100 thoughts on “Japan’s new emperor enthroned in ancient ritual – BBC News

  1. If you're not Japanese and discrediting emperor or making a joke I recommend you to be quite and respect people's culture. I'm not Japanese and I'm Indonesian, we are happy to know this.

    Don't be ignorance and bigot.

  2. Hard pass on emperors, kings, and monarchs in general… this has a bigger impact on society than one may think.

  3. Based Japan. They seem happy, strong and doing just fine in their homogeneous society. Let's hope they never suffer the fate of parts of Europe, the disease of multi culturalism.

  4. BANZAAAIII!!! From England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇯🇵 You have a beautiful culture, tradition and people Japan, cherish it.

  5. This guys family and grandfather was directly responsible for the atrocities committed by the imperial forces in the Second Sino-Japanese War and in World War II. They still have not apologised for the rape of Nanking

  6. 0:36 Banzai = thousands of years life. but..

  7. meanwhile prince charles is like… meh i'm ignore what's on the front there… just gonna enjoy the message for a bit xD

  8. Its great to witness a real traditional ancient ritual, the Japanese people are very honourable. Its a pity that the CHINESE COMMUNISM GOVERNMENT cant do the same because theirs no such thing as a communist emperor, that would dishonor Chinese traditional ancient history to the core. 🤣😂🤣😂

  9. I love all American people.

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  10. Japan is a truly extraordinary country. If a small island can conquer hundreds of millions of people in asia then become the world's second biggest economy it shows the discipline of it's people.

  11. Definitely not like the trashy British royals. The Danish royals look fantastic and then there's Charles nodding off…

  12. Total deviation from our constitution… Where is the separation of religion from politics? The emperor looking down on a PM congratulating is just against one of the basic principles of the constitution that the sovereign power resides with the people.


  14. A lot of people see absolutely nothing unusual or wrong, with preserving monarchs and emperors, in the 21st century. But Japan has never properly apologised for its war crimes, nor have they compensated all the countries they brutalised and raped. At least the Germans have the intellectual maturity to face up to their past, and now Germany is comparatively, a progressive country. The Japanese imperial family, murdered countless millions of Asians; Japan's self-indulgent, myopic "shame culture", prevents them from every facing up to their crimes. I hope that Brits who enjoy this spectacle, remember that their grandparents know better, especially if they were enslaved and forced to build railroads in Asia, by a previous Emperor. It's not "all in the past" for Asia, because as mentioned, there has never been any attempt at reconciliation by the Japanese state.

    Japan is a democracy, and the current generation are blameless in relation to the country's past, but it is very far from being an "open" society. Japan is technologically very advanced, and their culture has much to be admired. But Japan is not (and never has been) a (small "l") liberal democracy; it is a one-race nation, with laws similar to Israel designed to keep it that way, which is why there are no minority communities in Japan. The ones that are there, have very low status, and cannot progress within Japanese society, because they are "gaikokujin" i.e. non-white foreigners. Thus Japan is itself a victim of it's own myopic race laws, and cannot solve its demographic crisis without immigration from it's immediate neighbours, which of course, it will never allow.

    Where are the Ninja's of Iga, when you need them?

  15. The emotive issue of Japanese wartime atrocities continues to undermine relations between Tokyo and its neighbours. It has fuelled nationalist sentiment in China and Japan, risking a dangerous escalation. The suffering of an estimated 200,000 victims from South Korea, China and other countries was marked and remembered around the world. But Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a ritual offering to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, which honours Japanese war dead, including convicted war criminals. Abe did not attend the shrine, as he did in 2013. However, the sending of the offering – on the anniversary of Japan’s surrender – was insensitive. Japan should understand the depth of Chinese people’s feelings about the wartime atrocities. The grievances are genuine and they will not fade with the passing of time. Japan issued an "apology" concerning comfort women in 1993 and a deal with South Korea was done in 2015, which included funding for victims. But that agreement has been much-criticised, as it was struck behind closed doors without input from the victims and was seen as lacking sincerity. Apologising only to South Korea is rightly seen as an insult to the rest of Asia, who are well aware of the racial taxonomy subscribed to by the Japanese elites. A sincere apology is needed from Japan, and compensation for the victims of all nationalities.

  16. Democratically elected eye surgeon Dr Assad, who just cleansed the US/UK etc backed ISIS et al from his lovely country, is also a top world dignitary. Who instructed the J to not invite him, or are they the noo truth keepers. SHAME!

  17. I can't believe this was controversial for economical issues. This is almost like a liturgy. It should be declared World/National Heritage.

  18. Japan was founded in 660 BC by Emperor Jimmu, who was said to be a direct descendant of the sun-goddess Amaterasu.
    2019y 126th Emperor

  19. The shit royal families' members and people of Japan are all evils, killing many innocent civilians and other ethnics around the world and stealing many country’s treaury and gold. They should all be eliminated or tortured to death and then eaten by animals. They also should all be exterminated for their sins.

  20. In Japan, it’s very rude to call the name of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.
    Please don’t call Emperor Naruhito. Please call the Emperor or the Emperor of Japan.
    Also, Japanese names are in the order of family names and given names. So the name of the Japanese prime minister is Abe Shinzo, not Shinzo Abe.

  21. The emperor who speaks the words in the “High Throne” will calm your heart.
    Just as the Emperor's time is a disaster-resistant period in a peaceful and nuclear-free world.🙏🎌

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