Jarrett on the latest from the Trump impeachment inquiry

Jarrett on the latest from the Trump impeachment inquiry

100 thoughts on “Jarrett on the latest from the Trump impeachment inquiry

  1. He’s running for President to avoid jail Biden is and if Clinton won no one would know just like Putin covered up everything his predecessor did if Putin loses he ends up in a Gulag

  2. Good try……… But no thanks!
    Trump is a proven criminal. But no matter what crimes he's committed.
    Impeachment is all about "behaviour".
    And 70 % of all Americans agree, Trump is scum……

  3. This goes all the way to the worst President we have ever had Obama and this is why the democrats are so set on impeaching Trump because he will get the criminals all of them.

  4. Even if Trump wins the election in 2020 now the validity of the result is tainted. Given is has openly and publicly tried to cheat before the start gun went off. If you want to investigate actual corruption in another country, not just conspiracy theories, you use MLAT, not your own lawyer. Even I know that. Trumps own advisors told him there was nothing to look into before the call.

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  6. As a Democrat idgaf about impeachment …i want more jobs and safe border …clean streets …. Smaller government…help for our elderly and veterans…help for drug addiction ….i want china to be a team player…. I want our troops home ..tired of being worlds police …i will vote Republican ❤

  7. Fox News the Trump/Putin Deep State Propaganda Machine. Making excuses for Trump and blaming the democrats. This is getting old

  8. Obama did not stop russia from collussion and Trump is attacked and now that he is preventing another corruption they attack him again. Democrats are demons in disguise they are the swamp

  9. So Republicans sources are credible now? Lol so much for second hand information he wrote a book about it lmao smh lord have mercy

  10. Can you please ask your legal expert whether the women who killed a young man from the U K has or had diplomatic immunity?

  11. You guys are in for a shock! I mean these men are lying to us. You'll see. wow, how is this legal? Trump, Barr, Pompeo, Pence, Rudy…these people are done. Time will tell.

  12. I can't wait until the crooked lying obstructionist democ-rat/communist/socialists lose 2020, the look of horror and anguish on their faces will be exquisite and deserved!!!

  13. Complete waste of time, and money. Can we just skip another year of this bs and just start indicting these people involved in this unlawful effort to remove the president and disqualify the upcoming election.

  14. Regardless of this joke of a presidency. I'm glad that everyone is getting to see just how sickening the good ol boy conservative mentalities truly are. I love the new video that has been exposed. Some right wing nut job fabricated a video fantasy of Trump gunning down the media and others who y'all deem as Enemies of the people. It's not as sickening as the freaks who cut and pasted sexually violent photos together on the right wing nut job Facebook page, but it's right in line with it. I think it's funny that everyone gets to see those good ol boy conservative thoughts, visualizations and fantasies, you people are a sickening breed of human beings. Demented and dangerous are understatements for you things, and I'm glad everyone is getting to see how true that is.

  15. Wow. You guys are really shilling all in for Trump. Takes a lot of balls to claim there is nothing to see here….. if I wasn't so disgusted I would be impressed!!

  16. When you can't beat someone on policy and your as crooked as they come, create a distraction; impeachment! This is a coup and nothing short of it!

  17. I hope Mueller doesn't get away with no punishment. He puts up this front as kinda slow forgetful type guy, but he sure caused a lot of money and time to be spent on this witch hunt he did.

  18. Talk, talk, talk. Everything you say makes perfect sense. But come on. Actions speak louder than words. When are Barr and Durham et al going to do something? They look impotent as the Trump impeachment train barrels on.

  19. 13K TOTAL VIEWS 👀



  20. You know the old saying absolute power corrupts absolute just think of the damage he could do in the corruption he would bring back to the White House if Joe Biden where to become president scary thought !

  21. I love how libturds keep on losing at every turn America keeps getting better every time they lose lol 🖕🖕🐀🖕

  22. This clown doesn't have a clue to what the hell he is talking about. That book he wrote those pages aren't worth lining a bird cage with.

  23. If I was Trump, I wouldn't trust anyone in the government to properly investigate corruption by democrats. That's enough for Rudy to be on it

  24. “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked … or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the LORD” – Psalms 1:1-2.

  25. Jarrett weighs in on Trump! That’s an inveterate liar discussing the affairs of another inveterate liar. What is that, like liar squared?

  26. Democrats need no reason for impeachment….its all they've talked about since he won the election….remember big mouth mad Max Wayers? Impeach 45! Impeach 45! Even with no evidence! This proves they dont care about rules…..or laws…..they are terrified of what the Durham / Barr investigations are going to turn up……its called a distraction!

  27. Republicans in House will boycott the vote, and when Senate Judiciary Committee gets impeachment they can refer to Senate Intel committee illegally so Democrat minority can get taste of their own medicine. And keep the Senate investigation open until after 2020 elections..

  28. You have to be pretty stupid to believe this kind lame gaslighting from Fox. There is plenty of evidence and plenty of crimes committed and you are living in a fake reality to not see past these dummy lies.

  29. Traitors are very obvious to American citizens. John Kerry is a borderline treasonous domestic enemy of America. Need transcripts for his "coup" activities with Iran. Dems are so resistant to truth of this matter. This includes Joe Biden both are enemies to our security in United States. Peace! Truth will prevail. Traitors..USMC

  30. I'm a truck driver if I get caught snorting cocaine my life is over, unless maybe my last name is Biden! Talk about white privilege! Unfreakingbelievable.!

  31. In other news…Looks like our idiot President has given Syria to Assad and his Russian buddies. No collusion of course just the day to day stupidity of Trump. We were right there…so close and the Orange idiot throws it away. What a fool.

  32. This will blow up in the demoncraps face! Some will fall other's will just leave office but none will pay the price they earned. Treason should be the charge and unless it sticks we are just seeing the beginning of the second faze of American life. Political coup after political coup until we stand and shout it's enough loud enough!

  33. Exertion of legitimate executive power is not an abuse of power just because they don't like it. Trump did not ask the FBI or DOJ to assist Rudy and Rudy did not interfere with what they were doing.


  35. Someone needs to write a book or do a special show on ALL the LIES that our done by the left and the media daily. Not only on the more serious stuff but in general we see them saying stuff with no merit what so ever and we see the candidates changing their stance all the time. Its all recorded on the air or in their sides books and articles. Its pathetic how they go to the highest insults towards him and try to insight riots and impeach and just refuse anything at all positive about him which ruin all
    credibility of any opposing argument. It would be a huge task to bring up all their lies but its on record to the public. They have no problem putting their right out there and since its so often they hardly ever get called out. Thanks Fox and everyone involved with this channel for bringing us the truth. Its would be impossible without you to tell what is what.

  36. Trump does so many things that helps Russia and hurts America and its allies. Don't expect you guys ever wonder why.

  37. why do the Democrats always got to hide stuff and does not want to show the American public what they're doing and what they're trying to do is the Democrats the new Communist party of America

  38. We must vote these criminal Democrats out of office in 2020I once and for all. Adam Swift Nancy pelosi and Maxine Water m3 need to be voted out of office in 2020 folksthey're not good for our American Congress or American country for American people

  39. You know how schools always have the picture of the current president on their walls?
    -well, what you did not know that democrats have issued orders to rip Trump portaits off these walls, and teachers, most of whom are lefty socialists anyways, have been more than happy to oblige.
    And dont even get me started how these socialist, anti-Trump teachers preach anti-Trumpism to your kids. Making rude jokes about their president and slamming everything he does. Disgusting.
    Yeah. Brainwashing kids. Like nazis used to do. Its the democratic way to better tomorrow!

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