Journalist's Hangout 12th Oct., 2018 |2019  Presidential Race

Journalist's Hangout 12th Oct., 2018 |2019 Presidential Race

hello good evening folks welcome and it's October the 12th and it's a Friday I'm citizen Jones Hussein today today on the program let's tell you this Obasanjo endorses article for 2019 presidential race as presidency says gang up against Bari will fail and later on this one I neck insists APC can't field candidates for samurai in 2019 elections as party denies receiving letter from the Elektra body hanging out with escucho James Asuka I greet you and mobile ad on Moneta has joined us again I greet you sir as always the team is ready I hope you are alright folks let's go the EBU and that's my people they have a profound idiom it goes something like this at Juanita a co-op meaning the mighty the game the mighty at the bonfire former Provost president articulable Baca is now home and dry as a presidential flag bearer of the main opposition party the PDP a first hurdle has been crossed even if only just his former boss former President Olusegun Obasanjo has let it go in a manner of speaking but not before recounting is some of his sins at the same time the ruling all progressives Congress appears unflappable about his candidacy as far as the presidency is concerned any gang up against President Muhammadu Buhari would fail now you see the bonfire a super you understand the imagery we are talking about is going to be for the incumbent but these go by it's not so cold and ones and SoCo in politics anything is because there'll be some pretenders with now the incumbent or the APC no that is not it's not going to be business as usual because the endorsement yesterday like it was like setting the tone of what you didn't see it coming well I thought it coming oh the end of it I saw it coming because the the efendi fairy group leaders have been going through obg you know trying to pacify him talk to him I think it's a part of the this part again is part of it you know for him to at least give him a hearing for him to even say okay fine I want him to come let me listen to what you will say and I knew that it was going to happen because if you notice before this particular drama Obasanjo and the sitting president have not been in talking terms you know Holly after the long later episode the president didn't take it easy with him and I was and there's no song on that when once you attack him or criticizing he would take it likely you know so and that's what that is what has filled this particular incident that I seen so rather him saying he wants to support the president and don't don't forget in every Florida I went to it was always criticizing the incumbent president he has not give him any chance they are not giving any opportunity to say okay that maybe the economy is moving because let's before be factually former president in the opening days of the vari regime he was friendly okay it's it's a boy yes do not hang in the early part is supported he then along the line he withdrew that support but I think also we've a dramatized for passengers wits in lecto Ronnie yeah a snooze value you cannot ignore him but in literally I think okay okay he forgave his man I'm looking at some of the words he said it is not what you did against me that is the issue but what you did against the party the government and the country and goes on to see there are still areas Cheerilee nationally and internationally where you have to mend fences that's rubbing it in can take from you is number one he's very experienced he's been around for quite a while he knows all the bottles he knows what to press when he wants to press home setting things so he knew what he knew that it would generate some controversy because just a few weeks ago he said it declared that God not forgiving if we ever supported Attica now he's welcomed dramatic with a retinue of clerics on both sides yes questions so he was trying to say yes I saw a few things but as things stand today I'm left with no choice I have between birdie and achievement to pick one from so I mean I feel devotees try to hit that yeah but I also think that to explain is good for him it makes him relevant is good for him removable okay for a ticket to whatever I mean for for a politician the fact that he but we need the same okay dies it was a former president has even worn in his world no no say that I'm defending the former president no they need to have won anything outside of electrophile I'm talking about the electoral value now you know because he might be a kingmaker outside or people might say you know why is his former number two into him if we grant that see there are so many issues which may be asked as we as we move on and don't don't forget you said something internationally and this is the same man that actually wrote a book and a true man and you're passengered I know because when I saw the whole picture the whole video he doesn't look like someone who has forgiven him he's someone that can change his mind anytime someone I'm wondering if you have a right to think for or Basinger this time I don't have the right to think but thankful for him but if you look at all the the things that under ways our passenger had been going abroad and bringing out statements that make headlines this was different Oh passenger never read scripts okay I mean if you wrote a script for him he has never evil sometimes