27 thoughts on “Jared Kushner on Trump, Mideast policy (Full interview) | CITIZEN by CNN

  1. Hitler was the second, Napoleon was the first and Mabus is the third and final antichrist…..the little horn/trumpet….Jared Kushner/Damien Thorne

  2. Kushner Articulates well …good man…..thanks for this interview …van at last u raised CNN standard…because yr channel is mud…..!!

  3. Clearly a very intelligent guy. Clearly not any worse than any establishment politician. And this is the most “journalistic” thing I’ve seen from CNN, ever.

  4. אויב ישראלי, אתם המטרה היחידה והאויב היחיד, אני גדלתי על זה, ואתה תמיד יהיה האויב שלי ושלום מעולם לא דחה איתך, הקשר היחיד בינינו לבינך הוא במצב של מלחמה התמידית, יום אחד נפגש בשדה הקרב ..!!

    عدوي الإسرائيلي ، أنت هدفي الوحيد و عدوي الوحيد ، تربيت على ذلك ، و ستكون أنت دائماً و أبداً عدوي ، السلام مرفوض معكم ، العلاقة الوحيدة بيننا و بينكم هي حالة الحرب الدائمة ، يوما ما سوف نلتقي على أرض المعركة

    Israeli enemy, you are my only goal is the only enemy, I grew up on it, and you will always be my enemy and never, rejected peace with you, the only relationship between us and you is a state of permanent war, one day we will meet on the battlefield………………….

  5. You know, I was just going to comment on what an unqualified piece of shit Jared is. But really, HE'S JUST SO FUCKING CREEPY. Reminds me of Anthony Hopkins in Psycho. Creepy… Tah, tah, tah,… tah, tah, tah! @ Oh yeah, I almost forgot.HE'S A FUCKING LIAR AS WELL!

  6. Van, I hate to say but you are part of this fucked up system… your questions lame at best for this SoB nobody

  7. Came on Youtube to find the Jared Kushner interview with Jonathan Swan on Axios HBO and found this softball CNN interview …American journalists have so much to learn..

  8. There is nothing incisive, poignant, down to the facts, about this interview. It’s just talk show chit chat. And they call this journalism? CNN is a joke!

  9. Jared made light of "getting people on board", I think he picks a problem knowing there are key people that if those people came together the problem can be dealt with, business like. In Politics it is ugly, like, "what are you going to give me, if I do this for you". US should be run as good business decisions

  10. These two men have proved that calm discourse without name calling can calm the waters and the people and it can create an environment where listening takes place. Just look at the comment section as proof of this.

  11. If you don't go to jail Kushner, there isn't any future for you in any capacity in politics, never mind working for any other president. Bankrupt is so true.

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