43 thoughts on “Jon Stewart says the President is attacking journalists' ego

  1. I see all talk about how people feel about stuff and then at the end of the show realise I didn't get any facts.

  2. Even though Trump is a piece of shit he is right that the media are pieces of shit as well. It's always profit over integrity.

  3. Jon's claim that nobody ever asks "Where should presidents draw the
    line" in regards to what they (in this case Trump) should or should not
    say just doesn't ring true. Of Trump we all ask that question and will
    continue to ask it. We actually ask that question as a society quite
    vociferously. Love Jon he has always been wise, but he's not above
    dumbing something down for the sake of making his points.

  4. HAHAHAHA so true. The media definitely is terrible. Especially OP ^^^. Thumbs down for CNN. The worst name in media. #fakenews.

  5. Get a MAGA hat and start supporting our president. Don't tear up this country. We need to all live peacefully together. Give back to the country everyday. Help others and you will feel good.

  6. "But it's hard to not get emotional"
    "We've been out there on the field"
    She proves Jon's point in real time, Jon's smart enough to see how smart Trump is why he'll keep winning.

    Dave's reaction to the horseface comment, he thought it was hilarious she tought it was offensive.

  7. Not that he owed us anything, but I genuinely feel like the country would be less divided if Stewart was still around.

  8. "That may be true for the bean counters but we the journalists…"

    Christiane comes off as completely narcissistic in this interview, totally oblivious to what Jon and Dave are saying.

  9. Two of my favourite people in the world Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart. Both are unbiased, intelligent and funny. 😊

  10. I love how Dave Chappelle laughed when he said "horse face". Like he was thinking to himself "lol that was a good one".

  11. Stuart is right. She's not entirely listening, as she breaks in before he is done talking. She's saying 'us' and responding rather than interviewing. Stewart is running the interview.

  12. If you watch CNN and are subscribed to CNN on YouTube, then you might suffer from retardation and should reconsider your life choices..

  13. it's actually kind of annoying that Dave Chappelle laughs at everything Jon says in this interview. Nothing Jon said was actually funny. He was trying to be sincere.

  14. CNN did not do this interview so what's news here. CNN doesn't present news, Just hate. Trump 2020

  15. β€œWe the journalists” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, they think they are important. Fucking war mongers and bullshit artists.

  16. So tell me John whos being hurt? Under his policies. Who? Can't be the blacks or the Hispanics or Asians. Considering there are more blacks and browns working today under his presidency then ever before. Asians are doing better than any if us. So please tell me John, who is hurting? Illegals?

  17. Poor Journalists beeing called out, and be put to the same standards as any of us. Why are journalists considered to be above scrupule?

  18. Lmfao they did it to themselves they cant handle the truth trump exposed the f up media and there bull shit ways now some idiot will say ya ya on this in 12e

  19. Stewart went full MAGA today, admitted Trump is delivering for 911 victims and Obama didn't. Another win for Trump

  20. So this fucking midget and stoner are more concerned about stormy Daniels being hurt by being called horse face instead of the fact that she lied and accused someone of a crime under oath and these Camera whores conveniently forgot that she was found guilty in a liability lawsuit and had to pay for her lies.

    John. What the hell did I ever see in you?

  21. No matter what you say trump is actually pretty awesome. Trump 2020. Voted for Barack in 2008..he didn't do anything. Trump is actually checking off a majority of things he promised

  22. So it's not comedy anymore to napalm somebody relentlessly? Could you tell your good buddy Stephen Colbert that.

  23. Tit for Tat. Some journalists are ruthless, rude, in your face and arrogant. I am glad President Trump is getting even .

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