of lives. Which country kills its citizens without consequences? Do you want to international community to sell you arms and ammunitions and make themselves accomplices? No.

  3. The hangout was neutral today.
    This guys should come more often, they were eloquent,they made my day ……..I was not bored with jibe'a integrity,that do not exist by Bihar.
    Nice show.

  4. wow, this is actually #jh……first time i will ever watch an episode without some body telling us how buhari is so upright,truthful,and full of integrity……mr jide, i personally did not miss u…..thanks guys.

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