Journalist Hangout 15th June, 2018 | 2019 Elections - U.K Charges INEC to be unbiased

Journalist Hangout 15th June, 2018 | 2019 Elections – U.K Charges INEC to be unbiased

all right good evening and may I say from all of us here it is happy Eid to all of you but then the enduring lessons of Ramadan are here tolerance obedience and of course sacrifice we wish you well this is the last edition for the week of the program and I am citizen Johnson today United Kingdom urges INEC not to take sides in 2019 elections police arrest five more suspects in of a robbery as heads and kill five in vain way and later on man caught in Katsina with 300 cartons of codeine I'm hanging out with Bubba Judy Holliday for Tito Luger so we know for G day there is no holiday in fact they give you only the witty one is a big day for house we also have a Chris Canada wonder here Chris I greet you it's best to be here well no no Holiday Bowl we must work for the sake of a country just have to all right then the team is ready I hope you are all right election days come and go but the toughest struggle is that of creating a government of the people by the people and for the people the electoral process in Africa is debatably the most contentious on the planet whereby a presumed election winner takes everything ahead of the 2019 polls in our country the British government has tasked both the anti-graft agency the efcc and the electoral umpire the INEC not to interfere with the process otherwise deliver a free and fair outcome the British envoy Paul Arkwright gave the charge when he visited the headquarters of the FCC on Thursday you did we according to Joseph Stalin the people do who cast the ballot decide nothing but the people who count the votes decide everything so this admonishment is coming at the right time yes but in same climbs that is usually not the case the voters decide everything because of the fidelity of the process everyone can vouch for the fidelity of the process when a less not takes place even in India the world's largest democracy you know that is the will of the people to prevail so it's easy to change leaders if the leaders do not deliver on their promises to the people they are changed you see me maybe this is why nobody in Africa can be elected to observe elections in Britain my wish and I'm sure does your wish and wish of everyone who wants to see real progress upon our countries is for the people's votes to count if we can ensure the fidelity of our lettre process and at every election cycle the will of the people prevails honestly it will transform to good leadership because you know that if you do not perform you'll be shown Lido so the power will resides in the people the people we will to exercise that power every four years and it will keep government's on their toes while situation in which it is the democracy goes to the highest bidder or the one who has more thugs at his disposal or the one who has a mounted soldiers and a nick or the one who has I neck and security operatives at his disposal it's not good for us because leaders would then be able to say whatever you do you cannot kick me out of power so they would not feel that they are responsible to the people that should not be happening Chris and the toughest job is delivering as we said a government of the people by the people and for the people so we are talking about the sanctity of the ballot voters in this country are always told even if on paper protect your ballot protect the vote is that feasible it's basically you know visibly they advise from the British High Commission is feasible but from the analogy give if you see that from the definition of democracy all everything had the other people the people the people what does that tell you it tells you that power resides with the people right just leverage they rightly said delivery deliverables yes is possible has been done in other claims I sinner is why we cannot do that in Africa or in Nigeria where but the problem is the process okay and the kind of people that we have or our leaders people is in this country that you here for my headers' that tells you that is a do-or-die I fear when he makes such a statement that is a do-or-die feel what is it trying to tell you selling that irrespective of how you vote we determined what happens and that in this fr bra sermon a lot of voters are patty here and here we are people on routine inhalation these people refuse to grab would if you look at turnout of electorate on election days you see that it drops why because people no longer have enough of you know they cannot what I understand the works of yes if I go out on what was this sense I know my resort what does it count that is where the problem lies for now let's interrogate the admonition of the British envoy I make on the one hand efcc on the other I neck to make sure the man who should not be on the ballot paper is not there and I neck I mean II FCC to ensure he stops a criminal or a suspect from getting a ticket yes and no judge that you want the year CC to walk with her neck to ensure that vote brain doesn't take please pulling units or how they can't do that I wish I understand because politicians who come with hundreds of volunteers volunteers or their foot soldiers will give them money and this guy's right on the cue we are you are doing accreditation slip me money into people's hands you know just so that they can buy the I would and the unfortunate chain is that you see the cubicle my next electric cubicles