Joe: ‘Lock Him Up’ Chants Are Un-American | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: ‘Lock Him Up’ Chants Are Un-American | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Joe: ‘Lock Him Up’ Chants Are Un-American | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Trump has committed FOUR FELONIES that he's not yet been prosecuted for! He is not a respect deserving POTUS by his actions! He's a criminal and has earned being treated so in a public forum. Anyone who makes excuses otherwise is acting for their own political interests only!

  2. Have a new mascot of Trumpy added to the Presidents, do the race and have the other Presidents surround and pummel him . All in good fun of course !

  3. :O :O :O :O :O :O FDT LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  4. Sorry Joe what it going around it coming around are you forgot what Donald Trump has done mate take a look at the mirrors

  5. Sorry Joe, this is the 1st amendment at work. Why should they not be allowed to express their feelings. Trump doesn’t hold back his big mouth followers at his rallies. Don’t tone it down, meet the heat with heat.

  6. Heck no. It's free speech and Trump deserves every bit of it, after committing many crimes, publicly demanding all his political opponents be locked up & even siccing his Attorney General on them. Beau of the Fifth Column did a wonderful discussion of this:

  7. The ONLY one to blame for this chant is Trump himself. He's been promoting hate against others with his choreographed hate chants at his rallies, and finally, poetic justice happens spontaneously.

  8. If you look at the video, the chant seems to be coming from people close to the person recording.
    If you look at the crowd as a whole no one seems to be joining in.
    How curious that this is news.

  9. Why tone it down? So Trump can continue to delude himself that everyone agrees with him, he's doing a great job, and it's just a handful of liberals and journalists who are out to get him? That's insane. Buy a clue, Joe and Mika. There's a reason tens of millions of people are exulting about his finally getting a little of his own medicine.

  10. The crowd had every reason and every right to throw back to Trump what he had been spewing for years. He got a dose of his own medicine in a visceral way – and I bet a part of him is scared because it has hit home at a deep gut level that he cannot ignore or spin or dismiss.

    Joe can be a real tosser, especially the way he constantly talks over Mika. He is also a fool: he called Trump a "conservative". Trump has no political ideology – he is neither a conservative nor a progressive, but an opportunist. for over the years he's donated to both the Republicans and the Democrats, plus an independent. He's flipflopped between the parties based on which one he believes can be most useful for him at a given time. He is entirely transactional, and will do anything immoral and illegal to get his way. It was entirely in character that when he took over the GOP he quickly transformed it into the Party of Trump, whose sole purpose was to serve him, protect him and adulate him.

  11. Unamerican? No.
    A bit ironic? Yes.
    I know you are, but what am I, mentality.
    Why are you playing it over and over if it bothers you?
    Trump will never stop, he’s a child

  12. Joe, get over yourself. At this moment in time, it is very American to shout anything at this joke. He lived by the sword and he will die by the sword. It's time people take over.

  13. I kind of understand Joes notion that it´s a wrong thing to repeat the "Trump way" BUT ! Being a Dane, I cant judge if its unamerican to be booing at the worst president you guys ever had… Its wonderful to hear people at a sports event, using what sports crowds do .. Use sarcasm and sports lingo… Is expected and the Trump might understand that he should not go to an event like that, without people voicing their dislike. I like the fact that he had to confront the peoples feelings even though he tries to make it look as if he himself caught a major terrorist. Lock him up.

  14. No Mika it was not sad. Hillary Clinton was not a "TRAITOR". Yes, this traitor and felon should be locked up. Speak for yourself and not what you think your husband want you to say. Joe is a southern from the south and it quite clueless.

  15. We are Americans and we do do that and the 1st Amendment gives us the right to. First ballgame i wish i had attended in a long time BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Bring out the shackles! Send out the K9s…I call them dogs; beautiful dogs.

  16. Years of "Lovk Her Up" and now you want to get upset when it's LOCK HIM UP.
    What BS….
    He is a crook and a Liar and we all know it.

  17. The rules of proper behavior are lost on this pr*sident, both in giving and now receiving. He more than deserved that treatment. And Joe, you came across as pompous and self-righteous — you don't wear it well.

  18. No one has disrespected the Presidency more than Trump. He is very deserving of this chant. It's very American to stand up against and oppose this fascist. LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!

  19. I usually agree with you on most things Joe, but not on this. What they did was exactly American. The right to protest and use your free speech is totally American and necessary in this case. When you have a President insulated with yes men and kiss assers and his own citizen supporters, he honestly thinks most if not all Americans probably like him. Sure even with polls, he probably still thinks he's loved everywhere he goes to some degree. I think this game was a dose of reality for him to show him that there are a lot of Americans who don't like him and don't agree with his policies.

  20. The calculus on this view changed at the very moment his lawyers argued that he could not be investigated, charged, or held responsible for any criminal act at all while in office. Where can that road lead? Whose responsibility is it to step into that gap and say no? If those who realize what is happening, what could happen, in this nation don't take a stand at some point, then where will this nation be?

    No. It is now time. It is very American, and it is very appropriate to take a stand against this would-be king.

    If we don't, if we continue to let it slide and allow this nation to sink further into the depths, I fear the potential outcome.

  21. It's a tradition in these United States to speak truth to power.
    Americans have very few opportunities to personally address the President in person anymore unlike the press.So Its perfectly valid for citizens to speak up when they can and in fact must.

  22. It's not unamerican to say lock up a treasonous traitor that have sold this country out that is as American as it gets and you're right though he should not be locked up he should be HUNG

  23. Shut up joe…
    It is as right and as real as it is…
    Don't put that holier than thou attitude out there..
    He will be historically remembered as the most UnAmerican President there ever was…
    Yea, lock up that tax evading, corrupt, ignorant king goon…

  24. Un-American? What kind of narrative are you spinning this AM? He’s getting what he deserves. He’s a BUM. You’re putting genie back into the bottle? Not for this thug! This is MSM whooie. We don’t listen to you anymore; you’ve blown it, too.

