38 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence scolds journalist at Golden Globes

  1. Unfortunately she is becoming arrogant because she is a celebrity. She feels comfortable insulting a random reporter asking her questions.

  2. That's what happens when whores that sleep their way to the top get treated as genuine artists which they clearly are not

  3. Lot of people are using the word "rude" here.
    I would simply go for clueless.
    When you see and hear a nervous, obvious non-english speaker using his phone to read a question from it, your first thought shouldn't be "that guy is sweeping on Facebook".

  4. Funny you didn't mention that he was translating from his phone in your description. CNN doesn't care about non-english speaking people. Nice work CNN!

  5. He was asking her what she thought her chances were for the Oscars now that she had won this one. If she didn't live her whole life with her head up her butt she'd have understood that. Not cool.

  6. He’s on his phone to read the question he was going to ask, not to mention he doesn’t have the best English. Also, the dude was asking about the upcoming oscars, which is a completely valid question. She seems like a huge cunt

  7. Honestly, I remember when Jennifer Lawrence won her first award. Everyone was going on about her speech and how funny cool and down to earth she was. Intrigued, I decided to check her out as I love celebrities like that. I've always been known to be very observant and have always been able to tell when someone is being fake and have predicted when someone has tried to use or betray others. The second I watched the speech, I hated her. I knew she was faking, the over exaggeration to get others to like you was repulsive to me. As time went on, I watched a recent interview and her fakeness has gotten worse and more obvious over time. I find her to be a typical hollywood attention seeker in that manner. Despite that, I will admit she's a pretty good actress, I think she really played mystique well as well as katniss. She's definitely talented but she's also a b*tch personality wise it would seem. Well I guess thats better than some other famous people who are talentless as well as being b*tches.

  8. I personally didn't find it that bad compared to what people said about it. Don't get me wrong it was still rude but people were exaggerating what actually happened before I watched it.

  9. Shitty newfound stardom rude little bitch. "Look dude, I'm the big star here, take some Melissa McCarthy sarcasm, okay? Here, let's have people laugh at you, because I'm being a bully. You got it? That's how this works. My time is worth something, not yours."

  10. The guy and audience were all laughing at her not the guy speaking…. Common sense, but wow this startled me with q jaw drop she has so much respect and this is what she shows too us??

  11. She's such a snake my god. He was asking about the Oscars and how she sees herself winning an award. She didn't need to be a goddamn bitch and be so entitled and obnoxious. I love how Hollywood paints her to be such a down to earth sweetheart and hilarious and real when really she's just a rude bitch. Her white entitled ass needs to go back to Kentucky.

  12. Haha, I love how people are getting defensive. This girl works harder than most of you ever will in your lives, she doesn't stop until she drops, and on top of it all, there are honestly millions of people who would like a chance to speak with her and she does her best to respond to that- so in an official setting, if someone doesn't even have the decency to make eye contact with you or even introduce the CURRENT location of the interview properly, yeah- maybe she's fucking tired and doesn't have time for that. Or at LEAST feels that way, she's only human. There is a LOT to get sick of with a life like hers, there ARE cons if you can see past her paycheck.

  13. Seriously!? Everyone's jumping in her FOR THIS? It's not a big deal, she's just speaking her mind, I don't think she was being harsh, or rude at all! People just love to shit on celebrites for any little thing…

  14. if you call that rude, then maybe the personality difference is why she's a rich and famous movie star and you're just an angry YouTube commenter? this is very mild, I thought it was funny. as did the reporter questioning her

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