45 thoughts on “Jerry Lewis Breaks Reporter's Balls With Awkward Interview!

  1. Jerry made a mockery of this because it doesnt deserve to be treated serious. Hollyweird is haven to liberal garbage.

  2. In fairness the interviewers technique or lack of was very annoying I can see why Jerry answered the way he did

  3. the dude was a complete idiot and asked stupid ass questions. kept pissing Jerry off with leading questions about being to old. I dont blame Jerry Lewis for roasting the guy, learn how to do an interview with a TRUE celebrity before you do one ya novice!

  4. Those saying Jerry Lewis was arogrant, rude etc, you need to do your homework on this interview,. It was a setup. The interviewer & Jerry agreed to him being an arse with one word answers to make the tape. Jerry was a gent, always was. This video was a setup.

  5. Never liked Jerry Lewis. I think you can see why. lol That said, if the bitter old bastard didn't wanna be interviewed he shouldn't of agreed to do it then. But to cop a shit face attitude just goes to show how big a pile of shit this old bitter ass bastard really was. What a dick. Glad he croaked. I for one will NOT miss the punk.


  7. Gerry was truly a comical genius in his heyday or prime (look at the Nutty Professor) and had a great chemistry with the Mafia's best son, Dean Martin, but its obvious hes become a bitter, callous, senile old fart with a dark & unfunny side that some comedians possess behind the camera..in his case he doesn't give a shit anymore if u have one foot in the grave

  8. Lewis was such a douche bag….he left his offspring no inheritance and was a hateful person….I don't think he should be celebrated in anyway shape or form…..he was just a slimmy reptilian piece of dog shit…..

  9. This man used to be one of the funniest men alive. In this interview he let's us all know he's one of the biggest assholes alive. If hedidn'twant to be interviewed why did he come on and embaress himself like this. I could care less about the prick.

  10. same as Kirk Barkley never liked the guy.never thought him funny, he was always to out there slap stick for me. This shows the real him.

  11. Unnecessary rudeness from Jerry Lewis. His photo should accompany the definition of "a grumpy, mean, bitter old man"

  12. Only took the interview so he could spred poison, important lesson learned, stay away from people who do this

  13. This reporter sounds like a high school kid. Repeating answers all the time. He is awful. Not excusing Jerry though…he was not a nice guy in real life.

  14. I think it’s been well established over the course of many decades that Jerry Lewis was a miserable son of a bitch.
    I’ve been a journalist almost 35 years now. Believe me when I tell you, this young reporter did his best.
    He obviously did his homework on Lewis. He asked tons of open-ended questions that were not yes-or-no to try to get his subject to open up, and he even pandered to him a couple or few times, hoping playing to Lewis’s ego would elicit a broader response.
    Cut this kid the break that Lewis, for some reason, wouldn’t, and credit him for persevering in the face of Lewis’s antagonistic aloofness.
    I’ve interviewed many, many a celebrity over the years. Here’s what I’ve learned: Don’t forgive or make excuses for rude behavior like this. Don’t say, “He’s old,” “He’s successful,” or, worst, “He has no f*cks left to give.”
    Jerry Lewis enjoyed a successful career as an entertainer, but he went to his grave a miserable wretch. This interview is not at all the only evidence of that.

  15. While the interviewer was weak Lewis had no reason to be an ass. Jerry could have helped the interview with a full sentences

  16. Never liked him in his movies except for Dean who made him somewhat palatable. I worked years later with him on some MDA Telethons and learned he was a PITA and not a consummate professional.

  17. What an a-hole after all all his money was made from us the viewers entertainers or entertain he's I should say

  18. Jerry is obviously giving the guy a hard time. However, the interviewer asks so many closed questions, thus making it easy for Jerry to shut him down at every turn.

  19. You know one of these days this m********* that's giving this interview and disrespecting this wonderful old man it's going to get old himself I can't wait

  20. Not the funniest comedian, but as a child growing up in the 60's, Jerry Lewis was a favorite. I agree with most of the unfortunate comments. The interviewer…not the best job for sure. But Jerry, WOW! To me the morale of the story…regardless of age or personal significance…is the importance and responsibility that each of us have with regards to…Humility, Kindness and Respect…toward each that we contact throughout our lives. We ALL have bad days (some even bad decades), but that is NEVER an excuse to act like this!

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