John Haller - Prophecy Update 05-01-2019

John Haller – Prophecy Update 05-01-2019

[Applause] [Applause] as everyone tonight plays the Lord very excited tonight my friend John's here John holler and I think people know I think he I think people know I think people have seen some videos I don't know but last time I check I think there's a lot of people that uh I mean they still came yeah praise the Lord won't brother Jacob census hello so Jacobs watching this I think he was going to watch Jacob we say hi but anyway John's here gonna teach us God's Word we're excited to have him here back in Southern California from Ohio fellowship Bible Chapel check them out and John thank you for being here with us so help me welcome brother John holler well thank you I have one extra wire here and I'm sure I'm going to I should be able to trip over those but I'll probably figure out a way to do that well it's good to be here it's a little different than when we usually come to California happens my in-laws have lived in upland about 20 minutes away for many years my wife's mother passed away four years actually four years ago today went to be with the Lord so we came out to see pm's stepfather he's 92 still driving on his own still doing his own taxes and all that sort of things so he does quite well but every now then we notice it in the winter spring it's very very the the mountains are very green which means you had a very rainy winter and we had a very rainy winter and Columbus as well and a rainy spring already so there's been a lot of flooding and the farmers I think this is going to have an impact on food prices and everything because Nebraska lost a lot of their stored corn they lost they'll be well over a million acres the wanting to be planted this year and that will have an impact now I usually do a prophecy update at church each week and I also do some keep Bible teaching so tonight I'm just going to do one little thing on a proxy update and if you don't mind I'm just going to do sort of a teaching from one of my favorite passages in Scripture and one of my favorite tea and I've done this before in one form or another and I try to do it at least every year year and a half so it's kind of getting to the point where it's time to repeat this on a zekiel chapter 23 and if I can be so blood is to call them the two horse sisters of X equal 23 Allah and a holly ba and if you don't like the the image of the harlot or the whore take it up with Ezekiel someday when you see him because that's what he talked about but here's just a little this is a little prophecy update thing that I probably will do if I do one this weekend a few weeks ago there was an Australian rugby footballer a rugby player who probably the best rugby player in the world Israel Folau was his name and he was castigated because he had posted on his Facebook page a statement that homosexuals will go to hell and they need to repent and he has sent he quoted from Scripture and his contract multi-million dollar contract yearly contract is being terminated because he's bigoted now the interesting thing is that another rugby player on the same team I believe Queensland Reds captain samu care of a and he's from Fiji he posted something on his Instagram and Twitter account and now there he's under investigation now I want you to grab onto your seats because I'm going to actually show you what he posted I'm sure you will be shocked at the language that he used and the bigotry and everything that he posted and this was posted on Resurrection Sunday or Easter Sunday so please do not you can complain to Pastor Marco if you find this offensive for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me I love you Jesus and for that there's concerns that he might have his contract terminated now I we've often said that one of the harbingers at the end time is an increasing persecution of Christians and this is nothing like my friend Mark who recently went to Iraq to minister to Kurds there it was interesting he sent me a video of the church service in Iraq people were there that had fled Yazidi women who had come to the Lord that had been Isis brides they're under severe persecution they're in an Islamic country and it was funny to watch the beginning of the videos of the service because they were doing the worship music and they had a some people up leading the songs just like we would hear or at your church or at the church I attend and there was a guy over in the corner there were two guys sitting there at a computer running the PowerPoint for the worship songs on the slides there was a gentleman there who had fled Syria he was being drafted into the Army so he fled to another country the reason being that he was a Christian and he said if I stay in the army the Muslims on my own unit will kill me when they had the chance so that so losing our jobs and that type of thing is nothing compared to the real persecution that's going over by the way when you look at this these peoples worshiping the Lord in the window you could just barely see it in the back window was a flashing cross all lit up and it was very humbling because they were not hiding their faith now when we talk about these sisters and tonight in Ezekiel chapter 23 and you can open to Ezekiel chapter 23 and you can also go over to second King so it will start in second kings but ojala and a holy bomb that's how the this is what the King James says AHA and a-ha levi and that's what the passage i'm going to use but in the end i or the nasb it's Omaha and a holy bar but it talks about God's judgment on apostasy and the reason I say God's judgment on apostasy because we know and I know you know for Marko pastor Marko and Jacob rash and others who have spoken here that in Hebrew thought prophecy is part of the fulfillment of a pattern and so what we see here is a pattern we will see a judgment visited on the nation of Israel the Northern Kingdom of Israel and we'll also see a judgment visited on the southern kingdom of Judah and as I'm sure brother Jacob has said when he's been here these these passages that deal with the fall of Judah at the time of the Babylonian captivity are very relevant to what we will see happening to the church in the last days and boy I think I had in listen the examples of apostasy if I I won't even scratch the surface tonight if I started giving you a lot of examples of apostasy we would be here till till the Lord's Day maybe even till the day of the Lord to be honest with you because the examples are legion but i'm going to give you some tonight that I think really play into it so AHA and a holla VAR now one of the reasons we look at the nation of Israel comes from 1st Corinthians chapter 10 verse 6 now these things it's talking about the things that happen to the nation of Israel and the Old Testament now these things were our examples to the intent we should not lust after evil things as they also lusted in other words we need to learn the lesson and so we will go through tonight and we will see a lot of lessons and now there's a pastor North Point Church Andy Stanley I'm sure he's a nice guy but there's a lot of problematic teachings that he comes out with and I will talk about some of what he says later in my talk tonight but I want to read you a passage from his book irresistible now his the the rub of his and you'll see a clip of him later essentially saying we need to unhitch from the Old Testament now this is the modern-day outgrowth of heresy started by a name man named Marcion and about the third century who said well you know Christianity so much superior to Judaism and what was wrapped up in that whether they want to admit it or not is a lot of pretty rank anti-semitism and I'm sure if you accused this pastor or that other pastors who say the same thing if you if you accuse them of that they would you know they would vehemently deny it but this is where it starts I want you to listen this is this is a direct quote from I think it's around page 163 in his new book irresistible all the gods of the ancient world were human rights violators within the context of the first first century violence for century of AD nobody batted an eye at the violence depicted in the Jewish Scriptures this was standard fare standard warfare that's just the way the world was if the God of the Jews was going to establish a nation for himself he would have to wade into the fray and play by the rules of the day I'm not you I have it on my Kindle yeah I will show you after church you can read the direct quote I was reading this again today and I'm just like what yes if God was going to establish a nation for himself he would have to wade into the fray and play by the rules of the day which is exactly what he did in the Old Testament God played by the rules in order to usher in a kingdom not of this world the rules of the kingdoms of this world in order to usher in a kingdom not of this world through a covenant that stands as an invitation to everyone in the world this is what makes the story of the exodus so epic yah babe spoke in terms a feral could understand the only terms in Egyptian pharaoh could understand power and violence we don't need to be embarrassed by that we don't need to sanitize and spiritualize it we don't need to huh try to harmonize it with the Sermon on the Mount it is what it is attempts to civilize the terms conditions and outcomes of the Old Covenant and its associated narrative undermine the credibility of the text and the credibility of the church even more so even more doing so diminishes the extent of which God went to redeem and rescue the world from sin and he goes on to talk about you know how well Jesus was completely contrary to the Old Covenant and there was a complete separation from the Old Covenant and we have the New Covenant it's better now and you will see if you ever read that book somebody needs to reimburse me for the thirteen dollars I spent them downloaded to my Kindle but you will see that his his thing is love one another love one another Ten Commandments don't have anything to do with the church the Old Testament has no view of the church and this is exactly the heresy of Marcion and I would suggest to you that it is replacement theology on steroids and it is certainly the foundation building block of rank anti-semitism which is one of the harbingers of the end times of what we see growing quickly in the church and the world the examples are legion so let's do looks I like to teach on this because it's a little bit travelogue a little bit history and prophecy all kind of wrapped up into one so we'll do a little bit I'm going to try to give you the lay of the land as we talk about this the nation of Israel about two hundred miles from north to south about the size of about the size of New Jersey just to give you a little bit here we have Jerusalem