Journalist Who Went To Syria Schools Colleague On Syrian Realities

Journalist Who Went To Syria Schools Colleague On Syrian Realities

so this is a real journalist and she's telling people the truth about Syria because she actually went there you know how uh you know how Jordan Chariton went to Standing Rock so he could tell you what was really happening and who was really lying it was the police that was lying it was the government that was lying at the behest of the corporate donors Oh turns out that's what's happening so she went there she figured it out and she gets a question I'm Christopher Wahlberg with you know each newspaper Aftenposten a question for were two questions for Miss Bartlett here as a journalist I'm not sure you can appreciate getting other impressions than empirical impressions from the ground when you talk about the Syrian people and what the Syrian people want how can you quantify that do you have any independent surveys where where you can actually document that and secondly so he/she said earlier that the people support Assad overwhelmingly and so he's like well how are you how do you know that and here's his next question you talk about the corporate media the Western media the lies and all of this could you explain what you think might be the agenda from us in the Western media and why we should lie why the international organizations on the ground should lie why we shouldn't believe all these absolutely documental facts that we see from the ground these hospitals being bombed these civilians who are talking about the atrocities that they have been experiencing so he brings up the bombing of hospitals which he had talked about earlier and they always say that it's Assad bombing hospitals and she said I'm on the ground it's Isis it's the terrorists and the terrorists by the way take over hospitals and they stockpiled bombs in there and chemical weapons that's what she said and so he's saying wait a minute we've always been all our reporting says it sucks our doing all the bombing of hospitals and all that and he said it's slowly documental that's what he just said how can you justify calling all of his liars okay I mean there are certainly honest journalists amongst the very compromised establishment media let's start with your second question so okay so that was a that was the end of her being nice to this guy here it comes international organizations on the ground tell me which ones are on the ground in eastern Aleppo yeah okay I'll tell you there are none there are none these organizations are Allah so he's saying what about all the NGO organizations that are on the ground Aleppo who are telling us all this stuff and she said really what what organizations are on the ground in Aleppo do you exactly what what organizations on the ground in Aleppo and the guy didn't have in his shoes I'll tell you there aren't any and she could have dropped the mic but she did she could have dropped the mic but she didn't she's going to go on to now just walk him through hold his stupid little hand his little establishment propping up stupid at least he went to the cut the thing I'll give the guy props at least the guy you see that it's a mostly empty room if these people are talking to so other journalists really couldn't give a shit about them and by the way this isn't going to be reported on MSNBC so international organizations on the ground tell me which ones are on the ground in eastern Aleppo yeah okay I'll tell you there are none there are none these organizations are relying on Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which is based in Coventry UK which is one man they're relying on compromised groups like the white helmets which let's let's talk about the white helmets the white helmets were fun that were founded in 2013 by a British ex-military officer they have been thought funded to the tune of 100 million dollars by the US UK in Europe and other states they purport to be rescuing civilians in eastern Aleppo and Alip yet no one in eastern Aleppo has heard of them and I say no one bearing in mind that now 95 percent of these areas of the center level are liberated the white helmets purport to be neutral yet they can be found carrying guns and standing in the dead bodies of Syrian soldiers and their video footage actually contains children that have been recycled in different reports you can find a girl named aya who turns up in a report in month say August and she turns up in the next month in two different locations so they are not credible the SOHR is not credible unnamed activists are not credible once or twice maybe but every time not credible so your sources on the ground you don't have them as for your slow burn boy she just she just gave him a nice dressing down and now that guy's which is fun cuz now that guy gets to be humiliated over and over for everybody who plays this video like us again not not to be I don't want to be I don't even know who that guy is but and by the way tip of the hat to that guy for going this to this news conference so actually good maybe he walked out of there different maybe you may in fact be a good journey yes they just other and she kind of quantify did that yeah I think she's like I'm not saying all journalists are bad she's I'm saying structurally there's a big problem and she's explaining right the problems with that struck yeah so look at me Teton pulling my punches with that guy feel good about him lettin somebody iPod in you just like in Schindler's List I party so she's got some more to say to this guy but do you see how everything you've been fed by a corporate media is fucking bullshit do you see how that is you see that works we saw how it worked at Standing Rock and Apple we saw it firsthand how it worked because we had a reporter there and nobody else did we saw how the corporation just lies we'd