Joe Rogan Talks to Hotep Jesus About Social Media Censorship

Joe Rogan Talks to Hotep Jesus About Social Media Censorship

the Joe Rogan experience – one boom hotep Jesus how are you sir I always wanted to say that wanted to call somebody that I've made that drop how the fuck do you get a name like hotep Jesus had that come about it wasn't my idea you know I was uh I had just went through my spiritual awakening I just know the industry and I went through like that mace thing you know you go – what are you doing with a lot going on with there I had to top my hair down this is black big so yeah so here Joe of wakening yeah I had this spiritual awakening and I'm you know tweeting on Twitter like I do write and uh somebody said what do you think you are some kind of hotep Jesus yes I do think I'm who – that's perfect then now you own it that person is probably fuck god damn that was a great name I gave that dude yeah I don't know who that person is or was or where they are now shout out to whoever you are exactly and vibe high your Twitter why didn't you switch it to hotep Jesus can you switch it ah does anybody only hotep Jesus I do you so you have hotep Jesus on Twitter – yeah reserved it oh dude I think they could probably swap do you have a little one I'm cute little blue check marks yeah no Tim what the fuck is that how do you get one of those I don't know some people that have those that have like a thousand followers oh yeah how you getting it like if you work for the New York Times or some time you had them I'll do Joe and then I get verified I don't know how Twitter feels about me I mean I think Jack likes me he's been in a couple of times but I think the whole there they're weird man they want I mean I think all social media all tech companies want you to toe a line right now and if you're not towing that line and you're bringing on forbidden guests and you have people that have controversial ideas you know they have that finger on the button of getting rid of you they don't know what to do it's just like radio mm-hmm you know like radio a lot of people don't know abut radio has to play happy songs because happy people buy things only yeah that's well that's what the studies say allegedly the marketing studies and advertising studies say people are in a good mood tend to buy things right so the radio is supposed to play happy songs all day long and the radio works for the advertisers kind of like media and so on so forth so social media is no different they have advertisers so if there's people on the platform who are creating disgruntled crowds it could be hurting the bottom line yeah but Facebook's algorithm actually favors that the way Facebook has it set up like say if if you if you get into debates with people on abortion or something like very controversial they will start sending that shit to your feed that will they will prop you it will sort of steer it in your direction because the more you engage the more clicks they get the more money they get the more advertising dollars again absolutely absolutely the Facebook algorithm is quite unique and the way that things can go viral their Twitter I feel like the Twitter safety and Councilman yeah what do they call it trust and safety yeah that was some like that yeah so when I go and look at the entities that contribute to that board I kind of start saying oh okay I see why certain topics are taboo mm-hmm you know there's when you when there's a board those people on the board are the voice they're the ones that have the opinion you know so if your group isn't represented maybe you need to figure out how to get on that board you know what I mean right I don't know anybody's getting on that board it's not gonna happen and you better be left-wing you're gonna get on that board yeah but do you think like word is I think Jack's more like in the middle yes I think he's closer to the middle I don't think it's Jack I think it's you know Jack's working on a bunch of different projects mm-hmm but I think it's probably you know whoever else is in the office making the day today's decisions yeah I like Jack a lot but I think Jack is in the middle of a gigantic corporation mm-hmm and there's so many people with so many ideas essentially the founding fathers of our country had a great idea when it comes to freedom of expression they felt like it was very important that you have free speech and they don't you can't be silenced you can't be it can't be undermined by people who disagree with you because it's dangerous it's dangerous from someone can just decide that you can't have a voice anymore and only their voice can be heard and we're kind of seeing that with Twitter and we're kind of seeing that with Facebook and with Google and they're they're deciding what could be heard and what not come here they think they're doing it for good reasons they think they're doing it to preserve our culture and our civilization and they want to protect people from the election do you read it shut down the Donald the the the Donald Trump support reddit page yeah that's not a good idea the right right before the dim yeah them to be right before the democratic debate and you know that was like where all the funny memes come from and look man this you can't do that I mean just because if you have some people that are saying some shit that's bad on there get rid of those people get rid of that but you can't just shut down a whole forum like it seems that seems insane is there a reason for it it's not shut down it says its quarantined fuck does that mean is it have a disease I sure like temporary sket Ebola it happens to people they gotta do something I don't know it says there's violent