the capital sits about 2,500 feet above sea level about 10 miles from the Dead Sea which is 1,300 feet below sea level so it's quite a dramatic drop probably a drop that would be comparable to coming down to Cajon Pass in about eight miles and you see up here you see Beirut all the way to the north when you get up there Beirut is about 50 miles from Damascus so things are pretty very close over there the land of Israel is has a very interesting geography of course I mentioned the Sea of Galilee here on the left all the way up to the mountains of Israel including Mount Hermon and the north which is 9,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level so it's a very dramatic rise and then in the center of Israel is a mountainous spine called the Central Highlands the central mountains and it is the heart is the biblical heartland and we'll talk about a couple of those cities tonight Samaria Beth Alden and check them and dance its way in the north at the base of Mount Hermon it's a where the headwaters of the Jordan are and that's really going to be one of our focuses tonight and in this talk it's a fascinating thing I we were to Israel a couple years ago and I noticed some things when I was there we we were blessed we went we had a private guide it was just p.m. and I and we went up to we went up to Bethel we went down to Heber all have Rome Hebron as we often pronounce its amariah Shechem places that I would say well in advance of well above 99% of the tours never go to because they're in what's called the West Bank they're in areas where Israeli citizens are prohibited from going by law there's signs there you're entering you know this area a and this is under the control the Palestinian Authority and there was one place coming out of Nablus which is by Shechem that we had to talk our way through a checkpoint it was kind of exciting the Israeli soldiers pointed their guns at us and this is places where Israeli soldiers if these are young young people everybody's young to me these days but they're you know they're 20 18 19 20 21 years old they know people have stabbed and killed their fellow soldiers at these particular checkpoints that have run outside the cave of mock peel of the tomb of the patriarchs but I remember the Israeli soldier asked do you have any knives on you you know in your camera case or whatever and because they've been snipping people stabbed and killed right there young young good young people but what you find when you look at the the way these things go is that most tours you come into Tel Aviv you go up the Mediterranean coast acessory a maritime then you go up into Mount Carmel you might go down to Megiddo you've looked at Nazareth you go to the Sea of Galilee the Golan Heights and that type of thing and then you come down the valley the Jordan Valley you stop at Beit Shean you go down to Qumran most tours now omit Jericho this is I I think this is a scandal and I'll tell you that in just a moment and then they they go down to Qumran Masada back up to Jerusalem and what do they miss all of the terms missed this biblical heartland where Israel resided in the land the area of the conquest we went to Jericho I'll give you an example we went there with a man Joel Cramer who was an archaeologist been living over there for about a dozen years doing digs and I remember I took biblical archaeology in college back in the 1970s 25 years ago and my professor was an archaeologist he was a librarian and archaeologist I guess they've made TV shows about that about him but he said that there were going to change the narrative on Jericho and they did they changed the Narracott the narrative on Jericho they read ated things so that people don't believe that Jericho is the Jericho of the conquest and this was done by Kathleen Kenyon and my professor back in the 1970s 1974 I think it was told me this is going to happen on our first trip there in 1995 we didn't even stop at the tell of Jericho we stopped at the cafe right now right the parking lot you have the cafe a parking lot and Jericho and we in the the leader of our guy our tour just said well some people think that's Jericho you know look out the window if you want to see it as we drive by and his p.m. and i sat there we had lunch joel was a good friend of the owner of the CAF Paradise Cafe there i man he kind of lovingly referred to as the king of Jericho he said if you ever need anything in Jericho this is the guy to go to go see because that's how the society works over there but as we sat there for a while and then we walked out onto the towel and Joe brought out the original charts of Kathleen Kenyon to show where the mud brick walls had collapsed the city's built in and essentially it well it's actually built in the shape of a footprint almost all of the ancient cities of Israel are built in the shape of a footprint did you know that Aaron Lipkin have looked in tours as a new video I'll called the footprints of God and he says he's Jewish and the scripture says wherever you put your foot that will be your land and that's big notices they've been able to fly drones over these archaeological sites and Jericho's in that same shape but it's it's let's call it sort of an oval and the one thing that they said was everywhere they've checked the mud brick walls all fell out from the center of the city so the ones on the North fell towards the north the ones in the South fell towards the south towards the east and east and west last and they said well we don't know what happened here there was probably an earthquake now you have probably heard buildings do not all fall in different you know like a building does a city doesn't all collapse out in every direction it's kind of chaotic and what happened when the mud brick walls fell out was there was a lower wall than a mud brick wall the mud brick walls fell down and essentially made a ramp and the Israelites were able to run up into the city and conquer the city but as p.m. and I and Joel sat there and took her a little tour around to tell we were there for several hours and there had to be two hundred or more big bus tour buses come through other than Pam and I and Joel one guide took the time to take his people out onto the tell it's it's a scandal and now I'm Way behind on time so we have the Northern Kingdom of Israel this Kingdom split after the death of Solomon Rehoboam became the king of the southern kingdom of Judah and Jeroboam became the king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel now what happened the over the period of time in the early part of the northern the split the for lack of a better term the apostasy was so bad in the Northern Kingdom that many many people people from all the tribes of the Northern Kingdom moved to the south and there were reasons for this and during the time that Hezekiah the city of Jerusalem more than doubled in size they built what's called the Western Hill and you can you can go and stand in places in Jerusalem and see that and so they they had kings of the northern kingdom and kings of the southern kingdom and you see the kings of the northern kingdom on the right and they stop about 722 BC why did they stop there that's because that's when the Assyrians invaded under Sennacherib and other Syria Syrian kings and took over the country it talked a little bit more about that the the southern kingdom of course continued until the Babylonian captivity which the final carrying away was about 586 BC the northern kingdom did not have a single godly king in its history that's why people left there were some good kings in the southern kingdom Hezekiah Manasseh eventually became a good king but he was he had the probably the longest reign of any king of Israel or Judah about I think 55 years and he finally got it after a time but I think even he had sacrificer made his son go through the fire as they say but he was apostate but the Northern Kingdom didn't have any good Kings so what happened to make a long story short in first Kings chapter 12 it tells us the what Jeroboam did then Jeroboam and built Shechem in mount ephraim and dwelt therein so what he does is he takes his capital and he places it in Shechem which is modern-day city of Nablus and this is what it looks like the bear area there in the middle of the photograph is the TEL at Shechem where the ancient city stood on the right you see Mount Ebal and that is where Joshua built an altar to the Lord and they've even they believe with pretty good certainty that they discovered the actual altar foundations that Jacob or that Joshua built and then to the left you see Mount Gerizim and this this distance between the two is a distance of about one mile okay I'm gonna try something I've never done this before so I don't know if this is gonna hang on here whoops well that didn't do what I wanted it to do so it actually deleted my slide so here in Shechem in the alet me set this up as a little laser pointer and so here's the telecheck and right here this is Mount Ebal and this is Mount Gerizim and this is the modern city of novelist's over here to the left a little bit as a church where Jacob's Well was there is I am telling you 100% certainty that this is where Jacob's Well is it says in this scripture that's where Jesus met the Samaritan woman yeah it was a very deep well that was bought by Jacob when he came back into the land when he was passing through the land and its virtual 100% sir in fact if you it's deep if you throw a coin in there it takes about four and a half seconds before it hits the water so that's deep we figured it was a couple hundred and 250 feet or so deep this distance between this natural amphitheater and we know at the time of Joshua what he did was after they cut after some of the they've conquered some of the cities there and the conquest Joshua brought the children of Israel there and he split put six tribes on Mount Ebal and he puts six tribes on Gerizim now it wasn't like there were you know 80 people here and 80 people here if you do the population census and figure there was probably a million people or more on each Mountain and what they were doing was yelling the one side they did the curses and the other side did the blessings the curses if they did what God said the blessings if they did what God if they didn't do what I said and the blessings if they did what God said so I imagine it would have been kind of intimidating today you can go to the British Museum they discovered these of Egypt they're called the are mana letters they've discovered a teller mana in Egypt a lady happened to be digging there and they found these clay tablets now they're not clay tablets in the sense they're they're probably they're smaller than this remote okay they're they're they're like little rocks and when p.m. and I were in England and the fall we wanted that was