Journalists' Hangout 14th August, 2018| NASS leadership tussle

Journalists' Hangout 14th August, 2018| NASS leadership tussle

hello and thanks for joining the Tuesday edition of journalists hang out I'm IRA Tilly subahu today on the program or shyamalan mixed with ABC senators of Asura he spots us Iraqis Senate presidency as lawmakers take impeachment battle to courts for show male pigs to Guerra over Sarki and later on the show bran new still governor gives 5 million naira scholarship to bore newborn best jump candidates I'll be hanging out with Papa judaculla dude study Wahid pakery Wally attorney sofa sets the hangout starts now glad to have you back the Nigeria's National Assembly is becoming a house of commotion where things are falling apart a reported plant sitting on the federal lawmakers to tell Brit on national issues of national importance has been cancelled the reason for the cancellation remains in the realm of mystery to most citizens welcome the controversy over the continued headship of the Senate's by the Senate of Cola sake after its detection bridges on national chairman of the or progressive Congress that's APC has called for a meeting with the party Senate caucus to deliberate on the way out of the woods on the other hand senators from the opposition people's Democratic Party have approached a cause to stop any plan impeachment of sake and other principal officers of the Senate's as the battle shitta shifts out of the hollow chambers who blinks first tragedy and getting so uncomfortable about this problem in the national assembly there's something that it looks like is not in our interests it's not it's about ambition it's about 2019 it's about them and it's all it's not about the bigger picture while we are talking about the supplementary budgets from the independent National Electoral Commission for expedite action on this but between the People's Democratic Party and the Progressive Congress there's a battle of some lumisi and thatis is almost crippling the activities within the National Assembly as you know politics is an interesting game and everyone wants to maximize the advantages are available to him the opportunities of the potential available to him in this case now sir our kids the presiding officer he knows what the losses Shamala is the chairman of the party is embarrassed about the fact that not only as Araki defected but the unfortunate scenario for the APC is that both the presiding officer Don Brown presiding officer and the his deputy will now be members of the PDP is a scenario that's defined difficult to live with one because everyone knows that the National Assembly is already Senate under his leadership has been largely hostile if I can use downward to the executive the there has been no love lost in the relationship between the Nationals and maybe changes Senate and the executive so they see such a situation on even worsening by the time sawaki begins to preside over the earthiness of the Senate as member the opposition yes he is not required to vote under normal circumstance except in the case of the need to break a tie he is not expected to vote but has the presiding officer he has owed influence and it can really make a lot of nasty things happen in their own thinking they believe that we saw a key now in the PDP a column are doing the PDP is a very bad scenario if it was the presiding officer as an APC person become money were to have the two of them is the situation that they find it extremely difficult to live with and that's why they are owning from pillar to post trying their best to see that Zaraki does not continuous any president ran of course the SR he supporters true they know what the losses and that's why they've gone to court you recall that we've been saying if that looked the law is quite clear on how this any president can be impeached but we are seeing all kinds of interpretations by lawyers of course you and I familier with this when when we had that case in in a br do daddy with yoga and the governor of a biast it was we saw lawyers deliberately misinterpreting the provisions of the law though so that he can suit them it also happened in the case of Mamata Abba and Darcy Jaco when Mamata Abba took it shock you to court over a pre-election mata involving not his own party a different party we talked about what the outcome would be in court but we saw lawyers evil sons tell me no no no no vomit Arbor was right this undone by the time those cases who are decided in court and the appeal court the butcher would look this is a pre-election matter and you not being one of those who contested against Dario shisha who is the brother of the party you cannot prove that you are wrong in any way that you are hot in any way therefore you have no right to go and file a suit over a matter that does not concern you a matter what with different parties but this is Nigeria lawyer sukham sometimes having been been bribed you own before television cameras and be twisting our constitution you know twisting the meaning yes so if this is a party affiliation this is unusual time in our country and as I said last week he is a polarizing figure in our country there are countries now divided you have those for him and those against him so for those who or against him whether you speak the truth where are you kut'rs ally what the Constitution says they are not by that all they want is for him to be removed by any means