Jedi Revan Unlocked! | Legend of the Old Republic - Ancient Journey Event | Galaxy of Heroes

Jedi Revan Unlocked! | Legend of the Old Republic – Ancient Journey Event | Galaxy of Heroes

don't cry guys I have enough paper towels to go around to all the people in the world here's one for you one for you drag your tears oh but we'll get it again in six months right I'm sure he'll still be relevant lovely nights it is October 18th 2018 201 a.m. ladies and gentlemen and Jedi Knight revin Stephen has dropped on us that's a bit different than what we've seen before instead of seven tears like we've seen for Jedi training Wray and Commander Luke Skywalker we have six tiers in here kind of highlighting the story of building up two Jedi Knight revin but I don't think we're gonna make it that far we're gonna try to get as far as possible in this event with my own roster and wherever we left off which I suspect isn't gonna be too far we'll hop over to another account so we can actually finish off the event but on my personal account it's not looking good it's not looking good guys and it's not gonna happen this time this is an event where you blatantly need to spend money for you don't if you didn't sit on a giant amount of crystal reserves for the past several months you're gonna need to spend some money if you're in a situation like where I am right now if you want to spend the money I recommend go check out mobile gamers video that we did over there so you have an idea of what its gonna feel like getting Jedi Knight revving the seven stars and you're looking at $400 minimum from this point to get Jedi Knight reven if you want him right now but if you're like me I'm gonna wait I'm guessing the events gonna come back in four to six months I've already shared my pennies of this event not the biggest fan of how this was rolled out now for you guys who are gonna get reven right now and you don't want to go all in on the gear for those of you who are watching this six or four months down the road whenever this event comes back you might be wondering what gear should you shoot for this is not gonna be too nearly as hard as the legendary Chewbacca not nearly sorry because these characters we just got them it's hard to farm them and gear them in this short amount of time and on the forums recently we had a CGS Bikram who's the community manager he kind of announced the details on what we should expect the gear requirements so if you're looking for what the gear – it says the ancient journeys balance to be within line of the hero's journey events we design so players can experience a story without needing to bring your characters the g11 or g12 this will not have the difficulty of Chewbacca so here are the requirements and the recommendations we got the six tiers we have the star requirements and it looks like you're gonna you want to at least have gear six that's the minimum to get through the first few things and then gear nine is required or it's recommended for tier six and gear nines not that bad Garen is not that bad to get tuned the cool thing is a lot of these characters are good bass is amazing salad bars great interior to reverse t3 m4 he's got a lot of potential two droids down the road and Jolie he works well of Jedi Knight revin as well so overall if you got if you got to gear up these characters this is what the shoot for if you go over nine you'll be good but I think even if you're gonna lower like gear 8th gear 7 it's really good mods you might be able to do this event but we have to go see what the events even like before we can definitely say that this gear requirement is it's kind of a good indicator what to shoot for oh look Jedi Knight revin at least he's teasing me he's like come on spend the money you know you want to spend the money rancor raids I have a thing imagine that was his actual voice it's ok Big Z we've got a new friend but we have to pay $400 Oh cracking myself up this early alright let's do it so okay let's let's call front to assist we got marked okie dokie let's to bet these guys are in jeddah because you can't call them to assist blind blind might be important here I'm not sure how much damage these guys gonna do but look low gear this might be helpful because I don't want to take damages from my low gear characters because I need to make sure they get through these things 6000 damage it's clear that clear that off it looks like it's kits not maxed out all the way so right we didn't get the cleanse unfortunately basic 6,000 damaged come on oh come on don't die on me ok we call myself to assist here come on blind him oh yeah blind is just so important blind is really really important this mark doesn't do much good for me cuz he's only one character to attack bad puns later 5000 come on come on come on finish it off one more hit one ready to do job do it do do it no come on all right so we just did a mini rancor raid right now basically that's got a cool that's kind of a cool way to open up a journey event much better than just going up against aimless and mindless NPCs all right we can at least do tier two we got bash the low we got to all these other guys I got a Zeta ambassador but it's not gonna do much good since we don't have a we have revenue at least but so yeah at least we have revenue so these vassal is gonna benefit him at least at the very minimum so that's cool so I think if and the events that require best I think I'll be okay except of basler's Aida it makes things so much better gang member they've come to the rescue the Jedi stop them that's not the Jedi has rescued herself thank you very much let's get rid of the taunt oh wow come on mark Bassel assists there we go he they're done blind them oh I should have used the AOE it's fine that's fine and nothing too cool here all right I think we could probably auto it here somewhere it's kind of cool oh come on we got this finished it off so at least the first few phases in the first two tiers I don't know how helpful that's gonna be look for a low gear for sure well health now it's a matter of since I think we're gonna be stopped here it's a matter of Howard the next few face is gonna do for low gear I mean the account we're gonna hop on in a little bit here then I'm gonna hop on it's got gear 12 so it's gonna be kind of hard but if it's gonna be difficult for gear 12 it's gonna be difficult for lower gear we're not going to make it making it through this even until whatever this event comes back one more time so sit back relax don't go away come on please stay stay stay we'll get to the rest I promise you so we're gonna pick up from tier 3 since we couldn't make it beyond tier 3 on my personal accounts let's see what's in store here TV 3 m4 get that door open geez more demanding than my girlfriend discuss Kanaya all right let's get this going all right Oh slide this looks pretty easy we're gonna go ahead and Auto this part it doesn't look too interesting you know I want to enjoy revin a bit more here we go let's get mission to do her thing beautiful is the big Z coming Smashing 17,000 damage not too bad zal boy I can't wait to get him unlocked that's seven stars so I can take advantage of em territories let's do this you know just what's on it we're gonna Auto and then we'll get straight to oh man deflected dodge dodge whoo man I'm sure glad I didn't spend $40 to get dodged all the time all right that should finish it up all right cool cool cool final phase let's do it we got here final encounter oh nothing too exciting all right we can uh all this as well man there we go get rid of em man look at these big numbers 27,000 is holy cow they are going to town man they're getting a lot of dodges on me that's uh that's no fun all right Tier three couldn't do tear through my own account but I don't think tier three is gonna be a problem for most people there's especially for going by those recommended gear numbers this shouldn't be too much of a problem I think get it on the tier for now we need the whole entire crew you're gonna need the whole entire kotor set of characters to do this one i wonder why they're called sand people the humor it's just it's so perfect Thank You tiiime