one of the things I wanted to see I want to see the our mana letters because these are an important archaeological find that establish the truth and historicity of the Hebrew people and the Land of Israel and we make our way through the this massive Museum in London and we get there and there's a rope gallery closed so I went up to the guard I said what's up he goes well the gallery is closed I said I'm here from America this is probably the only day of my life I'm gonna be at this museum and this is the one thing I can see him on the wall over there because I've researched where they were he goes well I can't let you in because we've had people didn't show up today they called in sick I'm thinking like this is the story of my life and I said well could you just I mean do you ever just kind of like get focused and watch over there for a while you know like five minutes and he goes no you know I can't do that but he said well I'll come back at 3:00 and then a bunch of other big group of about 40 people came up and that's what they wanted to see – they were an archaeological class Biblical Archaeology class so he finally went and so here are these letters there are hundreds of them there for four or five on to simplify on display there at the British Museum and what they talk about is their their letters from the king of cane and to the Pharaoh in Egypt saying hey we're being overrun by these people that are coming in and taking over cities and they don't have a state and we don't know what to do about them and they're called the happy now happy Hebrew don't these kind of sound alike now historians and archaeologists well we don't really know what people they're talking about and they dated and so what you find in biblical archaeology is people you try to use archaeology to deny the historicity of the Bible when in fact it's the exact opposite in fact it was reading an article yesterday from about five years ago in The Times of Israel where a professor set up certain criteria and by using these criteria simple criteria he had established 53 the the existence 53 people named in the Bible he could prove by archaeology and in the Old Testament and of course what do the archaeologists say well we know that this name is the same as this naming and this is it the place that the Bible says that they should be at but you know we're not really sure because we don't have any writings outside of the Bible that confirm this yet and this is true so Shechem was a very important city at the time of the conquest Hosea talked about what had happened after the conquest under the time of the northern kingdom and said referring to the area around Shechem he said in as troops of robbers wait for a man so the company of priests murder in the way by consent for they commit lewdness so what we find is that the people in Shechem where Jeroboam I mean yeah Jeroboam had set up his capital were not that great of people now I will tell you that the judges chapter 9 at the time of the conquest something similar happened and it says in the men of Shechem set liars and wait for him in the top of the mountains this is the time of the judges and they robbed all that came along that way by their then it was told Abimelech who was the king I will tell you today as you drive around the streets I'd say actually a photograph that I took as we were driving down the Main Street in Davos and every intersection is a martyrs square to honor someone who had gone and murdered Israelis usually by suicide bombers most of them had come from the city of novelist which is Biblical Shechem so what you read about it Hosea what you read about in Judges is still true today and pretty and this is the two worst cities are have wrong heparin and Shechem and you see these these pictures and there'll be a picture of this angelic looking guy a painting based on a photograph taken just before they went to blow up the sbarro pizza parlor or something like that in Jerusalem and kill Israelis and Jews now when you go into Tel at Shechem this is a recreation drawing this done you can see ouch I don't think that naughty ball would be to the right Mount Gerizim – laughs I'm not sure what which one that I don't think that that might be able but this is what you see when you walk to tell you see this structure which had very wide walls and the Bible talks about a temple fortress this is exactly where the temple fortress should be its wide walls it's the temple area it's the holy place of Shechem there's no mistaking that this is Shechem it also talked about at the end of his ministry Joshua gathered the people at Shechem and what he did was he set up a stone and Shechem so that they would remember all the words of Joshua and the words of Moses before him and this stone would be a testimony to them of what they had experienced in the Exodus and coming into the land now a number of years ago the excavations first started back in the 1830s and during the of excavations there a man named I think it was a German man named her she did the first excavations they found the stone and it was about seven meters tall and to move it they broke it into three pieces and then somebody said oh wait a minute you know it talks here in Joshua chapter 24 about a stone maybe that's the stone of Joshua so they they propped it up and now it's got you can see where they've painted over Arabic graffiti and that type of thing I am my personal research I have no doubt this is the stone of Joshua the actual stone that Joshua erected it says this is in Joshua chapter 24 and Joshua wrote these books in the book of the law of God and took a great stone and set it up there under oak that was by the sanctuary of the Lord and Joshua said unto all the people behold this stone shall be a witness unto us for it hath heard all the words of the Lord which he spake unto us it shall therefore it shall be there for a witness unto you lest he deny your God okay so well let's go back to Jeroboam what's he doing so Jeroboam knows that the people in the southern kingdom don't like him he's the first king of the Northern Kingdom he's not in the Davidic line Rio Boehm is and so he he has to figure out how am I going to get in the good graces of the people of the Northern Kingdom so he says this and Jeroboam said in his heart now shall the kingdom return to the house of David if this people go up to do sacrifice in the house of the Lord at Jerusalem in other words if they go to the temple I'm toast then shall the heart of this people turn again unto their Lord even unto Rio bone king of Judah and they shall kill me and go again to Rio bone king of Judah whereupon the king took counsel and made two calves of gold talk about not learning your lesson right so here he is in Shechem setting up his kingdom where about 400 years before Joshua had put up a stone a Jeroboam that's Joshua's stone then didn't I read something in the law of Moses the books of Moses the Torah about a golden calves not good enough for this guy so he took counsel and he did he got advice for people it's always easy to get bad advice and made two calves of gold and said unto them it is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem behold thy God's o Israel which brought thee up out of the Land of Israel so I would say that Jeroboam if he was a modern-day pastor he was the first Robert Schuller he preceded Robert Schuller by twenty two thousand nine hundred years by my calculations two thousand nine hundred four years concealer setup a drive-in Church at a church at a drive-in down here because it was too difficult for people to get out of their car and walk into the building and he used to preach from the roof of the the concession stand down here I think it was down in Garden Grove and so Jeroboam says it's you don't have to go to Jerusalem I'm gonna put this and so what he did was he set one in Bethel which is in the southern part of the Northern Kingdom a few miles outside of Jerusalem near the modern-day city of Ramallah the capital of the Palestinians and he put the other Indian all the way in the north so he sets one in Bethel he sets one in Dan first Kings chapter 12th continues and this thing became a sin for the people went to worship before the one even unto Dan and he made a house of high places have made priests of the lowest of the people which were not of the sons of Levi and so this is an artist wreck reconstruction of the high place at Tel Dan in northern is in northern Israel and you see here you see the altar area right here and this is the high place where he would have set up the golden calves and you'll see in just a moment a little bit more about that and Jeroboam ordained to feast on their eighth month on the 15th day of the month likened to the feast that is in and he offered upon the altar so did he in Bethel sacrificing to the calves that he had made and he place in Bethel the priest of the high places which he had made so he offered upon the altar which he had made in Bethel the fifteenth day of the 8th month even in the month which he had devised it as of his own heart so now what has he done it is clear that he has completely departed from the Word of God he is a total complete apostate he is an example of apostasy writ large and ordained a feast unto the children of Israel God ordained the feasts of the Lord and he offered upon the altar and burnt incest so he had he had this and an now you can go to Dan today the circular area here inside the yellow lines that is Tel Dan it there Springs there's water bubbling up out of the ground it is the headwaters of the Jordan River it's a very lush almost jungle light environment the what you said well I'll tell you though bed a number of years ago I think it was 25 years ago or so they discovered as Stella it's a it's a rock as with writing on it at Tel Dan it was uncovered by an archaeologist this Stella has an inscription on it I haven't highlighted there in white and it talks about the house of David it's the first place that David his name was mentioned outside of the Bible this was a major archaeological find found at Tel Dan you can go there today and see it so here we have Tel Dan now this yellow line in 1967 to the bottom of the screen where the Tel Dan is that was the nation of Israel north of that yellow line was Syria now you may have heard about a war in 1967 that occurred in hostilities that really started in 1948 when Israel declared itself as an independent nation the border was right there that town there's a little town up there in Lebanon it's a a mile maybe a little over a mile away from the northern part of the town and for a long time during the war of 67 kind of a curious interesting story Israel won the war and about two weeks three weeks after the war a bunch of people came walking down the hill towards the Israeli soldiers down at Tel Dan waving