41 thoughts on “Jon Stewart on President-elect Trump, hypocrisy in America

  1. Stewart went from cocky jufuc to pathetic Sad Sack, just like the rest of the lefties. How's that impeachment thing going for ya? LMAO!

  2. “What is he going to do to make America great that we are not doing now?”

    The fact that you even need to ask that question explains why your side lost in 2016. The simple answer is we have had far left liberal “leadership” for the past 8 years. In those eight years, we had a black president who promised a post-racial America but did everything he could to create more, not less, division I’m on the races in America. That’s just one issue, I could go down several others including huge economic disasters of Obama’s presidency, or how he weekend are military. That’s.what we were doing then. That’s what Trump intends to change. So far, he’s been doing a pretty good job.

  3. Sure if Hillary had won,we republicans and conservatives would have been upset and despondent.That said,life would have gone on.Politics is not a secular religion for us conservatives,like it is to the left.To the left power or perceived power is absolutely everything.The left does not do well out of power and are the most intolerant entity in the world after radical jihadist.Of this,there should be NO doubt!!!!

  4. Jon Stewart ran a large cooperation, has multiple million dollar businesses, and was elected President of the United States, he is absolutely qualified to give his intelligent opinion on Donald Trump.

  5. He didn't like Hillary , thats why he didn't care Trump win or Hillary. And I agree with that. I believe Trump better than Hillary.hillary is big hypocrite

  6. I did not vote for Trump, but I can say that the hypocrisy and witch hunting of liberals is far worse than Trump as president. For example, I can't even quote him verbatim without someone furiously yelling at me and telling me I'm wrong. These are people who do not read anything outside of social media and put words in the mouths of others. I agree that he says some pretty ridiculous things at times but I'm not going to agree that he said he'd sleep with his daughter or that all Mexicans are rapists…because he didn't say that. He spoke on video. Go watch it and stop lying.

  7. The media shows its hand In the questions its ask and how it ask them. Charlie rose, noted pervert, did not ask Stewart if he was elated, thrilled. He instantly went into negative connotations. "This fight" Stewart mentions is against middle America. And trump was repeatedly asked what he meant by making America great. Those 2 are just lying over that

  8. He called: 'All-Republican-Conservatives' racist! My-Idols R: 'Michael-Jordan, Tupac-Makaveli, Eazy-Mthafkn-E, Derrick-Roze, The-Rza & Jesus The-Jew'! I'm 'a-republican-conservative'. Just how-emy a-racist, again?!

  9. MAGA! Jon,you were the bomb in Big Daddy. I do not agree with everything you believe in, but thank you for being eloquent in your explaining that belief.

  10. For one thing, Jon thinks we are a democracy….We are not…We are a Republic…Big difference in those two. When you think of being a democracy, that means majority rules the minority. In a Republic, we are governed by our Constitution and those law that form the Republic. Those can't be changed just by majority rule…

  11. If you don’t run . You right a review. Don’t write a review. Write a book.
    Don’t write a book. Not famous .your not famous. Your a racist . Not a racist your a bigot. Not a bigot. Your just wrong. Vote trump the world ends. Trump wins the left 😭two lefts never make it right.😁

  12. A comic genius but more importantly a true activist. Great mind & generous soul analytical mind.

  13. Is it just the lighting in the room or does it look like Jon has been hitting up the tanning bed a little too much lately?

  14. Jon Stewart is a clown who's worshipped by the Left as some intellectual star. When faced with someone who's actually lettered, Stewart always puts on his clown nose and states, "Hey I'm just a comedian," this of course is his MO, so his pseudo intellect doesn't get exposed.

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