15 thoughts on “Journalist and CEO of Rappler fights weaponization of social media in Philippines

  1. some say her network is accepting donor to omidyar hahahaha liberal puppets lol. then spreading fake news .she is consider fake news queen in the Philippines… a journalist who are weaponizing media ….using media to hide her crimes

  2. Obvious fake news is obvious.
    What exactly is she 'fighting' against an administration with consistently high approval ratings?
    lol these fake Urinalists, forever the fake Drama Queens lol

  3. Fake news ressa is weaponizing her position as a "journalist" again.
    Quit with the excuses, and answer to your crimes

  4. CBS news, please you don't have any idea what is like in my country. For the first time, someone strong enough like our president right now is doing something great with our huge problem about drugs. We have a very corrupt government. And Duterte is solving it the way the Filipinos like it. Transparency. Fake news is real. Because some media here in my country can be bribe for a small lie.

  5. The left want to censor social media in the United States, but cry and whine about the Philippines? Hypocrites.

  6. Fighting "Fake News" and "Propaganda" but every major news network were afraid to mention the race of the n 1 g g e r who killed that Utah girl recently. 😂

  7. How dumb are you , to win all senate seats in any country around the world , means the people all agree youbare doing the right thing

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