white flags saying hey we're starving we want to be part of Israel so they made them part of Israel now the UN and it's great wisdom came in a few years ago and divided the city because that city said it's now divided between Israel and Lebanon so the Lebanon border goes right through the middle of that town there so that so you see Syria Israel Lebanon everything is very very close I mean you can even I can walk from one place to the other up there so that's Lebanon up there and on the northern part of the town right next to the place we're going to talk about next as you see these these are foxholes and what the Israelis did when they were needing to dig foxholes for the words that what the I don't think other countries do this they brought in archaeologists and say okay where can we put our foxholes because we don't want to destroy any archaeological enriched places the Muslims don't do this on the Temple Mount they come in with bulldozers and backhoes and they just rip things up but the Israelis are very conscious of their history praise the Lord now there's such a few significant things there at the Tel Dan this white canopy area you will see in the circle there and the red circle is the original gate of the city was there now wasn't called Dan back in those days because Dan was the name of the northern tribe one of the tribes of Israel but they've excavated this gate it is probably the oldest game ever excavated at any archeological intact gate ever excavated and an archaeological dig in world history now you can't go in it because it's very fragile they've had to prop it up and when these things get exposed to the elements that's why when you when you see the picture here you see like a white canopy because what happens to mud bricks when rain falls on them they turned to mud they no longer bricks and that's what happened that some of the mud brick walls were that were exposed down at Jericho fortunately when they uncovered them people made charts and graphs and we know about this so here it's a very interesting gate and this is how it would have looked back in the day that again something you're almost 100% certain about historically a man named Abram walked through that gate when he came to that city when he came into the land of Canaan following God's direction it's a it's a it's a another place along the southern part of the tell is a gate complex and this gate complex it gives you an idea how they when they sat in the city gates and that type of thing this was built by a HAP they have had a wife jezebel there's a lot of passages in scripture about Jezebel she probably told him to built the gate there I don't know I'm just gonna I'm gonna guess that would be very Jezebel thing for her to do well along the northern part of the towel is this area called the holy the holy area and again this is the Syrian border so now we're looking from what used to be Syria into is the northern part of Israel and we had this holy place there's a place there where there's an altar and a high holy place here's what it looks like in a photograph you can see this structure over here to the left this is an altar this is the holy the high place here's what looked like now archaeologist Jacob has a good teaching on this by the way they've they are 100 percent certain that that place is the foundations of the actual alder that Jeroboam built in dan that we've been reading about in first Kings chapter 12 and the high places where he would have put up the golden calf and you can see the mountains of Lebanon and Syria there to the north so now let's get to our text now I've wound up now it's time to do the pitch the imarco you can just tell me when I need to finish so zekiel chapter 23 he's going to talk about these two sister aah-ha-aah and a holy bomb the word of the Lord came again to me this is Ezekiel he's the one of the prophets writing from exile in Babylon and he says son of man there were two women so he's gonna he's gonna teach them by a story he's going to tell them about two sisters the son of man there were two women the daughters of one mother and they committed whoredoms in Egypt they committed whoredoms in their youth whether there were their breasts pressed and they were bruised it bruised the teeths of their virginity so what he talks about is the fact that they were both part of the United Kingdom of Israel they were in Egypt and they committed harlotry with the Egyptians means they would have worshipped there they were apostate they worship their gods by the way apostate does not mean a physical departure that is a there's a few teachings that irritate me not as much as that one now I'm gonna do a long thing on that someday but it's just it I I'm concerned that it's being taught that it's a rapture or the physical departure and the names of them he says were a whole lotta elder and olive on her sister and they were mine and they bear sons and daughters there thus were their names now he's going to give us a little bit of the geography part of Hal they represent the Northern Kingdom of Israel the southern kingdom of Judah so the first thing he says a whole lot of the elder that's the older one I'll Holly bought her sister that's the younger one we know they both come from the Uniting nation of Israel and we have the older and the younger thus their names Samaria he says is hala and Jerusalem al Holly Bock so we know that the capital of the Northern Kingdom entually ended up in Samaria that was a city that was established by Omri and his son a hat in fact you can go to side bun to sue Mario you they've uncovered the Royal Palace this is where Kings were buried and you can go today and see the tombs of Omri and Ahab in Samaria in what is inappropriately called the West Bank it should be called Judea or Samaria but you can actually go to the city in fact in that city there you will find a massive temple that Herod built to honor King Augustus and eventually what happened at that temple was that if you did not worship the king as part of the Emperor worship that developed and the Roman Empire after Augustus you were executed the perfect picture of what I think is coming to the world someday you don't worship this beast this Antichrist he will kill you and they're examples of this all over Israel we should learn from the history that the pattern has been established and it's very clear to us so we have Northern Kingdom capital in Samaria so aha la represents the Northern Kingdom of Israel al Holly ba represents Jerusalem and Judah the southern kingdom so the first part of the story is going to talk about Al hawa which means the Hebrew word means her tent well Holly Bob means God's tent is there in was God's tent in Jerusalem yeah it was optionally asshole and also at a place called Sheela for three hundred ninety years three hundred eighty years the tabernacle of Moses stood in Sheela that's where Samuel heard the voice of the Lord you can go today and you can actually walk out on the tell over to the tabernacle site and you will find that there are post holes there where they would put up posts to hold up the tabernacle how far apart are they there exactly the dimensions of what the Bible says they should be and yet archaeologists go you know I don't know what they would have put here it seemed to be some kind of holy site some kind of cultic worship site but I'm not sure so read your Bible so aha it talks about in Ezekiel chapter 12 and Allah played the harlot when she was mine and she doted on her lovers and the Assyrians her neighbors which were clothed with blue captains and rulers all of them desirable young men horsemen riding upon horses does she committed her whoredoms with them with all them that were chosen men of Assyrian with all of whom she she doted with all their idols she devout defiled herself neither left she or whoredoms brought from Egypt so we're talking about the older sister sister which represents the Northern Kingdom and it's like they never learned a lesson they played the whore with Egypt now they're in the land and now the Assyrians are coming and she's playing the whore with the Assyrians and this is a perfect picture of spiritual apostasy people never get it right until they return to the Word of God for in her youth lay with her and they bruised the breasts of virginity and poured the whoredom upon her wherefore I have delivered unto her hand the hand of her lover's and at the hand of the Assyrians upon whom she doted so the Assyrians were the next kingdom Gentile Kingdom that dominated the people of Israel these discover nakedness they took her sons and daughters and slew her with a sword what the assyrians did the Assyrians were brutal to say the least they were the ISIS of this time of the Old Testament in fact a lot of what Isis learns I think they got from the Assyrians and she became famous among women for they had executed judgment upon her so here we see the first we have the Egypt Assyria again back to the British Museum on the left is what a thing called the Taylor prism now it's not that big it's probably a little bit bigger than all this water and would be like a giant Evian bottle – you guys have Evie no I'm just kidding vii it would be it would be like a giant water bottle and it has communing on it and it talks about Sennacherib from Assyria and we know the story of Sennacherib we know that he came in at the time of King Hezekiah king as a hyah was afraid he was coming after Jerusalem he had taken over the cities Samaria he laid siege to Samaria for three and a half years because Samaria is a very impregnable city it's built highway high on a hill with the walls and everything it would have been very hard to get to it had area where it could grow its own food and that sort of thing in fact like Shechem it was a fertile area they used to sell wheat to the Egyptians from Shechem but on the Taylor prism it mentioned Sennacherib another name in the Bible and it tells what he's done you can see this in one of the galleries at the British Museum and then they had these massive rooms of these reliefs that they've taken from Nineveh which today we know as Mosul where they take it and they put these reliefs and this is one of the reliefs of Sennacherib sort of announcing that he's taken over Lakeisha which is a biblical city now it's interesting the tale of prism says I conquered this city the city the city the city the city and went to Jerusalem and then I went home I see the about the only book in ancient antiquity that sort of tells the bad news so they tell all the bad things that the children of Israel did why because God preserved those why first Corinthians chapter 10 for an example for us so we could learn not to do what they did the spiritual lessons that we should learn from the Old Testament they apply to us as believers in Jesus and so you can see these