for I haven't thought of that they're attacking miners get it to the crawler everyone else defendant oh man the sandpeople man there we go that's funny I think if they say this was a real life situation I don't think the sand people would wait for them to kind of have a full-fledged conversation this is kind of cool because I know the general the general lore of quarter cup coats are but I've never actually played the game I tried playing it recently but man talk about a game that never aged well tried adding mods twitta whatnot still haven't gotten to it maybe if they play it on xbox or something where it's a bit more fun to play with the controller in hand but up overall this game did aged quite a lot look man we're getting all these evasion is deflected deflected deflected come on t3 but some big numbers for the team there we go man now looking too good so far this man if you upload your care because I wonder if being invaded 100 ma Wow jeez all these evasions left and right finally alright cool they lost the evasion up so this phase right here this tier you got to be able to survive our just survive until they lose that evasion up because even with gear 12 characters and Zetas this is still taking a little bit of time I can't imagine what it's like if you're using gear 6 7 8 characters alright we're gonna win this on so we have the gear advantage but this second C causing some troubles I won't be able to know until I can finally do this we've had a couple months down the road but that was annoying I gotta say that that's annoying if you don't have good of characters to kind of stay along in the battle that up for that for that amount of Dodge moving on to tier 5 in imaginary land where I can pretend that I'm unlocking reven we're gonna need the full entire Coulter crew yet again now this jewel and the treasures of this two movie my soldiers attack these interlopers interlopers into loppers I don't speak English there's something here far more powerful then they said wonder what am i oh so these guys are 83 they have some some gear and then they're gonna get the drop on me so what I'm try to do I mean obviously right now it's kind of hard to assess how difficult is this event good of be because right now we hopped over to the test account and we're using gear 12 characters it said some of these might be difficult but they said in the forums or the they confirmed that uh we don't need super high gears so I'm guessing decent mod should get the job done and the cool thing as these characters do have some synergy especially of Revan revans given all that older public synergy oh wow forty six thousand damage Wow cool cool cool so at the end using reven in this event does help out a bit so that's probably where I you don't need that high of a gear for these characters alright come on I see a great light could it be Jedi here it's a since Barry Wow they don't see one of those every day or ever really I wish this was uh Samuel Jackson that'd be kind of nice is Stan Jackson's voicing these parts right now since plunder thus if the spirits dark power will be mine die Jenna all right oh that's cool you got the little hologram up there I'm guessing that's the spirit that's kind of neat again I you know one of these days I got a pickup I got I got a pickup kotor and just play god i just kind of chew through how ugly it is I mean maybe try find some better mods to play it exciting I've only heard so many good things about that's all I've ever heard about coaters it's so much fun the plot twists and everything it's really awesome from what I heard but I've only watched my cliff notes of kotor and fortunately there we go come on finishing off the Sith assassin very nice very nice and you probably all know the rest there's nothing too exciting here I'm guessing the last tier is where the really exciting stuff is seeing how the trailer is that the millions of trailers you've seen for reven that's probably where it's gonna get excited you're here as I had regretted for so long oh that I had time if if I can return your light come with me we have cookies I held on to that darkness for so long now I am free thank you here oh okay tier 6 the final tier there better be one of those mini ranked quarries are Terran tactics or whatever they're called I want to see something cool I'm hoping we get that guy right now give me a fight give me a mini rancor rate come on hey there we go baby rancor let's do it you guys have ever get in so trigger but let me call you a baby rancor I wish I could hear the music but I don't want to get copyright strikes I've heard about these things it's a Terran tonic Ted and tonic Tennant attack they feed on the force sensitive beings all right what do we got here HAARP harden the carapace carapace a um man I can't read this early in the morning massively increase defense until critically hit three times alright let's land the hits let's spread these buffs I don't know let's give it the rev on let's oh wow yeah that is Wow that's there that's some really high defense that we got going on here let's go could reduce their critical chance now can we get blind all right cool we got blind so they won't be able to hit us at least let's uh let's call Bremen because he's got that extra damage against Darkseid enemies I'm guessing this guy is considered Darkseid let's do this let's get that on top very nice very nice all right Karl want to assist see if the potty Nick come on there we go now we're getting through there we go so we knocked off that whole hardened shell or whatever he's got whoa oh that's cool all right I can see gear nine definitely pushing the limits and how difficult this might be where you got gear 12 and this has taken us at least a few seconds is that he's not doing horrible he's not doing horribly high damage ah now he's got that hard in capri-sun going on right now Anelka free sons made all the vitamins and minerals are getting not sponsored by Capri Suns I can guarantee you that I'm thinking that blind from mission might be important when you're trying to do this little gear because she's able to prevent the the mini raid boss here rancor from hurting us here we go swatch we're gonna dodge it see we all dodged I think I applied to be really important guys come on come on do it I'm here yeah if it believes we can kill it oh that's kind of cool that was kind of cool so we so far we've had three journeys we've had Dre's journey CLS's journey and this journey so this is that for my eyes out of those three this is second commander Luke Skywalker's event was definitely top-notch one of my favorite things in this game and genic trainer great was a bit lackluster a lot of stuff that was missing we didn't see the video my impressions you should go it's gonna be an expensive character but a couple months down the road when you and I or whoever else can't get this character now when it comes back probably four to six months so I'm guessing we'll get it for free and revans kit seems to be good so he should be relevant for quite a while and if you see my speculation seeing that we have the abilities Savior and hero here and in the trailer they also showed conquer and villain I'm a hundred and thirty percent sure a Darth Revan is coming to the game with unique abilities called conquer and villain and we're gonna need Jedi Knight revin if I had to speculate so overall cool event it's a shame I'm not gonna get him right now buts a fact of life it's kind of fun actually grinding for something because I haven't really grinded for a legendary or heroes journey character really since Jedi training race this is kind of a new treat to kind of have some sort of goal to focus on but other than that guys let me know down below how many of you guys were able to do this if I click on the poll in the top right hand corner let me know if you're able to do this event and comment down below and your thoughts to this event did you like it did you find it more exciting than the other ones we'd love to hear your thoughts but until then my fellow plebeians who can't get this character real talk again very soon so be sure to subscribe so you're not missed a thing see you later