are usually not high enough so if you give a voter money you are still able to monitor and cranny your neck to ensure that it inverts for for some municipal the not only deliver money into your hands they also accompany routine is threats you can't take our money and off vote photos during the election in understate the slogan at that time we last got no stipulation dislike that I was deep before markussi be good for us and cook as to which is an insult yes it's an insult which means that oh you are saying that if you are soap water they cannot cook soup on the out unless I mean so you must give them money so there are tough watching for you do be in position to cook to prepare soup so and some to came to voting centers with bills of cotton that is shot people so this anchor our fabric on the rest this yeah to people of course it ain't over maybe five years but the law is there to to to outlaw these things yes Anitra art the Elettra art does not allow for Woodbine but the devil is in implementation his not like that we don't have laws in our country but the real problem is implementing those laws on on the National Day you also know that I neck and the letter art does not permit militarization of polling units so policemen and soldiers are supposed to be again just about 110 meters to a cooling unit thus thus the ideal scenario that Elettra art visas but if you a lie on them it has to the polling unit it means that some of the things that some of these religions that what as a dream they will not be able to see but but then TV is there live to capture some of these the footage yes and sometimes during the during the during the court court cases arising from dilation some of those footages politicians asked for those who teaches and used them to win the post-election Matteson court but most times nobody even cares for example and some of the relations in the north I saw videos on of young army on the edge with us naturally that shouldn't be happening but how many people went to court or not out of the Edgewater watching Chris you know you are saying we live in a jurisdiction where it is believed rightly or wrongly anything happens and and so on the efcc the INEC are the big boys here we have cases going back to 2003 are the other courts in this country if Anakin efcc do their jobs there'll be no pre or post election matters yes but even our that's what whatever person I do I NIC have whatever Lopez Ned do we have any FCC how many are the personals how many places are they going to be if you understand what I mean no no by the way the FCC an ionic no efcc not necessarily on election is that before the voting gotta say that's what I'm saying okay if you understand before the routine you understand now there are businesses where people in the past even efcc compatibly or device have tried to publish names of people that I think should in participating nation and rest of them and some political parties are taking it as witch-hunting oh you want to stop our people you want to do this and rest of them so they also are very very careful in what they are doing they can make recommendations I don't think I thought that's what say that is a candle it is not as we I'm going to I I hear sister does not have the power to stop that is the court in court make a pronouncement that you just like the admin with strong governor's now with the to governor I just converted there's no way they can stand in for election except do we go on judgment and do them judgments because we I know in in the annals of American electoral process I have never had any president or somebody who was chopped out go to court let's admit that we've made some progress on the last energy chairman Nigel ins began to see that it's possible for us to have free and fair election because you look at the presidential election which was the widow the Buddha prevailed Goodluck Jonathan didn't for the first time since 1999 the outcome of the presidential election was not challenged Oh Jonathan convinced members of his party that is should not challenge yes there were some irregularities yeah no doubt about it chill Rhonda age 14 I know that we still don't have the profit process but you reason in his heart that was defeated defeated and you opted not Mac of the man and when you look overall there was a significant drop in the number of court cases arising from the 2011 with Ron 15 that's a significant drop which means that our Elettra process is getting better and that is what we want we can only build on it yes yes we can only bid on it and we hope that the advice of the hi commissioner we'll go along with the pickety electron is going to be this entire list since there to be a test case as to what will happen in 2019 yes I mean cannot wait to see what will happen all right then we will bury that now again the debate must go on but then governance is about taking tough and unpopular decisions we are most nervous still to come police arrest five more suspects in of a robbery just as herzman killed five people in vino state you want to stay then welcome back whatever we may say about a police and policing system it pays to remember that a police men and women are recruited from the self-same criminal classes in our country therefore we must put up with a seemingly warped policing system but then there is sometimes a malicious feeling that if a policeman determined to truly do their job they would our information is that operatives are the intelligence response team however has said five