John Bolton’s Possible Testimony Could Seal Donald Trump’s Fate | Deadline | MSNBC

John Bolton’s Possible Testimony Could Seal Donald Trump’s Fate | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “John Bolton’s Possible Testimony Could Seal Donald Trump’s Fate | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. You simple morbid snakes think you are something powerful, but yet are weak as to not even be morbid enough as to be morbid defined to complete your job.

    You try too hard at being a failure snakes!

  2. Really? He was canned by Trump . . . why is everyone that testify someone that Trump has fired or forced to quit? Is this not a clear conflict of interest? Don't get me wrong . . . Trump is a buffoon . . . but you guys really think this is credible testimony if it happens? Too many of you are living a fantasy. Wish I was able to do that.

  3. how come I never meet a woman like nicole Wallace? [loud booming voice from the sky: ] "Because yo have no front teeth, are clumsy and poor, Cats and an embarrassment to the gods!!! "(Ba-doom Pish! )

  4. They can't even pass impeachment in the house. nor even take a vote. They can't take a vote. If they take a vote they're all going to PRISON!

  5. if the republicans keep supporting Trump, I don't care what the polls say or the NASCAR fans say. They will be so unpopular with so many people, they will NEVER have a political future. This make shock people, but there are still a great number of republican middle class families out there along with independents and even immigrants who ARE NOT GOING TO FORGET what the Republicans did to constantly support CROOKED TRUMP in these last 2 years. Congrats, you compromising , butt kissing Republicans. You are about to lose the Senate next year AND THE PRESIDENCY.

  6. Republicans will never break no matter the treason, the belligerence, the insults , the incoherence of trump and his cabal of equally cartoonish but dangerous leads. Talking with current republicans ( and i used to be one) is not only appalling but frightening. They have become the masters of the non sequiter and other false logic, flagrant distortion of obvious facts, etc. Their fervent preposterous conspiracy theories about essentially everything are becoming even more grandiose and fantastical And perhaps most dangerous is that since these people are largely minimally educated racist white men/boys they are belittling higher education as one of their fundamental grievances. They are now talking a very similar descent to the highly regressive and brutalistic policies of the Khrmer Rouge.

  7. Nobody knows exactly what evidence Barr has found, everyone is just saying Barr is his patsy. Durham is the one requesting these things of Barr. If he did find something wrong, let it come out, removing Barr would be considered obstruction of justice if true.

  8. trump said he was going to drain the swamp but he installed a septic tank on a garbage dump, doused it in human blood and set it on fire!

  9. PLEASE Mr. Bolton testify and seal TUMPS FAITH. America needs you more now than ever. Just tell the truth and let Congress do their job.

  10. Barr is the hinderence & needs impeachment & replacement right norw! He’s as crooked as you CULT of GREED get! Protect Trump is the only Goal of ALL OF THEM! Snakes are simply ALL they’d are & do anything ti underb

  11. Trump is such a rat , Ugh I can't wait till he is out of office . All the other people enabling and supporting him to be replaced as well. No matter how much corruption keeps coming out , I cant believe anyone with morals would support it.

  12. The facts are coming out, I can't wait for Trump to be kicked out!!! I would LOVE to see Trump grilled in this situation. I can hear his LIES now…hahaha!

  13. if bolton comes out hard, he has my respect.i he says i don"t know over and over,he is just another boot licker.please john be on the right side.

  14. 20 minute video for a possible outcome of a possible testimony? Anyone got a time stamp for the point where they get to facts or is just speculation, leaks, and opinions?

  15. The Klan lorax turning on PrEsiDenT tRuMp is hilarious AF especially watching The devil and his demons turn on one another 😆


  17. For 1010 long days these people at MSNBC News have been announcing one "bombshell" after another related activities that would lead to our President's demise. Below, we see Brian C., DRSmetal, Ms. Rellon, and many many others, screaming, yelling, frothing at the mouth. Others resemble whirling dervishes as they disparge the Commander-In-Chief. Here, according to these MSNBC lunatics – John Bolton is suddenly someone who is going to be truthful. It wasn't too long ago and these same MSNBC handmaidens – nothing Bolton has ever done is anything close to appropriate. Enjoy your bombshell! The rest of America actually wants our president to succeed and be ready should he have to make an important decision. At the very least – you'd think about the people in the military who stand ready to obey the President's orders to protect our country. Unless you've put on a uniform and stood on the battlefield you'd have absolutely no idea how important that is. But at least you could think about it for a change.

