Jim Carrey on Why He Was "Ready" for His Role in 'Kidding' | Close Up

Jim Carrey on Why He Was "Ready" for His Role in 'Kidding' | Close Up

(upbeat music) – Jim, you've said if
the Jeff Pickles role were presented a few years
before it ultimately was, you wouldn't have been ready for it. Why not, and what made
you ready when it was? (sigh) – The struggle to maintain your innocence, maintain that wonder and that divine spark in a world that's seemingly
cruel and out of control. Also, the grief aspect of it. How do you keep that together when you've been hit by a freight train? And, you know, I have, and
I know what that's like. I don't believe that any
actor can really do a part unless that part finds them. You don't find parts, they find you when
you're ready to do them, and when you're informed
and you have those feelings. So, to me, when I paint, I'm being painted. When I write, I'm being written. And when I act, I'm being
acted through it, you know? It's there to express my
truth, and it finds me. (upbeat music) They've never been disappointed
ever with authenticity. – [Jeffrey] Right – And I was really frightened about it until a few years ago when
I started kinda sharing how I feel about things and my truth, and there was a voice telling me that if I actually didn't score, if I didn't hit a funny line
every at least 30 seconds, they would think I was pompous and they would turn against me and say "who the fuck
do you think you are?" And I've never had that reaction. Ever. – I'd like to tell this
(muffled speaking), which is that your style of performance was completely unique. Like you'd never seen somebody give… First he's absolutely
roll on the floor funny, but you'd never seen
anyone put as much energy into a performance… – [Don] Yeah, physical,
vocal, all of it yeah. – [Sacha] Physical, vocal,
I mean it was like seeing a electricity somehow unleashed. So I'm interested, when
you were in the middle of performance, did your state
change? What was the feeling? – It was like a fugue state really, it's like a fugue state,
but I, you know… – Like a what? – Fugue state – [Jim] Like a fugue state,
like you wake up afterwards – Yeah, that's what it looked like – But the performance is
love, it's a dance for me and I love actors who employed every bit of their instrument. You look at James Dean. This is a man who was
expressing everything with every, you know he
didn't just get emotional, he was emotion. "It was tearing him apart!" Everything was in it, and
I love that kind of thing. I always think of myself
as a kind of painting. It's an abstract painting a lot of times. So I know the method, I know Stanislavski and I know Meisner, and I know what's good from them for me. I use it, and at the
same time I'm painting. So don't tell me the eyes can't both be on this side of the head. It can. – Unlike any other comic performance, I think in television, in film history, I've never really seen
that kind of energy exuded. I mean it's hilarious, but I think it's completely,
completely unique. (upbeat music) – What would you guys do
with anonymity for a day? What's the thing? – I mean I feel like I kind of have it. – [Lacey] You do? – I have it when I sleep. – Yeah yours is a little tricky. – My dog makes a big deal about it. – [Lacey] What would you do Jim? – He's home, he's home! – If you have a day where
nobody would recognize you? – I don't think I'd be
that different, honestly. I dropped the whole trying
to be something for somebody a long time ago. So I pretty much walk through the world, except when I wanna be funny or I wanna do something outrageous, you
know kind of tip the boat, I don't have any trouble being myself and I don't have any trouble
saying no when I mean no. I don't feel there is a
pressing responsibility to please everyone. I'm not unkind to people, – [Lacey] No. – I love people. I would much prefer saying
hello and who are you and what are you doing today, then… – [Don] Selfies, – Giving a selfie because selfies stop the world. They stop life, you then
go (animated outburst) like that and it's going on Instagram to give people a false sense of relevance. I picture Steve Jobs sometimes, everybody's so ga-ga about Steve Jobs, I picture him in hell, running from demons who want a selfie. (all laughing loudly) (upbeat music)

27 thoughts on “Jim Carrey on Why He Was "Ready" for His Role in 'Kidding' | Close Up

  1. What happened to that sweet kid he was dating who he gave stds to and introduced to group sex and provided drugs to? She was so sweet and pretty.

  2. It felt as if throughout Sacha's question he was expecting a compliment for Borat in return…… 😂😂😂

    Just kidding both are geniuses I adore❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Come to think of it Jim & Sasha have a lot in common as actors. They both have the ability to completely transform themselves and utterly hypnotize the entire world by doing so. Two talented men I wish I was friends with.

  4. I wasnt a big fan of Jim Carrey for a good while, I thought it was just stupid, silly faces and clownish behaviour, but the more i learned about him he's one of the most complex, deeply thoughtful and conscientious people ive come to admire. A genuinely lovely, intelligent and talented chap.

  5. Sasha, Ted Danson and Jim Carrey? dang I have to watch the full version of this. Oh shit the Phonze is there too, what a line up.

  6. As well as his serious roles, actually the reverse american football player scene in the psychiatric hospital in Ace Ventura is one of the most incredible pieces of acting & execution in any film I've seen really. He's a unique talent & an incredible human being.

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