he prepares those scripts and ever he never uses the script in Nigeria all right ammonia let's spread out now the second leg to the topic says the presidency says gang up against Bihari will fill and the SS a media here I'm talking about gara gara Bashir says his principal the the the the sin of his principal is that he has blood loopholes and so on which could be exploited by these folks so that brings the issue of the gang up to the fore right okay it's part of politics if you are going to battle if you need to go into alliance you have allies every time even the Gulf War you had allies the Epis itself was a product of such alliances so there's nothing to it then sorry yeah then I think that there must be a distinction in terms of rules that people play I think that when there are strictly political partisan jibes coming the the campaign organization of opacity ties out of the president yeah and elites is the president is also a candidate when it comes to governance and other issues jumping to strictly partisan political things and if you will rooty Muhammad you are the DG of the this came from any of them better that it did but when we talk about gang Bob you have no right to this design for them how they will rise up to the challenge they know it's a huge challenge they know it's huge challenging the incumbent in an underdeveloped country it's there's no doubt about that no so if they needed to join forces why not and if you also say that Obasanjo does not mean so much electronic so why are you talking about a gun pop with him so what does it matter what does it matter if it's fifteen plus zero to still be fifteen if we say zero because I think that you face things that should be their concern both in terms of governance and tips of politics play your part occasionally you will need to throw status at your unit but let it be done from the campaign organization all right David is there good evening David well I hear we have excited welcome someone who happen to live in spirit become 40 being a wild thang together he has rewrites to come back to the party or access the candidate from the party brother David just spam it 30 seconds if we recall that when he was a member of the same PDP he talked his membership card oh he is left but you can take this as a co-president former President Obasanjo is known to have maybe show public show of tearing his membership card has he forgiven that aspect of his alignment with the party definitely as forgiving someone I'm very sure that even though our issue there was a particular time they asked him if he actually thought the membership card it was the PDP members company you know you will say did you see it do you know if it was the PDP membership card at it I wish you asked some yes he might have Tony card but which one was it PDP member geojo swans chairman if you remember because the cally toys oh it's not whose card not or bus and discard okay it's all right now I understand Hey so that's where we we are assuming it was a bus a ghost card you're not sad but if somebody picks it had as well know if you have out at the Hangout here you don't assume no conspiracy theories are you a conspirator now for forgiving yeah yeah actually if now what we should be thinking obese has the the part and parcel of the PDP now that is what we should be looking at if he has forgiven a mágico because he said okay is going to you know back be behind attic who make sure that attic who goes I don't think it has to be a bona fide member of the ad people out to to back is for man number two money it has to be part and parcel of the party okay you know because now people are saying that now that he has forgiven yes forgive him go back to the party let's let him go back to buy it because I think PDP needs him now okay you know for include the fatherly advice of a daddy rule or whatever I was playing before Imani we cannot at this point run away from the man article and we are looking at the man article on the one hand the man article the politician yes we must consider Feist a very formidable first of all yeah for this contest and in fact if I look at all Ted teen who contested in in protocols I think he was the most formidable or is the most formidable actually if you look at his antecedents if you look at this ball screw history if you look at I will visit to the level of the vice president and having contested about three times you know across Paul school parties if you look I defy that he is born with ambition and the fact that he knew that this may be the last opportunity and that will give it everything cooled flow into the fray I think the PDP made a good choice in that aspect I'm not talking in terms of his personal qualities does a different thing a lot in terms of the political wits I think a Teague and fits the bill as it were let's look at the other angle toward former presidents former boss said and if you permit my sharing it there are still areas nationally and internationally where you have to make mend fences mend fences so now that's a Tikku de man I if 100 of us on Joe's book and this has some which of them I watch my watch okay where he commented elaborately on article and the fact that number one is inordinately ambitious and that as soon as a medium is VP is that a planet how to supplant him no use all those things that he said and the core of tendencies alleged color of tendencies of the man so you is