Jim Jordan blasts Schiff, Pelosi over ‘unfair, bipartisan process’

Jim Jordan blasts Schiff, Pelosi over ‘unfair, bipartisan process’

100 thoughts on “Jim Jordan blasts Schiff, Pelosi over ‘unfair, bipartisan process’

  1. If there is no way to defend the president, then do it in public. Things like this that are done in secret are done so because there is an evil agenda afoot by those conducting it.

  2. It’s called Treason! American people are fed up with Democrat and C I A corruption! All C I A agents should be removed from office. Shifty is C I A. This is the 2 ND Coup Attempt. Thank you for exposing yourselves. Treason! Taking orders from Obarry another C I A fraud, then add the collusion and Sedition of the MSN. All Fake News. Add C I A Facebook and Google. Looks like Twitter also. Since the American taxpayers funded these companies, we should own them and they must follow our law. The Constitution! Corporations only exist on paper.

  3. In other words this won't do a thing. At the end he finally admits it won't be allowed to be voted on. Isn't there some legal action that can be taken so the supreme court can be brought into it & spank these misbehaving children? What will it take? The Marines?

  4. Why do the republicans not start their own anti impeachment investigation. It may not be the way things are done but not doing things properly doesnt stop the dems.

  5. Those democrats are loving the power and money they have , they are used to having their way , they start fits if they dont get their way !!!

  6. It's a scam the Democrats can't win Schiff and Pelosi are the Head Nachos to this if you ask me illegal impeachment, and Yes Jim Jordan the American people are aware of this Hoax and President Trump doesn't deserve this! We will VOTE President Trump in for 4 more years!

  7. Yada yada yada….All talk and no action. This has been going on about Schiff for weeks and nothing being done. He said he had proof of Russian collusion. Anyone call him out on this? No. He lies ALL the time. Nothing done. He gets a call from a couple of comedians about pictures of Trump, falls for it hook line and sinker…Nothing much said about it….

  8. The democrats are firing missiles into the bottom of the USS America and desperately trying to sink her. All they represent is a scorched earth policy. They obviously hate America and all it was founded upon.

  9. They wanted to humiliate President Trump when he was at the United nations. They waited for the right moment.

  10. I continuously ask the same question. Why are Republican lawmakers not calling this debacle for what it is, a political coup attempt? Instead they dance around the subject like they are afraid of the truth. This whole thing has all the markings of a coup. One sided investigations, cloak and dagger style hearings, lack of due process, false reports, and blatant lies all to remove a dually elected President for political gain.

  11. If it’s not public it’s unfair. If it’s public Jordan and his ilk will use it as a platform to grandstand and audition for an audience of one. This is the way it is. Get over it.

  12. 1. The whistle blower did NOT start this. The Obama admin started it and nobody is being held to account. This is just the post credit funny short and the Republicans act like they are utterly powerless to stop this unconstitutional, massively corrupt coup against our legitimately elected President. Republicans ARE just whining, little else.

  13. You people at foxnews are a bag full of dicks. You are willing to go down with the ship. The Trump ship called "The Guilty. " Trump is as guilty as you are spreading lies about Trump and his Trumpets. His children have gotten money and jobs just like Hunter Biden. Look into their corruption. In history to come foxnews and some of these people who lie for Trump will look like fools,their families will have to live with their part in protecting that fool.

  14. This psychopath president must go!

    Impeachment and if they continue to obstruct and continue to resist our demands indictments will follow taking down not only the president but many in this administration and several in congress so to make this point as clear as possible the evidence is broad and wide realize what and where you stand

    This corrupt president has brought innocent blood to our steps with his Kurdish betrayal

    Pence may escape this but if this continues nobody will

    This psychopath president has created an emerging world in total chaos

    He must be removed

    Jordan myst know by now this is not a childs game beware

  15. They want to make sure the American People know where they stand! Are you kidding? The American People have had over 3 YRS of watching all of this Unconstitutional Washington BS!!!! If The DOJ isn't going to PROSECUTE any of these Treasonous Traitors, then all of this is pointless. TALK TALK AND MORE TALK,,,, AND THEN – JUST GO VOTE IN 2020. All of these people are sickening. This is there world and we the little people are just here to watch the show. Some things in life Never Change, Political OUT OF CONTROL WASHINGTON DC BS AT IT'S WORST. ONLY NOW THEY'VE STEPPED IT UP TO TREASON.
    What a fricken Sick joke posing as a Government.

  16. Has Jordan blasted the Ohio State wrestling coach that abused the male athletes also under Jordan's watch?! Has he blasted Trump for nearly hosting the G7 conference at his private resort?! Has he taken a stand on what happened in Syria when Trump lied about bringing troops home when they are being deployed to Iraq – a more dangerous place?! Has he denounced Mick Mulvaney's admission last week?! No, because after all, Jim Jordan is a coward and foot soldier for the right. He has no credibility left.

  17. Are you all blind. The FREAKIN WHISLEBLOWER is ADAM SCHIFF. Look at all the past BS that they've made up. It is way past time for every last one of these treasonous bastards are called out on all this CORRUPTION PERIOD !!!! LIEING Stinkin no good for nothing bastards. Jim and a handful of Republicans are time tested true PATRIOTS. The rest need to be run outta town.

  18. This myth has been debunked.. The GOP are involved in these early depositions.. and I'm certain they are relaying everything to Donald Trump's band of criminals.

  19. Come on now…..the whistleblower rules apply to the Dept. for which they were written. They do not apply to the POTUS. Besides the rule changes allowing this fiasco were backdated to before the complaint was filed…….If anything, the IG who allowed this to go through should be investigated and at the very least, fired.

  20. We all have to write our reps and demand they fight harder for President Trump. This is completely illegal and unconstitutional. Write all the more if you have a liberal sloth as your rep.

