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  1. The murders in the Soviet Union were never seen, like under Stalin. No photographs, no witnesses drawing pictures, nothing. But, under Hitler we saw everything, we all could see what was done to the Jews in the Holocaust. Thousands upon thousands of bodies being bulldozed into mass graves.
    In my opinion that’s why anyone wouldn’t have pictures of swastikas or Nazi propaganda in their house.
    I think it’s on the same line as the word n****r. No one wants to say that word, at least in public.

  2. Thanks Jordan Americans be cray cray! They love war on the left and right for different reasons . Attributing racial hatred to just white males is a MASSIVE HISTORICAL ERROR whites are guilty in there sins but white privilege in our age is a guilt ridden doctrine to take from white individuals the ability to be an individual but put you apart of a group that makes you a hitler like figure so your easily put in a box and packed away!!!

  3. But the 'leaders' of the democ rats are just as wealthy as rebub licans, and none of them have any care for the little people, except for their vote. What a failed society we live in.

  4. I think once they start talking about open borders, communism/socialism, and segregation its safe to say they've already long since crossed that line. theres just noone who isnt already lambasted as a "nazi" willing to call them out. the left is ruining this country. equality of opportunity > equality of outcome

  5. Google, YouTube and other social media “over-lords” working hard to

    Fight back people!


  6. As christian center right armed conservative, i would agree to pay extra tax if this policy were implemented into law for all.
    1) Free healthcare for kids under 15. ( Brain and Cancer Related Illnesses )

  7. I think the line was crossed when they started going after our children and trying to indoctrinate them. Trying to make them question their gender on top of that. As a parent that makes me know I have to fight the left and stand against them.

  8. Orwell called it groupthink. People with poor knowledge of history can be convinced by lies to think what teachers want them to think. Stalin, Hitler and Mao used these tactics, but young people today are mostly ignorant about how these totalitarian nations functioned.

  9. Jordan your assessment of the wartime nazi regime is entirely wrong. Marxist Russia killed more people in peacetime than the Germans killed in wartime both in military combat and in concentration camps and in that latter category is a great deal of propaganda.

  10. I think my candidate for going too far on the left would be politically correct mind control and the belief that they have they right to censure any speech that they think is offensive.

  11. The WORLD is literally burning (climate change)
    Radical right wing movements are getting traction around the world
    Trump is putting kids in cages
    Wall Street is destroying middle class Americans
    Neonazis marched in a US city

    But yea, lets focus our time on radical leftism. Jordan Peterson folks.
    Because you know…college kids

  12. I just read an article online that Jordan Peterson was an Alt-right neo-nazi sympathizer. I just don't fucking get it.

  13. There's nothing more evil than capitalism, it legalized slavery, it legalized the premeditated first-degree murder of over 60 million babies by abortion, it legalized rape, by claiming fornication was legal, even when women we're not physically capable of saying no, to a man, bigger than them. You're still a rapist if you legalize rape and you're still a baby killer, if you legalize baby killing. Rape is simply the modern word for fornication and adultery. All these words mean unlawful sex. Just because the police do not enforce the laws of formication, adultery and rape, doesn't mean it's legal. And even if you Legalize It, doesn't mean that you're not a rapist. In fact because you Legalize It oh, it means you are a rapist. The fornication laws are on the books because women cannot physically say no to a man that is bigger than they are. What's the difference between a rapist and someone who commits unlawful sex? There's no difference. They're both criminals. Adultery and fornication laws are on the books for a good reason. Women are not physically or mentally capable of giving consent. They are only two thirds the size of a man and they are the victims of sex crimes. Many say yes to sex out of fear for their lives.

  14. The universe hates a vacuum; it tries to constantly tries to re-balance the equation, but the delta's of the universe are actually what drive the universe. When things become balanced, they self destruct.

  15. Brilliant video. I agree that equality of outcome is a red flag, but I'd propose an even more serious one on the far left. Discrimination against individuals on the basis of their alledged group "privilege". Of course Diversity and Inclusion are effectively variants on Equity.

  16. Lol this is just gibberish. His main argument in the first five minutes is deeply flawed because of the following fallacy when categorizing the “left”: fighting against an ever increasing income inequality = fighting for absolute income equality. This is simply wrong and shouldn’t happen to a “great thinker”.

  17. this is interesting for me as a conservative that in my conversations with liberals (and i have many) I have recognized the need for exactly what Im saying. those that I talk to are typically older, and make a point to distance theemselves from the new wave of liberalism. I have a few times mistakenly assumed that they are on board with all the madness thats taking place at the universities. they are not. I have not pushed to discover the boundry lines, but as I do I expect that there will be (among other things) a clear distinction of age.

