Journalists Competing For Fakest Arctic News

Journalists Competing For Fakest Arctic News

hello this is Tony Heller from real climate science calm setting the record straight about climate journalists seem to be competing for who can generate the fakest Arctic News there's been an unusually large amount of fake Arctic news over the last couple of weeks in this video I'm going to focus on the junk science coming from Fox News in the Washington Post capital weather game this chart of solar radiation received at the earth is from NASA along the x-axis is the day of the year and along the y-axis is latitude black means no sunlight like is going on in Antarctica right now white means peak solar radiation like is occurring in the Arctic right now tomorrow is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and as you can see the maximum amount of solar radiation being received anywhere on earth is very close to the North Pole even though the Sun is low in the sky it's shining all day long and they get a lot of solar radiation during the 24 hour period and as a result of the large amount of solar radiation being received it can get very warm in the Arctic during the summer here's an account from 1927 about some women who tried to drive to the Arctic Ocean through Belgium Holland Germany Denmark Lapland and Finland the motor party journey to 270 miles north of the Arctic Circle prepared for freezing weather to their continued astonishment the temperature was never less than 90 degrees in the shade 90 degrees Fahrenheit is 32 degrees Celsius the intention was to reach the Arctic Ocean but 40 miles of Marsh country on the coast prevented this an average of 210 miles a day was made on the journey which was an arduous in the extreme and at one time the car had an actual race with death among the forest fires in Sweden over terrible roads so it actually stopped them was melting permafrost in 1927 and they had a race with death against forest fires in the Arctic and here's another story from the Arctic from 1927 sunbathing near the North Pole the short summers of the Arctic a very warm and this youngster sitting in the sunlight needs no protection from the cold his picture was taken is near to the North Pole as Panama is to the equator 1927 was a very eventful year the Red Cross rated it as the worst disaster year in their history floods and tornadoes make 1927 the worst disaster year at Red Cross history the Red Cross sent relief to a hundred eleven disasters that year which included 29 tornadoes 24 floods 23 fires for our earthquakes nine hurricanes six mine disasters and some cloudburst explosions railroad wrecks typhoons and epidemics the worst floods in US history occurred along the Mississippi during 1926 in 1927 the floods lasted for six months and drove hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes permanently if Vermont also had their worst flood in 1927 there were many disastrous tornadoes in 1927 but the best-known one destroyed large parts of st. Louis but this video is about the Arctic so let's go back there April 30th 1937 weather stations on the Yukon River in the Arctic have reported temperatures of more than a hundred degrees in the shade so it should be clear now that it can get very hot in the Arctic it did a lot during the 1920s 1930s and 1940s so now let's fast-forward to the incredible rash of junk science and fake news in 2019 here's one from Fox News stunning photo shows dogs walking on water amid Greenland ice crisis Danish meteorologist Stefan Olson and his band of sled dogs are walking on thin ice across a frozen sea that become flooded with melted glacial waters it all started with this tweet from the Danish meteorological institute stefan got the difficult task of retrieving our oceanographic moorings and weather station on sea ice in Northwest Greenland this year rapid melt and sea ice with low permeability and few cracks leaves the meltwater on top and Jason samenow from the capital weather gang at the Washington Post immediately saw the propaganda opportunities which this photo presented and then lots of other journalists wanted to jump into the propaganda fest here's one hi Stefan I'm a journalist from a Polish website can we use your picture in an article about the current ice sheet melting in Greenland Stephan quickly responded and correct to the journalists note that we are not on the ice sheet here the dogs are running on sea ice flooded by surface meltwater the point being that this has nothing to do with glaciers he was just a warm day and the surface of the sea ice was melted so now let's go back and look at the Fox News article again it says the frozen sea has become flooded with melted glacial waters even though the person who took the photo made it clear that that was not the case Stephan made it very clear that this has nothing to do with the glaciers but it doesn't make any difference to fake news organizations they got their fake story about Greenland melting and they were gonna run with them then FoxNews piled on the BS and said Olson himself is calling for immediate action but the action which Stephan called for had nothing to do with climate what he said was communities in Greenland rely on the sea ice for transport hunting and fishing extreme events here flooding of the ice bear brought down set of