hitting at some of those and the father probably say that he cannot go to America and that has cases even though the the American Embassy a reactor has reacted but they did not say there are new issues they say that there are no criminal cases waiting for him so but but the VA is interested you can go one step further there are questions the Americans would love him to answer exactly what is hitting us nationally internationally no majors what I would like it or not there is politics also a game of perception how is adequate perceived people are trying to punish that image but certainly once you think corruption Nigeria one of the names that come up but I gotta call Siemens whatever his party and to consider that those on the other side who were connected to it serving punishment exactly so these are questions that are witty and as the campaign goes on of course I know that the APC mean the it not lost on them they already politics issues okay it has a life of its own okay welcome brother can you hear me can you hear me yeah please you have a right to your opinion but don't twist the subject matter this is what we have before us that the press former president obg has endorsed is for my advice to face Buhari of the AP side are you are we in business can you hear me okay I am saying don't twist the subject matter well we'll get to that some other time but for what for this evening for my President Obasanjo is reported to have and does this former number-two man for the plum job go on David okay well simply what I'm telling I mean it's this is the subject matter for the evening you should not set the agenda for us we are businesses to set up gender for the viewership yeah so this you cannot truly separate the personality from what you done before until dance performance in office capacity capability all of them come up during the election and it is normal we should expect it what we should not allow abuses yeah language language no and concocting issues that are not try to avoid but as to issues which we target every issue every detail about them so but it doesn't say we should throw away what the associated media to the President Gorbachev has said or could have said he said they gang up on the line that gang up against his principal will take them know where the gang we all know why and the set of people he's referring to you know as members of the gang the gang and the members of the gang according to you know garbage should be the people who have not been able to you know go to a so rock to get something from the president the people who have you know includes seen corruption i whereby include the president has been fighting color so i they have not supported the presenting in the fight against corruption and the people who have not seen anything good in this government so though that be he goes on to say magician is against the modus of fighting corruption exact more like saying everybody agrees corruption is the common enemy but everybody is not on the same page as to how to face this area exactly a problem on social media was the there was this argument about incompetence and corruption somebody was saying that incompetence is better than corruption and i was just how it was like and the person kept again you don't understand why we are seeing yeah you don't understand the meaning you know you can't compare corruption and incompetence they have white two miles apart and the spellings are different I'll tell you corruption we know what correction has done to this country we all know what the enemy is it so if one is corrupt and you are incompetent there is no how that corruption will not make you incompetent ok we're rubbish every it will rubbish it every aspect just like somebody who is clean and you are going into a fight in with the pig there is no how you come out clean even if you have the fight inside a pool there is no how you will come out smelling that is how it is and so people should not equate incompetence and say incompetence is better than corruption it is you can't compare I'm wondering where that is coming from me that thing is just you know I won't you see things or show me that you don't begin to and these people went to school oh well I assume that these are social comment he how many so you talked about foul language got a language at the time like it likely to be in season all together yeah there we start flowing stones across across but lines that I've been drawn and almost everybody lives in a glass house exactly and everybody seems to me it will be presented in these days that you could tweak in about things but I mean I think Nigerians you take a position on this is about our lives it's about Nigeria a country Nigeria when we were growing up with white oak Oh Janet of Africa I don't know whether you can manage up Nigeria hell they loved a lot of promise at independence for me and I Jesse for all of us here Josef is reaching us from Benway just up good evening welcome yeah I greet you I was going on to win the presidency so do I ignore him now very okay that's another angle to win the presidency except that to quote what you have said everyone so supported by him who went on to win the presidency ended up Paul II in his estimation give you some context at the moment if for example he was living path and they went on to support Yar'Adua for the contest was an unequal contest at the moment so it was clear that Jarrah