more suspects tied to the fitted of a bank robbery in which 33 persons including a pregnant woman were killed they are all telling all they know the five suspects now let's listen to police spokesman Jima motion funders it is therefore evidently clear that is Senate President senator of the colossal rocky as case to answer with the law it was also discovered during further investigation that three gang leaders who participated actively in the of a bank robbery one are you at the at Universal kely EB Palais Poulet aka arrow and a Dianna Abraham followed these three gang leaders followed the senate president senator collins Araki to alavΓ©s palace when the senate president paid a college visit to the to offer after the bank robbery this you can cross check with them to answer question on that on the spheria the Nigerian police force will not be cow or succumb to intimidation from any quarters in carrying out the Torah and discreet investigation into D of bank robbery where significant successes have been reported the ongoing investigation will be driven to a logical conclusion we have a call on all our surgery all the public spirited individuals and adonijah under the assisting the police which in four in this regard is considerable is greatly appreciated the effort I want all interested to know that this case will not be swept under the carpet we have a case that has done a test of trier against the senate president a federal public of nature and senator the colossal hockey and the police will not hesitate in ensuring that we diligently and sure that we are now justice to prevail in this case me I decided president Center vocalist rocky is still under police investigation in connection to the of Apocrypha a teenager a place'll do everything possible which in the ambit of the law to ensure that justice is done okay then gentleman did it are you thinking what I'm thinking no no power let me think around the offer robbery is deeper than you thought honestly every day I think of where the whole of robbery matter will end is Ducato pretty soon to end the rate the rate at which things are going but one thing is certain the police have shown through their efforts and identifying all those who took part in that robbery operation that when they did want to walk when they did want to walk they are capable of delivering excellent results the old everything has not ended what Nigerians are impressed with what the police have done so far because the center pictures we look at which ones of the people that they have arrested is the pictures is the clear that is the same people that this is city TV yeah when the quartet I haven't taken part in that robbery operation because one of the banks you know the police lady hands on the CCT teach of one of those bands and the people that the police Aparri dead now are people that we saw in that CCTV footage so the police have gone to great lengths to arrest these guys and they have not stopped at that because Nationals were I want we are a Sudoku da SAS operative who was patata of our brain they didn't know that the police were taking him from state to state identifying from talking to cookie took him to window and other places to identify other gang members so they've been able to arrest five of them and to even look kids gang hideouts of members of his own gang who are in other places so it means this guy because of his experience as a policeman he has been able to build robbery gangs in different states so these wofully lead us to greater success because bank robberies are common in awesome Ando will do especially did not turn part of Ando did in 36 states at the country plus F city places okay you see some places now in complicities if you need on the street banks are refusing to open because robust target banks in semi urban communities they blew that is the courts will not be tight in those places you go to a place like a carrot of course is semi open you go attack people attack the bands take away money the water please like maybe lower energy state attack you bang I think when you go to Iraqi attend our live Akio it Morrisania so my suspicion is that by the time they are true with investigation using this for mass as as as operative will now become a full-fledged armed robber they will be able to look it's the hideouts of robbery gangs in different states and hopefully that will help put an end to this rampant attack on banks you know some cheeky folk secrets will tell you we Biloxi may God let big man the damn Bob so that and go dig dig dig so this is not about one big man here once more Monday it's about policing effective policing yeah because it is possible yes you know what what has happened in recent is is the is was aa possibly say in a long time the need for technology okay in police is policing or fighting crime on certain criteria crime and policing yeah the sources the police have recorded so far is because of Technology because most the robbery incident was captured on camera this is one and this is from the I police are the team led by Eric Harry he sent his dissent the kuhn-tucker yes they sent the police command sent this was the picture da Walsh you know this acquitted the pic those cameras the pictures the the video from that camera the faces of most of the perpetrators captain dick who was who dead dead you got somebody was appointed somebody while he was who they died he could have covered this much what I'm saying in essence is that for for police the police nigel police don't forget