37 thoughts on “Journalist Defends Anti-Bernie Sanders Article

  1. overblown?? the establishment supporters are the worst assholes. they ignore the corruption and blame us for Trump. They should look in the mirror. accountability hurts but it's the only way those people will wake up.

  2. How is his stated position on a candidate supporting universal healthcare not a purity test? I mean, I agree with him but you can't complain about purity tests while outlining your purity test.

  3. There is a lot wrong in this interview. No, there are not purity tests, it is a made up thing, there are progressive policies and there are not. This guy claims centrists have accepted healthcare as a right…wrong. Centrists repeat people have a right to access, which is completely different. That is the corporate centrist way of saying they are fine with sacrificing millions to no healthcare because of a lack of wealth. He states if you push for medicare for all the republicans will run ads and go after it…no s**t! No matter what is proposed the republican lie machine will kick in and attack whatever it is, just as they did their own right-wing romney/obamacare. That is what lying pieces of garbage always do. So that is not a legit reason to not push for medicare for all. He also cites polls basically showing ignorance among the population. Because some are poorly informed or just plain old stupid we shouldn't have better healthcare? Another ridiculous statement that is not legit. This interview was painful as it shows Ana needs more education and more fight in her. It especially shows this guy as being wrong on the facts and extremely clueless about what he is talking about.

  4. This guy is a softy dork. Ana, I'm so disappointed how easy you were on him just because you two "go way back".

  5. Stuttering and blabbering on about how much dreaded criticism we might face if we stand up for what's right. A perfect example of the spineless center-left that has lost Democrats so many seats over the last decade.

  6. Ana is wrong and just refuses to accept the polls. I don't like it either, but once you explain that MFA means replacing (losing) your private insurer, the approval plummets…and when you ask if they're ok with MFA being funded through tax increases, it also drops. And a significant % did not even know that under a MFA system, they wouldn't be able to keep their current private health insurance plan. It's not that Americans "don't understand" as Ana claims. The numbers are what they are and just quoting that topline 56% number that says they approve of a single payer system is like claiming the topline numbers about jobs like unemployment rate and GDP vividly illustrate the on-the-ground reality of our economy. Change the wording of the question all you want, the polls show the support isn't great when the details are revealed. If I had a choice, I would choose MFA, but the polls show a lot of disagreement.

  7. I find it bizarre that so many people have so much concern and heart felt feelings for the "private healthcare" system.
    Do they really care or is it just an anti "real left" nervous tick. The nonsensical go-to attack against actual healthcare.

  8. Wow, this guy has no real reason to hate on Bernie. How could anyone not respect someone who's fighting for the average citizen?! I don't get it. WTF ARE YOU PEOPLE SO DAMN SCARED OF?!!!

  9. BS !!!! "there are problems with Medicare for All". Well I know there are far more problems with the current system. I've had to navigate our current system and it is nothing but a nightmare. Every other nation has it and it works

  10. Health insurance companies were propped up by GM, Ford and Chrysler and those worker's plans eventually sent those companies broke.

  11. What an idiot. We don't set forth policy ideas based on what we're afraid Republicans will attack.

  12. Reacting to advertisers or funders is a last resort but a very real option people sometimes need to use.

    It's the same as Fox News advertisers getting heat for racist hosts after repeated requests not to be racist. Or a teacher calling in the parents after repeated attempts to get a kid to behave.

    Certain types of speech are disingenuous and harmful to society as a whole. Just like the Alex Jones types inciting violence,spewing racism. At some point, when options to address these types of bad faith disingenuous attacks have been exhausted, the issue needs to be addressed at the next level.

  13. Bernie Sanders can adopt better, more progressive positions on certain issues. We have to define what "enough" means and relative to what, but there are legitimate left wing critiques of Bernie which should be addressed, not just brushed aside.

  14. This is not a TYT interview – this is the kind of superficial, non-confrontational chat you have at a holiday cocktail party. Perfect…if you're auditioning for the Today Show. Pull it together, Ana.

  15. Ana can afford to go soft as a kitten against that guy, because he embarrasses himself without any pressure.^^

  16. This fool has worked in health care for years yet can't give two solid reasons as to why he opposes MFA? A joke. Why are we worrying about employers and private insurers?

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