reliefs there's the I mean the rooms our football field long and they've to preserve them they brought them and they've kept them there in the British Museum fascinating stuff in these tells stories so now let's look at whole a Holly bod the woman the sister who represents the southern king of Israel and when her sister all holy boss saw those she saw what happened to her older sister she saw what heaven in Egypt saw what happened with the Assyrians and did a holly bond learned the lesson and when her sister holy Voss saw this she was more corrupt than an ordinary Norden in love and in accordance more than her sister in her whoredoms she doted upon the Assyrians her neighbors captains and rulers clothed most glorious gorgeously horsemen riding upon horses all of them desirable young men then I saw that she was defiled that they took that they took both one way so now the Assyrians she comes in and now there's another Kingdom that's coming in and she in that she increased her whoredoms for when she saw men portrayed upon the wall the images of the Chaldeans portrayed with Vermillion girded with girdles upon their loins exceeding and died a tire upon their heads all of them princes to look at after the manner of the Babylonians of Chaldea the land of their nativity the land of their birth and as soon as she saw them with her eyes she doted upon them and sent messengers unto them in khaldiya and the Babylonians came to her in the bed of her love and they defiled her with their whoredom and she was polluted with them and so the Babylonian Kingdom and took over the southern kingdom of Judah so she discovered her whoredoms and discovered her nakedness then my mind was alienated from her like my mind was alienated from her sister this is Ezekiel speaking yet she multiplied her whoredoms and calling to remembers the days of her youth where and she had played the harlot in the land of Egypt for she doted upon their paramours whose flesh is the flesh of asses and whose issue is like the issue of horses thus thou call us to remember it's the lewdness of thy youth and bruising thy teeth by the Egyptians for the paps of thy youth therefore L hollyball of us saith the Lord God behold I will raise up thy lovers against thee from whom thy might is alienated and I will bring them against thee on every side the Babylonians and all the Chaldeans P God and Shia and Khoa and all the Assyrians with them all of them desirable young men captains and rulers great Lords and renown all of them riding upon horses and what you find is that because Judah didn't learn the lessons from the northern kingdom Oh Holly vaad didn't learn this lessons and the judgments visited upon her older sister aha the judgment visited upon Judah was worse and so this is I believe a picture of how it's going to be with the church we know what happened to Israel we we know what the kingdom was divided the northern kingdom was taken they never had a good king the southern kingdom lasted about a hundred and forty years longer and they had some good Kings but eventually it was like I just said enough is enough I'm sending you into captivity you violated my law you haven't kept the years of the Jubilee years and the Sabbath years so you're gonna go you're gonna be gone for 70 years and guess what they were gone for good for what 70 years so is equal 23 and they shall come against me with chariots and Wheels wagons and wheels and with an assembly of the people which I'll set against the buckler and shield and helmet roundabout and I will set judgment before them and they shall judge the according to their judgments and I will set my jealousy against thee and they shall deal furiously with thee they shall take away thy nose in 9 years and there by remnant shall fall by the sword they shall take thy sons and thy daughters in the residue shall be devoured by the fire they shall also strip the out of thy clothes and take away thy fair jewels that's why I'll make that lewdness to cease from me and they hoard and brought from the land of Egypt so that thou shalt not lift up thine eyes unto them nor remember Egypt any more this is going to be a devastating judgment for thus says the Lord God behold I will deliver thee into the hand of them that thou hatest into the hand of them from whom thy mind is healing it and this is probably written ten years or so before the final invasion of the Babylonians to take away destroy the temple and take everything away and they shall deal with thee hatefully and they shall take away all thy labor and shall leave thee naked and bare and the nakedness of thy whoredoms shall be discovered both by lewdness and thy whoredoms i will do these things unto thee because thou has gone a whoring after the headon and because thou art polluted with their idols thou has walked in the way of thy sister therefore I will give her cup into thine hand and the Lord said moreover to me son of man without judge a whole law and a holy vow yayyyy declare unto them their abominations they have committed a dolt that they have committed adultery and the blood is in their hands and with their idols have they committed adultery and they have also caused their sons whom they bear unto me to pass for them through the fire to devour them as I was coming up here a facebook friend of mine sent me a video or tagged me in a post it was at the University of Michigan a pro-life group the University of Michigan had set up on one of the green spaces there at Michigan had set up crosses to represent aborted fetuses and the picture the video that I saw were Planned Parenthood supporters walking through there saying things like hey listen this is what's going down our fetuses are in the ground and they were challenged and they were like yeah I had an abortion I'm proud of it I get all the knots when I see this stuff because Judah the Northern Kingdom of Israel God judged him because of the kids go through the fire and the NASS offered his they offered their children to Molech wait I I have to say you know something's gonna happen God's just not God's not gonna tolerate this forever I've said this you know as the days of lauded Noah as the days of Noah and as the days of want and we know what lot went through and Sodom did he have to go through all this transgender stuff we know that it vexed his soul we see that in the second Peter chapter 2 and I'm like I don't I don't think he had to put up with this and you you know better than I you live in California for crying out loud I mean somebody send me things of what they're gonna be teaching through Planned Parenthood and schools in California I couldn't show you the pictures that they want to show to kids and their curriculum I would be banned from ever speaking in a church again they're porn I've their pornographic for children you can't a court the Supreme Court of Canada just issued an injunction against the Father in British Columbia and went through a divorce mother got custody of the child child wants to change sex it was a boy wants to become a girl 14 years old under court order the father is now being said you can't even talk about what's happening you can't even refer to the court record or you'll go to jail the Supreme Court of Canada they are chemically castrating this young boy in fact because they had to do a surgery because of the chemicals he's taking the surgery became much more dangerous and the father's not allowed to say anything about it and then this was I believe a unanimous decision of a at least preliminary he's appealing it but they're saying until this appeal is decided you can even talk about it you can't even refer to the court record you can't even mention your kid's name or what's going on because he's been giving interviews this is what's the old saying if God doesn't do something to America or Canada soon he needs to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah Ezekiel 23 moreover this they have done to me they had defiled my sanctuary in the same day and have profaned my Sabbath's for when they had slain their children to their idols then they came the same day and to my sanctuary to profane it and lo thus they have done in the midst of mine house they kill their children as sacrifice to idols and then they go to the temple you want to read a little bit about this a zekiel chapter 8 lays it out I'm gonna read a little bit of Ezekiel chapter 8 and 9 I'm gonna give you a few examples and it came to pass as he kiyul this is I have the wrong reference here's exactly is equal chapter 8 and it came to pass in the sixth year in the sixth month of the fifth and the fifth day of the month I sat in my house and the elders of Judah sat before me that the hand of the Lord fell there upon me he's in Babylon remember then I beheld at low likeness as the appearance of fire from the appearance of his loins even downward fire and from his loins even upward as the appearance of brightness is the color of amber and he put forth the form of a hand and took me by the lock of mine head and the spirit lifted me between heaven and the earth and brought me in the visions of God to Jerusalem so he's brought in a vision from from Babylon to Jerusalem and brought me to the door of the inner gate that looketh toward the north where there was where was the seed of the image of jealousy which provoked a–the to jealousy I need to do a study on that Margo and behold the glory of the Lord the God of Israel was there according to the vision that I saw in the plane then he said unto me son of man this is the son of man is a reference to Ezekiel in in these passages lift up thine eyes now by the way toward the north we know prophetically it seems like trouble always comes from the north so I lifted up mine eyes the way towards the north and behold northward at the gate of the altar this image of jealousy in the entry he said further unto me son of man see us what they do what they do see us now what they do even the great abominations of the house of Israel committeth here so this is this is a holy ba Judah committing idolatry at the temple even the great abominations at the house of Israel committeth here that I should go for off for my sanctuary but turn the yet again and thou shalt see greater abominations in other words Ezekiel you haven't seen anything yet come with me then he brought me to the entrance of the court and when I looked behold a hole in the wall and he said to me son of me and now dig through the wall so I dug through the wall and behold an entrance and he said unto me go in and behold the wicked abominations that they do here so I went in and saw and behold every form of creeping things in ab abominable beasts and all the idols of the house of israel portrayed upon the wall roundabout he's in the temple area and they're violated don't make any graven images but the glory of the Lord is still there