NIJ police is one of the most respected police force in the world once our people live and go on international duties and rest of them they comes up top so the issue is not only that when we look at to paint or paint our security especially our police as not being very bad line but light yeah that's the some of them that are doing treated just like what when Jesus in Lagos yeah which IRA which IRS but what but then we are talking about one bag egg one bad egg spoiling the whole does that but but let's quickly take John John is here in Lagos I greet you John welcome and Barca hello John are you there yes okay then happy holiday I wish you say okay let's go okay my contribution is you mean holy are not being improperly monitoring the quality literacy they not they don't have is how I receive that money toward their ability I wish I knew the answer no no no as a within the police force I can't remember the name that's a unit that we created that monitors the activities who created the police do you know this yes I know for sure okay but virtue of my job as journalists I know and I regularly they send the sender's press releases and those are the ones I'll be recommending the dismissal of police officers they give periodic notices with phone numbers email addresses or if you have any errant police officer please report to the unit that we created is there by an acetic emission of please how effectively able to do their job or that depart you understand TransUnion yes they have they have they have and I know that even recently they will send us some precedence over our kid respond soon there's also yes but the problem you know the problem with our place is that doesn't say out of every out of every 12 that world is big you'd asked most often diagnosed there was within the force that try as many other to tarnish the image just 2d I can just give you a classical example just with the I was just driving to my company to the studio I was coming from the airport rule I drove it into the convoy just before the weather took it and I just drive it uh turbine for I was driving the nest and I just saw so please mind your skin will grow and don't blocked me like that the guy came out with guns under arrest I said what is the problem is a joke ooh my boot which I did they say you know what this guy said I said what is the problem he said I packed on the road I was shocked I'd have to bring up my ID card answer the OK Go Go good now now none that could have happened to another person because those guys let Daddy had no right to do what they did did he quickly training training is key but I think the person who is minded to – still worried as to we need we must talk to this problem from the source the recruitment some of the people getting into the police have no reason to get into the police some of them applied to be policemen and because they could not find any other job there's no person for the job they do not have the horn s3 they do not have the passion and evil courage job if you're former president did indeed see pursued oh yes oh yeah you said behind the policeman armed robber he he was speaking from a point of a policeman have been tried along with armed robbers before in this country no no starting with the enemy llamada typed yah was tried because he was the one giving weapons to am robust look at this SAS guy now addict ooh addict who was in SAS and they went before discovered that he caused the release of some am robot I didn't am robust then it was put detention right after dismissal he became a full-fledged a maraca I beg will go on this break and come back quite a lot to discuss a please stay with us we'll return shortly and then welcome back Sergent michael addict who was a staunch member of the special anti robbery squad in Quora state right yes so he's been dismissed is that the end of the story he was culpable in a particular misdemeanor he should be punished yes and he was tried he was was actually put on trial and then he escaped the police the story oh he escaped yes he escaped this must have been a bad day most likely most likely or maybe exploited a loophole a loophole just like that guy and the the moderate pottekkatt wesley from police detention last year so but what we've seen is that this guy alone killed more than 20 people in down far of the including 8 policemen in asia i won't show the items anyone just to show them it needed police weapons because they are tacky of division of police headquarters and uh today we 21 a k47 it's just like classy big-time enemy yes classic big terribly operations the first start by attacking a police station for a target police station and you take away their weapons immobilize you you you've made it impossible for them to cross their abri attack once yes seto carried out does what they did the first one day the policemen were ready in this re industries they come mounts a fight back so dull what he did but it would signal that those 21 EK 47 are be recovered because what adequate does is that is the one who supplies weapons on the testimony of those guys yes he's the one who supplies them weapons you will trace them even translate them it teaches how to shoot if you watch the yes because they knew how to say two days before the robbery he took them to a forest we are they were taught how to shoot weapon handling one of them is a mechanic you say that was the first time he was hanging down we didn't win powers was able to master the art of shooting and rest of them and so he told them