surface smell call for an increased predictive capacity in the Arctic I'm not sure why he was surprised by this event because I saw model forecasts from several days earlier predicting very warm temperatures in Greenland at that time but regardless the action he was calling for had nothing to do with the misrepresentation which Fox News was trying to create event Fox News piled on the BS even deeper they said at the same time alson took this photo news broke that Greenland has suffered a loss of two billion tons of ice already this season about 40% of their nation's icy expanse well the country experiences annual melted from June through August the rate so far this year has been record-breaking wow they claim that there's been record-breaking melt in that forty percent of the ice in Greenland melted already this year this is just complete nonsense in idiocy on fox news parts there's almost three million billion tons of ice in Greenland rather than 40 percent of the ice sheet mulching the correct number zero point zero zero zero zero zero seven percent of the ice sheet FoxNews missed by seven orders of magnitude two billion tons of ice loss sounds like a big deal until you look at the fact that greening can receive six times that much in a single day like they did last November about 550 billion tons of snow falls on Greenland every year and it all has to return to the sea either as melt water or as glaciers camping into the ocean fox news has no idea what they're talking about they're hiring scientific and mathematical illiterate to do their science reporting but to be fair wasn't fox news he started this madness it was the Washington Post Capital weather game you did let's look at their claim temperatures leap 40 degrees above normal as the Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet sea record June melting and it may be messing with our weather and there's the dogsled picture again by Jason samenow June 14th ice is melting in unprecedented ways as summer approaches in the Arctic in recent days observations have revealed a record challenging melt event over the Greenland ice sheet well the extent of ice over the Arctic Ocean has never been this low in mid-june during the age of weather satellites greenland saw temperatures soar up to 40 degrees above normal wednesday while open water exists in places north of Alaska where it's seldom if ever has in recent times so let's look and see if what Jason samenow is saying is true this graph is from the Danish meteorological Institute the people with the dogsled who were at the center of this discussion they show that Arctic sea ice extent is the highest in the past several years and just about normal for the date for all recent years the Danish meteorological Institute has been interested in in recording sea ice for much longer than any other group and they have the most reliable data jason was happy to use the picture of the dogsled from the Danish meteorological Institute and he was also perfectly happy to ignore their actual data and he actually talked to the people of Danish meteorological insuit he would have known that his claim of record low June sea ice was simply not true and this is the graph which Jason used for his claim of unprecedented surface melting in Greenland what he called unprecedent was actually just a little tiny bit than two years ago probably within measurement error and remember what Stephan said about the picture of the dog sled the water there had nothing to do with the ice sheet melting this is actually completely unrelated there's nothing unprecedented about this event it's just a little bit higher than spikes in other recent years it's fairly common event it's a propaganda event not a climate event now let's look at the surface melt data from the Danish meteorological Institute you can see the graph along the bottom most of the summer was below normal melt and then there was a big spike a few days ago about 35% of the surface of the ice sheet showed some melting which is a little higher than a typical day in July there's no crisis here it's just a weather event and if you look at temperatures recorded in the centre of the Greenland ice sheet you can see it very clearly temperatures have been quite called and then last week there were a couple days where temperatures warmed up and got up close to the freezing word but since then they've dropped back down again here's what it looks like in the center of the Greenland ice sheet today it's quite cold -8 degrees centigrade 18 Fahrenheit and there's fresh snow on the ground this next graph from the Danish meteorological Institute is the surface mass balance it shows the gain or loss of ice in September 1st of last year the gray line is the 1981 to 2010 average the red line is 2012 and the blue line is this year you can see that the gain of ice this winter was a little below average and there's been a small amount of melt since the peak a few weeks ago but melt this year has been pretty small compared to the very steep decline which started in the middle of May of 2012 so once again Jason samenow his claim of record Greenland melting simply isn't true and has it been anywhere close to a record the journalists were strangely silent the last two years with Greenland experienced near record snow accumulation in 2017 the snow