was going to win anyway then for the first time well the latter was communal it supported him to he was moving from active president became president and then went on to what is moving with the tides Constanta can be again the tide that's always swim with the tide I hope he's telling you abbis on your nose went to pick his war as a general we'll go on this break and return please don't go away alright folks let's keep it going I know you're still with it or Basinger and doses is for man number two man a Tikku for the plum job but presidency says no matter the power the weight of the gang up Buhari remains the man to be beaten you know gentlemen can we look at a running mate to attic ooh that was was also at issue yes already I was hearing things like nice little bita as you know selected to me is running meet you can place a finger on yes we can't we can because also I had probably my BD deputies any president you know and so either way he goes cool you know but to me I would have expected maybe you would have taken somebody from this other side which is the southwest you know then because whether APC likes it or they don't it would be very difficult for them to get those mumbles in the southeast so the southeast is already blocked vote for it PDP day so it what ambassador you talking I'm talking about the blonde bathtub during the election by the time they start watching because the the South is these tunnels if you're gonna show me that you already know where they are going through need they don't want they don't even want to hear a pc but so our money John will tell you what they would have done the southeast is torn between who I'm twenty twenty twenty three plum job so and don't stop gap yeah yeah yeah but the thing is if you are going for a battle you go for the bathroom all out okay so I'm looking at taking is maybe a running mate from the Southwest where by do also challenge the numbers and the registered voters in the southwest because you already know you have your block votes in the southeast but if it comes it it is if it comes with the it'll be fine it means that they have to do all the work all the efforts will now be tailored towards the Southwest trying to get all the wood or split devote in the southwest as well as the north west wedding the president comes from because it'll be if he spit Albie is formidable too because when he was governor of Anambra State he did well he did very well when he was governor but numbers let me let me tell you is so fruga yes boy but he left he was the only governor that I had left close to 30 billion era in the coffers when he was living so he knows you you know that okay that such a person can you know happy in you know camp can be like the personality coolly none that I talk about economy economy you should be able to come mobile ad I hope he's listening to him I hope he's listening to himself you have a president a presidential candidate who is there he spends and you are imagining a number-two man who doesn't spend does not spend on one hand you could say that then do complements okay there'll be a meeting point but somebody's the captain of the boot don't forget somebody defines the administration the steam on which it runs the other person has to fall in line or you will just be sulking doesn't have a choice as it were but really I'm not too bothered about whether he picks from the southwest or a piece from the southeast that's not to me it's not the most important thing I think number one there has been this very loud cried about the young ones I think this was to spare them some thoughts whose pezoo the political elites in this case encapsulated by two major political parties I don't want to mistrust you at this point we've had sales since Bible is not given a la carte and then your youth is the youth ready or not being ready oh they deserve quite a lot of this madam – agenda or – whatever but I also think that see there is a political process by which you build people unfortunately in Nigeria the whole structure has collapsed in other words you should have younger ones at the local government level but but because vanastra we must pass over now not before reminding you that there's a tutelage they use the younger generation the older guys should groom – there should be this grooming and the youth be ready there is nothing this general critique people that we have done already they are not ready to give us the opportunity and it is the facts [Laughter] because and on we through wait now I with you we are also know already – I think what time we must go the you know to the next subject matter but it Emmanuel macron France and Justin Trudeau Canada yes went through the mill the rules through the mill at why because they would be people out there before them gave them a voice but yet they don't give us the voice what they do is that they give us money for also fight each other all right all right they've been successful yeah that all right folks let the debate continue but we must take on the next subject matter which is this the INEC seems to prove that there is no wrong time to make a right decision the electric body has said there's no going back on its decision to buy the or progressives Congress APC from fielding candidates for the 2019 m-19 general election in the fair estate in a swift reply a PC on Thursday denied informing you know getting a letter to D to the effect it wants