what I the most interesting aspect of this is that I'm good at is why I think that the IRA AMD ROTC unit headed by Ibaka is making also progress is the fact that this was the job of an insider you understand this is a job of an insider yes I you know table all the time within the week and Ilan was raised that he has been killed that the gas be kids apparently what happened was that was being taken to places and making sure that all the others were spared and the Amazon reservoir this can only show that our just as I said our policeman when given the opportunity to do their job we surely do their job when they want okay but what about opportunity and what about goodwill we are getting with this this at the another aspect which I know it was discussed on few days back the way disaster operates is a green a bad job all over the country now is terrible I don't know his integers I knew that at the point after the last the the IGP say that created the unit and I was like an Assistant Commissioner of Police or a commission or foolish and headquarters that was centralized and as of yesterday is office that is in charge of SAS they are worse now than they were before the way they go about what do you mean developing greener routers the models movies or branches they were approached on the way they go from this back what has has got with a an artist I was celibate in his bed dj1 was a libertine baby they when they carted away most of the dues that we are the party and the rest of them money and they started a tizzy today you see them everywhere in fact some few days back at abracadabra after I confronted them I saw a visual of people confronted SAS operators in alkali transporters and rest of them it gets to a point where you lose your value as a police officer where people no longer respect you and that is what is happening now especially with us dd-do you know constitutionally speaking the nigeria policeman is the most powerful man on the streets of nigeria he has the power to set your house anytime with a warrant with a warrant but he drops that power just for for this misdemeanors we are talking about because you think a retraining or something a real a debriefing those guys a lot of them don't out to be dead never do wells from school end up in the police people naturally true but we are saying this without prejudice to some good we always talk about brilliant officers I mean solid examples we always mention them here and I said it sometimes good all fortunately the good walk that excellent officer that is why I challenge the idea that he has an obligation to our nation to do something about us another Pathak's and the police we can't be talking about this and they will not see clearly that the edges making progress in that area in situation in which the police who are as a woman accuser of indecent dressing and then you drag her to a corner and force her to transfer money into your account it's irresponsible me I don't know anyways I mean is if it was done physically grabbing money that's robbery sometimes robbery is robbery Chris sometimes you wonder if necessarily true happy I don't know I'd rather you touched on this on this this is key because and if you align with what they are doing that their their work you know is what justify aya take them there will thank you many thanks it's debatable is it more money and so it goes back to in time I come from a policing family is it about more money or dedication you had said it the Ohana starts from the recruitment process I'm robust if I'm robust or never do where so people can't find any other job to do motor part outs if they end up in the police they would demonstrate the traits of you it's like that legitimize yes now he has it yeah have uniform yes it's a man who is always trained look at the policeman who beat up a woman the other day I had to call the the CP you picked up a woman I mean even now culture is on a dog and when someone is wearing that uniform you expected level of conducts that shows respects to the good name of the police what a lot of the people we are in the uniform have shown that they have not earned it that they do not deserve to wear the uniform so if we get the right kind of all people into the police with a rigorous recruitment process and then we'll follow it up with good training got me most set aside sufficient money for the front of the protocol this police is not well funded with not so the issue of funding even ocellaris don't get paid regularly allowances are literally not even there you transfer policemen from Carrabba to Legos without giving him transferred llamas so so you are telling them to hitch this rich and then be a snotty money with dude without prejudice to do for the police I command this was not the place they put the the police way let's hang that and quickly go to Ben well it's the second arm benefit in passing because those killings in Ben we have become too vulgar and you you you don't feel a compulsion to want to report it but it's going on crease sincerely first album was still talking to police the person I pity the most now is a commission of police Pattaya Wilson who was illegals for some years did marvelously well moved to the headquarters and I moved to Benway I don't think it's finding a job very easy because it's a different terrain compared to what was being Legos and on a daily basis I think from what I've learned the police the men and authorities in being a overstretched sincerely I know that's for sure another Commission of