threats I'm looking to see what Oh Enid misbehaviour violent threats skeptical very seems weird right I feel like all this stuff isn't it like we're seeing what the First Amendment is really all about why it exists we're seeing it play out yeah with all these social media sites I really think you know my thing is with like the reddit thing right it's very easy to create an actor right the left can create a right wing actor online to pretend like it's something about sure it's something else they can go in and read it do something malicious to get the whole reddit banned right what can Agent Provocateur yeah exactly and I never leave that off the table when I look at instances like this I'm saying oh somebody was it's the Internet everybody's anonymous huh where I'm tracking this back to who it is you know I mean or do you know what's conservative do you know as a Republican are you sure so you know I take these things these pieces of information with a grain of salt yeah you should but is this election meddling it kind of is right is what it feels like if you're killing a whole sub what does it depends I mean so if they're really that would be really interesting if it turns out that it was someone from the left that was posing as someone from the right in order to shut down a forum and pretend there's death threats err I mean you look at YouTube right what's been happening with YouTube even just the algorithm you know I'm pretty good with keywords I do SEO marketing so when I type in certain keywords to find certain things I know what's gonna come up or what type of content comes up now when I type in those keywords it's like ABC NBC ABC CNN and I'm like that's not what I wanted they don't even talk about these keywords what are you talking about yeah so when you start seeing that you start thinking about ink sock in Orwell in 1984 and socialism and communism and fascism and the degradation of society and a lot of control coming down you know people you know in some ways it's like was the internet created for freedom or was it contributes to different pathways we could probably look at that but it seems like in many ways they set us up to be controlled and doing it through monopolies Google controls search through YouTube and Google and by what you search you can think it's a truth but what did Kanye say Kanye say Google lied to you you know so when he says a lot of crazy shit though you don't really think about that he does and I like crazy I'm a big fan of crazy I'm a little crazy a lot of crazy sometimes so I appreciate his crazy side more than his calm side hmm well great things come from wild thoughts right exactly I think the internet was initially created to exchange information and then when it got loose to the general public they realized what a crazy idea that was mm-hmm well I think we're seeing right now with the algorithms is that these corporations are influencing these companies to say hey when someone's looking for these things how about you send them over to ABC how about you send them over to NBC how about you you know like we want to be able to get the first views on these things so if someone's searching for that I don't know how they do it I don't know what they whether they have agreements with them maybe I mean there's also a lot of copy written shit that's on there could get YouTube in some significant trouble if they ever really decided to pursue it right and how many videos are on YouTube that people have on their channel that are just straight off of Fox News or NBC News or there's a lot of like copyright protected content that YouTube is essentially profiting off of oh yeah yeah they make a ton of money off of that stuff yeah um so you might have deals what I say look we'll send these people to you know this first yeah and that's why I say you know that's where the control comes in you know the advertisers advertisers are the ones paying you know for the platform so yeah I think it's not us – users that are paying for that YouTube's free so who's paying right yeah they're they're monetizing us they're monetizing us the users and the viewers yeah that's where it gets tricky right because as soon as the advertisers get onboard they said look we you know we want to give you money but this content it's not advertiser friendly right yeah and then they start moving stuff around and deep monetizing things and and with D monetization the real thing that they're doing in a lot of ways whether it's intentional or not is you're influencing what people post you're kind of sent your you're asking them to self-censor because if you say hey you guys want to discuss abortion rights or you know it could there's there's some things that you start discussing them and they will automatically dump D monetize you yeah well who is the girl that put out the abortion documentary right I mean which girls snatched that down I forget what it's called I'm bad at memorizing these things but there was a UH basically an anti-abortion thing that exposed some things about abortion as a documentary I believe the day it went up it got shut down she had to reload it um was it lawrence other might have been yeah there's those two cute white chicks they think they're super racist lauren southern and tammy the other one Lauren Tommy Lauren Tommy Lauren so she did a documentary but then you have like the James O'Keefe thing when you know he put up the expose in YouTube and then that got you know obviously they're gonna take it the most recent one that exposed google right right yeah I've been asking people about that I'm like okay break this down for me is there any way that this could have been deceptively advertise or deceptively