Joe Biden Calls For President Donald Trump’s Impeachment | NBC Nightly News

Joe Biden Calls For President Donald Trump’s Impeachment | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Joe Biden Calls For President Donald Trump’s Impeachment | NBC Nightly News

  1. The Obama Admin was filled with nothing but lying corrupt swamp rats while they smiled and made feel good speeches to hypnotize the nation, and now they are getting busted as all is being revealed, so out of fear what do they do? Scream, "IMPEACH TRUMP!".

  2. **BREAKING NEWS ******Former Vice President Joe Biden was personally paid $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Holdings, according to Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach*****

  3. Joe Biden is also calling for the tooth fairy to
    pay for all his missing childhood teeth. And
    he is also calling for someone to sing him a
    lullaby before he goes to sleep. Without his
    teeth and without his sleep …… it has taken
    him two years to learn the word "impeach".

    Just tell Joe … "Durham is coming for him,"
    and watch Joe start squealing like a stuck
    pig …….. and the grunting and the snorting.

    Joe knows that two words follow Durham … pig pen.
    Joe does not want to end up in a pig pen.


  4. Say Joe, threatening to withhold money to defeat a prosecution is a crime. What do you think it will be like in a Ukrainian prison?

  5. Gropin' Joe's campaign should have been over the moment those horribly disturbing videos of him blatantly groping pre teen girls in Congress were released…..luckily for Gropin' Joe, the Bolsheviks at Google worked overtime to remove as much video evidence of it from YouTube as they could. I believe there are still a few left.

  6. joe biden and sun swindle  Ukraine  and china  why is trump the bad guy O he said something about it  to get their attention                                           O I get it now  good job Joe bite me

  7. Biden is not gonna be the nominee. He's failed twice at running for president. He should save himself the embarrassment and just drop out

  8. I guess Biden doesn’t want to be president anymore, cause he is gonna have to testify on the footage of him confessing to corruption.

  9. Impeachable acts? But you don't name them directly! Oh wait it's you not Trump that's guilty. You and your family are a shame. UnAmericans. You should be ashamed of yourself!!

  10. i love my liberal friends. the most interesting thing has happened over the past three years…they hate trump, but know he is not going down in flames in 2020. they confess "WE NEED A CANDIDATE" and they know they don't have one to pull trump down in the mud and fight

  11. I'm a Medicare Agent and President Trump is trying to save Medicare, while Democrats are trying to Advantage Plans AWAY from Senior who paid their WHOLE LIFE for it! Disrespectful & Pure Greed! I stand by #Trump2020 #SaveMedicareForSeniors

  12. Biden helped funding Nazis in the Ukraine with undeniable corruption, also in China, selling US tech for massive personal profits via his degenerated son. This is quite clear and it takes a completely corrupted Media to try and turn this hoax around.

    Wake up, America.

  13. you shoud too impeach ypu corrupt man. stolen the money from your country. shame you pu..y!
    you come in the jail biden. hear my words. you wos arrest next jear. and than we llok what you have to siad. you now what happens in prison. like so epstwin. biden you now who kills epstein 100%

  14. Joe is desperate, he knows this is his last chance at the helm. Not going to happen. Trump will be reelected, and martial law will be enacted afterwards. Just like after 2016, the portion of the populous that have taken to heart the leftist media's political poison, will unfortunately get much more violent this time.. all without logic.

  15. Impeachment of a president for an unknown leaker whose statement "appears credible"? A case like that is as concrete as jello. No wonder it's another witch hunt.

  16. Biden should be S.W.A.T. raided in the middle of the night and hauled off in handcuffs. The CFR video is as clear as you can get concerning his crime. No "theory" in that conspiracy. Trump is simply doing a damned good job. Drain the swamp. End the criminal activity in DC.

  17. So when does putting it to a vote no longer matter in Congress? This is simply another ploy to tarnish the the reputation of our president. No one should believe what they're saying until they are willing to vote on it.

  18. Bidens son hunter gets investigated in UKraine so Joe wanted the prosecutor firedBiden gets investigated for his  Ukraine corruption so Joe now wants to fire them too.Investigate everyone else, EXCEPT MY FAMILY….  OH

  19. CHECK THIS OUT — ON THE GATEWAY PUNDIT —— BREAKING: Burisma Holdings Paid Joe Biden $900,000 For Lobbying Activities: Ukrainian MP

  20. You are so full of s*** Joe Biden. You are on tape doing the same thing you were accusing Trump of you f**** piece of s***

  21. Sleepy Joe will have a lot of time to catch up on his sleep when he drops out of the presidential race. The American People don't like corrupt leaders like Biden, who lined their own pockets with money from Pay-for-Pay corruption like the Biden family pulled in Ukraine and China.