accumulation in Greenland was a record high and he met a melt was very small and the melt season ended early similar story in 2018 so Jason samenow ignore two years of data which worked against his story and instead cherry picked two days last week what he's doing is not science it's propaganda now let's look at some since other ridiculous claims he said open water exists in places north of Alaska where it's seldom if ever has in recent times let's look and see if that makes any sense this is today's sea ice map from the national snow and ice data center in Boulder Colorado it shows a small gap between the coast of Alaska and where the sea ice ajik stands let's remember what Jason said again he said that open water exists north of Alaskan places where it's all demands of ever in recent years he would be implying that this small area of open water north of Alaska is unprecedented but that's simply not true here's a map from 1998 on the sea ice has melted way back from the a coast of Alaska this Orange Line shows normal for middle of September so every year the sea ice melts considerably well back away from the coast of Alaska and here's a 1971 National Geographic Arctic sea ice map which was a wide gap between the coast of Alaska and the edge of the ice that gap is much wider than the present gap which Jason samenow says is unprecedented and according to Walt Meyer from the national snow and ice data center the Arctic was ice-free seven thousand years ago when carbon dioxide levels are very low how do they explain them this gap has opened up a little bit earlier this year than it has in recent years and let's look at what actually happened with that it's been cloudy and temperatures have been very cold over the Beaufort Sea this ice didn't melt something else happened to it this animation made for maps from the Danish Meteorological in-seat shows what happened to the ice it flashes back and forth between the current ice extent and where it was a month ago you see what happened winds blew the ice offshore from the Alaska coast and forced it over towards the eastern Arctic where they have more ice than they've had in many recent years so it's not that the ice melted it's that it moved from the west side of the Arctic over to the east side of the earth had Jason samenow from the capital weather gang actually checked the weather over the Beaufort Sea over the last month who would have known that it's been too cold to have much melting going on now let's focus on all his thick ice which is currently around small burn and compare it to this map from 1922 the black area shows the maximum sea ice extent in 1922 it never frozen's fall bar at that winter this is the text from that article strange things happening in the frozen Arctic is the North Pole going to melt reports from fishermen seal hunters and explorers who sail the seas about Spitsbergen in the eastern Arctic all point to a radical change in climatic conditions with hitherto unheard of high temperatures in that part of the air surface formerly the water is about Spitsbergen small Berg and found an even summer temperature in the neighborhood of 5 degrees above freezing this year it rose as high as 28 degrees last winter the ocean did not freeze over even on the north coast of suits Bergen so there's a lot more ice now around Svalbard than there was 97 years ago in the same story in the Baffin Bay here's another article from the monthly weather review December 1924 open winter and BAFF and bay in my 16 years of Arctic work I've never seen bath and bass so clearly says last season so Baffin Bay was largely open during the winter of 1924 but this year Baffin Bay is full of ice it appears that there's more ice in the eastern Arctic than there was 97 years ago and one of the reasons because the wind have been pushing the ice from the west side over to the east side Jason samenow is saying that's the student of melting when in fact it has very little to do with the melt it's mostly the wind pushing the ice offshore now let's look at Jason samenow his last claim that Arctic melting caused the flooding and tornadoes this spring we can show that that claim makes no sense because the record melt year of 2012 was very warm very dry and had a very low number of tornadoes according to NOAA tornado activity in 2012 was below average it was probably the lowest since 1989 so according to climate alarmists like Jason sometimes Arctic melting causes tornadoes and floods and other times it causes the exact opposite this definitely is not science what these people are doing and this isn't the first time this year the Washington Post has pulled the same stunt there were a couple warm days in April in the Washington Post immediately Don and claim record Greenland melty it's been exceptionally warm in Greenland lately and ice is melting a month early April 18th Greenland is baking let's look and see if that makes any sense let's look at the Greenland melting graph from the Danish meteorological in suit again and see if in Washington Post claims are accurate most of April was just about normal melting there was a small spike at the end of the month but most of the summer so far has actually been below normal melts until the recent spike of the last few days there's nothing the least bit alarming in this graph going on