100 thoughts on “Jon Stewart’s response to lawmaker’s ‘very busy’ claim

  1. Jon Stewart is a true patriot unlike CadetBoneSpurs who is treasonous/treacherous & a coward. Why wasn't Trumpie advocating for the 9/11 Responders? Why did he brag that his "Trumpie Tower was now the tallest building on the horizon" when the Twin Towers went down by the black hand of the Saudi Wahabbis who he now courts? Why oh why?

  2. "soldiers..first responders..are expendable.."
    didn't chu watch Rambo..? the guy kept saying that.. soy even made a franchise called that…

  3. Jon Stewart : Real Patriot & Hero.
    Trump/Drumpf/CadetBoneSpurs/SpankyPants/Mango Mussolini : Putin Puppet & Stooge & a coward.

  4. Come on CNN, twist this around to blame Trump… How dare you go 7 seconds without blaming Trump for something…

  5. Rand Paul had the nerve to talk budget constraints, debt/deficit after spreading his asscheeks for that Maralago Tax Cut bill. I know he grandstands but this takes the cake. Hack of the Year.

  6. Kim B  I think it's sad, yet telling that one minute Republicans AND even Trump himself refers to Mueller as a lying bastard and the next he's a straight-up, okay guy. He falls in and out of favor with Republicans whenever there is an upcoming situation that involves Mueller exposing Trump and family. He was a bad man throughout the investigation; He is a great man when says not enough evidence to Russian conspiracy and refuses to make a call as to obstruction; As soon as he announced he will testify to Congress & he's then horrible; I'm guessing he'll be Republicans' best friend if he refuses to answer with testimony about anything incriminating towards Trump BUT a lying bastard if he testifies about evidence he found of obstruction but Barr over ruled him. Sounds like Trump: Hide, Lie, Sneak, Break the Law to cover for him and you're golden; Show an ounce of integrity and moral character that may upset him and you're dirt.

  7. Thank goodness, this FINALLY was passed. I hope the next 18 years brings health and peace to the responders who are still here. May we never forget those who are not.

  8. Rand Paul is an entitled moron, inherited his wealth and had ZERO problem with trillions in tax breaks because it benefits him. Don't be fooled by so called "libertarians" – they want services, roads, etc…they just don't want to pay for it.

  9. All you angry small-dick conservative Incel Trumptard racists, who are simply mad they can't get laid, are pussies. Jon Stewart is a true American Patriot.

    Any of you "defenders of freedom" and "beacons of liberty" are not real Patriots. You're incel bitches who are too scared to have a bunch of black and brown people fucking all the women you find attractive.

    Admit it, pussies. You're not Americans. You just want the country to be white so you have a chance of fucking someone else other than your sister.

    So thumb this video down, call me unhinged or triggered NPC snowflake soy boy, and get back to fucking your immediate family members in your trailer parks.

  10. There was a 9/11 small business fund set up to help Mom and Pop places restart.
    Trump got $150k for damages to his 26 Wall Street building his biz isn't small.IT HAD NO DAMAGE AND IS COMPLETELY OUTSIDE GROUND ZERO.
    So while other wealthy people were physically at ground zero helping Trump was busy defrauding the 9 11 small business fund.
    Time to hold Trump accountable

  11. I have never expected anything from any Republican & Mueller is no exception. Yeah, you can be the rare Conservative who has convictions & isn't morally corrupt but never from a Repugnant Republikkkan. Rod Rosenstein turned out to be a stooge. Barr is a trumpie sycophant & don't get me started on rapist Kavanaugh. If anything arises from this Mueller hearing I will be pleasantly surprised like with Jon Stewarts victory over these Repugnant republikkkkans!

  12. Where is everyone? Usually by now the trumpie turd trolls/ruskie trollski's would have this all lit up by now. They must be sleeping off their oxycontin/bathtub vodka high!

  13. Jon was always cool but now he’s a HERO too!! He’s right tho, about if we can’t do the least amount for the best of us, then where is the hope for the rest of us??

  14. THE JEWS ARE TRUELY AMAZING,. …NOT 1 DIED ON 911, BUT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER HAD PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE🤔# I hope to tell this story to my grandchildren. MR STEWART 😂 for some reason, i cant even take you seriously. you laugh too much 😁..God bless the dead of 911

  15. what makes you think the whole United States owes you? you work in Ny NY has money for illegals that are not even here yet,so you don't care what I think it if one of my family members get murdered by a illegal, fk you. can't have it all your way,get your money from nutty Ny.