police if one is owned goes out on patrol that I am I know if he goes on patrol with his men and rest of the he does a bit early that's a big problem and we thought when the military we are deployed to venue estates whether I good to have some kind of restive to this to this problem that on a daily basis is continue to increase right it seems that's what we are having is no longer just mere banditry I think that is more to read I think we're having robust we are having his men we're having some remnants of Boko Haram that have been sent away from most part of the Northeast they are now having some kind of heaven in been wasted with a station to Nashua true because what is also happening binnorie to some extent is happening Nasser out the neighboring the devil must bear this quickly yeah it's painful to always every week who are not talking about then we we are talking about brilliant Guardian card Gnostics we are talking about Zara in darkest and E naught is not waste he's unfortunately that how people get killed in this one and I am of the view that Nigella needs to domestically the armed streets treaty because that way we'll be able to know the number of farms in our country and when I'm robust ports India arrested attack a an operation the weapons they used a night relate the source of the weapon the use can be traced all right then they don't know the fire harms in circulation we need to do something about the pharmacist okay then III won't close this chapter without I crave the indulgence of the producer lemme let me share this with you Chama a Jawa Sammy go Chris okonkwo visco what the police AB was a football Asami GUI ABC call the flying policemen these were all great gentlemen and men of the police force who represented my dear so we don't deserve this alright then the government show has a high mountain to climb as it fights the crease for being high among the general a younger generation in our country drug trafficking which is as old as the illicit trade has been known to us in our jurisdiction and the population of young stars who believe getting high his hip is alarmingly higher than we are ready to admit it fatty old father of five in Cocina laura allele is implicit for allegedly trafficking in drugs suspected to be codeine he had three hundred cut-ins orb and codeine tablets some folks would travel far to get high for a few long minutes did you know a big problem in northern nigeria it was really point that lead us and they not must do something about drug addiction and you know I know the colonel it has always been a problem but we are seen that it is not just a car no problem the problem in sakata's a problem in customizing the problem everywhere addiction to cocaine to codeine and a lot of these drugs you see tramadol and tramadol no the other the trailer Ludo trauma doors intercepted by that we know a lot of them get into cities and get distributed this fellow was arrested was driving in it centered on the Civic and he had eight three hundred atoms of codeine so code has been banned but he still gets abused by people who do not even know the damage that they are dream together bodies powers written stuff about codeine and what I saw is that addiction to codeine can lead to life-threatening respiratory depression you can lead to severe low blood pressure shortness of breath that's an even four meetings constant vomiting so it is not there's no value that's it does to your body from getting you high it's not really that it gets them high it was it is like we it's acts on them like depression they call it being high have you been hi yourself my view it might be high still may be in a British somehow in the British Vineyard but this one when they take a look at them they just look calm yes yeah but Chris I hear there are more conventional ways of getting high amongst young stars I had three days ago lizard feces no no III let's get something clear so that we don't give the wrong impression there's nothing wrong in taking codeine notes because those damn man if I thought do drugs manufactured you for sat in the vinculum the problem we have just based on by the problem we have is that people are not taking to the nest in everything ideas the next level they wound up taking it to the next level we are talking of Lisa I can tell you that there's evil and route that you don't even know we had of the one of the latrine so you might be high to appreciate that so that is me and ammonia are truly merciful high yes and excrement has but I was a discussion we had this morning on the break fashion by the way gentlemen it's cheaper you know you also have to tie this we were discussing about crime you also have to tie this with crime yeah because when our young ones engage in such drugs and rest of the the tendency for them true yes good you to crime what when they are high they're angry no we can actually argue yes no without actually killing but what these days these guys have a short fuse any little argument against the poor true and you break support will get a nap and Rogers what about what draws that is what it drugged us because I can see a normal human be taking up knife – you know mmm on the argument even some of those we are talking about the his man the order that people the kinds we had in Halawa most of this is a key showed you last no no you're not no ordinary eye but no be do you go make a good day hi probably juju not be any me so can we talk about peer pressure most most people get get indoctrinated get initiated