possible they don't mind if we return to the obasanjo era we are eight individuals who are being used to impeach the sitting governor so all they want is for him to go through hmm why did well when you look at the way things are going now and it's going to be very difficult for the Senate particularly two seats because when you look at as a last week you sue for long and was quoted as we've collected 49 signatures that's those people that give vote of confidence on the leadership of sake now and when you look at the other side may be EPC maybe they're 53 54 the balance of what you see and if the house to be seats your guess is as good as mine what will happen like I said policies about interest so each of the party you know are looking for a way out of the COG my up go at it is now any feast you know nobody's really sure the a piece is claiming that it has the majority PDV said salvadora see you know let's say Battaglia's you know we convey we know which all the parties actually telling the truth you know web a bid at us is me I'm very happy that two of the senators are taking the able step of what you call I believe I'm a firm believer in the rule of law universally times done number that we should confront and to talk only to put to test our our our legal it was a show the judiciary entertain like a lawsuit because I think it's strictly in legislative matter how they root themselves who they want to rule them you know in the past we already seemed as if you look at the claim be made by one of the descended up to push to drive traffic he talked about for generalization all the dots on that ground Ciroc is right you know to a defector from a PC to PDP but you also record that we have had a similar scenario in the past we are by somebody from Liberal Party you know defected from liberal party I went to EP see an event with the court as a question to ACS sorry and the concert move the kind of this the one of the sender that poster geographies is coming with us without a argument that based on this you know lawyer will reserve that the law is dynamic that's why they can see this one how do you destroy a base we argued this week but let them go to cut our sausage house does there's also what the recipe is as well to do let's move is right now is wrong for me I don't say it may be difficult for her to reconvene because it is about it is about interests now give an injunction that unless certain conditions are made and those are the conditions to pull attendee concision Lopez we'll get to that later well well the police complication of what's happened it's so close to the asked later by Anik the timetable for primary elections of this political parties and most of these things you show with the right window is all about 2019 so unfortunately that since 1960 and we're having this same similarity same conflict you know idea national level and it's also very unfortunate that it used to be an intra-party problem between the APC what is now it is anita party problem when selector was in he a piece it was purely you know and a flower TDP see that the people of use internal mechanism of the pieces to resolve but now the opposition has taken process they have taken over the the conflict itself you know so it becomes more difficult most of the boots parties are taking extreme positions but i think the idea of going to court for me may not be the end of the matter cod cases socially you know long drawn and most of the time is better to resolve political conflicts using political solutions because when you go to court the jogging path valid of guilt or innocence bob political solutions lead to concessions it gives you opportunity stakeholders opportunity to meet one-on-one it gives them opportunity to interact so this idea of going to caught me actually be a delay tactics you know in order to force train station where you know the signal president coming Pete don't also forget that the idea of going to court is not I will dip it if it as enjoyed a monopoly a PC can also go to court to challenge you know the position odds you know they are looking for in Telugu English already seen a presidential not be impeached so I don't think the leg are fireworks is what can lead to an immediately the solution of this conflict for me I think we should that institution where we must put the interests of the contract you know you know to make it primary that they should realize that we T's are going it can snowball into greater crisis that can affect the attack country so statement the conceptualize open sea this conflict as something that can affect the future of the country I mean we're up from a prison we have formally presented a little show greater concern because if the continue this way I think the glass is good to be a new face greater problems and for me it's not those about law morality it's also their initials are not governed by loss alone so for me I expect that if the Senate President does not want to be a member of DPC I mean again that's not a wrong if he steps down if you take that decision today that's going to reduce the temperature of the political crisis that we have with this college today but this idea of hanging on at all cost a simple it is all about life update that's how I've seen developed countries able to sustain democratic norms because when there is a major crisis like this on your feet you know the interests of the immediate the future of the country is a stick