  18. Was trump at the funeral and everything that is happening to trump and in his administration is what he gets . , whether you’re a dem or rep

  19. Bolton already lost his job so it won't cost him anything to testify. Perhaps he thinks Pence will hire him back. The whistleblower report isn't the smoking gun; it's not even the box the ammo came in.

  20. Trump isn’t going anywhere but the criminal Democrat’s that tried to set him up sure are. The name of the whistle blower is out and he’s very close to Schiff which puts Schiff into the treason category.
    Enjoy the fall Democrats

  21. What’s most interesting in all this is will the Democrat party survive or be restarted as something else like the chain gang

  22. im questioning my self as:
    is there any possibility that Bolton or anyone else to be OBLIGATED BY LAW to testify publicly and not privatly …or is it bolton to chose if hes goiing to makit public or not by choice . giving the radical situation u.s.a is facing ??
    i mean the situation is pretty a first in history lol

  23. The republicans are complaining about the impeachment investigation being "secret" meanwhile Barr and Trump really do have a secret criminal investigation of a legal investigation going on. This is fascism at it best.

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  25. (Chuckle) John Bolton’s "POSSIBLE" Testimony "COULD" Seal Donald Trump’s Fate? An awful lot of uncertainty in that line.

  26. You do the investigation, it all gies back to soros . He is the one tryiing to bring down Trump. 2020 We will vote him back in.

  27. Republicans are out of control when they follow the lead of a freshman congressman into private congressional hearing. this freshman congressman apparently is a criminal who walked away from criminal case and got elected into congress.

  28. Republicans are out of control when they followed a freshman congressman into a private congressional hearing and interrupted. this freshman congress apparently got away from a criminal case and got elected into the US Congress.

  29. I'm happy for Mr. Trump. It it looking like he will be able to truthfully say it's the biggest, bestest impeachment ever and we all agree. See, miracles do happen in the good, old USA

  30. Barr has been traveling around the world trying to Get countries to back the bs that trump has been spewing out there, and I pray that these countries can't bow down to bribery. once you countries come forward and let the american public know the extent of this corruption of this presidency we can deal with these people and remove them from office. Please let us know what bribes or ideal promises they are telling you. It could save our country and our freedom.

  31. I feel Sorry for him because he wouldn't lessen to nothing they were their to tell his he knew it all so this is what he got

  32. Nicole Wallace and MsNBC advancing another "got Trump". This has to be at least the 100th hoax narrative. Done just for ratings and their "fans".

  33. John Bolton is right about Trump and North Korea..If Trump is reelected, North Korea will be able to send a nuclear bomb to US and ISIS will get one and do it.

  34. I have a feeling the base republicans sadly wont care hoping I am wrong because this is about our Country not about Hillary as some of them think.

  35. I thought tRump was going to hire the "best people" yet he characterizes the endless stream of people he kicks out of there as liars and bums. Given that the people still working for tRump could be fired at any time, are they already liars and bums? Preemptively?

  36. I am not a trump supporter , but how can anyone believe Bolton on anything he is a war momger.shame on the dems for going along with Bolton.

  37. It's unusual for a presidents national security advisor to testify? How common is it for a national security advisor to be imprisoned? Have we forgotten Flynn? Bolton was smarter than Flynn to jump ship when he realized it was a criminal organization.

  38. The Walrus is a patriot first and a republican second, I believe his testimony will reflect his oath to and for the U.S. constitution.

  39. I find it  very  disturbing, that the orange individual 1,along with his minion barr do nothing about Russia,it was proven that Russia did attack the USA,yet they are steadfast,gangho  going against  the people who were looking into the Russians buying the gop, if nothing alse is weird  that he (turd) has never said one nasty thing about putin ,but the investigators  are the scum of the earth.

  40. This 20 minutes video could have been summed up in less than 5 minutes Ms. Nicolle. Seriously, 20 freaking minutes about Bolton? Come on people!

  41. Republicans wouldn’t lump Bolton in with the “deep state” conspiracy? Maybe for some of them. But I think you under estimate the craziness of certain republicans, like Matt Gaetz, or Louie Gohmert, or Devin Nunes – the trio of stupid.

  42. The shakedown for dirt will result in House Impeachment. Its scary that Senate Republicans must reject foreign election interference to remove Trump. If they do not then door is opened to China and Russia to attack U S elections.Each party to survive will invite foreign influence and money. Very spooky.

  43. I never thought Bolton would ever be needed with an investigation against Trump that will teach trump don't be mean and insulting to those who work for you especially those you've fired..he gotta be shaking in his boots but don't people in those roles forbidden to speak to what they need him to say ? I wonder

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