the Elektra body to probe the source of the contested letter which it insists exists in this fear the social media again now aren't we living in interesting times on money Joe yes quite interesting though I'm happy personally that the ruling party could be so cheeky you I think they were particularly used now they be particularly callous in the case of the callousness is inexcusable no you knew that there is a timetable for this deadline for primary which expired on the 7th of our mother and you had so much quarrel and all that within the party that you could not settle within the period I had agreed with the position of the FEC that there should be later if the time as passed rather than just released to the public we should inform them formally formally and then the the public could pick it up from there but the issue is that where they asleep when they were supposed to have held their prime whatever the level there are tricks that had be played in the past tricks sometimes they pick somebody that they know himself only expected to go there and at least the food me because they know that that would be there is a pure for substitution but at least you would have come up with something you did come up with anything we must begin to build institutions we must begin to look at processes we must be looking at Presidio's and if Enoch is insisting on that I think we should start with that and that no part is too big to be cautioned on the other after all asuka you folks cry about the independence true independence of the electron pyre I think we discuss this it's yesterday and I was insisting that at least I Nick no shoot stomp his foot down because it's going to be very dangerous for us and democracy if my neck you know shifts ground they said you are written letter if he sees now saying that the density letter but at least they heard that there was a letter you know saying that there was no primaries held in some far states and while the governor was seen I know the governor said did they actually held primaries sent the names to the headquarters and but Martha is now see you have parallel congresses I mean primaries what I see the governor because when the governor held a primaries when the national headquarters actually suspended their ESCOs so did that particular the next day they said they held primaries but I I remember there was a letter in night before from the deputy national chairman who say that they want what they want is another set of panel to come from Abuja to conduct different so if those if the panel actually went Abuja for Dale at the end of you see to see to monitor also provides the conduct of the primaries then it means that they actually there was a primary but is left for a PC to now show us to document those things as okay there was mr. AI mr. B from the APC national chairman who up the end of you from end of music who actually monitored those primaries well now another person another aspirant which is senator Martha is assisting that there was no primaries so he's I'm wondering where is the stolen from a statement says the letter to the chairman of the APC was leaked well I'm going to leaked who or what bye-bye but the point is if there was a letter or if there was no letter to the points if there was they let out there was good letter that should meet the deadline that is what we are saying our manager we can history will tell us that a little something happened in emo state during the obasanjo years when at the particular time the former president said PDP has no candidate for this state I mean you understand which came from something like this disputed primaries and so on the court had to intervene with that that's in the court because of a so hard for deadening of someone who came third in the process and of course elec was present to monitor and it became an issue around me went to composite that and over that the court said no you cannot do this so that are already made the candidate and then the party hierarchy the lords in Abuja said okay that is the coach candidate yeah it is not our own candidate and they decided to shift loyalty to another political party so all those this the physical issue which is telling you and you and my humble self that the INEC had like you know the they be despised wife been trying to be okay I Muhammad are taken in law a short while you know the anak had tried to be independent as set itself that's why I cited so if this is coming again to underscore that submit Mohammed now join us welcome hello brother Mohammed yeah yeah welcome I'm fine and you yeah you are on go on we do too right I see this opportunity I want to talk about I want to talk about the first paragraph I wanna investigate over I keep you by your button what Mohammed why not help us why not help us we the second matter the matter at hand is closely related to the first one so you take this you know it's so difficult I'm access to Sam Farah no you are likely not to field candidates for next year's elections aren't you surprised are you there okay so so we've been there before if we go back to the emo issue and PDP most if you remember so it's coming back so if the an access No – so you see the cords coming in yes because yes there was a friend of mine you know was chatting with being on Facebook and he made mention of amici vessels I make we had the Supreme Court actually ruled that the patsies ID wants to control what