climate alarmists just look for any meaningless statistic they can come up with to generate propaganda and what about Greenland glaciers Greenland's two largest glaciers have been growing in recent years this is the Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland showing the Ice Age in 2012 and showing where the ice edge is now you'd see if the glaciers expanded several kilometres over the last seven years in Greenland other most famous glacier the Jakobshavn glacier is also growing it's been shrinking for the last 150 years but in recent years it started growing again what climate alarmists are doing is they're cherry-picking a warm day here and there and using it to obfuscate the trends which have been occurring over the last few years Greenland was losing ice 15 years ago but since then it's either slow down or reversed and what about Arctic sea ice this is the graph from the multi-agency sea ice index of Arctic sea ice extent their data starts in 2006 and the red line is in 365 day me you'd see that there's been essentially no change in extent over the last 13 years you're certainly not going to hear there's some people like Fox News in the Washington Post Greenland is not melting down now but 80 years ago it was December 17th 1939 all the glaciers in eastern Greenland are rapidly melting declared professor Hans almond Swedish geologist it may without exaggeration be said that the glaciers like those in Norway face the possibility of a catastrophic collapse and what about all the ice-free Arctic forecasts here's what from 2008 the polar ice cap in the Arctic may well disappear this summer due to the global warming dr. Olaf orihime head of the Norwegian International polar year secretary at said on Friday the Arctic wasn't ice-free in 2008 so NASA's top Arctic expert jaiswal a predictable began by 2012 mark series from the National snow and ice data center in Boulder Colorado said the Arctic is screaming National Geographic also predicted in 2007 that the Arctic would be ice-free by 2012 the BBC was a little more conservative and predicted there be ice in the Arctic until 2013 cambridge university professor peter adams said in the end it will just melt away quite suddenly Nobel laureate al gore was even more conservative and predicted that the ice when began until 2014 Gore's predictions were based on predictions from the Naval Postgraduate School predicted an ice-free Arctic by 2014 James Hansen from NASA the world's number one climate alarmists who started the global warming scare in 1988 predicted the Arctic would be ice-free by 2018 last year Hansen echoing work of other scientists so that in five to ten years the Arctic will be free of sea ice in the summer it's article was written in 2008 in representative Ed Markey Democrat of Massachusetts said dr. Hansen was right twenty years later we recognized him as a climate prophet they've latched on to climate alarmism has the religion and climate scientists as their prophets the Sierra Club predicted of the ice will be gone by 2013 The Guardian in Cambridge University's professor peter wagons predicted the icer be gone by 2015 well that forecast failed so Adams change it to 27 or 2018 will see the first ice-free Arctic summer journalist mark hardscape predicted the Arctic could be ice-free by 2015 and said say goodbye to polar bears and a whole lot of us polar bear populations are doing just fine and in many locations polar bears have become a dangerous nuisance and to top all of these ridiculous forecasts off President Obama's science advisor John Holdren made the most ridiculous prediction of all 10 years ago he said if you lose the summer sea ice their phenomena that could lead you not so very long thereafter to lose the winter sea ice as well and you lose the CIC around it's going to mean drastic climate change all over the hemisphere the North Pole doesn't get any Sun for six months a year how can it possibly not get below freezing during that six-month period of darkness Holden's claim is just basic scientific madness HL Mencken the great American philosopher said the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamorous to be led to safety by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins all of them imaginary since 2007 climate alarmists and making all these predictions of an ice-free Arctic yet there's been no change in Arctic sea ice extent during that period the predictions of an ice-free Arctic have failed miserably and they've given up on that you know what they do is they just cherry-pick a warm day here and there and declare it to be a climate apocalypse catastrophic climate change is the biggest scam in science history there's no evidence that it's happening and even if it was happening the solutions are coming up with would be worthless China and India are building hundreds of new coal-fired power plants token gestures and virtue signaling by Western progressives have little or no impact on co2 levels and definitely not on the climate and their use of the big lie to push this scam was actually quite dangerous history shows us that invariably the big lie leads to very bad things happening we need to put an ant all this junk science and propaganda visit total on the web at roll climate science calm music pulling back the curtain on junk science for a long time