you step down so that the country can move forward while most who hold on to the BDS they present at all cost for peace and prosperity of the country it's not a bad idea for a silly president to step down travicom afford it I think part of delay lacunae will have in that night as my Constitution as a mandate because if you read through you will discover that it did not specify that it is the majority party now become the Senate it's not an effect once a minority party lose opposition otherwise Tom wash will sue these are the things we have to grapple with yes you see if it was someone is someone is someone less political you probably just resign sPRM say for this trope or destroyer and all these late-night meetings because I know that he's running from pillar to post it has no he may be during this time of recess this is a long recess when legislature a two across the water we finally go on break even in the UK today choice on break now this is a time for them to rest but there's no rest because they are meeting every day meetings are ordained deep into the night is moving from one person to another no consulting trying to see how you literally the walk results you from pillar to post this issues can be resolved easily but is a political person if is highly political he's ambitious if he has his chance rusev is within the law we can't say some people's interest whatever we do we know that they would say it what a little conscience will be clear is interested even in becoming the president of this country remember as far back as 2011 he tried to become president you know but he led the position to article you know after the after was a sprint not a material mallet committee now even at this time we know that still possible for him to gone for the presidency but in a conflict like this people will always look at their own interests how do I come out of this do I come out of this a beaten man a club bad man a totally defeated man because if he comes out of this a totally beaten man a club bad man a defeated man is boutique Acharya is finished what if it lives on a high if he manages to stay afloat he has something to brag about that yes I was the senate president of this country during the eight legislature you understand then he has added a battle in croire to try to retain his base so I guess this is how he feels they look I shouldn't those back out of the fight and you know that it is not even in their nature it is in his DNA and the DNA office let that – no back out of a fight based on what we've seen over the years so this one now II think that he still has the support of some senators that art was the obvious still MIT and it has a stalemate then they'll be needful put parties to come together and see how they can fashion not a deal what it it is things that he still has a good support base but the problem is between the people saying the astara his supporters between the people saying their president worries I support ask or Whittle surely I will show Molly there are moles on both sides so because there are moves on both sides is a simply difficult for you to be sure that on the day of reckoning the person that you if you family think is on your side will be on your side what they've done what the APCD PDP would have been doing these are key people the hardest say they have 49 49 members who I would say no president but if you call a meeting today maybe you see only touchy obvious Fortuner I'm telling you this is what is happening maybe you see only touchy out of this 1490 people sitting on defense which the with the episode leadership to out of the 54 that they have our same so they even add in a Duda foreign to the Fed before Adam they are adding a Duda they are hadn't are you is cooling his feet in prison among the people modern on the at least well that is an aside but where I'm going even out of their own group home there are also people because this will not be by voice vote this would not be bye-bye the ballot you have to get up to say I do not support Senate President continuing office so is especially difficult for people to leave broad daylight for people you know a lot of us can actually stop it windy back what is easier for us to stab people in the back when they don't know that we are doing it but to confront people stop people in the power when they are looking at you is difficult for most people so that's why this team is very tricky it is a very fluid situation and you know you can say that they can't go either way I had no boasting that he does not believe that APC has a majority that there are four senators who decamp nor did they really convent but your daddy would you have been talking about said it was from the Salahi side who will be meeting with them meeting with them so is a very situation what will our lives we will see how this is resolved but our interest as always says let the Constitution before would not be happy the chairman said that they will remove him by legal means that is what I want to see let them follow the Constitution so that people don't see us as a nation of outlaws why did I think a lot of people put the blame at the dose table mr. president's that's famous June the 9th 2015 election and the National Assembly election that's mr. president was was just sitting on defense as in he didn't show any interest and I think this isn't in him really because since 2015 since Basilico Buchanan's are here emerge at the Senate