goes on that the primaries or whatever it is and then D then also talked about the importance of the eye neck the rule of the importance during pass as the right now yes as the referee now what the Supreme Court says that it is not mandatory you know whether they can come the caminito but is not mandatory for them to that was what the Supreme Court says so that I am saying that it is now left for the APC you know to go ahead and begin to because that part of the things part of the this electron at that they want the president sign is to also make I make a pattern passel of all the processes particularly the primary the able to look at the primaries how you bring out candidate how you bring out aspirant asset that is part of what is inside the loaded new disputed this disputed electoral act amend right now wants to be amended so when we argue to buy it and he said okay that is the premium he brought about that amici peso signage and the Supreme Court is not mandatory you know so if if APC can take this because there was a precedence then it means that become windy case but for now if I make is saying that it the deadline was over and that he could not that didn't also meets any name order there was no primaries the APC has to tell the world hunter Nancy truly there was a super the small boy inside of me is telling me until the law says be the Supreme Court is wrong the process must go on because that law has no bid sign that bill has not be signed there's already president before yeah I am achievers as I neck so if the Supreme Court I said is not mine Beatrice those directing that I make is what's going to go there are monitor and they don't need to even go there they want to you know so it's left for a PC to now go ahead and test the law or monitors on fara is no different from River State where we have something similar so can we go there yeah there's a whole lot of rascality and impunity in the polka parties the reverse did there you have two factions of the opinion of the APC not the only party in the state you had the abbey and the reactions and two candidates to two parallel lines that are choosing that are just not to meet mike has identified the she candidate no the only Matt Magness hobby as a candidate and that stone 2020 yes Nicole amici country and is it and in the candidate that the patty is presenting no as its way now the cult are said no go the processes that led to the images of of the welcome many thanks noted and sometimes the questions I seemingly ask an answer is coming from your folks thank you you're gonna do yeah so we're saying we're saying in Rivas there's that quagmire similarities all over most of the states sovereignty trying to resolve in Nobu statuettes on a similar it's only they treat a doping code for pronouncement so far and you have system like many of the tests a PC are available to put it acts together and it's tragic that's the truth no but rebus is a little better to me than some Father it doesn't depict the callousness that we saw in them father okay at least the mid effort it's only that diplomat is presently unable to reconcile and cookie arrival from a vested interest personal interest much more important than the party interest or national interest but in summarize that they could even do something as simple as well the primary even if we have to with coral ANOVA how it was done allowed the time to pass because in neck constitutionally the super Cotton's was ruled on that has the right to as the duty to organize elections are to undertake the elections and has a duty or on the right to come up with with the timetable procedure try the procedure yeah those are the parties are allowed to come up with them procedure you want area primary you go for the rest you want it direct you can do it wants consensus it is up to you but then once you have decided this what we are doing then you should be saying also to be disciplined enough to go according to your asuka I'm worried at the state because the simplistic always the simplistic reaction to this would be oh we are still learning we are innocent democracy and you're wondering as I always wonder how long more must we remain in the classroom to delay no come on to the point that the courts must determine who must take offices just like a say you keep learning and learning and learning just like human being you land on to use you stop playing you into one passes on you know or pass away our lessons being taught the lessons the thing is if we have never had we've never had this kind of issue before we're by a political party have we wait for this long before they bring out a name or a candidate or even you know conduct primaries we've never had it and I say we are saying that it is part of the learning curve so if for instance this will make this as a lesson but at the end of every deadline if primaries are not being conducted and memes are not out this is what happens so this should serve as a lesson to others that every primary should be conducted before the deadline to me I don't I see no reason why this primaries were not conducted a week before even the dead language should have been conducted way back before even the dead language so that will just be the presidential primaries on D okay has joined us from we welcome I would like to visibility and courage to Paul the party crisis at the state level as to conduct is smooth family so what I'm calling now