Jeffrey Epstein case could re-open: Judge Napolitano

Jeffrey Epstein case could re-open: Judge Napolitano

100 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein case could re-open: Judge Napolitano

  1. The case should have never been swept under the rug. I thought they were going to go after his accomplices and prosecute all who were guilty. But nothing is ever done come on America we should all be demanding justice here but no one is.

  2. They totally killed him and covered it up. Too much evidence getting closer and closer to President Bill Clinton. They had to make it all go away, and they did. Accomplished. It's so obvious!

  3. Wouldn't it be cool if this is the thing that unites the left and right? Even among prisoners no one likes a pedophile. Find them all. Be they clinton, trump, soros, koch, whatever. Doesn't matter. Round them up!

  4. Too little, too late – as usual. Of course Epstein was killed, you hypocritical dimbulbs. Two cameras out. Both guards sleeping. Injuries consistent with manual strangulation. There a reason the coroner needed a lot of time and coaching before he came out with suicide. And who has ever heard of a coroner basing his verdict on surveillance footage? He does autopsies fgs! Not image analysis for fraud and tampering!

  5. The first female Doctor examining Epstein said there was no need for another examination she said Epstein committed suicide, and that's final.

  6. It’s not “coming out of the blue”. They said the breaks in his neck were indicative of homicide since it happened. No one on the planet believes he did it to him self. The only real questions are who had him killed, and who’s names are on that list of child trafficking, pedafile, rapists?

  7. The real question is: "How much Clinton Foundation money was in that suitcase the medical examiner was sitting on when she said Epstein committed suicide?"

  8. Judge … stop coloring your hair. Ligature? I have 2 of them … they are my OPPOSING THUMBS, "Judge Lib" … Epstein would not have killed himself. He was a coward … get the hell over yourself. And the FBI? …. Um … "COMEY?"

  9. Outside the MSM the real investigative journalists have been doing the job of informing the public about Jeffrey Epstein & his partners in crime. NOTICE these other criminals are never mentioned …where are they? What is the government hiding from the people? Who is in the black book? LOOK outside the box .

  10. Whose DNA?!? all these TV people probably spent a night or two over his island thats why they act this way. They act like you can't wear a glove and hide your finger prints

  11. Crook Democrats on purpose made republicans busy with emplacement to not think about Epstein case ….
    they name Democrats but actually they are evil 👿

    All intelligence agencies can’t tell or find where is
    Crime partner of Epstein girl friend
    G . Maxwell ?

  12. OR… maybe another blind sighted deception the DS is famous for…. that Epstein is alive in GITMO, singing like a bird TO SAVE HIS NECK and making deals as he names names, shows photos and videos of these perverted pedophiles. Lots of sudden deaths recently, have you noticed? POTUS TOLD US last March to get pen and paper and keep track of sudden deaths, suicides and murderercides. Get another page ready as heads begin to disappear.

  13. Can't understand the Trump Russian party. Did they all travel to Russia and get brainwashed or is it all about money. Just don't understand why Trump and the Russian party like Russia so much.

  14. "Suicide watch was removed, both guards fell asleep, 3 video cameras stopped working." I had my suspicions, but it is pretty obvious to me now that he did not commit suicide.

  15. If there was anyone in a position to be smuggled from jail to live happy ever after it is Epstein. He has the goods on nearly all of Capitol Hill..

  16. It is most interesting that the other Major News Outlets are not reporting the results and statements made by Dr. Baden, who was there at the Autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein. The Major News outlets are trying to keep this information by Dr. Michael Baden quiet. I wonder why? It is NO Head Scratcher!

  17. I think we should start with the prison where the hands-on people were involved. Start hanging them until we are satisfied with the answers.
    This will lead to the Clintons and it`s time to take our country back. Everyone is stealing from everyone. I have never spent so much money on keeping things normal as under Obama`s 8 years of golf. It`s time for a governmental audit from dirty laundry to =========$

  18. Pretty obvious from the start that Epstein was murdered–strangled…and that the NY officials, warden and possibly the guards, were in on it.

  19. How about investigating everyone ever involved with Epstein? Those flight logs, his black book, his Butlers, and computer hard drives will provide leads. Can't trust the deep state CIA or FBI, we need a independent 3rd party with full authority & security access.

  20. If Epstein was murdered, why arrest him in the first place? Must have been countless opportunities to have him taken out whilst on the outside.. none of it makes sense.

  21. the arrogance of the state expecting the public to just believe this lie,is astounding. they are sexual abusers,who will do anything to hide their vile deeds. here in the uk,the government is riddled with peodophiles ,covered up by cameron and thatcher. thatcher insisted jimmy saville was knighted,and put him in charge of broadmoore mental institute,free to abuse .the list of uk mps abusing children is horrific.

  22. Lets have a little fact check. He's on suicide watch so they remove his cell mate. Then both guards fall asleep at the same time. And of course all three cameras malfunctioned at the same time. Then they do an autopsy and no one knows who's DNA is on the ligatures. Nothing to see here move along.

  23. Imagine, Epstein being covertly silenced by the bold Swamp-Mob, right in front of all America and getting away with it!?? Now, I wonder about the prison security personnel who were charged with keeping a close watch on Epstein but somehow didn't. Are they too going to "commit suicide" and further cover the Swamp's trail?

    This blatant cover-up, so far, says a lot about our serious internal Swamp situation here in the USA at large. Hopefully we can get it cleaned up, God willing!

  24. " Not a dickie bird from the Queen regarding Prince Andrew or any attempt to put a stop by Prince Charles … too busy recalling afternoon teas with Jimmy Saville and no attempt by Royals to out Gizzface Maxwell either !!! "

  25. Re-open the case of his alleged killing? That's ridiculous! They should continue to investigate the entire blackmail operation as well as who abused all of these children! The group that run the operation is one thing, the people being blackmailed another, and they committed serious crimes as well.

  26. Yea but theyll never conclude as to WHO actually ordered the hit, or who actually did it – the news or FBI or CIA will never tell us that


  28. About to Testify against the Clintons and a bunch of other Liberal politicians gets killed

    MSM 🦗 🦗

  29. Judge Napolitano is a nutjob. What difference does 75 days make? The FakeNews/DOJ/FBI said nothing for a decade. Why not attack them?

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