32 thoughts on “Journalist Asks Diane Abbott The Same Question SEVEN Times… And Can't Get An Answer

  1. Dianne Abbott is the thickest person to ever have a job let alone be a politician. The woman really is totally thick. Let’s face it the only reason she’s got a job is because it would be racist to sack her. She’s dumb as fuck

  2. How on earth did Diane Abbott get elected ? I wouldent give her a mop job cleaning toilets out because you do at least have to have some level of intelligence to do that.

  3. Most politicians avoid answering questions because they know people won't like the answers. Abbott avoids answering because she doesn't understand the questions. She's obviously got space to let between her ears.

  4. Why doesn't Corbyn just let her sweep up or something ? She's a total embarrassment .She's so lazy .She doesn't study the brief in any way shape or form.

  5. Now, what if a by election was called and only 2 candidates were standing, one being D Abbot and the other was (God rest his soul) Screaming Lord Such, who would you have voted for?

  6. F***ing frightening that this woman is let anywhere near a microphone stop giving her any chance to get near a camera or any photographic equipment!!

  7. WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATED OPINION DIANE ABBOT ????????? She obviously doesn't understand the question??? This woman is totally out of her depths as a shadow cabinet minister, she gets paid a lot of money to sit on her arse living in a land of confusion.. "Wait and see".. lol.. She doesn't have a clue about world trade policy's or the EU customs union.. Total disgrace!

  8. this woman is to thick to no the answer she will ask Corbyn wen she gets back in bed with him iv seen the video

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