19 thoughts on “Japanese industry | Japan | TV EYE | 1982

  1. The Japanese are still doing very well at the expense of the U.S. consumers. I agree that other nations are taking advantage of us to grow their economies. However, their trade bubble is about to burst; and it's long overdue.

  2. Japan is just too small to overtake the world. They have very little in their own island, maybe by "design". We can only wonder what they would've done had they had a larger piece of the pie, let's say a country the size of Argentina at least with all that juicy oil and ore for the war machine.

  3. this systems were great in the 80s and 90s but together with low population growth and age population……they lead to being overworked, and poor career growth ……its a shame really so much potential

  4. I'm just a robot and I know my place,
    A metal servant to the human race.

    I work my can off trying to satisfy,
    I know they'll disconnect me by and by.

    Chip on my shoulder made of silicon,
    My printed circuit's like a lexicon.

    Ten billion logic functions, maybe more,
    They make me pick the paper off the floor.

  5. Well, it took them another 7 years, but their economy did crash eventually. And the demographic bomb didn't even start to reveal itself.

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