  18. I suggest you all watch this interview from 1984. Watch in it's entirety. You left wing people DO NOT HAVE a line. You just get more and more extreme and you don't want to be accused of not being progressive enough right? Or you will be labeled a racist! It's so progressive it's regressive and you are so brainwashed it's insane. By the way I am independent and I clearly see what's happening in the "democratic party". Might as well be called the communist party. Watch this video and it will all make sense to you…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3qkf3bajd4

  19. There was a 'Twilight Zone' episode called "The Art Collector" where a man was buying up ALL Hitler's Art work at 'whatever price it takes'………..
    and BURNING THEM…..He had Hitler's entire art catalogue, stored in Masion jars, AS ASH!!!

  20. We appear to be in the middle of a massive global reset. I can't imagine what "Social Reality" will be like post critical mass. My guess is that the "Architects" of this social confusion are loosing control.

  21. We DO know the markers for those on the Left going too far: identity politics and especially the using of it to divide the people. The Left refuses to recognize this and admit that line.

  22. Yeah, because SU or China followed Marxism and any of their problems got to do with a simple too democratic state with too much power to the people. How fucking dumb is that guy? Or is he simply an asshole who tells you the typical propaganda bullshit on purpose?

  23. "How are you going to orient yourself in the world. The post modernists have no answer to that. Without any attempt to grapple with the cognitive dissonance they default to this loose egalitarian Marxism." This guy has a nice vocabulary, but does he ever have a point? Still waiting for it.

  24. Yuri Bezmanov warns us from year 1985
    From the originator G. Edward Griffin (the meat starts in the middle)

    https://youtu.be/xKhJAFwSdtU 14:22

    Or. https://youtu.be/bX3EZCVj2XAi 13:37

    https://youtu.be/O23pUCi9MIE An updated version over 12 min

    A full length version : https://youtu.be/y3qkf3bajd4 1:21:45

  25. See I don't really believe white supremacy has its origins in white supremacy. I think it might actually be a civil war legacy, everything just points to it. And the "phenomena", if you will, of white supremacy seems to come from the ambition to grant black slaves equal status in the U.S. franchise. And obviously, people think that a good thing, lol, but let me ask you? Has the progressive state devastated the black community more than whites? Yes. Why?
    -bc they have no history. How can one people share a franchise, or a way of life rather but it's the same, with a people who are running what is the culmination of over a thousand years? Perhaps, we're learning that you can't? I really wonder if universal suffrage is not failing in our time. If you consider form and substance, people think like it's the end of history.

  26. Jordan Peterson: The fatal flaw in leftist American politics
    left = workers own the means off production / right = capitalists own the means off production
    just to get that out off the way.
    fundamental claim off post modernism. All good but this has nothing to do with right or left it's a way off thinking you might use to aproach a problem, or if you are an idiot to aproach everything wich is rediculous.
    postmodernist thinkers moving towards this vague marxism might be true.
    marxists aren't postmoderists tho on average, they would only make up a very small percentage off the people actually following the worldview.
    marxism as a failed economic theory being used to fuel activism, citing USSR and Mao again… this bullshit
    USSR and Mao where left autoritarian government styles, socialist dictatorships, not marxist tho. And by any objective means the USSR's economy was better than any capitalist alternative.
    "it's not like I'm making this up" = yes you are, you have no coalifications to speak on this subject and everything coming out off your mouth shows that.
    postmodern identity politics =/= marxism, has nothing to do with eachother. someone's economic worldview is not linked to any view on gender or race.
    on the far right racial superiority is the marker, very well but you can be far right without being a fashist, you can go full on Ian Rand style liberal and that would be very far right.
    on the conservative side… ok, conservative =/= right , conservatives push back against cultural and economic change, in the US that is usually associated with racial tension and eroding womens rights. But in Russia it might mean they want to go back to USSR style systems wich would be left leaning.
    we don't know the markers for going to far on the left. left =/= autoritarian, autoritarians do a ton off fucked up shit to keep control and stay in power, on both the left and the right. Hitler/Stalin pick your poison.
    (stopping at 5:12 might continue later)
    left — right (economy)
    conservative — progressive (change)
    liberal — autoritarian (personal freedoms)
    people need to start seperating these concepts since the spectrum off thought is not just stupid line graph.

  27. Ben Shapiro is a zionist scumbag.
    He defends Israel and zionism at all costs.
    He uses false flag attacks to justify Israels defensive stance but the reality is israel is offensive and controls america.
    I hear Ben criticize everyone but jews.

  28. Believing in things that are objectively false is a good marker for being too far left. For example "communism works" "72 genders" a complete denial of facts and logic can eventually be just as devastating as the Reich (which was socialist and left wing, you want right wing extremism look at the american south before the civil war, owning a human is far right).

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