‘Joker’ Smashes Box Office Record Despite Controversy | NBC News Now

‘Joker’ Smashes Box Office Record Despite Controversy | NBC News Now

100 thoughts on “‘Joker’ Smashes Box Office Record Despite Controversy | NBC News Now

  1. ALso, there is no mass shooting in this film. The violence is very limited. How about just go see the movie first?

  2. Stop making up stories! And listen to people who enjoyed the movie to not look on the political narrative themes, but to enjoy a film as for what it is.

  3. The "controversy" was manufactured by the studio knowing more would want to see what the "controversy" was all about

  4. How come Jon wick doesn’t face this criticism when films like those have killing through out the whole film? When the joker just drops like 5 people lol

  5. Media is just hatin that joker is exposing real problems instead of them. That's supposed to be their job but joker did it for them

  6. As soon as I heard her voice and saw what this young "woke" host looked like, I knew she was gonna talk some BS. The media talking heads won't admit that they are the problematic ones in society being portrayed in the movie by Robert DeNiro as a late night TV host.

    What they get from the movie is a sense of worry that they will be the target. So, rather than questioning themselves or looking in the mirror as they sit in their make-up chair, they shift blame onto an easier social problem. What a trick. They are worse than the state-owned media in authoritarian countries they claim to be better than.

  7. The mainstream media was DESPERATE for a shooting so they could lecture us on gun control for the next 100 years they are still crossing their fingers. There was no controversy except their fake kind.

  8. "…grew up poor, suffers from intellectual disability, was denied help, gets pushed aside, on top of that, he gets bullied throughout his life."

    TV host: "um, yeah whatever. That's not important. But what's the gun violence message, here?"

  9. I have got all the knowledge I need to make the decision that NBC is fake news. No collusion. No Ukrainian controversy. Yes hate for Trump! Why would they even cover lies? Did they go to college to be so gullible? I miss Johnny Carson.

  10. Part of the reason WHY the film is doing so well is due to the BS controversy. I wouldn't be surprised if the controversy was fabricated just to get the movie more attention.

  11. Negative press.. Negative media. Fake news.. Laying blame. Stiring the pot.. NO ONE LISTENS TO YOU.. THE SCILENT MAJORITY WON'T BE BRAINWASHED

  12. Genocide, ethnic cleansing Day 65 of Curfew in Kashmir 8 million, facing
    daily Terror, no work, no school, no food, no Medicine, no
    communications, etc Please Help call your Congress Rep or Senator,
    Please support Kashmir Referendum

  13. Yeah, let's have a deposition on shootings in America when discussing box office for a supervillain movie. Those two correlate so well.

  14. Nothing happened in Aurora but an emergency response, test drill and a traitorous bunch of civilian crisis actors.
    Hollywood gets the go ahead for movies like this. It's part of empathy remembrance programming.

  15. It's just a movie. A work of fiction. I saw it last weekend and I really enjoyed it. It was challenging to watch in a good way. I got spooked both spooked and intrigued. This film isn't the first masterpiece to undergo controversy and criticism and it won't be the last.

  16. The statement here is, "Stop trying to tell me what to watch." WTH is wrong with these media people who constantly want to tell us what to think, say and do?

  17. The celebration of this movie is foolishness. Celebrating mass murder which leads to some sick white supremacist using it as a guide to murder black and brown people in this country. There is no Justice in this country, it's Just Us.

  18. The new joker movie is now a real voilent film that is r rated but I agree with movie critics because it's should be a masterpiece and it's one of the greatest comic book villians of all time

  19. This movie sucked!! People are getting great filmmaking confused with a great film! Very different things! Not all the great acting, cinematography, direction or score can save a terrible screenplay. In 2 words? BOR…….ING! I Jaoquined out after the first hour! Sooooo disappointed!

  20. This channel is dead. 1.5m subscribers and only 6k views on the first day. You have to know nobody listens to you, and your manufactured outrage is the reason why.

  21. Just about every movie and tv show has violence in it. It's ridiculous they are making a big deal out of this movie. It's art.

  22. Media created controversy. The film is just a film and the audience understands that. Only one having a delusion is the media.

  23. I just saw the new Joker movie. Wow. Nothing like any of the others at all. You really get to see a person descend from sanity into insanity. It's presented in a manner that is easy to understand and receive. The hypocrisy of human societies and especially Western government is put in the spot light in this movie. Those things are supposed to be enlightening, public serving, caring, and a lot of other things. Instead, they are a hypocritical mess of conflicting, uncaring, and self centered people, societies, and governments who reward greed. Western values, society, and Government are not much better than the monsters people are supposed to be opposing. This movie is a very contemporary reflection of modern problems and how it can drive people into madness. No wonder people are snapping and shooting-up playgrounds.
    Gun violence is a symptom of social ills; not their cause.

  24. “Hears a funny thing… the numbers rose 🌹. Hehehe”… hey yang just show me the money 👍🏽👌🏽✌🏽✊🏽

  25. John wick is the living embodiment of what the left hates. So isn't hypocritical that they're talking about violence in this movie?

  26. Whats controversy? This is just fear mongering plain and simple. Literally nothing has happened that justified this being on the national news.

  27. I knew someone who used to work for a well known magazine, (still in circulation now) her first job…Making up letters from readers, (and writing replies) and fake scandal stories to put on the cover. This was over 10 years ago, so I'm not really surprised by the quagmire of falsehoods that passes for "news" now.

  28. Your media pushes their own sick agendas to decide what is right or wrong to the masses just like what is funny and what’s not. Corrupt. Expose the media’s

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