  22. When HRC lost myriad criminal deals now broken and exposed. Her pawns in Congress left literally on the spot leaving these psycho-political players panic'd. HRC's psycho-criminal labyrinth now being revealed for all to see. These miscreant 'pseudo officials' point fingers of accusation toward 'legitimate officials' exposing them.‬ Biden is a loose canon.

  23. A cancer. A wasted politician and history recorded. Mr Biden is just so extremely depressed, kept insanely dreaming for himself/family whatever and doing these releases pressured by the elites and lobbyists who contributed millions to his campaigns. To keep contributions exhausted – his press releases are just one way to dig his own political demise, and best to exposed himself of his crookedness (maybe creating an American mafia within the group he belongs to the extent hollywood and USA media are dragged CORRUPT and CORRUPTED). It is one story version of "a boy with pet wolves trying to eat him whole and morbidly decapitated while crying an imaginary dam got a crack". The dirty swamp is now spilling and exposing its dirty and corrupt residents. Grab that political power and influence while it last. Peace.

  24. crooks can't go transparent with investigations of wrongdoing. all crooks do is obstruct and deny. they just din do nothing.

  25. Dear Americans, JFK, (John Fitzgerald Kennedy), a Democrat, elected 1960, said: "Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country" .

    Today's Democrats are openly selfish. In the Private Sector selfish productivity makes Capitalism work.

    But in the Public Sector, in Government, selfish people need to be identified & kicked out of government! Congress has, evidently, voted themselves the right to do insider trading. That's, likely, how that selfish female person, @SpeakerPelosi , obtained $200m net worth!

    "We're not doing a wall. Does anybody have any doubt about that? We are not doing a wall. So that's that," she said.

    "It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with: The wall is an immorality between countries. It's an old way of thinking [and] it isn't cost-effective."

    True intelligence is a gift & if you don't have it, if all you have is naked self interest TO TAKE FROM PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE to feed your immoral self & immoral Democrats & the people likely to vote Democrat, every Democrat should be voted out of office!

    The Founding Fathers had that gift of intelligence & Pres. Trump has it. But you Democrats have nothing but naked selfishness!

    I hereby COMMAND Democrats to get out of government.

  26. We all know that the best defense is a good offense. In a perspective, the whole coup attempt could be construed as obstruction against the investigation of BHO, HRC & their henchpersons…

    #AG_WBarr @JudicialWatch @abodyjoe

    While we're construing motives, Why are not the Democrats charged with shaking down the USA to let BHO, HRC and company walk?

  27. NBC. your reporting looks ridiculous next to this guy.
    You do know about all this, right?

  28. Are you kidding Biden?!! How can you even think of talking on this matter? Booooo! Of course Trump won’t cooperate with this circus!!

  29. We the people should fix the mistake and vote against trump because he just makes America less great than ever.

    As this question to yourself,
    What would Jesus do?

  30. Lyin' Biden tryin so hard to believe the lies his handlers fed him. What's wrong buddy you don't want to stand on a debate stage with bad orange man? You aren't gonna take him behind the bleachers anymore? All that smelling children on C-SPAN must've made you soft. Probably wishing you never even ran at this point now that your son's dirty Ukraine laundry is hanging out to dry and you're implicated in the cover-up ☹️

  31. California is the Fifth Dumbest Economy in the World and the liberal Governor turned off the power are you kidding me?

  32. Don’t you think trump should be called a Bullying Trump. Trump isn’t making America great again but mostly worse. 🤔

  33. Biden and son should be investigated for crooked dealings with Ukraine and China where Hunter Biden hauled off tons of money all while Papa Joe was VP.

  34. This video has been seriously photo shopped. CNN will not even show you how old with bad skin Biden has when unfiltered. You dems are being dumbed down that CNN tries to show you Biden is young.

  35. MAGA!! Latinos for Trump 2020!
    Let’s get this election over with! Soo many states are ready for RED! 🇺🇸🇺🇸


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