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  1. I was in Hawaii last week. In Kona, it was very warm. So I figured I'd check the weather back home in anticipation of my return this week. Know what it said? Well, it said we were having 50-60 degree (all figures are Fahrenheit) weather all week with temps plummeting into the 30's by today (the day I returned) with… SNOW. SNOW. ON JUNE 27!

    Well, it didn't quite snow (and temps were pleasant if hardly warm), but it was below average/normal. Well below – and the local mountains remain solidly snow covered – and THIS area is the warmest spot in Oregon. Back in 1982, in fact, it was so hot down here that we actually beat Death Valley 2 or 3 times for hottest place in the nation (and that was during the "Coming Ice Age" scare), yet this year we were getting snow well past April with cooler than normal temps for most days (tho' earlier we did have a couple extra hot, near record or record breaking days, which rapidly gave way to cooler weather).

    But what did I hear when I got back?

    That's right – this is yet again the "warmest year (to date) on record". I really don't think that's true, frankly, but that's what they are telling me. And, because they are telling me that, I make it a point to listen to all your videos. Keep up the good work, Mr. Heller.

  2. Hey Tony – write it up and publish in a scientific journal. If you're right you should be eager to. If you can scientifically debunk global warming you can be a world wide hero and likely billionaire. Yeah, ya probably wouldn't want that…

  3. There was currently this photo, of a dog sled driving over ice covered in water! However, the region (northern Greenland) is regularly ice-free in the summer and also on maps, the region is not marked as snow-covered! There are also videos of this region, on Youtube, which are older than 10 years! Or search for corresponding photos on Google! ๐Ÿ˜‘ One should always, critically question everything! ๐Ÿ˜‘ such as Did the remains of mammoths end up in permafrost? ๐Ÿ˜‘ Environmental protection is never wrong, but do not believe everything without asking !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. We need a new term Tony: "Climate Change Industrial Complex" make money make more money has always been the truth behind this

  5. You pick media reports (Roseburg News Review?!) from the 1920s and 1930s, with no statistical data to back them, and take them as truth. At the same time, you reference current news – cherry picked from a couple of news outlets – and compare them with data that either doesn't get a reference source, or when it does, you provide a completely eschewed interpretation. For instance, at 8:49, your focus on the expression "unprecedented" blinds you to the fact that for the last thirty years there has been a constant growth in melted area, and not by a few square meters, but by hundreds of thousands! So much for method…

  6. It's great to have someone that is credible to explain the events. The problem is, and both FOX and WaPo knows, the low IQ audiences for these FAKE NEWS will never hear this. They will never question the FAKE NEWS because it fits their Leftist narrative/agenda. You could talk till you were blue in the face, but you'd never convince these people otherwise.

  7. Propaganda includes sweeping under the rug the inconvenient truth. 2016 Polar Ocean Challenge had the goal of sailing across the Arctic, a publicity stunt, total failure. Al Gorebbles box office bomb had about 15 minutes of him single-handily saving COP15 from total disaster, not one second of his lecture about the Arctic becoming completely ice-free. Dr. David Viner of East Anglia, children won't know what snow is, classic Orwellian memory hole. Funny how Leftists still hate "Faux News", they have become part of the Lamebrain Media borg.

  8. I did this video animation called the Ebb and Flow of Arctic Ice to show that all these predictions based on linear projections were faulty because there is nothing linear about climate, it is all cyclical
    The animation was based on one image roughly every two weeks and all of the images are untouched and exactly as they were when I downloaded them from NASA/NOAH. When watching this I find the movement of the ice to be almost alive as if it is breathing.

    The fact that there is so much bad propaganda about AGW that distorts the truth is evidence against this pseudoscientific premise. Remember when they claimed Greenland warmed by 45*C and that it is tropical and that all the ice will melt? They forgot to mention it went from -52*C to -7*C. Hardly a melting temperature.

  9. I had to do a paper while in college. I chose to do a comparison between the conversations being held in the newspaper during 2015 and those that were had in 1915. Remarkably the conversations were the same topics. Still bogus claims about government projects over time and over budget. Some snowflakes whining about pay not keeping up with living costs. The term living wage was used on more than one article. The conclusion I came to was we as a society suffer under a large part of the population unable to learn by studying history, or draw simple conclusions from it with any degree of accuracy. Keep up the good work sir.

  10. This is definitely one of your best presentations to date. It hits home defeating their most common complaint … the idea of "unprecedented" events and record breaking weather.

  11. I wonder what you people are going to say when we have our first BOE (blue ocean event), or when the arctic sea ice reaches below 1 million km^2 during September and is considered ice free for the first time in at least 150 thousand years, but probably longer.

    Seriously, I want to know so please let me know! Indulge my curiosity!

    Oh and f**ck mainstream media. I have always said that there is deception on both sides of the issue. Unfortunately, you lot here seem to be totally blind to the deception from Tony Heller, and not for any weakness or deficiency on your part; no not at all.

    When someone isn't well versed with science of climate change or climate science in general, it is easy to deceive them by using their own presuppositions and confirmation biases against them through cherrypicked data, while pointing the finger on the other side, claiming that they are the problem.

    I know this message won't hit home with anyone here, but I gotta try.

  12. Tony Heller – have you come across the channel Just Have a Think yet? The presenter is truly excellent and puts across the Carbonophobe agenda in a very convincing way. There are, of course many globalist/Marxist features, but they are neatly hidden. I'd love to see the smug bastard brought down in some way.

  13. If the Polar Bears where having a problem they wouldn't be having twins and triplets!!! which they are doing this year!!!