have a video on this channel CNN lies about that but they did and here is uh here she is telling you everything the corporate media is telling you about Syria is wrong and lies and why are we in Syria agenda not your but the agenda of some corporate media it is the agenda of regime change how can the New York Times I was reading it this morning or how can Democracy Now which I was reading the other day maintain until this day that this is a civil war in Syria how can they maintain until this day that there were unbutton that the protests were unarmed violent until say 2012 that is absolutely not true how can they maintain that the scene so I was always fed the story that it was Assad who when when they ran out of water the farmers all their crops failed they came into the city and they protested for the government to do something for him and Assad / Issa started shooting them and now she's saying that that's bullshit that they were armed and they were already I'm sure I'm sure Saudi now that you know that we're listening to her reporting that Saudi Arabia was already infiltrating those protests with people who were armed they were trying to start this war which they did with our help in government is attacking civilians in Aleppo when every person that's coming out of these areas occupied by terrorists is saying the opposite so that's with it you're quite Winfred so she's saying that's it their ultimate Western mainstream news media is telling you that it's the government attacking the people and they're not and all the people coming out of there saying no it's the terrorists she just said it so your question on lying Western media how do i quantify the support of the Syrian people the elections in 2014 the Syrian people held elections the voter turnout was 88% including people in Lebanon where I was during the elections in Lebanon which were actually ran for two days extended hours people walking four kilometers to reach the embassy including people who flew from their own countries like mine which has criminally shut the Syrian embassy so that Syrian people have no rights and including people within syria who braved a torrent of terrorists mortars and in missiles on Election Day and yet voter turnout rate was something like 80 88 percent I believe and and indeed the election the results were 78 I believe that unlike the understand gives you deals okay I might get the turnout wrong so they took the results 74% say idiot okay anyway the point being overwhelmingly two people support President Assad that's based on elections based on my own travels okay so with that's subjective but as I said I've traveled around Syria talk with people of all faiths all walks of life and there are people that want change in the government we're not pretending they don't want change everybody wants change but terms of support of the government the point is they don't see President Assad is the problem they see the problem as terrorism they see elements of problems in the system that they have there but President Assad they don't sees the problem they actually overwhelmingly support him so I'm basing it on their choice in their leader and I'm basing on my interactions with people in Syria and Lebanon I'm Chris BAM so everything you thought you knew about Syria forget because you don't its accept what we told you hear that it's about of natural false fossil fuels it's about a pipeline that's coming from Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is funding all those terrorists there we fund Saudi Arabia we give them we just sold them I was at twenty nine billion dollars in weapons so one of the biggest weapon sales ever if not the biggest and right now they're committing a genocide and Yemen here you go let's get let's help you out give you an right now they're the ones trying to overthrow a side with our help and we're so we're creating the misery in the Middle East again once again the United States is creating the misery and we're all lying about it Barack Obama's lying about it our representative to the UN is lying about it all the news media the mainstream news media is lying about it you know what they don't tell you have you ever watch us what the next time you watch a mainstream news media report about Syria watch what they don't tell you and you know what they don't tell you why the fuck were there in the first place they never tell you why we're there OS ods bad and what so again every time there's a bad leader somewhere we're supposed to go we have to go clean up their country that's what we did in Iraq how'd that work out that's what we did in Libya how'd that work out that's what we're doing in Afghanistan where they're still there now we're doing it in Syria we've been doing this in the Middle East since we started absence at since world war two we've been doing this non-stop we've been trying to overthrow Syria since the 50s so again once again don't believe a goddamn thing you hear from the mainstream news media about Syria because they'll never tell you the truth about it and don't believe a politician and don't believe a Democrat don't believe a Republican they're all full of shit we have a quick sidenote here that's just a fun little side note that we claim that we're spreading democracy II quote unquote nations that have higher voter turnout than we do ah we're spreading that's a great point Ron we're spreading democracy to countries who have a higher participation in their voting than we do in our own country we're spreading democracy who we're spreading democracy we just had an election here the guy with two and a half few million votes he's our new leader we're spreading democracy hey we're doing another live Jimmy Dore show the day after Christmas December 26 we're doing a live Jimmy Dore show in Burbank California come see it there's a link for tickets right there