edited like it seems to me like they're saying that they're going to manipulate search results and they're gonna manipulate the way people see things because of the 2016 election they don't want that happening again in 2020 that's what it seems when I'm looking at absolutely exactly looks like could it be doctored of course good you know yeah that's always possible but when you go and experience it for yourself like I was talking about with you know doing a keyword search you start yeah seeing the power of those and then you know Uncle hotep you know is his channel was you know doing great and then the algorithm flipped in next see know like he wasn't making the same money anymore so it's like I don't have to go to some doctor video or whatever video to understand its problem the people around me are being affected by it you know is this a primary source I don't have to look at some on internet but no no it's it's in a way I don't like playing victim with the topic right stay a platform do what you want with it we choose to be there we don't have to be there there's not another game in town though it's not it's weird right when you think about how big the internet is and there's only one YouTube right I mean Vimeo and all those other ones they're great but well the you know always related to the black community you know the black community always say oh you know white people is white people that white people dis white people that they're not giving us opportunity and it's always like well is that the only opportunity can you not create your own opportunity you know what I mean so I never want to take a victim mentality and say oh you know let's take Google to court mmm you know all this stuff it's like if you want to do that that's fine that's not how I'm looking at this I'm looking at it long-term like hooking up with Andrew table over a gap you know what I mean and building tools so you know we do the quaint bit tap calm and creators can actually it's based upon approval right now but creators can go on there and receive Bitcoin as a donation you know so we're circumventing the things that happen like with the deep platforming at patreon right and the other payment platforms for creators so we're creating tools to circumvent these things so that's how look at it I'm like Oh Google is doing this great this is a great opportunity here let me seize it and let me build it and be you know the alternative you know I love to see that is the alternative going to be YouTube and as popular of course not it's just not but it's still a viable option you can still communicate with your people the number one communication tool for an influencer with it with their community is email build your email list right people still subscribe to you email is right that's not YouTube that's not Google that's your email list at your contact list so it's like you can complain about YouTube or Google but you can build your audience almost anywhere it depends on how powerful you are are you powerful enough to convince people to come to this other platform or to whatever you are a lot of people are powerful enough to pack a room at two thousand dollars a ticket you tell me you can't get somebody to go to another platform for free who charges two thousand dollars I took it oh I mean a lot of these speakers you know like the Tony Robbins type cats this is right he charges two thousand bucks I think charge like ten yes I thinks I think some of his stuff was like ten yeah but he's doing like these week-long events where everybody gets together I'm gonna change your life doing karate kicks well that's the how you get the bigger check you guys create a bigger experience yeah so it's like alright so we'll do a one-day it 2k right it's like well how do I get 10k it's like well it's just extended for the week and you know had like you know the kickboxing class and you know we'll chat in this sauna you just you know create that part of marketing you know yeah um but yeah I'm not complaining about these tech company needs to have concrete companies man I'm not scared of these dudes man ease did the content is us the content is certainly us and like I get what I got from talking to Jack and Vidya was it's almost impossible man's a site like that the just the influx of not like I used to have a message board on my website one of the things I noticed before we shut it down was I was getting thousands and thousands of Russian emails that we're signing up for my website remember that Jamie this is years ago there's like three years ago okay I mean fucking like tens of thousands of Russian email dresses were signing up like similar dresses hmm it was something like the IRA something like the internet research agency which does that which is responsible for all those fake pages on Facebook and Google and Instagram and all that shit and they were signing up for websites and that had message boards and then they would jump on and pretend that they were whatever the fuck they were right pretend that they were a social justice warrior pretend that they're with black lives matter and yeah and they just start fights start arguments yeah and it was like wow this is fascinating and then when it out and when it also happened and then it happened with Facebook and it became a big part of the election you realize like this is like concerted effort to use these platforms to wiggle so when you're jack or you're whoever runs good you have to look at that and go okay how the fuck do we manage that I mean if we're in a free speech we should just let these people manipulate everybody right wait let it be wah wah Wes [Applause]

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