James Carville: Beating Trump Is The Only Thing That Matters In 2020 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

James Carville: Beating Trump Is The Only Thing That Matters In 2020 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “James Carville: Beating Trump Is The Only Thing That Matters In 2020 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Wake up trump haters, your buying into the mainstream media lie every day… Just think for yourselves instead of repeating these biased talking heads. You can do it, you just need to be brave and not scared of the mean crowd your standing in!

  2. Good luck with beating Trump in 2020! A great person can do it but where is that person? Dem line up is worse then worse! We're screwed…

  3. Beating Trump isn't the only thing that matters……impeaching Trump is the only thing that matters…. Pelosi herself said it's ok if they lose the election as long as Trump is impeached…if beating Trump in the election mattered the house would be negotiating policy over the last year plus..

  4. Can we ever trust a Democrat? Or any member of the #FakeNewsMedia ?BCP summarizes the latest findings of Judicial Watch! "NEW DECLAS’D DOCS PROVE TREASON! SHADY BIDEN DEAL W/ CHINESE MILITARY. HOW THE COUP PLOT/LEAKS CAME FROM DOJ" https://youtu.be/-tlyR0Lva4s

  5. Yes, beating Trump… About that: We've noticed you're trying at all costs, but you can't! And will still have to pay the price for all your illegal coup attempts…

  6. This headline is why he will win and also why he is there in the first place.
    Democrats have nothing to actually run on.
    Bernie 2020.

  7. Carville is spot on with Bidens loss strategy. Hope the Burners move pragmatically to Warren. When Bernie lost the.primary some didnt move to HRC. Stupid. I canvassed Bernie but voted HRC. The stakes are high.

  8. ("Schiff staffer held secret meeting with former president of Ukraine"; https://youtu.be/m3kN3DW5ff8 )
    Haven't we tolerated this Democrat tragicomedy long enough? Mr. President, you MUST address the nation, STRIP Adama Schiff of every security clearance available to him, and reestablish that that there are three CO-EQUAL branches of the government … with YOU being the sole arbiter of foreign policy, and possessed of an absolute right to address the corruption that Obama, Hillary, Biden and his son represent!

  9. #NoOneIsAboveTheLawIncludingBarackObama … but he overseered boundless Democrat corruption. Did $1.8 BILLION in cash sent to Iran actually stay in Iran?
    #NoOneIsAboveTheLawIncludingJoeBiden … yet he is on tape threatening a  Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son's corruption, and inviting the Ukrainian government to "call Obama" to verify the corrupt act!
    #NoOneIsAboveTheLawIncludingAdamSchiff … yet he overseered the concoction of a "Whistleblower Complaint", including changing the definition of "Whistleblower", to frame a sitting President
    #NoOneIsAboveTheLawIncludingHunterBiden … yet he accompanied his father on Air Force Two to  accept almost $2 BILLION from China … and $6 MILLION from the Ukraine
    #NoOneIsAboveTheLawIncludingHillaryClinton … yet she orchestrated the transfer of US military secrets to Russia through the Skolkovo Project, and received $157 MILLION for selling 20% of America's uranium reserves to Russia
    #NoOneIsAboveTheLawIncludingTheDNC … yet they oversaw the use of the Ukranian government to try to destroy the Trump candidacy and Presidency, and orchestrated the manufacture of a fake Steele-dossier to that end

  10. A Russian agent? Adam Schiff is the co-leader of a Democrat cabal dedicated to burn this country (the United States of America ) to the ground! (Ep. 1080 Schiff Gets Caught Red Handed. The Dan Bongino Show 10/3/2019: https://youtu.be/lxEpLWHMeCw )

  11. James Carvelle go away. You are another hack. Stop crying Racism .You need tell your party to start working on helping the people instead of trying to get Trump out of office. Stop thinking the average American is stupid enough to vote for theDems ever again unless they change.

  12. Bernie should announce who he would pick for VP now ahead of the primary race. That's the only way he might stay viable. Praying for him for good health.

  13. Amazing, Trump has lied to and mislead his supporters more than 12000 times in less than three years, filled his administration with swamp creatures and grifters like himself, paid out $20 million in out of court settlement for running a fraudulent university, had to shut down his charitable foundation under judicial control for running it as a family bank account etc etc and his fans still fall for his lies and complete BS. He should get his attorney Barr to let Cohen and Manafort out of prison so that they together with Flyn could all shout lock her up Lol. I note Trump no longer gets the crowd to chant who's going to pay for the wall lol.

  14. No James Carville, our planet is burning up, our citizens spend their entire lives in debt after leaving high school, and we have people shrinking our social safety net. Beating Trump is not the most important thing in 2020, it is only a piece of what needs to be done to help our country.

  15. Look at the field and what do you see James Carville? The two most progressive candidates pulling away from the corporate owned establishment Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden. And the reason is obvious. People want their party back. They want to reestablish the populist FDR Democratic party that actually worked for the benefit of the poor and middle class not billionaire CEOs

  16. If that were the case fielding a viable candidate would seem like a priority.
    Warren 3:1 against. She seemed supportable before she got into the Senate. The 1st thing she did when she got into the Senate was a 180 sell out to big banks.
    Biden 8:1 against Completely unremarkable 5th wheel.
    Yang, Buttigiege, Sanders, and Clinton all at ~30:1 against.

  17. Well yeah. If we can’t get the unemployment rate back up, max out the race card, and slow down this economy, dems will lose all the election leverage they historically have. Also, the rich.