President it has been one controversy or the other between wooden depc till it left for the People's Democratic Party I like rightly said I think the president let me let me quickly pick my first caller Jakub is calling us from Legos thank you for joining us Yahoo I know just what the law says is that a president and a deputy preserves Senate who shall be elated by members of the House from among themselves can be removed by resolution of the Senate of the house of recitatives as the case may be by divorce of not less than 2/3 majority of the members of that house a lot of people will tell you that this members of the House is vig ready okay the Supreme Court's affirmed that it is 1 mm 109 you know what is a real Court did that because in the past some people who sit without the knowledge of other members they will sit a few of their most seats in some cases they will suspend all the people that they know you know push the plan you'll suspend them and there may be 20 out of 30 people who now sit now said no without to be tougher remember all that is not less than 72 percent it's 109 72 in this case decided in the past so and there's no way people refer to the court so that's why this disposition is no longer on 15 December Georgie of the members of that house Steve dose don't mean majority of those sitting those present of men major job members of the house didn't say to Toby joint of people sitting at a particular time the this this the Constitution is written in clear language you do how to be a lawyer to understand the Constitution our Toby was not a lawyer but he could defeat a lawyers during this time it will go too hot you know he had superior knowledge of the Lord and most lawyers delayed our job it was written in clear language people understand it it doesn't say who to toss all the people sitting at a particular weight like I was saying the pleasure Mossad lines battalion from what is ongoing because I remember that us at that time when was doing so you prevail on him that if not you should not show interest on we're bye-bye I also give him pleasure that he was ready to walk his way by magic and ice at that time you know he was warned may because those who sold it over to the president the argument aliens who oh no I allowed this person to take control with the present especially supporting my cellular him you know you use me that you've been control of the country you know that was impression tidiness my child because they realized on the body side president realized it was already lit this is the first time we see is to show we're by the press and the majority of those who are in the Senate who belong to the same party I will see them if the I know opposition tell me it has never happened in the history of this country you know so I would join felt if the president should show interest is Millicent is interfering and the usual of check and balances where does it come I it doesn't necessarily show because the president needs to work with people that we show interest you know the policy inside us twice the president presents a candidate you know as the chairman of the FCC the majority of those who are posing are from the same party and twice the ladies and not not enough on our anniversary if the presenters reelected you would take more than passive interest to come on this something has to happen the country needs to move forward understand this I met bill heads even with worries on Elections army need to hold this elation so they almost be able to resolve this crisis in the overall interest of the dress you will to resolve it how that we don't sled for first I blame a PC members and arsenic's who answer rocky multi-motion for his longer domains I watched it in life there was no protest there was no protest you see how the citizen if there was no protests less so now such a long he had envisage what who happened and he moved and imagine they didn't protest it was after this whole thing happened that people are now CR why it announced before his long infection it is an OCD during the plenary life or like Tom wahoo announced on the floor ESMA so and the truth is even if they are going to to approve the president's vironment and the 242 billion that i neck is asking for the country 10 a day is not the sort of Aluva because they have to roost the document and order so this would mean that the Senate must sit for maybe many more forties it's not what you can do or the only so this eye has to be resolved hmm all right still to come or shamalia fix do gyarah over sake studios we'll be right back after this building welcome back if you're just joining us this is journalist Angus were reaching you live from television continents are here in Lagos Nigeria the power of negotiation is an action boots a good political mobilizer must possess likewise a good politician must have the wisdom to know how to make a retreats when faced with daunting challenge the national chairman of the or progressive Congress APC comrade Aransas Shyamalan and speak out the House of Representatives honorable Yakubu to guerra appear to be blessed with these qualities as politicians homiletic over leadership of the ruling APC when many National Assembly members were allowed to ditch the parties while the APC chairman could not stop Senate President dr. Kawasaki and 14 other senators from defecting it seems to have prevailed upon doe Guerra to remain in the party it was Sidney Kiyosaki