27 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura Destroying Reporters Compilation Part 2

  1. So correct me if i'm wrong Jesse Ventura sues the Publisher that has a level of protection via insurance, forcing the publisher to then sue the widow? so technically he doesn't sue the widow but kind of does.

  2. Jesse ventura vs the liberal American propaganda, this guy fights the good fight. And holy shit he does it solo

  3. Ventura is right that’s why all Jewish media attacking him because Ventura talk the truth Jesse u are the man 👍

  4. Piers Morgan got fucking schooled like a motherfucker, god damn! Jesse Ventura is a hero, this guy should run for president.

  5. SPIKED here are the pages of a script for 9/11 that were dropped by the production team on the day without all performers getting the word. Hijackers came through Canada, bombs on board planes, planes returning to airport. Add just a few script pages that should have been written, EG impostors on WTC staff to plant explosives, plus get back those pink copies, & the conspirators – even say US insiders like PNAC- would have gotten away, clean,

  6. Millennials TRYING to have a conversation with a WISE AMERICAN PATRIOT!! Interviewed by STUPID MILLENNIALS!!

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