by the way and he said to me go in and behold the wicked abominations that they do here so I went in and I saw this then he said unto me verse 12 son of man s now seen with the ancients that's actually the NASB calls that the elders of the house of Israel do in the dark in other words the elders that they're leading it every man and the chambers of his imagery for they say the Lord sayeth us not the LORD hath forsaken the earth he said also unto me turn the yet again and thou shalt see greater abominations that they do then he brought me to the door of the gate of the Lord's house which was toward the north and behold there sat women weeping for Tammuz then he said unto me you see this a son of man turn the yet again and that shall see greater abominations than the ease and I think is equal at some points gonna say ok got it you know enough and he brought me to the inner Court of the Lord's house and behold at the door of the temple of the Lord between the porch of the elder were about five and twenty men with their backs toward the Temple of the Lord and their faces toward the east and they worship the Sun toward the east then he said unto me you know what he's gonna say as thou seen this O son of man it is a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here it doesn't even bother them they don't even take it seriously for they have filled the land with violence and have returned to provoke me to anger and lo they put the branch to their nose therefore will I also deal in fury mine I shall not spare neither shall I have pity and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice yet I will not hear them so this is what Ezekiel 23 is talking about the abominations that are going on in the temple precinct of Jerusalem now they set up false temples false altar false high place golden calves in the Northern Kingdom but Judah violate the temple of God that was pretty serious stuff so how do you think you don't think God has gradations of judgment and he tells them it's gonna be worse for you than it was for them well thus says the Lord I will bring up a company upon them and I will give them to be removed and spoiled and the company shall stone them with stones was Ezekiel 23 and dispatched them with their swords and they shall slay their sons and their daughters and burn up their houses with fire and they shall recommend son to you your lewdness upon you and he shall bear the sins of your idols and he shall know that I am the Lord God boy Judah was bad we're we're better here though right may 21st 1922 Henry Emerson Fosdick who is the pre pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of New York City at the time there was a controversy brewing Gresham machen from Princeton was on the side of what became known as the fundamentalist they were arguing over different aspects the central core tenets of the Christian faith the atonement of Jesus Christ and the inerrancy of the word of God and Fosdick went to the First Presbyterian Church in New York City on May 21st 1922 it's actually well I won't say his thirty years before my wife was born to the day and he preached a sermon called shall the fundamentalist when in 1996 the New York Times say now what happened to Fosdick when he preached the sermon I'm gonna read you a couple quotes from it do you mind if I keep going the by 90 twenty four he was out as the pastor of First Presbyterian he became then became the pastor of Riverside Church and Upper West Side of Manhattan and we know this this is where Schuler's mentor norman vincent peale follow Fosdick Fosdick died I think in the 1960s he lived 47 years after this sermon God was patient here's what he said so the New York Times what they did in this article in nineteen ninety-six is actual page from the Sunday edition Saturday or Saturday edition in the New York Times and said listen seventy-four years ago Fosdick preached this sermon First Presbyterian got rid of him but now the elders at First Presbyterian they're like you know we really need to listen to FASTA he was if he really had it all he had had going down he knew what he was talking about in that sermon so they got rid of him but then they became apostate themselves warning ya Jude is worse right here's what he said this is a direct quote from his sermon you can find it online it is interesting to note where the fundamentalists are driving in their stakes to mark out the deadlines of doctrine around the church across which no one is to pass except on terms of agreement they insist that we must all believe in the historicity of certain special miracles pre-eminently the virgin birth of our Lord that we must believe in a special theory of inspiration that the original documents of the scripture which of course we no longer possess were in errantly dictated to men a good deal as a man might dictate to a stenographer it's 97 years ago almost of the day that we must believe in a special theory of the atonement that the blood of our Lord shed in the substitutionary death plaque AIT's an alienated deity and makes possible welcome for the returning Center and that we must believe in the second coming of our Lord upon the clouds of heaven to set up a lent millennium here as the only way in which God can bring history to a worthy denial Minh such are some of the states which are being driven to mark a deadline of doctrine around the church and that was the great battle 97 years ago has it changed at all in 97 years now it's worse now than it ever was because see what happened the fundamentals eventually sort of morphed into the evangelicals and the evangelicals have morphed into a kind of this blob that doesn't you know doesn't really stand for anything and so it'd be very easy to pronounce the church dead we see this I cite this all the time for the time will come when they were in 2nd Timothy 4 when they will not endure sound doctrine but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears and the people that sort of say well you don't need to be too strict about all this just what's the phrase chew the meat and spit out the bones now I like the TV show chopped eye you may have noticed I eat food on occasion I often tell people I'm getting ready for a marathon I'm working on the car beat carb carb loading and I've got I think I've got that down and eventually I get around to the running part but on chop you know every now and then they'll have a fish dish and what happens to the chef that serves the panel of chefs a fish dish that has a bone in it chopped you're gone yet we have evangelical pastors say hey at our church this was used to be part of the orange coated elevation Church at our church we chew the meat and spit out the bones now the good thing about that statement if that was part of their statement of faith Steven Furtick church now I appreciate that because at least it tells you you're gonna get bones at this church okay we're not even careful enough to get the bones out when we if we ever defeating you meat we know there's this evil wicked religion this is I'm oh I'm fascinated by this building it's about the third tallest building on the planet it's a royal clock tower it sits next to the Grand Mosque of Mecca here's the Google Earth three-dimensional thing the largest shopping mall in the world is in this building it costs billions of dollars to build it's the center of Islam we can all agree that Islam is an evil wicked really this mosque they were expanding it now can accommodate between 2 and 3 million worshippers at one time and they're expanding it the world will be able to accommodate 5 million it would take up the city of Devore the town of whizzes whatever this is of divor and the religion is grown on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and I want to get into the argument tonight about where the temple was I believe it was on the Temple Mount of plenty of reasons for that and believe me listen don't so maybe the videos I've watched all the videos I've read the books I just don't think they come through the right conclusion you can still be my friend and be wrong I mean I I treasure having my friends be wrong but there's a panel in this building on the place where the Jews believed the temple stood the Holy of Holies stood I actually was able to go in this building in 1995 you cannot non-muslims cannot go in there anymore there's a panel in there there's one panel on the outside where the marbles cut and it looks like a head of a demon or Satan yeah I'm sure you've seen it there's a panel in there that says God has no son so here's a religion that says God has no son so evangelicals in America we've been very good at resisting anything like ecumenical dialogue or anything like that with the Muslims or we haven't have we've evangelicals if not Yale this came out a number of years ago a common word between us and you Islamic Society of North America a front for the Brussels Brotherhood based outside of Indianapolis they say this in the name of God the merciful and compassionate that praise of the Islamic deity as an important phrase in Islam has found more than 100 times in the Quran and zyk into the Catholic prayer in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit this is a bold-faced lie they said this Catholic social teaching is based on the dignity of the human person and as you studied the Holy Quran as you study Islam basically this is what Muhammad the Prophet peace be upon him has been teaching there was a pastor since passed away and snowing Georgia they started a website called Jesus and the Quran Jesus in the Quran it morphed into Jesus and the Quran about how the Jesus of the Quran was the same as the Jesus of the Bible they gave seminars around Eric our friend went to one he said he sat next to a Methodist pastor and she a female pastor and she said she sat there at this seminar up in Seattle and said you know this this is way off I don't understand what these people are trying to do they're committing horde I'm like a challah vada that's what they're doing evangelical leaders signed on to this common word thing by the by the dozens Rick Warren a local pastor in my town rich Nathan at vineyard Columbus probably runs ten eleven thousand twelve thousand people on Sunday might be the largest vineyard the Pope signed on to it right look what this this is I this is May of 2014 five years ago the Pope went to major square Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem where Jesus was born well I have no doubt that this church is built over the place where Jesus was born historically pretty tight look what you see in the background the three wise men or Pope Paul the sixth pop john paul ii and pope benedict you see Mary there it looks like she's got a burqa on right the baby in the manger Joseph he's got a Muslim Khalifa and look what the baby's wrapped in this is blasphemy