complaining that he did not really complain that he was giving juicy appointments but that disagrees in having a rat under the booth do gyarah was also not given and I what that allowed where that are equipped for that do gyarah is no capable of speaking for himself after all he is the speaker so if those were the views of retinol bugera it was not for Sunita Soraka to parrot because in it oh I mean a vulnerable do gyarah is capable any D of speaking for himself the point I only tried to make it as rocky wants to drag everybody along with him the or progressive Congress is a party and myself as chairman we have confidence in Synod in on our bukhara I have had very very useful interactions with him we've had a couple of meetings he had shared with me entrust his cosines that have to do with issues in pouch state and I have taken steps to address those issues to the best of my ability and a half share with him that I'm excited that we are getting very positive results so senator I've been a Honorable do gyarah has no problem whatsoever with your progressive Congress and he didn't do anything similar to what senator Soraka did he a much a speaker and he also ensure as a patriot but an MPC member emerge at the participation he was so desperate as to mortgage the opposition to PDP in order to click on to his speaker he knew the difference between personal interests miss patty uterus holidays didn't find full swings and two we were doing a comparison between the former chairman and I'll come breed Adams a shaman but due to this has no basis to a pc has the good fortune of bringing a dancer Sumalee at this time because he has come to not just a belies a rudderless ship he has come to make to give the parties from capuchin he has come to arrest the drift in the party many people when they hear Somali abusing people they do not know the hard walk that was Somali is dream how someone is going around opinion to Senator story mainly party opinion to a grief people to remain Tea Party are promising them that those wrongs that are causing them to want to leave the party that is going to address residence and I think a low disrepute they believe him they believe that when he says is going to do something it may serve a charge yes is like a mock croc so if anybody stands in front of a Mack truck the outcome is very predictable so he has shown to them toward those people playing God within the APC he has shown to them within charge you can't sit in your state and so spend a sitting senator no the end of you see has to create a so special so you can't in your street caught you to play God are be intimidating and chasing around people within the party that you do not like so or someone has come to show who clearly is in touch that was why it was very painful to him the autumn left because he's short on that look we need you nobody can give you record as no record anywhere in shoot him so and in Salida if you are a leader in the state you are not going to be allowed to be taken out they'll be pushing people out of our party what I would like it or not and for those who have made a habit of Jose abusing the gara know that if we are a party I will feel aggrieved it is no matter ventilate our anger and that is what has happened but it is true that don't care I showed respect to his but only Iraqi who refused to read that letter a famous letter that was sent to him that these are the people that we want as presiding officers of the Senate refused to read it in the case of Dogana he did as early what his party wanted forget about the fact that PDP members benefited more in terms of VC community of course he also rewarded because more PDP members voted for him joslyn's Araki than a pc but i did only did people like because he listened to his party and that's what that's why you somalia is giving a benefit the benefit of the doubt and assume alla bellezza is cases redeemable because as he said yes engage them is the same way they engage the man with the bushy hair from Kadena it's an authority position Susana does we engage him other people would like to push Susana snake in the guillotine what is it came and said look there's a future for you in our party that's how a leader should be with those people you are stronger with the people who are living you know you are stronger when the people who are living remain with you and that's what I support him now looking at Yahoo to grasp lights I saw the result of last Saturday's election and I looked at the a favorable thing for a cop around to steal a PC or to go to the People's Democratic Party and when you look at he has been reach out to and there is interest in case you won't come back as a speaker is interested in case you won't come back to the house of representatives because the feed is having which is governor they come to my shop and not even gets that at all if things I'm not sure Molly lost going by popularity I think it is almost certain that even if a PC does not give him the ticket if he goes to another party is likely to win he may not return as the speaker depending on the posse on which platform he's going to contest now this is Rob said Whiteside of course I'm aware the father is in firm control of this of his constituency to the SL at the three major traditionalist in that area they have told all our politicians that you stick clear from his from his position I went for his position so it going by that it is almost certain that