Johanna Konta reacts strongly to 'patronising’ question | 2019 Wimbledon Press Conference

Johanna Konta reacts strongly to 'patronising’ question | 2019 Wimbledon Press Conference

so could you just briefly explain what happened and not much with the 4-1 lead and eventually unfortunately you're on the wrong end of the result this time um I mean I guess what happen is that I have an opponent on the other side of the court who has everything to say in in how the match goes as well and I think she was playing very well and I think I couldn't quite find the level that I needed to to to make it difficult and challenging for the kind of player she is which is very difficult to player on this very difficult player to play on this surface and in general she's a very good player and it's just yet I'm fortunate I couldn't I couldn't quite find the level needed to to to come to sunny finals that you had no regrets and you wouldn't do anything differently I'm just wondering if you found similar feelings today or whether there are moments in your mind where you think I wish had done that differently I wish your approach you didn't it no I'm in the same boat still I mean I I I went out there I did my best and and my best today I just wasn't good enough but every decision that I made every every every thought process every every opportunity that I gave myself everything I have no regrets in doing I mean I I did the best that I could 33 unforced errors and then you had a smash at the net which she hit straight to her and then towards the end of the third set you had a double Fulton and missed a drive volley do you not have to look at yourself a little bit about how you cope with these big points because it's all very well saying it's a lot to do with your opponent but there were key points when you perhaps could have done better is that in your professional tennis opinion no that's just as a spectator with everyone else and so it's called willing you on okay um again I think those are IBM's okay okay I mean that I don't think you need to pick on me in an in a harsh way I mean I think I think I'm I'm very open with you guys and I say how I feel out there and if if you don't want to accept that answer or you don't agree with it that's fine but I still believe in the tennis that I play and I still believe in the way I competed and yeah I don't have much else to say to your questions asking you somebody who presumably wants to go on from here learn from this and and win a Grand Slam one day is it not something that you need please don't patronize me I know no UI in the way you're asking in the way you're asking your question you have been quite disrespectful when you're patronizing me I'm a professional competitor who did her best today and that's all there is to that x-rated language from your cell phone call was that a sign of the frustration that you were feeling at that time so burned in a second heart second set um I mean I guess I don't I don't recall I mean yeah I mean she's she's a frustrating player to play so I mean I definitely found myself in a few frustrating positions out there but apologies if I first of all keep going deep into Grand Slams and not going all the way to the final does that convince you that you are gonna get there one day what does it concern you that maybe it's always gonna be nearly I think the best I can do is put myself in the in the positions and to give myself the opportunity to go to keep going further and further and I mean it will it will either happen or it won't but um I'm no less of a person or a player if I don't get past this point equally so if I do I think yeah III play this game with dignity and and I love this sport and I'm grateful for everything that it brings me

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  1. If the uk want to win Wimbledon
    It has to encourage council estate kids to play tennis……like they do in Spain! not just the posh kids……

  2. If anything, the patronising comment in this clip comes from Konta at 1:53 when she asks 'Is that in your professional tennis opinion?'
    What does that mean? That the journalist is not a professional tennis player and therefore not entitled to an opinion??
    Would she have said that if his comment had been more supportive?
    Maybe Konta thinks that people who aren't professional tennis players are only entitled to opinions that are the same as hers.

  3. I think Konta needs to have a long hard look at herself. Grand slam champions don’t often claim to be picked on…Just saying.

  4. ALL reporters should be required to read Theodor Roosevelt's 1910 "Man(woman) in the arena" prior to a press conference with any athlete.

  5. So someone tell me why she needs to be polite to these arseholes ???????

    Speak your mind , tell them this is enough and get the fuck out of that interview room, those questions are simply an accepted form of bullying by people that think they have the right to bully

  6. That guy was a jerk.
    Jo, you played an amazing tournament and you’ve been playing an amazing season! 💪🏻😎

  7. Would have loved to seen the colour of journalists face after she pulled him up
    She stayed calm but was strong in her response .

  8. Don't understand why journalists get slammed simply for asking tough questions. God forbid an interviewee should actually have to think or be made to face a slightly uncomfortable truth. Toughen up, folks.

  9. Anyone who plays tennis knows that she bottled it, just like she did at the French. That type of situation will have happened to pretty much everyone who has played tennis at one stage or another. The concern for Konta is that it keeps happening to her. In her recent defeats she has begun matches relaxed and has looked comfortably better than her opponents, but then the pressure builds towards the end of sets and her unforced errors sky rocket. Happened to her in the French semis, also in the Wimbledon match before this one (she was fortunate that her opponent was also making lots of unforced errors) and it happened to her in this quarter final defeat when her forehand broke down. She seems to realise that it's an issue as she has regularly used sports psychologists but it's still the biggest flaw in her game. It's a shame as her level of play has been incredible recently, until these moments when the pressure has clearly got to her and her game crumbles.

  10. When I saw the headline, at first, I thought it was another over exaggeration and drama created both her and the press; but, now I see that Johanna was right. The guy was being a jerk. There's a way to speak truth without being an ass.

  11. Such a drama queen, the journalist was simply stating facts but she had to make a mountain of molehill.
    No wonder the majority of the journalists have to ask silly and repetitive questions cuz the players can't handle the truth.

  12. Tennis is a tough sport many people and journalists do not understand or have ever played the game. They think you just turn up and win. It's one on one sport

  13. Feel sorry for her now especially as Andy Murray times has come to end who going fly flag for 🇬🇧 where are all 🇬🇧 player that gets help from ltd probably nowhere anyway how good she does media haters will say she Aussie 🎾🎾🎾🎾

  14. This is my first time of listening to Johanna. I'm really impressed with the way she handled the questions. That particular journalist was patronising.

  15. Typical snobbish question from a person who does not compete in sports and has no idea how hard it is to play at that level in those conditions. What a Moron!

  16. For a journalist that likes "IBM FACTS", it's also a fact that 2019 has been Konta's most successful year on the tour

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