Journalist Receives Death Threat for Talking About Israel

Journalist Receives Death Threat for Talking About Israel

you first saved message sent Friday October 3rd at 202 a.m. hi I heard your speech today and you should work with a debate and I'm telling you this right now on Monday Q p.m. you better not be in your office because near my buddies for a train in the Israeli army will come and kill every single one of these under the benches for what you're doing to destroy Israel so watch out this isn't this is not a joke on Monday you've got a lot child don't come to work and close your organization are you gonna die this is an issue that threatens all our lives don't let anyone intimidate you because us support for Israel was the main motive for why the terrorists attacked us on 9/11 please check out the links to if Americans knew org please help out at representative press org and also subscribe thank you

27 thoughts on “Journalist Receives Death Threat for Talking About Israel

  1. Alison Weir is a hero. Despite this terroristic death threat, she and her #IfAmericansKnew team remain steadfast in reporting the truth about Israel/Palestine. Read here:

  2. they do everything to destroy Israel, they attack, and they fail, they use dirty harry, money and media by now as there warfare – at start of their war until now UN and the holy see support them in terms of finantial aide and media manipulation of religious differences just like in the days of hitler to let every people hate Israel , what a wise move but Yahushua is on top of every deeds human kindand the truth will be reveal as brightest as the sun in his mighty name..

  3. The Israel Defense league called Allison's Weir a hate group. They also listed Jewish Voice for Peace a Hate group. I don't trust either side in that conflict. Both sides are moving more and more people into conflict areas.

  4. search dancing israelis on 911, and the mossad terrorists who got captured with van full of explosives on 911, media reported it once, then it disappeared along with the mossad too,
    also look up art students who was living cross the street from the alleged hijackers on 911, every terrorist activity have mossad fingerprints all over it.

  5. Fucking bullies thugs she just telling some home truth and same of the littel babys dont like it other allso been in the military I hate bullies just cowards

  6. Were is this going to end how about all the other people suffered through history native Americans the black slave trade and many many more they don't get a thing and the other 60 million killed in the second world war how about gaza uss liberty but all this ok if any other countries were to do it been over years ago you cant have a view on anything you can't ask questions you cant debate on it you end up in prison if you disagree its all gone to fare its way aut of hand are people going to pay for ever for the horrible thing that happened in the war if so we should no the same for native Americans the black slave trade there are so many through history all the 60 millw in the second world war my great uncle he suffered shot in the head do we get anything no

  7. look for ulcan, french hacker zionist piece of shit who threated journalist parents, telling them their son was dead, the father made a heart attack

  8. For 1 this isn't even true cause if it was the liberal media would be all over it. But funny Muslims crying foul cause somebody threatened with death cause something they said. That's like 1.5 billion kettles calling a pot black.

  9. How is this important enough to post along with global news?  Did she call the police?  Did anything really happen?

    Meanwhile all over the world in 25% of countries ( i.e. the global percentage or Muslims countries ) many more people are being threatened and killed.

    Do you really consider this threat equal in importance to say the threat to people from IS in Iq or Syria.  How about in Iran, where a guy is currently on trial for his life for making a Facebook post critical of Mohammed?

    It is clear that along with a lot of "Democratic", Liberal, Left, Progressive ideas, you salt that with these posts that critical in a way as to make America look equal to these terrorist countries, while you also attempt to erase the distinction by smearing the context of these videos and conversations.

    Very clever I admit – in fact it is hard to really know if where you come from with this stuff, the far left, the far right, or some place that seeks to just mess up everyone and make discussion impossible?

  10. She could probably take that pussy on by herself. What a coward. He needs his buddies to beat up a woman. Yeah he probably really was with the Israeli army.

  11. The male who called in the threats stutters,he's nervous and that's indictive of his cowardness to intimidate a women,laughable and not worth discussing.

  12. Dont worry they were trained by israel.Just shoot the direction where they are and they will run and cry like every other israeli soldier did.

  13. Aren't we Americans lucky to be fighting endless wars for these fine freedom-loving Israelis?

    Yes indeed, this is the "freedom" these cowards brag about.

  14. israel did 9/11. havent you heard about the five dancing israelis celebrating their work after they bombed the twin towers?

  15. its like george orwell's nightmare. if the world does not open their eyes to the horrors that israel is committing, then we are lost as a species (all except those in israel).

  16. Please keep up this campaign for the truth. I support you, the people need to know about this. And not just this particular video, all of it. Others, please help to support this channel by commenting, liking, favoriting and sharing these videos with others. May God bless of those who are sincere, ameen.

  17. The day and location …It must be the Gomer Pyle of the Israeli military. Im surprised he didn't leave a return phone number.

  18. I told a former IDF Special Forces Jew his military experience is a joke.  "I've killed over 100 terrorists!"  yeah right…the majority was probably women and children and removing them from their homes at 3am, throwing them in concentration camps and demolishing their homes with bulldozers is not what I consider "Combat".  lol

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