even if he goes to another party is going to get it to get a return to the house you know and doing this cause only hard without choke or Shah Mardan I'm very sure he must have to so much Griffin sisters go by water sharm allah said you look so much these grievances I've been tabled before me and we already started looking into it Paris dumb enough that we be one of the reason why he has notified what am i weird for that almost all his supporters they have moved to the other party they are just waiting for him to you know to come on board and join everybody we go to Betty Lou police about give antique you can see a man with speaker doesn't have the clouds you know that can he be passing you know is about give antique like detect knowledge you know apart from the father to also allowed the Deputy Speaker conference party didn't waste time to ensure that he to the land of the party in terms of the police officers I'm totally since college you also record that why this was ongoing in Senate there was come this yes you know throughout immediately after after is divided as you know they were able to swallow the bitterness because eventually he did what he once noted he worried party wanted him to do unlike what what was play out at the Senate you know for a man owe him a like that I think because of darts there is that level of trust that if was if you had done this in the past is like to do it in the future so as it as does that that's why the only common our home city to bucola Sarki our home is able to carry somebody like a hoodoo Guerra I long in you know in the last I saw the last press conference Yahoo Buddha was seated right beside him and as the chairman of the National Assembly he seemed to be in firm control of that national assembly well the fact of the matter is that I think the speaker was like a beautiful bride and is not like that both sides would like to make overtures to him he signed the statement condemning the media's invasion and then I was at the world press conference but essentially is silly member of the EPC and if you look at the statements has been he has been making his less acrimonious so the potential of aligning with him is there and I think the statement made by the IPCC AMA is strategic because you can't fight too many buttons at the same time fighting the Speaker of the House of Revenue having problem with the Senate President and I also think they started to isolate you know this new president so I do not have a realignment life you know we are suffering we should be too dangerous for the party so I think you know initially the acid of the sucrose take governor and the balance ago generate a kind of a four-year people photo is the end for a PC you know what are the elation in a cookie cocina de marchi I think politician would not be taking a kind of reassessment a look it is not the end you know for the APC and the potential of the party bouncing back are the establish surface patent control is because become stronger compounds so few months ago so a TIF strategically is to be good for the speaker to realize that his fortune is better realized in a piece at least as it is today magic moving forward the coup de Gras should he decide at this stage do you think you will still take the plunge or because you can't predict politician but Sherman Lee came out to speak gluing it like this of governor autumn after their meeting for us to just after that there are two different scenarios okay embedding a piece is not as popular as it used to be in Bentley and the governor knows that if you demand in the APC is most likely to be voted out APC has a lot of work to do in beggary this is a fact I was there recently so it's not like the one it does not know what he's saying so the governor may have felt look if this is if my people may have felt look if this is if my people want me to leave this party then I live but it's not the same with the gara yes within this is a little constituency the PDP even still defeated the APC you know but even that has a history so you can't blame him that that happened well it only suggests that a lot of his people must have felt aggrieved and he blamed for that they blamed for the situation that the garage found himself is to be placed at the door of the governor because that governor has done it's best to isolate bugera to make life difficult for those that are all so that he would not have anybody challenging him an older and it's not it's not the only one look at what happened in Adama some farah if people are hungry go back and worry said you said the Lord is good affection they are not deflecting because they have issues with me it is India states a colossal rocky a lot of good effect is record the crisis and the estates why would Monica defect for example someone Oh where was the mono defect in know you look around you see that those who are defective are problems there are governors and do gyarah is one of those people who had problems with his governor if we want to make a man you render a man impotent ethically he's going to fight back in any way that it deems fit so what was and the same thing with he was still running so sunny speedy problems not with the president but with other faculty but also give them wants to give the artists lived apart apart mrs. M to do too little even persecutes say what once you give the particles the reassurance they look they would protect yes you'll be protected you have