James Ellroy on his novel, BLOOD’S A ROVER

James Ellroy on his novel, BLOOD’S A ROVER

OHHHHHHHHHHH! Blood’s a Rover is my ultimate masterpiece It’s the third and concluding volume of my underworld U.S.A. trilogy Volume 1: American tabloid Time Magazine’s Novel of the Year 1995 covered 1958-1963 Volume 2: The Cold Six Thousand
the full tumult of the American 60’s Blood’s A Rover, the greatest of the three
books goes ’68 to ’72 Book starts in the BADDDDDDDD summer of 1968 We’ve got riots in the at the Democratic Convention in Chicago You’ve got race riots at the G.O.P.
Convention in Miami You got fallout, from assassination conspiracies that led to the death of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King You got an armored car heist You’ve got three right wing toadies in love with the red Goddess Joan This iconic woman explicates four years of American history Who was the red goddess Joan of my personal life? that woman in reality named Joan left me reamed steamed and dried cleaned tie-dyed swept to the side screwed blue-tattooed bon-fon-gooed and I have dedicated this book to her You may be curious about the title of this novel Blood’s A Rover is in Rover the dog dig its arcane it’s powerful don’t quite know what it
means Let me put this in perspective for you It’s a quote from a poem by A.E Housman Let me recite it to you now Clay lies still but blood’s a rover Breaths of where that will not keep up land When the journey’s over There’ll be time enough to sleep lonely haunted, driven men their moral and spiritual exhaustion their endless quest for the women they’re helistrandlate with history You have some wonderful real life historical
characters in bloods a rover. You have gay Edgar Hoover Howard Hughes known as Dracula because he used to drink human blood and you’ve gotten entirely reconstructed hilarious bombed out tricky dick Nixon These fools rub shoulders and other body parts with an unalloyed cast of peepers’
prowlers, pet-her-ass patens, panty sniffers punks and pimps ’68 to ’72 America it was a wild ride I am grateful to have survived the era to be able to write it for you, by beloved readers and Alfred A. Knopf, my beloved publisher

16 thoughts on “James Ellroy on his novel, BLOOD’S A ROVER

  1. @ROCKYMARCIANOXX0 Yes, he's very engaging and witty – I went to a talk/signing to promote Blood's A Rover last night.

  2. I read Blood's a Rover first out of the American Underworld trilogy. Woe is me. I'd read the LA quartet and Brown's Requiem before and loved Ellroy's style but didn't really get hooked on his punchy, graffiti-esque prose till I read the third chapter of what is, in my humble opinion, his three piece masterpiece. Went out the next day and bought American Tabloid and the Cold Six.Own everything he's ever written now. The guy's a fuckin' literary genius.

  3. This guy IS noir and knows it like the back of his … hand. Read the trilogy and it will change your view of our country's history.

  4. Just finished this book. Loved it. Not as good as "American Tabloid" but far better than "The Cold Six Thousand."

    I know he's trying to promote the book here, but he can't possible take like this in real life. He sounds like a character in one of his books.

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