Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written - BBC News

Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written – BBC News

25 thoughts on “Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written – BBC News

  1. we could never dance to it but at every dance throughout high school (5 yrs in those days 🇨🇦) Stairway to Heaven was the last song played – then we’d go home and my brother would put it on – folks talk about “the music of their youth” Stairway and just about everything else LZ is definitely a enormous part of my teenage years – thnx for this

  2. Did anyone catch him say “everything was planned. It wasn’t just an accident” right at the part of the song that says “here’s to my sweet satan” when you play it backwards?

  3. The one fact omitted from this legendary creation is that the lyrics were taken directly from a 12 card tarot spread with one sentence describing each card became the songs lyrics written in about 30 minutes. Such a unique translation of someone's tarot reading turned poetic then lyrical… and they nailed it.

  4. What about the bit that when played in reverse is a demonic message? How did you come to write that clever little bit?? Check it out on YouTube …..

  5. Dear "marsha Smith" below..I'm 65, same memory about "dad". LOVIT!! I SAW 'em in Seattle-77..I drove a stationwagon full of girls up, One said "here's yer hit".. I downed it, then heard everyone asking where the "8 way tab" went"' i got to "when the levy breaks", an outside I went.. looking at the city, listening to a redheaded prostitute telling me jokes ahhh, the memories..

  6. No one's discussing the blatant plagiarism of "Taurus" by Traffic, Page committing perjury in court or the obviously rigged court case that sided in Zep 's favor? Jurors interviewed before the trial said they were fans of Led Zeppelin, which would have disqualified every one of them if the case had not been so clearly paid for. An appeal has led to an order for a new trial, citing that the original case forcibly excluded evidence and misled the jury on purpose, as well as not allowing Taurus to be played in full to the jury ONLY DESCRIBED by "musical experts", and with any luck the judge who heard the original case will be investigated too.

    It's less about the fact that, while a decent song, it clearly did copy elements from another song, more about the fact something clearly underhanded and dishonest went on to try and pretend nothing of the sort happened.

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