  16. Jon Stewart promised to move out of the United States if Trump was elected president. Trump was elected! 🇺🇸😀 Jon Stewart is still here. 💩😵 #CNNisFakeNews

  17. It sucks that we have so many normal people that don’t vote every 2 years just every 4 years republicans 2020 Americans

  18. In other news, a man in Canada is suing some women for refusing to wax his balls. The state is siding with the man. See where the LGBTP has gotten us?

  19. 9:25 "I do think politics is sometimes the art of removing your soul. And they remove people's ability to do the right thing for causes that has nothing to do with what the needs are of the people." Politics and jura combines to create an alternate reality that governs people's lifes more acutely than does real reality, simply because it's up for debate if you're a politician or a lawyer but not if you're not schooled in either of those abstract humanoire-sciences. Lawyers and politicians easily lulls themselves into a kind of omnipotence akin to that of medieval clergyhood.

  20. Boot Rand Paul out….biggest coward on the planet! Thank you Mr.Stewart and to all the 9/11 responders….TRUE HEROES!

  21. Michael Moore took them all to Cuba to filled up their prescriptions , he found time despite his busy filming schedules !

  22. Absolutely Frustrating as Hell to hear Congress AND The Senate members constantly saying "they are busy OR We Worked Hard on this Bill"….THEY fucking have No Clue what "Hard Work" entails……and those God Awful Dog & Pony Shows they call "Committee Meetings" is a merely a platform for them to say to The Country…"Look At Us…We Are Important". The moment these Dingus Twits get elected they take off their Humble Suits and put on their "Whats In It For Me" Suits.

  23. Thank you John Stewart for you dedication and support of the men & women that deserve all the help they can get. Republican Party FU! It's people like Stewart that we need more of in our gov't , not the lying, racist, hypocrites in the Republican Party

  24. Jon Stewart, like his lifelong friend, Anthony Weiner, is likely a fellow pedophile.

    These perverts tend to travel in the same circles. 😰

  25. These Republicans like Rand Paul and Lee, won't even care about 9/11 responders, HEROES…Yet the Conservative voters actually think they will care about them??? If they don't take care of heroes, then none of us are important to them for certain! Vote Blue…

  26. get in line … well no u might get paid because thatz popular … but if ur black you will not get paid just like black veterans …

  27. I think we the soldiers who went to fight our generation need assistance as well. The life of military men and women plus their families endure a lot of hardships. High ranking officers are doing alright but I knew many families on food stamps. Many food stamps recipients work but they don't make enough to afford food. America needs to do better.

  28. The best people don't usually work in government. They work with and fight for the people who governments leave behind. #jonstewart2020

  29. Don't count your chickens until they've hatched. If Trump needs outrage because the Mueller and Epstein investigations get too close he may still refuse to sign, just to get his headlines. He doesn't care for anyone but his own.

  30. This lying Jewish communist POS is only using these poor people to get more fame and money, why can’t you people see that.

  31. It’s sad that these guys had to fight and get help from a selfless celebrity to receive the compensation for the heroic first responders. I can’t imagine what it felt like for all those woman who became single mothers and all those kids who lost a parent. Rand Paul should be ashamed but yet he’s not.

  32. The Anderson Cooper comment 😂😂 but really though, our government is so messed up. I think I small reason why Trump got elected was because of how desperate and disillusioned they were for change. Even if that change promised to burn it all down.

  33. I bet Trump doesn't sign it, he has no shame.Both houses had to pass it otherwise they would feel the backlash politically.

  34. I had disrespected majority of Americans since Trump was elected as the president of the United States of America, and the gun society causing mass shooting at school and in public.

    But Jon Stewart blew those embarrassing and disappointing facts in the US away with that tireless effort and great humanity with his folks.
    All 911 first responders including him are representative of who Americans are.


  36. More good news:

  37. republicans are outraged when someone doesn’t stand for the national anthem, but where is that outrage for how these heroes have been treated?

  38. Stop acting Jon. You lying piece of shit. You said you would move to Canada if Trump won. Why are you still here??? Lying traitor. Go pretend to care in CANADA 🇨🇦

  39. This is how civilized people do things. Moscow Mitch has made a political football of this for years and screwed these people over and over, but when he did the right thing – they gave him props. Reward doing the right thing – attack doing the wrong thing, and fight over the middle.

  40. Sir,
    You are a true hero getting the government to fund this til 2090 standing by my friend Lou Alvarez, I was at the command center for 4 months 12 hour days breathing in cement,asbestos,human flesh,not ever forgetting the stench. What you did is more empowering than anyone of us did down there.

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