is the issue of the dead land from the I need to I need postpone the deadline allows the people of the Empress's to choose the conduct of the I chose to participate in the general election but for I need to go ahead for the deadline I don't think it will be very long before that will disenfranchise I guess the right of people in the dark forest a blob of the law but yeah up the result but the law is the law particularly nice level sit down and discuss on how we can find solution to be crisis within the party at the state level and to conduct the election was totally fitting with the idea that there is going to be you know thank you thank you thank you very kindly you know so yeah but again I marvel at this point what lessons are we teaching what lessons are we learning and what will be bystanders say the world is watching us because tomorrow you say you did it for Sam Farrell why not why not like he's saying like I was a kid saying that they should forgive them and all that no we have 9191 political parties so they bomb waiting for something like this to happen so if there are people in APC decided okay that they don't want promise what are people called Enterprise oh yeah I know so they have all that we could that we can go ahead and vote for so it should brother shouldn't be angry or should all feel sad everybody can Moo you can't did I neck and not disenfranchise anybody yeah it is that was a party so let them go and just like I say here and we said yesterday it is because the governors are thought they turned themselves in today good oh yeah you know sue the time they want to do everything they want to bring out anybody that they want I know that Oh Monica I want you let the PC ground so their problem go to courts you want to quickly take it on no I even if from the top well paraphrase it briefly yes once again I see that I'm very glad that this is happening we should begin to say that there are rules I will not skip to the rules I'm happy with Enoch that it's demonstrated its independence its say that if any party or individual steps out of the line it will be brought to book and I'm happy with that I so kornata Motorrad well I was just wondering what happened to the Todd force that Obasanjo actually forget the third force as aligned with the second of course so okay then and to I neck I hope I neck does not end up in a quandary they say sometimes you make the right decisions some other times you make the decisions right we wish you well that's it on the program for this evening and for the week a super games enjoy your weekend thank you so much send the bill to them and of course mobile ID or mana be and all manager please enjoy your weekend thank you very much so that's it folks for the program also watch journalists hang out on other platforms showing on the screen and on YouTube at for /t v c– news nigeria the feedback channel is the same and I am citizen Jones Hussein bye-bye now

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  1. When Buhari, Tinubu and others went to Obasanjo in the last general election, and he endorsed Buhari, he was doing the right thing. But now that Obasanjo has endorsed another candidate, it is a gang up. What a sorry story. What a hypocrisy! Also when Atiku was in APC, he was a democratic, but when he departed APC, he became a looter. TVC is too partisan.

  2. Asoquo James and omonijo God bless you guys for educating chief citizen Jones about the importance of the youths in building new and better generation for a new great country NIGERIA.

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    IV) the imperative remedy and recourse for to help righteously advance the African continent.
    I) The Departure Of The House Of Judah From The United States Of America
    The “Negro” people on the land of the united States of America have always been and now remain the Children of Israel: House of Judah.
    Judah is industrious and hardworking inhabiting numerously every occupation/vocation for the sustenance and management of our birth nation. However, the American society is internationally acknowledged to sabotage and spoil every and all efforts of the people of the House of Judah. Judah's indominable successes infuriates the superiorists so much so that for to oppress the Judaeans they undermine millions of their own children who have been reduced to bondage. Moreover, after nearly four hundred years, this relentless societal-cultural-economic-religious saturation-racism public policy against Judah is permanently existent characterized only by how much racism persists in any situation. Yet,
    How could the enslaved people of Judah have been/ be in such high demand unless the truth about Judah's importance and value was the antithesis to the stereotypes and lies propagandized around the world, and that this brutal indignation was in 1619 A.D. and now still is unto a condoned unrepentant degeneracy and genocide against the Children of Israel: House of Judah.
    II) The Potential Effects In The American States And In The African States
    Now, despite centuries of the severe oppression and opposition, Judah is by the millions a gifted and diverse people: competent professionals: health care, finance, sciences, logistics, construction; doctors, nurses, accountants, engineers, scientists, teachers, farmers, carpenters, analysts, etcetera, and the diverse elders of the same know how with wisdom.