25 thoughts on “Jedi Revan Unlocked! | Legend of the Old Republic – Ancient Journey Event | Galaxy of Heroes

  1. I dont even got a 7 star character 🙁 can someone pls like because i want mini events where you can get shards for others more often cause it make me jealous these pros get everything and they only can participate cuz they pro

  2. I finally unlocked the ability to farm Bastila, 3 stars first try on the mission with level 60 – 58 characters. I have zalbaar, and just waiting for working on Mission and T3 when I get past lvl 60, spending the least amount of money possible.

  3. I’m literally just rewatching all your unlock videos for shits and giggles while I play Star Wars the old republic mmo. I love how you say “I’m sure he’ll still be relevant in six months” here we are 7 months later and …… yup still relevant XD lol.

  4. WE STILL…DID NOT GET HIM FOR FREE…. idk why would you think of it to be hunest.Cuz as far as i see – he IS a legemdary caracter and as far as i remember – we do NOT get ANY legendary caracters for free/to farm for shard. Cuz its a 3rd event already and STILL – NO J.k.Revans shards ANYWHERE in game…besides this event.
    Belive it or not(he is one of my favorite caracters… and i kinda hate myself that i have missed him last two times he been available to grab… i keep my fingers crossed that i can get him now then lol)

  5. I just started up after not playing since August 2018 and they added Revan? MOTHERFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  6. Looking back, revan and zaao killed a rancor and a tarentatek. Grievous's droids wouldn't last one. How could you imagine him defeating revan? That glowstick twirlin can opener couldn't phase Kenobi.

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