  25. Joe, Trump has committed actual crimes. That's the difference.

    Also Trump is so, so, SO unworthy of respect. You want me to respect an unrepentant sexual predator? No. I don't care what his job is.

  26. NO! The media and the republicans don't get to walk away from this. Saying the chant was unamerican or uncivil! The republicans should have been saying that years ago. The time of civil discourse is past! It ended when Trump lawyers went to the federal courts and argued that Trump could not be investigated,charged or held accountable for crimes while in office. arguing he was above the law. This means he can't be held accountable for anything he does including if he so decided to suspend ellections! With no accountability it would effectively turn him into a dictator! So the time for civil discourse has past. These people were justified and having the politicians and media come out and say why don't you be the good German just won't fly.

  27. His crazies chant it when Hillary never deserved it. This lying fat fascist Trump deserves it — I'd be the first one chanting.

  28. If Joe and Mika can't understand the difference between Trumpists at his rallys, goaded by Trump, shouting 'Lock her up" and "Send her back" about people who are not at there in order to focus and feed hate for someone who is 'other' or 'them' and ordinary people in public, spontainiously chanting "Lock HIM up" AT Trump, to is face in order to mock his rhetoric and hate mongering, then they are just being (deliberately?)Obtuse.

  29. They should have put it on the Jumbotron with everyone chanting and booing. He should have crawled under his seat and took "HORSE TEETH" Gaetz with him.

  30. They should have let him throw the first pitch and everyone could see him throw like a spasmatic old man. Then tomatoes should have rained down from the stands.

  31. Oh just stop it J&M. You got him wrong when he started and tried to smooth-talk it back in 2017..
    Only after a while did you find out that this would be the wrong side of history to be on.
    Right now you're making that very same mistake.

  32. I don’t know what others are thinking

    but I do know I’m going crazy not knowing anything.

    You Have to be SUICIDAL to VOTE – REPUBLICAN


    Who is the JOKER_JESUS? sharing is not Christian, EVANGELIST

    …. alms for the crooked.. alms for the gangsters…. alms for injustice too.

    No wonder the EVANGELIST come to Schools with AK & AR Weapons

    …. the kids are TARGETS of the FASCIST who want Blood for the 'Joker Jesus.'

  33. President Trump isn’t worried about the chants. He just keeps doing a great job. President Trump just speaks the truth. The Obama administration was treasonous

  34. Un-American, yes, but appropriate. It delivered a very public message to trump, since he seldom ventures out of his bubble.

  35. Since when is it un-America to voice your concerns and opinions about a irrational political figure trying to destroy your country. You sir are un-America. Let the people speak and let the masses know they are not alone in thought. Or would you prefer for this debacle to continue for another 4 years?

  36. So Joe doesn't know what a public protest is! OK then, adding one more political/social issue Joe doesn't get to the list.

  37. It's called the 1st amendment! It's very American…. only fascists seek to muzzle the freedom of speech. This wasn't a political rally, it was folks watching a game and expressing their personal views. If we don't voice our descent then Trump will never leave office.

  38. joe fake prez donnie bone spurs might learn a lesson
    when he does his next zombie cult rally he might tell his lackeys to stop chanting hateful bs about people he doesn't like

  39. Ok soooo let's get one thing straight who are you people to tell the American people it's wrong to express what they are feelings? That makes you no better than trump you need to understand he set the tone for that to happen his nasty negative energy was sent back to him everybody will reap what they sow including you guys you can count on that🤓

  40. As the official spokesperson of the rest of the world, let me tell you this, Joe: Yes, we do want Americans to publically display some moral courage and stand up to this aspiring dictator! And especially so since the aspiring dictator in question is the American president! So how about you shut your mouth and go fellate some corporatist you Bernie-ignoring hack!

  41. Joe you are so dumb.
    1. Protesting is very American
    2. He is a confessed criminal
    3. This chant was lead by the people, not a politician
    4. Equating this to trump leading cheers for lock her up is moronic.

  42. Freedom of speech and Joe the people have the right to show their distaste with this man. Don't try to shame people into not speaking their mind.

  43. This "NUTCASE" TRUMP is a useless bum. He is getting way less then he DESERVES!! Don't feel sorry for that loser, for getting what he started….hahaha!!

  44. Joe – I love your show and so often agree with you. But not this time. "Lock him up" is absolutely right, just as the Trump Baby Balloon is right. Both are political tools which can possibly help to chip away a little at his base. Maybe not much, but a little.
    "Lock him up" is exactly what he deserves,

  45. It is also un American to bring peace to certain regions of the world. Because the Military Industrial Complex is very important for the psycho's in the WH. They do not sent their own sons and daughters to the warzone. No they use other people children to clean up their dirty war mess that they have create.

    We are tired of being the door mats. NOPE. He can dish it but can't take it. TOO F'ING BAD

  47. Get over it Joe. These ppl had a chance to tell POTUS how they felt and what a powerful way to do it. It's letting loose 3 yrs of being polite Americans . I say he deserved the ugly reality of that chant turned around on him.

  48. Joe, calling out a criminal at large is never un-American.

    Have you never heard the term "citizens arrest" which allows any citizen to arrest a suspect when law enforcement is absent?

  49. Joe, i disagree with you, Trump created the environment now he must live within it. It shows displeasure of Trump I support the chant at the game. LOCK HIM UP HE IS A CROOK Has been most of his life.

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