every opportunity to be who you want to be in the party then they will feel free they want to remain a war for the party ok moving on now over the years Nigeria has been dubbed a country where mobility is pleased about excellence in the run of things so those who care for the trend to be reversed have campaigned long and loud we have seen a semblance of what it means to celebrate excellence Impala states that state God not ashamed SEMA has fulfilled its promise of providing full scholarship to the native of the states Israel Khaled Emma's 17-year old gal oedema got the highest court of three sixty four out of four possible 400 in the 2018 unified – I'm a circulation examination Utne for for his efforts the state governor awarded in five million Mara let us give you the disease of what happened as captured by Sharon in jizan officials from the burner state governments took time to visit Israel además school of choice following government's promise to grant him full scholarship for excelling in the UTM e exam popularly known as jam in spectacular fashion the state's Commissioner for AI education who represented the governor says governor shettima believes that one of the best ways to fight Boko Haram ideology is to Eveleigh invest in free compulsory functional productive an attractive education in brno States the executive governor borno state vulnerable cash in shettima was very proud of Israel's record of excellence the governor was particularly happy that at a time when most of the most part of the news associated with Burma has been aborted unfortunate beware of insurgency we have something of a national price associated with a zone of Borno State after reading the governor's remarks officials of the Bur new state government presented a check of 5 million naira to the management of a school the registry of convinence university made a short remark following the development it's very rare to see this kind of gesture Nigeria today ok congratulations with one of us giving 500,000 and forget about it I would encourage you to something else but this is something unique we trust that it will inspire more younger people from the region to take the education very seriously it's destined for greatness you know we even in his work resort he was outstanding as some is and to peace he was any challenge was well composed and I can be sure that he's destined for greatness well for that which I promised and commented on we are gladdened doris yarrow who represented the family could not either emotions as she appreciated the per new state governor I want to thank our amiable govern shettima he is a unique governor i'm from Berner state we went through so many governance where he is a different one and we are so grateful to him out of the more than 1.6 million candidates that sat for the 2018 unified tertiary matriculation examination 17 year-old Israel gala Dimas caught the highest 364 out of a total score of 400 he promised to give back to the people of Vernon State after it completes is education education to tonight really some expectations Alexi thank you thank you for your work in bornus this in various ways education infrastructure I think so much the scholarship offered to Master Israel gala Dima an exceptional indigene of Bernie State who else from bill in the southern part of our new state is for a five year degree program in electrical electronics engineering at the convent University I was SCSI diligent man in this business has done before kings now not min men or ordinary man valley this is a great story it changes the narrative of bono as a state known for violence and terrorism on us it shows there are good stories you know in Borno State and I think this young man I said it spy that new narrative this boy that losses for that one was about three years old you know and was raised by a single mother so it's I kind of it's an inspiration to a lot of our younger people who have taken to drug or taking to Yahoo Yahoo fantasy football the only means of you know making fortunes or being a hero but you know or betting my jacket so I think this story is to the purple new state it's a story for Nigeria the story for gun state if you look at that score the first person you know these guys school in August 8th a private school then the second person also from Baku State and then if the fourth person you know so I think we should also commend the effort of the governor many great dreams like this have ended up in the cemetery but the government has responded you know in a very timely manner and in the decisive way you know given five million era for his education it's not hovering flat that I want to buy me house or what to buy Mecca but investing in inisfree this guy is a hero and it's a nice funny story I think every young person to emulate is a very good story about the future of this country and it's a story that shows that our youth there's a lot of energy in them they are not hopeless and you know a lot of them come we make the story of this our country in the midst of you know seeming discouragement a lot of discouraged a story from the youths this guy remember if we have had any squad as is higher than us like I was saying the other time you know during the break I'd murder I saw what is called 350 basic animal life there was anything higher what is guys quoted for kudos to him tink over us tonight is go to Anthony Oliver is on Mary the warpath cry struck me was a