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  1. FUN FACT: This video has been "demonetized" by YouTube. This means that they won't advertise on this video, so we won't make any money off of it, in hopes that we'll be deterred from doing any more stories like this.

  2. i know this make me islamophobic LOL but id rather not see another country fall to isis with our help

  3. The Elections are your proof?????
    Come on, are you naive?
    The Communist Party always got 99.9% of the vote. Do you think that means the Russian people supported them?
    In general, any election result beyond 60-40 is super suspect.
    NOBODY is elected by 88% of the voters besides dictators

  4. She's probably right that the USA it's looking for regime change in Syria (which never works) but let's not be pretending that Assad is not a murderous dictator.
    Nobody in Syria is free to speak their mind.

  5. Jimmy keep up the good work brother, give a voice to the voiceless and those getting bullied for not wanting war.

  6. I like this video, but one request I have for your Jimmy is to not swear, as I do watch your clip with my daughters.

  7. and guest what, most people who posses basic knowledge in economy social politic know their government lies
    the difference is americans government lies and use its abilities to invade other countries
    the good thing Trump has as a president is he shows the lies while others presidents/other countries presidents hide
    so the ignorants might learn

  8. Think about what you said we've been doing this in the Middle East since after WW2 which is ? When isreal was born!!

  9. Do not to forget about isreal jimmy they have a hand in everything wrong happening in the Middle East DO NOT FORGET THAT

  10. How about the fucking isreali war crimes? How about the thousands of international laws they broke ? How does the media talk not say a word about that. SHAME ON YOU

  11. It's not that the Americans go for the bad governments but instead they go for the good governments…who r working for its people and the region…..and that is what the American government hate because they want them to work for america….Assad is good and they want to change him….Gaddafi was good infact libya had the best the living standards during his reign…he was spending the Money on Libyan people….. And all the imperialist are making money from the conflict region……..justice will be done…..all the imperialist will pay for this…in very less time starting from now……

  12. Why are they playing people we pay tax money y should they feed us lies yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyWhy are they playing with people minds yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  13. The White Helmets along with Al Nusra attacked the Druze and killed more than 200 civilians, children and women included. They also kidnapped many more. The Druze accused Israel for providing them cover through the Golan and found that all the weapons were provided by Israel.

  14. Trump doesn't seem to want to fight against the Assad regime, or start a war with Russia. Who'd you say, again, is the lesser of the two evils?

  15. she was paid by russia today, she wrote to global research, a russian funded website, she went to syria invited by assad and walked there with his guards, its not fucking independet journalist you dumbasses, do your homeworks first

  16. I​ like this show and do​ love​ her so much.​ Now​ You​ can​ say the​ main media are​ real enemy.

  17. Don't try to defend the so called journalist asking how many Syrian citizens support Assad? How many American citizens support Trump? Some think he's a lovely man, some think he's an incompetent buffoon. Should Assad then say it's ok for him to go for regime change in the US? The idea is fucking absurd. If the US militery is going to topple every fucking world leader because they think they're naughty boys or girls… Better spend every dollar that should be spent on schools and universal health care killing people in these countries. Groups like the White Helmets…? The CIA without the dark glasses. Nobody is on the fucking ground except bought and paid for US propagandists.

  18. Love what you guys do. You have one of the most important jobs there is. Keep it up, don't change a thing

  19. I'm glad we have this annoying guy to repeat everything she says right after her just incase we missed it

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