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  1. Omg. Lol. I'm so afraid to take this test.
    I'm ex military and I know I have muscle memory. I bounce right up after working out, but I'm just so nervous because I'll be competing against 20 something year old men. Lol. I'll be 30 and I bared 3 children including twins.

    I'm still doing this, but I'm just such a nervous person. 😅

  2. Respect. It's not exactly fun to be "inferior" and have multiple large men predicting your failure, and then watching you do it. All in all, no matter how tired you were, you really gave it your all. I thought it was really cool to see, and nice of them to let you do it!

  3. Just keep in mind that this is a simulation of an emergency; in a real disaster or emergency the situation is now a deadly environment for all involved and the stress levels are exponentially higher. The chances a full grown man of average strength surviving and completing a rescue are lowered. An average female like her would just be another victim along with the others. This is the reason a female has never been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. They lack the strength, courage and ability to go above and beyond their own will and throw themselves in harms way.

  4. As a member of the public, it's good to know that, in an emergency, there will be a diverse team of firefighters saving me and my family from death. As long as women get a chance to do the same job as men… I'm happy to die screaming in pain and gasping for air.

  5. If a 120 pound woman can make it this far with no preparation at all the men must be real pussies. Nothing special about homo firefighters. NOT HEROES JUST HOMOS !

  6. She did a great job and most men can't do what she did.

    Considering that she wasn't a firefighter and wasn't in shape, she did amazing.

  7. The deal is you don't want to be rescued by a fireman that only just passed those tests, you want someone that passed them with ease. Doing that kind of shit in the event of a real fire is probably several times harder. And a 165 lbs dummy is not representative of a whole lot of people. I'm 6 foot 3 and 220 lbs. If she was to rescue me I would be toast, literally.

  8. All of thes PC mofos giving her props. She sucks. It's not her fault, she's a girl. Even still, she sucks.

  9. Fire departments across the country are grossly lowering their physical qualification standards because of PC feminism, affirmative action and pressure from feminist politicians. Fire departments all over have women who are no where near qualified as the men but get paid exactly the same. They are putting everyone else’s lives in danger especially victims of fires. This woman is synonymous of what fire departments have as female recruits. They don’t belong!

  10. Why is this considered a hard test? I feel like a lot of strength and endurance tests are kind of overblown in their difficulty unless you're just in pitiful shape (for men, anyway). For instance, I was in southwestern China and there was this wooden beam with weights on either side and the idea was to give the public an idea of how strong the people who built this ancient place had been – they said it took two men to lift each of these things and put them into place, and defied we tourists to give it a try. I got under it, put it on my shoulders, and rather easily lifted it completely up. I guess it's not fair to compare some 5'2" Chinese guys in the past to a 6'2", 200 pound northern European man in the modern age. They did seem surprised that I could do it so easily, and I found it surprising that they'd BE surprised – I'm twice the size of the guys in that area – people there are TINY. I'd wager any reasonably fit adult male around my size could do it easily.

    Same thing goes for this test. They talk about 75 lbs on a stair climber like it's so hard, and not going to lie, it's not FUN, but considering I was out at Mt. Saint Helens a few years ago hiking up steep slopes all DAY with a pack full of seismometers (I'm a geologist) which in total weighed about 70 lbs, and at more than a mile elevation at that (less oxygen available – that's why it was hard more than anything), I'm pretty confident that if I practiced for it just a bit beforehand and got my legs back into condition, I'd be fine. My legs would hurt afterwards, but I'd be fine. The rest of it looks like a cake walk. Dragging a 160 lb dummy? Well considering I outweigh the thing by 40 lbs plus the weight of the vest, it's not going to give me a ton of resistance. The other bits are just a minor annoyance.

    Hardest part seems to be the first bit, climbing the stairs. Buy a 50 lb weighted vest, put on a backpack which weighs another 25 lbs with whatever you want to put in it, water preferably, find a nice ridge to climb – or just a nice, long stairwell in a tall building – and do that every day until it's not such murder on your lungs and legs. It'll SUCK at first – my first week on the volcano really sucked because I was not ready for the altitude change – I lived about 5,000 feet further down in elevation – but you'll do it just fine if you are a reasonably strong and fit male. Women, naturally, have a significant strength disadvantage, especially in upper body strength, but many women actually have decent LOWER body strength so they can do ok on the climb portion if they train.

    Overall, for a tiny woman, not a bad try. I was a little surprised you could even stand with the vest on – my wife can't even lift one of my 50 lb dumbbells with both hands more than a few inches from the ground, and she's 5'4" and 135.

  11. i think she did well for being a small person who don't work out very much. with training i think she could do well.

  12. She's doing this course in slow motion, if this was an actual test she would be running from station to station. She was out of time and didn't even complete the last 3 events. When this test is given the EMTs are there because people constantly need medical treatment, vomiting, nausea, fainting etc. This is a fraction of what you go through in the academy! It is brutal!

  13. Jesus, that test is way too easy consider the types of demands the job can have in real life. What if an unconscious person is 250lbs? That's a common body weight. 3 minute stair climb? What if you have to go up and down a real burning building 5 times or more? What if you have to pull multiple bodies out one after another in real life? What if a door is reinforced? Her hammer strikes look like they wouldn't do a damn thing against many household front doors even with 100 swings. What about oxygen masks and insulating fire-resistant clothing that overheats your body much faster than a simple weight vest? What about oxygen tanks that change your center of gravity? They should have to wear those in the test. Why are there no other stressors involved in the test such as fire alarms and smoke? Honestly. This concerns me. They must have dropped the standards so women can do it.

  14. Being 5'2" and weighing 120lbs makes it challenging to finish this but its not impossible. I have does this test several times and passed each time and I am the same height and even weigh less. If I came in to save someones life and they don't want me to help them out because I am a girl, too bad because number one, in full turnout, even with a mask and SCBA, its hard to tell if the firefighter is a woman. You have to be looking very hard. Number two is it is more than likely to be smokey and dark inside from all the smoke. So I suggest suck it up and accept the fact that there are women who are just as good as men at this job.

  15. as easy as it may seem/feel to others, kudos to this chick.
    when i went to take my test i watched 6/10 men fail on the stair stepper alone so im surprised she got as far as she did without preperation

  16. I have no respect for firefighters anymore, and hope in a bad situation at my house we can get down the stairs so a woman doesn't have to throw us down I weight 220 lbs they prolly couldn't even pick me up my son weights 250 if they send women we are dead.

  17. I was 35 I tried im male an electrician and a personal support worker I didn't make it but out of 18, hires 3 of them where women and I got 98% on the written test. I was pissed and all the hires where from outa town.

  18. women shouldnt be firemen because they need to do the EXACT same as men, not under them, their standards for everything is cut down to ratio between men/women which is unacceptable in emergencies

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