man I would read eco-mariner respond a you know bowel submission show that he presented five million Eric check because God has said you know there's so much glucose in coffee in government by tide is the office now below the other government dragging so that one has been by government the government we say so people are brought to grad school yes I recommend home you know the other to come back there's no we stranded over there burglars Asian we apply the identity cow of life on the one she did last is going to kudos to do I think we explain more this from up from our government of shares Roger I really don't know we had to start because I'm a bitch emotion about the story no streets the governor sometimes I ask myself how far accounts at smuggle state status under attack what does God know he's trying his best I watched on for this boy God would the warden because you refused to even give the money to the parents he paid directly to the school yeah to make sure that the future of our boys are shortened how many times do we see our governors do this this governor is facing attack first Boko Haram is going join yet he has invested so much in education especially the education of the decade when I saw the story I began to churches struggling even to hold back my tears now we need to help youth this is a guy without a dad what the governor has proven to him that I see that somewhere and this is an example for Doug of nos to follow there are governors in Nigeria today who are enable to pay we are awake yeah I you I had the fees of their respective states I think this is something to be ashamed of so shettima we are proud of you happy is without the round of applause it's several applause for most to us about the continental guide you we are you want to tape or not to in spite of the challenges God to help you to take Brno beyond our points and I pray for this boy is fair you will be one of the creators of this generation this is a really inspiring story there and I found forget this day that's very very sobering notes I think well why Larry what hit back hurry and Babaji the quality Woodstock thank you so much it's so and we'll have to thank the governor bono still once again thank you sir and this is a kind of example and we want to be seen in our country and that's it on journalists and God join us tomorrow for another interesting episode of the program can also watch journalists hangouts on our platforms showing on the screen we're live on youtube slash t c– news nigeria feedback channel is journalist and out activity news dot city i'm i adílio subahu see accomplice nigeria

31 thoughts on “Journalists' Hangout 14th August, 2018| NASS leadership tussle

  1. Good program, but let APC leaves Saraki alone & do whatever they can do to move the Nation forward or get out of Power & stop wasting peoples' lives & time🙊


  3. Politicians,mostly dogara should be careful,because when oshuomhole wants something, his words can be softer than oil.
    After the whole show,you will be amazed,that are totally on your own.
    Its very imperative,to watched before limping

  4. Buhari and APC are very useless, instead of them to face issue of governance, they are busy spending precious time they do not have, on saraki thus making him more popular in the eyes of the electorate. If they should dedicate their time of blaming Jonathan and fighting saraki for the past 3 years on governance, Naira will not have been 360 to a dollar, rice will not have been 15000 per bag. APC is evil in Nigeria

  5. leave the interpretation of the law to the courts..Politicians understood most Nigerians are suffering from chronic amnesia which they use as a tool, an obviously potent one, to stir there foolish psychic to a bias judgement.For me, av not forgotten all the lawlessness witnessed by this country under PDP rulerships, especially Obasanjo and the the mumu from the Niger Delta.We witnessed how Obasanjo disrupted the senate under enwerem, wabara , okadigbo, making a fool of thenigbos…we saw how Tambuwal was locked out and etc..So whats d big deal in removing this arm robber?

  6. Buhari and APC will rig win the next election and the fulani herdsmen killings will continue. See how hausas like shehu-sani and dogara re going back…most hausas will go back to APC and because of some seflish non-hausa idiots, they'll retain majority and win. I weep for the middle-belt and south east. And after today, babajide should be sued, if he anyday claims to not be a certified APC member.


  8. Nigerian is over next APC PDP gun battle this wicked animal county is dying blood of Christians Biafra killed by this government is at work there will be no peace in this country on till Biafra will be restore.

  9. I understood this guys stand tinubu that is putting food on there table but they should stop denying the fact that the program it's all about promoting APC e punto!

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  11. APC and PDP has failed but oshomole must be sick of his attitude over Nigerians after sowore for president come 2019 AAP there we stand

  12. Can someone advice oshiomole to respect the position of our constitution regarding impeachment of presiding officers at the Senate, two third vote of d entirety members of the Senate i required to remove saraki and if apc doesn't have that i think they should wait for the best time to come

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