  21. Rep. Jim Jordan, thank you for letting me use this video since comments were denied in the cabinet meeting video.

  22. What's, "FAIRNESS ", GOT TO DO WITH ANYTHING???, WE'RE ADULTS. Is it LEGAL is it working for the people of America. FAIRNESS belongs in fairyland. We are dealing with LAWYER'S!!

  23. The country is completely divided. The American people who consider themselves Democrats don’t care how they get the President out. The Democrats are not playing fair. If the Republicans in Congress don’t fight back the Democrats will succeed. Also, I find it interesting how Fox News would not let Rudy Giuliani talk about how deep this Ukraine corruption actually is. My question is why? Is Fox News afraid to talk about the 7 billion dollars given to Ukraine and it’s disappearance, the involvement of Obama, the DNC, and the FBI/CIA working with corrupt Ukrainians. Where is the news about the indictments for Ukraine meddling in our 2016 election? Just wondering.

  24. In order for our government to change WE the people need to vote! If you don't like someone in office and you live in that city or state vote them out!

  25. Democrats have become the party of sleazy foreign whores, thanks to the lowlifes from Arkansas (My apologies to the honorable people of that great state, but we all have our stinkers, just look at my great state of NY.). The Clintons are depraved, bloodthirsty, criminals who had mad carny skills. This is our fault for believing their lies, instead of watching their behavior.
    The only reason Hillary $hits all over women who bake cookies for their kids, is cos she's too stupid to understand the importance of the promise of a warm stack of cookies to a 6-year-old in the middle of a jacked-up school day with an incompetent teacher.

  26. Shameful-Schifft is just trying to deny Due Process, while the ‘MSM-Press’ should BE standing up to this treasonous-tyranny instead of just getting shamed into acquiescence by The Shameless Accusatory-Press

  27. I believe Adam Schiff should be censured too. What's Fox's problem anyway? Your chairs need to be adjusted a little. They appear to be leaning (and squeaking).

  28. This impeachment inquiry is being done according to The Constitution and The House Rules

    These investigatory proceedings and testimonies are being held private in order to protect the witnesses and to obtain honest testimonies. The witnesses would obviously be intimidated sitting in front of a camera, with Trump watching them. The slightest negative comment would cost them their careers. Closed hearings intentionally exclude right-wing political spies, who would report back to Trump, for the same reasons. Pelosi knows exactly what she is doing and she's following the law.

    Secondly, no charges have been made against Trump, so this is not a court room. Trump will be tried in the Senate, once the House decides to move forward with its case.

    It's in closed door sessions attended by the full committee and dems and repubs, precisely so the witnesses will NOT coordinate anything. They are each just supposed to tell the truth without hearing what others have said first.

    My god you repubs are so stupid I don't know how you all walk and breathe at the same time

  29. I don't know why the Republicans aren't doing anything about it.
    How can this be allowed to continue ? It's unprecedented

  30. I supported Republicans, but the deny, the covering, and finally accepting the Truth…
    Mmmm they lost credibility.

  31. They just shipped in a big glass vat it's in the basement now filled with peaches fresh peaches to the brim I believe it's like 600 gallons and in the middle of that vat will be sitting the president , in a pair of red white and blue Speedos not so snugly fit so he can get some peaches when they're done with the meeting all those Democrats will have a big bowl of peaches in front of them with several garnished of mint in bottom of the bowl oh I forgot the peaches that in the loosely fit Speedos will be served to Squared bottle Nancy Pelosi Pencil Neck shift and Barry if they'd let him in the building so there you go in Peach mint this of course only if the president likes peaches

  32. Diplomacy like working across the isle is compromise, quid pro quo. You F'n Dens need to do the people's work. Not this inquisition !

  33. Republicans are pathetic, and the Democrats let them away with too much. I would have a closed door too, this Administration couldn't keep a secret if their lives depended on it. There Is No Honor among thieves.

  34. The fact that Nancy Pelosi won't hold a vote on impeachment, and closed door meetings are being held in the basement of the House, tells me all I need to know about this faux impeachment inquiry. If they really had anything of substance, Schiff would be shouting it from the rooftops.

  35. Going to Censure people if they mistakenly lie? Going to be busy with Trump and his cronies. "Unfair bipartisan…"? That is an Oxymoron.


  37. The American People Should Have the Right To Have Government Officials Removed from our Government If we Feel that they are Not Looking For the Best Interest in the American People We The People Voted For Trump as our President And We The People do not Want Him Impeached for BS reasons or Political Reasons. the American People Want the Ones that are Declaring Impeachment on our President Removed From Our Government They Have No Right to Impeach our President That Has Done Nothing it is All Political Remove the Democrats From Our Government.

  38. Adam Schiff for brains is helping get our President re-elected. I wonder if his eyes are brown.

  39. Pelosi said it all, "We can't let Trump win again!!". Pelosi would have never started this without knowing about the phone call before it was even released. That's why Schiff said he didn't have contact with or know who the blowhard was because this was the plan. They didn't expect Trump to release the call and Schiff worked so hard on his parody so he used it anyway. You would have to be an attorney to write what the blower said. Since they can use hearsay from anyone this will never end until we end them.

  40. I'm sick of hearing the Republicans complain . Really had enough …do your job or get out . You act like a bunch of kids with mental handicaps . The big bad democrats have you by the balls ?

  41. They can't defend the President because of the medieval star chamber rules, you docile brain-bleached moron. Still creaming your pants for impeachment. Well, Trump Curse incoming and how I will laugh.

  42. HOW is this happening? And doesn't Fox News have another FAKE SECRET Impeachment Hearing in the House of Communists, I mean Representatives, to cover?

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