if Mahmud Abbas sitting in the crowd so you just so you understand what the what the baby Jesus has wrapped in is the same thing that this guy is wrapped in we have all these things going on in the evangelical church there was a book that came out a number of years ago called God and the gay Christian written by Matthew vines I'll play you a clip and and the question comes up in this clip it's a discussion it's Jay Baker Rachel held Evans by the way pray for her I don't know if she's saved she always celebrates her doubt she's in a medically induced coma as she had virus and abadan seizures resulted from so she's been in this coma for several weeks now so I pray that she has a chance if she's not saved so she'll see her and she's in the middle panel at the top and ask Tony Jones a question is well like you know Jesus never really condemned homosexuality and Tony Jones is going to tell you what these emergents think and please do not throw anything at the TV Paul did not have access to that kind of information now so we have that saying that so are you are you saying that we know more than the Jesus knew haha yeah I for sure I'm saying that Jesus did not know how to drive a car and I know how to drive haha so do you get the point about oh ha Levi and Judah beer is a stark resemblance to what's going on in the evangelical church and then this is a clip I play all the time again please don't throw anything Oprah interviewing Rob Bell on Super Bowl Sunday a few years ago about gay marriage this is before the obergefell decision when is the church gonna get that we're close I think it's evolving I think lots of people already there we think it's inevitable and it's we're moments a moment away from the church absolutely absolutely do you think we're moments away I think culture is already there and the church will continue to be even more irrelevant when it quotes letters from 2000 years ago is their best defense the church will continue to be even more irrelevant when it quotes letters from 2000 years ago is their best defense that was a few years ago now we have denominations pushing pushing a thing called reavoice here is can't remember that an 8 his name is Nate Collins he was a professor for many years at Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville where al Mohler has been the president he started this organization called reavoice they had their first conference last summer last May in st. Louis and here's just a clip of him he's he's gay you identify this gay I think he's married but this is his orientation so he's going to come he's going to say well I'm sort of like somebody in the Bible Jeremiah had hope the very next four verses during my thousand twenty three three three six then I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all the countries where I have driven them and I will bring them back to their fold and they shall be fruitful and multiply I will set Shepherds over them who will care for them and they shall fear no more nor be dismayed neither shall any be missing declares the Lord behold the days are coming declares the Lord when I will raise up for David a righteous branch and he shall reign as king and deal wisely and shall execute execute justice and righteousness in the land in his days Judah will be saved and Israel will dwell securely and this is the name by which he will be called the Lord is our righteousness I'm a gay man I'm Jeremiah because Jeremiah was abused I'm abused and will be brought into the fold by true Shepherds false well here's what he says in a follow-up that's the context of what he's saying there are some thoughts and opinions about our experience of orientation that are heavy burdens right bad Shepherds give us those burdens they are hard to bear and lay them on people's shoulders but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger this is the first of seven words that Jesus pronounces over the Pharisees the bad shepherds in the common thread through all of them is that they're being unjust if you're unsure unsure that this link exists between prophecy and unjust injustice just take a look at the end of the chapter my father was a pastor he passed away on June 5th 1991 I have a message of his transcript that he gave at a conference down in Long Beach in 1970 he talked a lot about now you know what I don't I remember a lot of my dad's messages but I think the message I'm thankful to the Lord I grew up under this teaching my entire life even though I didn't appreciate it at the time we would go on vacation and we always went to church on vacation and I remember my brother and I and my sister she was older but I can remember my brother and I especially as like fine we're gonna get to hear somebody else preach today and I can remember going to a church in Uniontown Pennsylvania Wesley Haller we're so glad to have you can you preach for us today sure got it again but a lot of the themes that dad talked about have ended up in the ministry that I have today and I'm sure that he even though he was talking about this in 1970 the attack on truth because he was aware of the historical thing that happened with him Henry him as Fosdick and the fundamentalist and liberal fight back in the 20s he would be shocked he would be shocked to see what I've lived to see he would be shocked to see things like this this is a risk Andy Stanley's book irresistible can you give me like 10 12 more minutes okay yeah I apologize look I can go a long time once upon a time there existed a version of our faith that was irresistible reclaiming the nude that jesus unleashed for the world Andy Stanley he's a head of catalyst and he has a conference called catalyst it says now and I think it should really be ignored because what they ignore is the truth in the 2014 conference at Dallas they passed out a kit so the pastors could go get integrins this is a new age based assessment they gave them a coupon I have the documentation somebody sent me the experience kit that he got I was able to dig it out at praise the Lord for because when they scrub it from a website you can prove what they pushed out there Jim Fletcher sent it to me and this is what they pushed they had filena Hertz there to do centering prayer so this is the Andy Stanley I'll just play a couple minutes of this from a sermon last year where he talks about what we need to do in Christianity the Old Covenant the Old Covenant law of Moses was not the go-to source regarding sexual behavior in the church more importantly and perhaps more disturbingly that's a word or offensively the Old Testament or the law and the prophets as they called it was not going to be the go-to source for any behavior in the church now to make this point because this is so important I originally in my notes I was going to put a screen up here that said in other words that means thou shalt not obey the Ten Commandments but I knew someone would take a picture of that and it would define me for the rest of my life so I'm not gonna put it up there but I want you to hear me say it here's what the Jerusalem Council was saying to the Gentiles you are not accountable to the Ten Commandments you're not accountable to the Jewish law we're done with that God has done something new besides he would say to them many would say to you thou shalt not obey the Ten Commandments because those aren't your Commandments yours are better everything's new and finally twenty years after the resurrection Peter James John and Barnabas they detached the church from Judaism not because there was something wrong with Judaism but because Judaism the law of Moses was a means to an extraordinary you know is this important so it's fascinating Andy you're about at a time is this really all that important yeah here's why appear because many have lost faith many have lost faith because of something about the Bible or in the Bible the Old Testament in particular once they can no longer accept all the historicity of the Old Testament lines they couldn't go along with all the miracles once somebody poked a hole in the Genesis creation you know myth once all that went away suddenly their house of cards faith came tumbling down because they were taught it's all true it's all God's Word and if you find one part that's not true uh-oh the whole thing comes tumbling down not Christianity the Bible did not create Christianity the resurrection of Jesus created and launched create your house of Old Testament cars can come tumbling down the question is did Jesus rise from the dead and the eyewitnesses said he did now I know it's a little disturbing for some of us and I know it for many of you this is this is liberating is one close friend of mine said who's in her sixties she said I finally understand and it's disturbing perhaps for people like me like you who received our first Bible with no instructions but I'll tell you it's liberating for it's liberating for men and women who were drawn to the simple message that God loves you so much he sent his son to pave the way to a relationship with you it's appealing and it's liberating for people who need and understand Grace who need and understand forgiveness and it's liberating for people who find it virtually impossible to embrace to embrace the dynamic the worldview and the value system depicted and the story of ancient Israel and Peter who was on both sides James who was on both sides the Apostle Paul oh my gosh he was killing Christians before he became when these men are right at the epicenter they were on both sides of the equation here's what they say to you and to me as a Christian Peter James Paul elected to unhitch the Christian faith from their Jewish scriptures and my friends we must as well now I played a long clip that's edited somewhat I did not make any of that up that is exactly what that man said unhitch from the Jewish Scriptures Babylon B came out with a nice little thing I thought sometimes I love the Babylon be Andy Stanley's Old Testament removal tools now available in Christian bookstores here's some quotes from this new not improved Jesus stepped into history to introduce something new he didn't come to Jerusalem offering a new version of an old thing or an update to an existing thing he didn't come to make something better Jesus was sent by the father to introduce something entirely new he says I'm obsessed with the conversion stories I devour pew and Barna research studies about who's leaving the faith of why the reasons are all over the map but for the majority of people it comes down to belief half of currently identified nuns those who have no belief and religion raisin and religion acknowledge lack of belief is the reason they walk away from religion science logic and lack of evidence were offered as explanations for the evaporation of faith but in the end it just comes down to one thing they just don't