is the word initiated in inverted commas into this drug addition through the influence of friends you go out with friends you want to feel like you belong you see them three they tell you look it's no big deal take it you like it techie then gives you the stick or cigarette you stop from smoking cigarettes from silver to graduate to smoking is that with that spit power would erode okay so you know alright then let me is high on the program and he's here he's right yes I on the program let me I greet you welcome Barca thank you very much yeah I so much like you my mind we all do oh god we all do it is most abundant the rest of you okay you know what to particular the only thing you are here now let's go let me let's go you are here now but this codeine you are talking about now the government has panels we are taking body cream to a boil and the best is for one rupee and you find that drug for all what that drug was meant for so I think you should be government when we bring drinks from house key and some boys you really find the society the second which you will be that one in a very simple thank you committed bangle who have actual child you know it what we that is attachment do you walk very well that's not for me again I mean thank you enjoy your holiday many thanks thank you Chris have you had I'm sure you have girls are now joining the train in more numbers than we thought yeah this is a fact you also have women yes no you need to get you you may be seated if not cord in diet yes you need maybe you've not been dinner plate bet some of others they have the energy to go to club in and rest of them wasn't a way to take me that tonight is not a lot is happening given ladies in women it has got so bad and that is why if we look at it also even the in terms of domestic violence disease a lot of a lot of things seems to be happening okay even among women you're closing your thoughts yes so and so that goes to show that is the why look at it some time ago you was said that about five I think about between four or five million could you have been sued in can or need tablet yes only daily business you can see how bad this about the counter is above the counter you know because normally if you have a prescription for drugs I didn't normal from us actually for prescription but is this people Doozers go to the normal games then look at it awesome have you notice also that we now have people selling drugs with we boroughs I don't know whether you've noticed that not pretend now yeah Metsu Musa those are not patent for real yes those are ordinary people ordinary people just carried and I'll sell too so we need to make sure that we or the edges need to be a nearly not dark Minister of Health please name them they have a lot of lily as a close consider this some folks had said Robin stay here ban what about pre-shipment inspection won't it help you help because were you imagine what happened with tramadol go with now we've seized 35 containers we have destroyed nine of them the remainder is with the customs now what at mui da one is that it came from india and it's actually 250 ml ideally you should only in just 50 ml of tramadol and if the first potato our country they've written Butley or needs for a spot only 250 ml tramadol tablets the damage that consuming one tablet of 250 ml or trauma dot will do to the body is easier we really need to work harder to defeat them you're making me high already but let me thank you crease candy before coming thank you very much I know less is good about you they call a duty to enjoy your holiday are gonna suck but then I leave you with these hooks Bob Marley sang the song when you smoked the head it reveals itself to you it does that's it on the program tonight and there for the week join us for next week's edition on Monday but then what you repeat broadcast of this one at 11:00 tonight you can also watch journalists hang out on all other platforms showing on the screen and on YouTube at for slash BBC News Nigeria the feedback channel remains the same I am citizen Jones who same Eid Mubarak by now

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    although, i disagreed with u sometimes when u want to play politics, but i do forgive u, bcuz it's natural as a human being; God bless you all my brothers.

  4. Brilliant job, well done sirs.A true and fearless journalist is like a true pastor that preaches a true gospel to people irrespective of how they receive the massage he has said it, that is dignity in profession because you see daily how miserable poor Nigerians are going through. As one of your fans on JH i really appreciate the good job bt pls get some information from Akwa Ibom,Oron to be preside and also, the issues of killing is not funny at all.

  5. I like u guys, GOD will bless all of you great job πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‘πŸ‘‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’—πŸ’—

  6. President Buhari did not get the chance to steal money in his previous military tenor, so he decided to tighten the economy in Nigeria, all in the pretends that he is fighting corruption; which has created the opportunity for him to deep his hands into the National treasury without being noticed. Hence he refused to declare his assets before his election into office – although, the truth will be evident when he leaves office and suddenly becomes wealthy, have in mind that he (Buhari) could not afford his election fees.

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