John Oliver Quantitative Easing Debunked By Real Journalist

John Oliver Quantitative Easing Debunked By Real Journalist

45 thoughts on “John Oliver Quantitative Easing Debunked By Real Journalist

  1. We need a revisit of this idiot, Jimmy. Now that Trump's president and the woman he shilled for is struggling to fill a phone booth!

  2. Jesus Christ guys, you're missing the point. John Oliver is as much an establishment mouthpiece as any comedian who's made insensitive jokes is necessarily a horrible bigot. As a fan of The Young Turks, I've seen Cenk and Ana defend comedians like that precisely because they are comedians. John Oliver is a comedian. When he compares Jill Stein's plan to Trump's wall it's to make a joke about Trump. John Oliver is not a news anchor or a politician. I can't see how you don't get that.

  3. the neoliberals wanted to capture the energy and outrage that the masses expressed in response to George Carlin. Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman, John Oliver, John Stewart…. there is a bunch of them and they are not funny.

  4. Isn't it funny that now a lot of the Democratic presidential candidates also want to forgive student loan debts for their 2020 campaigns.

  5. Printing money is not allocating resources lmao. This guy is way off base. John sucks even more though.

  6. Alan Greenspan sucked at his job. Lmao. That kind of goes against your point. Haha. Quantitative easing is terrible. Printing money (inflation) is a tax against savings. That's why our working class is in so much debt. Also the more debt create, jimmy, the less able you are to raise rates. Which incentivizes even less savings. Printing money when ever you want is a terrible idea. Also bailing out the banks was an awful idea.

  7. Penguin man has got it wrong again, to quote economist Stephanie Kelton

    "The government can pretty much spend as much as is needed to achieve higher economic growth and full employment, in Ms. Kelton's analysis,
    because it uses “fiat” money that is not tied to any real commodity. There is nothing that a sovereign government can't afford."

    “An owl would put the deficit in context,” Ms. Kelton said in a presentation last year at the University of Missouri. “It is not about affordability in real terms. It's about inflation.”

    She said that the key to a stronger economy is to get money circulating through consumption.

    “Capitalism runs on sales,” she said. “Spending creates income.”
    I would add to Keltons remarks by pointing out that education is probably the most important infrastructure spending a government can fund, both in returns on spending and the social dividend to individuals and the community.

  8. Used to enjoy watching John Oliver once on British tv. I watched him once on American tv and understood that he had become a stooge for the American establishment.

    I remember reading an article in the Financial Times which argued that quantative easing would have worked better if it had been distribited to the people rather than given to the banks.

  9. Obama said we would save billions in 2010 taking over student loans from banks… 130b debt in 2010 to 1.3t nice job dems

  10. Whats jimmys argument here? The president doesnt have to understand an economic policy because previous officials didnt? He just keeps saying its not that complicated but doesnt say anything but its just printing money. What?? I hate john oliver, but where does he get off mocking Oliver?

    I noticed how crazy he gets when dems or Republicans do something shady, but gets mad at people when they mock progressives attempting the same shit.

  11. John Oliver plays the same game all these guys do; 30 writers, corporate backed millionaires influencing them, but they communicate in a very casual comedic style to effectively brainwash the younger generations. But act like, "I'm just calling it like I see it…" BS

  12. See, this is what pisses me off about you Jimmy, you engage in the same behaviors you accuse others of, that's called Hypocrisy, & I'm going to give you an absolutely concrete example of it. When you talk about Oliver talking about JFK talking about the Moonshot? That's a fucking straw-man argument & you goddamn well know it, so bitch please. It undercuts the whole point you were trying to make there, & I realize that it was more than 2 years ago, but you still do it now, here, in 2019.

  13. From what I know the assets bought durning QE weren't worthless. The FED is selling them now for billions. Also, banks were never intended to spend the money they got form QE they were just supposed to put it in their reserves so that faith in the banking sector could be restored. For that reason QE was no immediately inflationary. This said, QE was an easy break for the banks even though the assets they sold to the FED were not useless they were not very favorable to have at the time.

  14. Oliver is a pompous ass, an empty tool, a bullshitter ……………………………..disgusting. Establishment asshole.

  15. Come on people I'm Australian…deference always to cenk and ana. But..jimmy dore is only every revolution..and a loveliy guy…look me up jimmy if ur down under

  16. Free college education in the future and how to forgive the debt to pay students are 2 different thinks, both worthy. But you certainly won't be doing the future based on quantitative easing, that is via taxes. And while it may be possible to do quantitative easing type policy for past debt, I sincerely doubt you should. You could write it off against future taxes paid by those in debt.

  17. That is why Allan Greenspan fucked up the economy so much, he didn't get what was going on in the economy. He just said, hardly, if the market is doing it it is probably a good idea.

  18. I think all he meant by the comparison to the boarder wall is it is the main promise that is unlikely to be able to happen in the real world of politics.

  19. The real danger of extreme inflation is that at some point the money becomes so worthless that if it goes on for long enough people would realize that it is not needed. I lived in Yugoslavia in the time of extreme inflation.

  20. John Oliver is embarassing to watch, a disgrace. Im so glad you did a commentary on his shameful comedy. I appreciate you.

  21. i believe he did it because he wanted more votes for Hillary, i don't think he is part of the establishment. Still though very dishonest

  22. you will never see him dissect another late night comedian for smearing someone on the right. Jill is a nutsack her ideas are right out of Maos little red book. She just forgets go mention his revolution was to remove free expression, free speech and any hope for a better life. And he killed around 80 million people.

  23. Why should we pay of debts for people that went to college? Shouldn’t they be able to get good jobs and pay their own debts? Nobody forced them to go to college or pick and choose BS majors where there are no jobs.

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