believe anymore what Deacon verse 5 impossible to continue believing he eventually intersects with something in the Bible or something about the Bible and when it's something in the Bible the Old Testament is usually the culprit may I ask you a question this humbly have I showed you tonight that the Old Testament is relevant to our day and age today I didn't go to a seminary I read the Bible and I had good Mentors and that brings us to some really good news most Christians don't know Christianity can stand on his own two New Covenant first century feet the Christian faith doesn't need to be propped up by the Jewish Scriptures and a post Christian context our faith actually does better without Old Covenant support this was not the case in the first century and therein lies part of the confusion the Apostles appropriately leveraged the Old Testament to make the case to their Jewish brothers and sisters but typically did not leverage the Jewish the Scriptures to make their case to the Gentile world that is a bold-faced lie and he says it took them 20 years so we don't when do we start listening to the Apostles and the disciples of Christ and what they wrote this isn't this is insane I'm about I I have to read this stuff a bunch of times believe me man and when I presented I'm ready to pop a blood vessel God could look I don't hate him I hate what he says okay when preaching to Gentiles they leveraged a more recent development the resurrection so what did the council mean he talks about the Jerusalem Council twenty years after the resurrection of Jesus Christ this is where I part ways with some of the brightest New Testament scholars of our time so you'd probably be better off opting for their answer to this question these fine folks believe sexual immorality is shorthand for the Levitical law regarding sexual conduct and what he'll say is if you read that book we have a better way now than the Ten Commandments what's that what is the way well it's just the way of love non-judgmental now you don't understand the context in which he gave a sermon about a gay couple in his church the the the husband and wife had a daughter husband started living with a man the husband and wife got divorced and she came to church and then the guy and his new lover came to church and they actually served at one of the campuses of North Point it's a sermon called between grace and truth II you can look it up it's on the internet if it has I've got a copy of it in case it's been scrubbed and he had he had a graphic and it wasn't like he just kind of came off the cuff and talked about this in a sermon he had the picture mother daughter mail mail all this thing and you know why he eventually said that the mail couple could not serve at the church because this couple this this couple had been divorced but this the other guy that he was now living with was still married and therefore it was adultery but once he was divorced that it was okay what do you think the Jerusalem Council would do with that look this is what this is a heresy called Marcion from a guy named Marci ins and you see certain aspects of dispensationalists do this they say the Old Testament has nothing to do with us the Gospels had nothing to do with us I mean even go further than Andy Stanley and I I personally know what these people believe in the gospel but the way they divide up the scriptures is Thomas Jefferson cut out all the stuff that he didn't think should be in there and they do even more than Thomas Jefferson Davis and we need to call them on it did the did the early church do this the Bereans were more noble than those in Thessalonica they received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the script they didn't have the New Testament they searched the Old Testament Jesus and chapter 24 on the road to emmaus after the resurrection beginning at Moses and he says well they didn't have they had the resurrection well Jesus was the resurrected Christ and what was he doing talking to them out of the Old Testament that's the scriptures Ezekiel chapter 9 this follows Ezekiel 8 it talks about the judgment he cried also mine ears with a loud voice saying caused them that have charged over the city to draw deer even every man with his destroying weapon in his hand and you'll see there's these picture of these ax men that come forth that behold six men came for the way of the higher gate which live toward the north and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand and one man among them was clothed with Lenin with a writer's inkhorn by his side and they went in and stood beside the brazen altar and the glory of the God of Israel was gone up from the cherub whereupon he was to the threshold of the house and when he called to being clothed with linen which had the writers inkhorn by his side and the Lord said unto him go through the midst of the city this is the Jerusalem's ready to be destroyed people are going to be slaughtered but God is always merciful to his remnant and so this is a picture of this this is becoming more and more relevant to us in our day and age amen go through the midst of Jerusalem and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof the new American Standard says that sigh and groan the question I always ask when I teach this when you look around at what's going on in the church and culture do you sigh and groan and if the answer is yes praise God you get it you are part of the remnant if it does not bother you if it does not vex your soul like it vex the soul of lot you need your with the Lord and to the others he said in mine hearing go you after him through the city this is to the ax men the people executing judgment and smite let not your eyes spared neither have ye any pity slay utterly old and young both maids and little children and women to come not near any man upon whom is the mark and begin at my sanctuary judgment begins at the house of God then they began at the ancient man the elders these people in Ezekiel 8 who were leading the false worship and he said unto them defiled the house and fill the courts with the slaying go ye forth and they went forth and slew in the city and it came to pass while they were there slaying them and I was left that I fell upon my face and cried and said Lord God well I'll destroy all the residue of Israel and I pouring out thy fury upon Jerusalem then he came they said unto me the iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceedingly great in the land is full of blood in the city full of perverseness 4 they say the Lord had forsaken the earth and the Lord seeth not and as for me also mine I shall not spare neither will I have pity but I will recompense their way out upon their head but he will spare as we saw in verse 4 those who have the mark now I got a lot of trouble so we said Oh John how is this you should take the mark there is a false mark and you take that one scripture says it's over but there is a good mark am i right is it not right here in the scripture and if God sent someone to mark those that are his he always has a remnant it's interesting in the revelation 7:3 it says do not harm the earth or the Seas or the trees until we have sealed the bond servants of our God on their foreheads which you find in Revelation is almost always a reference to the Old Testament and I think it's a reference back to his Eagle chapter 9 yeah you can only understand revelation by understanding the Old Testament it's interesting at the time of his equal that Ezekiel wrote the way the scripture worked the mark that he referred to look like this you can see this in some of the manuscripts this is I think from one of the Dead Sea Scrolls if you see these little marks in the text there is a mark that you want so I'll say I'm promised I'm done Boxing Day 2004 2005 Indian Ocean these are pictures in Thailand a massive earthquake took place in Indonesia and this is across the Indian Ocean a thousand miles away and what happened was when the earthquake happened these people were down by the beach they were going out on boats and the water drained out of the bay and so I look at him that everybody's down walking around like oh look at the pretty rocks and coral usually we have to snorkel out here or take a boat now we can just walk around and look at the pretty rocks see them there they're all over the place and then people look at the horizon the boats are and people are calling it like the but we can't go on the boat because it's like high and dry this actual video taken that day and then eventually you'll see there's a picture here where people will look out and they'll say I'll look at that and you'll see it goes all the way across the horizon and people are going what is that look at those waves it flips over a big like a gunship like a peat PT boat it's all across the horizon then finally somebody says is that a tsunami and the person goes no it's not a tsunami look at that and then you'll see the locals all of a sudden the locals realize what's going on and what are they doing they're running for the hills see them and then they start yelling and you'll see there's people here you'll see them standing there watching this not listen this is a perfect picture to me of the end times the tsunami of God's judgement is coming and there's plenty of people how many people died that day 300,000 or more that guy he's gone and just before look at the pretty rocks that's unusual and a lot of people met their eternal fate that day I remember a picture of a a man they were interviewing he his daughter was missing his son said I think she's dead I was holding on to her and she got swept away they were out on a boat they're on the boat they were safe kind of a picture of in the arc okay we're safe right I mean they had a big wave come in but that was it and he was watching the the looking at a board while he was being interviewed on Good Morning America and he saw the picture of his daughter's face dead in a morgue this to me this is a sobering picture of what's coming upon the world and we need to we need to warn people Ezekiel warn people Jeremiah warn people woe to the pastors who only tell my people good news in Jeremiah chapter 23 and we have plenty of that going on but people need to be prepared prepare your hearts prepare your souls let's pray father I pray that you will help us to take to heart this message I praise the Lord for a faithful group here that took the time to sit through this tonight I pray that we will be able to warn those around us share with them the glorious truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the wonderful integration of the entire complete Word of God that you have miraculously preserved for us to share with others in these days give a strength bless us in Jesus name Amen [Applause]

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