    III) The Propaganda Into The Minds Of The African Common Masses
    Colonizers, et seq., always en-grain mental triggers/fail-safes infected deep into the colonialized populations' souls in order for those souls to automatically/pyscho-dynamically protect the colonizers' interests; so, whenever triggered the engineered souls act in accordance with their conditioning; Judah comprehends this. However,
    Not pride nor in-humility serves any African continental nor national interest to feign or sustain remnants of this type generational mental perversion and bondage. How can any nation hide in willful ignorance of the obvious and insidious threats, wanton experimentation and death imposed upon itself that is openly associated with adhering to the lies of the globalists' agendas?
    IV) The Remedy and Recourse: To Righteously Help The African Continent
    Modern technology now makes Africa and Africans more than ever before the easy prey for the economic targeting with the impressive enslavement processes with continued impoverished intra-national growth, cleverly advancing disease delivery systems, continued eugenics programs, and now-to-date debt-to-bankruptcy apparatuses appropriate unto the foreclosure of the nations reminiscent of the 1909-1933 Federal Reserve Bank (U.S.) effects onto the 1928-2003 era: U.S.A. History: economic enslavement of the entire nation. Can you see it?
    Implementations may now be advanced to preserve peoples and to avoid this programmed disaster. Now time is not available for the fear and inaction en-trained into the souls on the African continent over the last several hundred years – by the globalist's coups and wars upon the continent and proximal regions to date. Remedy: To avoid these calamities, the nations of the continent must stand together to demonstratively repent and lament about the betrayal by those responsible for the trespass against the Children of Israel: House of Judah. Recourse: Only then will the reaping of that same tragedy onto the continent be ceased off of the people and nations responsible; and only then must the House of Judah be welcomed to sojourn for to come to know and help build African homelands, and for to help cease the overt annihilation and economic enslavement set upon the peoples of Africa while the God of Israel brings forth His people back toward their home, to His chosen land: Israel. — It is time.————————————————— :Sincerely,
    :Darrell, A.R.
    :Darrell- James: Hill, PO Box 3806,
    Apache Junction, Arizona 85117
    Msg Ph: 602.618.4595
    It's Time: The (“Black American”) House of Judah Exodus

  4. No one well stop buhari well win 2019 election buhari mr god bliss buhari 👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌💪💪💪💪😀

  5. OBJ Then: Tore up his PDP card and called for a 3rd force
    OBJ Now: Endorses PDP candidate Atiku
    Naija people hails OBJ/PDP. smh
    My Naija people, se ya mumu neva do?

  6. I can not believe you are discussing corrupt vs incompetent. This should make you cover your eyes in shame. Your analysis on this should be one sentence: WE DESERVE BETTER

  7. Journalist hangout, this discussion is a shame. Your analysis are like you are not Nigerians. OBJ has flipped flopped and should be called out about this period. Remember he called for a 3rd force some months ago getting many excited and many young people into the race now he stabs us in the back by supporting a party that he just denounced a few months ago. This should be the story. Your caller called in trying to tell you it is about the Nigerians and we are not discussing what we should and you shut him down telling him he does not set the agenda. It is clear you are not catering to your viewers but to the political cabals. A new media is on the rise that will put you all in the way the dinosaurs went.

  8. Atiku is continuation of the third term agenda of obsanjo the only difference is that obsanjo will now be a minister under atiku if he wins. But he will not win

  9. Asuquo, Incompetent can lead to corruption; Buhari is incompetent in all areas of his government, so he can't fight corruption; if a competent is corrupt, he/she will still deliver e.g All Lagos state governors are corrupt & they delivered; "there is no righteous man that does good without committing sin"
    Am not a politician but Atiku is 100% better than BUHARI;
    Buhari have no human feeling at all.

  10. When Atiku was in A PC he was celebrates, now Atiku went to PDP is now a thief.
    I am not interested in A PC propaganda.

  11. Because Buhari has never done anything in his life he thinks than any business man is a criminal… ATIKU is our next president… God bless the new hope of Nigerians.. Atiku is a goal

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