29 thoughts on “John Maeda: The New Tao of Leadership

  1. wow this guy is so right! He has a brilliant mindset in the matter o leadership. If only por political leaders could be so open-minded and at the same time decisive.

  2. It's about synthesizing the dialectic and achieving balance to move forward effectively, rather than letting your conflicting nature paralyze you.

  3. I never said it does ahah. I guess if you've read a lot of literature on the subject you can see the relevance in his words.

  4. …And a pointless reply.

    Would you care to expand on your point?

    It's worth noting that the speaker on the video is talking about departing from your true nature, your inherent self, which I rather thought was kind of the principle thrust of Taoism, as somewhat explicated in 'The Vinegar Tasters'.

  5. I'm very creative and love leadership. I'm not completely disregarding his view but personally I don't see how that applies to myself. having creativity to me further makes me want to lead because it makes me feel more confident in the position knowing I can come up with new, revolutionary and "creative" ideas that may follow on to create better leadership, and better society in the future.

  6. You can't have a leader that answer a question with "maybe". There's a advantage to the group that acts first, and always will be.
    The ceo have to be able to make questionable decisions (especially in crisis) if you want the company to be competative.

  7. In John Maeda's experience, the ideal leader falls somewhere in between Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin.

  8. Its not easy to create a frame unless your mentality says it the perfect one. Just as person are to find the perfect mellody just to satisfie your mentality needs to hear if its the sound that everyone are looking for.

  9. there are thousands other things that a leader has to do, and many other "at the end of the day" arguments. but that's not the scope of his dicussion is it? he's talking about the possibility of reinforcing the other type within you, how to deal with the opposing type when leading and etc.

  10. I would like to see more evidence of what Maeda is referring to in a real world situation – not because I questions such a talk but rather take away something more concrete to apply it. Failing that, I would like to hear him talk about a template – or templates – that is slightly longer than the one sentence suggestions of "If you are XYZ type then you need to be more ABC."

  11. Curious . . . not once did you mention the need to reach a goal, get a job done. In the end, isn't that what a leader needs to do, whether it be authoritative or creative?

  12. Good leaders need clarity of vision and good administrative skills. They need to convey that vision well, not just bark orders.

  13. I should hope for the two presidential candidate to watch this video to really know what it takes to be a tru to such a great nation

  14. Im with this guy, I watched a Documentry on television about the bubble that the president is in. The president really has so little say in what happens unless he wants to get down and dirty with paperwork. Instead nearly all presidents have someone "Summarize" bills and laws and such to be passed. He just has a chat and puts his john hancock on it. Also, 4 years of presidency isn't enough to get a feel for anything nor pass much. Then again neither is 8 years. We need lifetime leaders.

  15. I very much enjoyed this. I am a leader of a gaming community and such I had to learn how to be authoritative despite my creative background. What you said about a creative leader felt very true and it is for that reason that I enjoyed this so much. Thank you

  16. The "bigger picture" was to boost the impact on the words, i never implied you'r less evolved or something like that you might have it wrong interpreted.
    My point is that i believe theres something more effective then the leadership behavior line, studies shows it. Its like the breathing system, we have it, it works, but theres better (ref. birds breathing system).
    However, my english lvl isnt enough to correctly debate on this, so like the guy in the video says : be creative, "reject" evidence

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