  18. Thank You! Been wondering why we haven't heard from the Carville Couple. However, regardless of Political Label, We Are DONE With The UTTER DEPRAVITY OF CORPORATE CAPITALISM n CORPORATE CAPITALISTS grinding Employees into the ground for their Worship of INSATIABLE GOULISH GREED

  19. Ragin Cagin, loves the fact that Huter Biden was paid off $900,000, because Joe was VP.
    MSNBC loves he got away with it.
    Corrupt money, Biden.

  20. Right or wrong, Biden has been damaged . . .,
    Because of Trump, the Democrats only need someone who can be trusted and who will uphold the constitution.

  21. The democrats are losing focus of what's important. The presidential election is about choosing the most beneficial leader in the executive branch, if they're just focusing on Trump and not showing the country how their candidate is better, they've already lost the election.

  22. It’s beating President Trump AND squashing the absolutely blind followers that feel America hit its “identity” in Ww2 and shortly after.
    Our “identity” is thankfully fluid, as it should be.
    This guy out
    His followers with tail between legs.
    That is what is needed

  23. I thought impeaching him was all that matters.
    Draining the swamp is all that matters.
    It was a Magasota event. Trump and the Republicans will win. Americans are sick of the democrats hypocrisy. Trump has the energy. He is the people's President.

  24. The head troll has spoken—– with the continual bashing propaganda line of MSM and the Deep State. To fight for the Constitution is being called a great threat to the country ! Demo means DESTRUCTION. Both parties have to sign up for the "CITIZENS' EQUALITY ACT"—– let's see which party refuses to give YOU an actual voice, at a crucial time where we need to be heard.

  25. I’m in a blue state and very few people here, openly support Trump in my community. No MAGA hats around here but I have seen the occasional Republican coffee mugs at work. Hard to imagine living in a red state, I imagine it as a horrific experience, so it’s not a wonder that you left. I have detected a noticeable and palpable differences in the general demeanor of people when visiting a red state vs a blue state. I’m sure there are some very good hearted people among the ranks of Trump supporters, just terribly naive, misguided and brainwashed by family influences, friends, peer pressure, media and propaganda, pressure to conform, and/or combined with the urgent need to “maintain the traditions passed down at any cost” type thinking and mentality.

    Therefore, when the occasional co-worker or acquaintance in my state reveals their identity as a Trump supporter, I’m never too surprised by it. I can often detect a Trump supporter almost on sight alone or just by making mere eye contact, though if somewhat on the fence or having some doubt , then I only need to hear them speak for a minute or two and it removes virtually all doubt from my mind. It would be literally impossible for a character like Trump to make the Oval Office if people were raised in communities that taught we are different but “all one nonetheless” ; people need to learn to raise their consciousness and seek out the higher being within themselves so that we all rise and evolve together.

    Much like the diversity but the “oneness” on the bridge of the Enterprise – Star Trek.

    More focus on respect for racial, gender, cultural or religious differences. (I’m not religious) And more education that involves courses on logical and critical reasoning and thinking skills, independent due diligence from unbiased sources and factual research as opposed to just “here say” thereby making it practically impossible to be brainwashed.

    Also more emphasis on kindness, compassion, tolerance, understanding and serving your fellow human as well as doing the actions that serve the greater good for all. “Love” if I could sum it up in one word. These things need to be taught from a very young age for the best chance of success and then characters like Trump could never succeed in any community especially on a national scale.

  26. What a stupid goal, based only on hate. When Trump wins again in 2020 democrats will be jumping off cliffs like Lemings.

  27. Biden was on power save mode because he was trying to power save his money and the rest of his days that are left on this planet because if this is all as bad as it looks hes going to jail not running for president lol

  28. rewind a few times and look at the individual facial expressions of the people behind trump, those people aren't normally constituted.

  29. 4:04– "This is a very serious election. I think Democrats have to make a very serious choice and there is one, but one, moral imperative here and that is beating Donald Trump in 2020. This is not about Democrats feeling good about themselves, this is not about Democrats falling in love; this is about Democrats making an ultimate pragmatic decision to take out the greatest threat that the United States has [sic!] had in the presidency since the beginning of this country"

    Democrats indeed (and every citizen alike) have to make a very serious choice, and if you are really serious in declaring that beating Donald Trump in 2020 is the one and only moral imperative, then you must make the ultimate pragmatic decision which is to register Republican in order to vote against Trump in the primaries; that way you get a double chance to eliminate Donald Trump, either in the primary election/nomination process or in the general presidential election – if you fail to vote in the Republican primary, you forego this chance of beating Trump and make it easier for him to win the nomination.

  30. TRUMP 2020, TRUMP JR. 2024! TRUMP 2020, TRUMP JR. 2024! TRUMP 2020, TRUMP JR. 2024! TRUMP 2020, TRUMP JR. 2024! TRUMP 2020, TRUMP JR. 2024! TRUMP 2020, TRUMP JR. 2024! TRUMP 2020, TRUMP JR. 2024! TRUMP 2020, TRUMP JR. 2024!

  31. Trump thrives on asskissing he's just mad when he can't get EVERYONE to do it!
    Someone asked, 'How is a psychopath created?'
    I'm not sure but I would stay far away from the trump gene pool!!!

  32. I want to see a video of a mock Trump rally. Protesters in Trump masks chanting "Lock kids up, LOCK KIDS UP!" A well-made video would go viral as any of #PresidentTweety's worst tweets.

  33. I will vote for ANY Democrat who the best chance of CRUSHING Evil, Failed, Un Christian, Un American Trump.

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