  14. NWO is always dreaming up new ways of eliminating billions of us…"non-Elite parasites" on "their" Planet…in order to "Save the Planet"…for themselves. So do the right thing; oppose them, everything they stand for, and everything they tell you… at every opportunity. The Earth has a way of surviving.

  15. I'm Newfounlanders would love to see some warming. The last three years have been tough, so much sea ice for so long has kept comercial shipping at a minimum. Stores have less goods in them.

  16. I live in Seattle. I work nights. I'm STILL taking a jacket with me to work at night and even some days. June 24th and I'm wearing a jacket in Seattle.

  17. "The threat of environmental crisis is the 'international disaster key' to unlock the New World Order." – Mikhail Gorbachev

  18. The last time sea level rose "abruptly" was 14,000 years ago and it rose by 65 feet in the space of 400 years. That's one foot in 6.15 years on average. But who knows maybe two or even three feet in a bad decade.

  19. A splendid video Tony.
    You use the term "Progressives" at the end of your video but with the greatest respect any group that advocates lies leading to the destruction of western civilisation and of mankind are lying when they say they are "progressives".
    "Progressives" are people who build roads, bridges and houses, docks and ships, electricity and communications networks, railways, motor vehicles and appliances, farms and mines etc.
    "Regressives" are those that build nothing and worse seek to destroy all this and reduce populations by means not yet revealed, but 100m deaths attributed to Mao and 60m to Stalin would be a clue. So maybe we can all start calling them by what they are, "Regressives"

  20. Thank you very much! Just went to Twitter and trolled half of the people mentioned in video. Account was restricted almost instantly for 12 hours because If my bad behavior ๐Ÿ˜‚ Love it. Free speech is hate speech


  22. That was an another 20 minutes of amazing facts and truth,with none of the bullshit we receive everywhere else.Thank You again.

  23. I would like to suggest a look at Scott Base being moved some years ago because the sea ice build up made the trip to the supply ships too dangerous. Now the undersea volcanic activity in the far North has dropped glaciers are rebuilding rapidly.
    The Magnetic Pole shift could cause who knows what though.

  24. Why does YouTube feel the need to place propaganda RIGHT below anything that doesnt fit their extreme left wing agenda??

  25. There's something very basic I don't understand. A scientific theory or model can only stand up by two methods: The first and most important is the ability of the model/theory to accurately predict the future. All of Einstein's prediction of black holes, time dilation etc have been proven correct. Good science. The second validation method is when other scientists run models with the same inputs and get the same results – in other words, the models agree with each other. It's a huge double no to the Climate Changers in both circumstances. The predictive ability of ALL models is terrible and the models disagree with each other too. By scientific definitions the Anthropogenic Global Warming fraud is parading in plain sight for all to see, but why aren't Al Gore, Michael Mann and their minions in Jail?

  26. there is some truth about the UV because at 22/6/ the sun is most near in the earth und the radiation is very strong!

  27. Thanks Tony Heller for discussing the false climate reports which are based on other more accurate reports; the reports of ~90 years ago about high temperatures and failed predictions of loss of ice; recent failed predictions of loss of ice; and the increasing use of coal by China and India. The scam of global warming and climate change appears to have the purpose of higher energy taxes and control over the people's use of energy, which is wrong.

  28. At 11:34 check out the 1998 Ice extent, 2015 the number of Polar Bears in Spitzbergen had shot up, why, because they were moving South? The Arctic sea waters were extending, and Polar bears were finding it increasingly difficult to hunt further North, due to Ice thickness? 1998 Spizbergen is Ice free?
    By 2015 12:04 the Polar Bears were moving South, not North, they weren't losing there hunting grounds, the Ice was becoming too thick?

  29. You can't point out isolated events when talking about climate unless you're using it for evidence of climate change.

  30. omg dont you remember just three short years ago when it was 50 degrees F in the middle of winter in winterland???.
    it was ocean currents carrying heat from the Equator to the air-conditioner in the North. The heat escaped from the ocean currents because there was a gap in the ice coverage between the coastline and what was left of the icepack when it was dark for 6 months
    There will never be a drop in "seasonal ice coverage", but you know damn well the the thickness of the ice is radically different, why do you persist in this stupidity?

  31. In 1996, former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev emphasized the importance of using climate alarmism to advance socialist Marxist objectives: โ€œThe threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order.โ€

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