100 thoughts on “Jamal Khashoggi’s last words: ‘I can’t breathe’

  1. Why Turkey is silence on such a serious issue?

    TURKEY must take the responsibility and take action against anyone who is behind this brutal killing.

  2. The Saudis don't want the "free press".They recognize it for the total failed experiment that it actually is.They will take some of the west.But certainly not this boondoggle of an institution.Its a failed human experiment.Can care less that the Saudis fillet him.

  3. I only wish it was one of idiot Trump family being hacked…then the outcome would be different…or maybe not..since idiot Trump tends to choose money over family

  4. if governments forget their morale and beliefes regarding human rights and what they stand for, I believe the people all around the world won't. it is a shame to let such criminals get away killing innocent people. the world should stand strong and never let this and other killings the Saudis are brutally killing Yemeni children in a cool blooded as they had with khashoggi. what a shame on the human race

  5. This happened in the Saudi embassy in turkey? My mind struggles to picture walking into my countrys embassy and being litteraly slaughtered… Wow!

  6. im sure the CIA has heard and seen more horrifying things… arent they the ones who created that fish poison dart gun ?

  7. Knowing that it's a CNN story….
    There's a 2% Chance this is even accurate.


  8. U know how they say that u have a human inclination when something is amiss, I wonder before Jamal Kashoggi went into that consulate if he had a feeling of "something ain't right"! I think that he felt like nothing would happen since he had people waiting for him outside. How sad what happened to him!😢

  9. DISGUSTING DISGUSTING DISGUSTING that official agent of Crown Prince lead this operation. Yet Trump still insists of being good friends with these murderers. Corrupt

  10. there is a punishment in the old old Saudi Arabia's history that they killed the person dismembered the body and give it to the Dog to eit, you can do a research that's a punishment. usually a middle Eastern powerful Arab when they really hate someone so bad they make this statement to their enemy "I swear to Allah "I'll kill you and dismember your body and give it to dogs to eat"
    and because of that I'm pretty sure they killed him dismembered he's body and gave it to the dogs. They say that to their enemies that "I'll kill you and I gave your body to dogs to eat"
    I'm not making that up. do a research it's all over in there history books

  11. Saudi kingdom is bad… but can anyone name any "good" nation in the middle east that honors fundamental freedoms & rights ? So many commentors here who're are so upset seeing how "evil" Saudi prince is… but refuse to look at the bigger picture ! Guess who created them centuries ago ? The sectarianism and fundamentalist religious ideology that exist in Islamic world is what set the pathway for these monstrous systems to still exist in 21st century! He's not unique, neither a shocker, figures like him was long being bred ! Ask your self, Why would they respect freedom of speech /expression of journalists, when they don't even believe that a women should hv the right to drive (until recent yrs)? Why do you feel shocked when these type of brutality happen in islamic nations, when the groundwork & clear facts of brutal human rights violations are seen throughout the middle east in a daily basis…. ? Are you not aware of restrictions in women/press rights, apostasy laws, blasphemy laws, honor killings, religious/ ethnic minority persecution etc etc infested in this region ? And they have "religion" to justify everything… !

  12. All Muslim should unite about this devil MBS; a corrupt Iblis working as an open enemy against the humanitarian world of truth.

  13. Where are all the tumptards claiming that CNN is fake news? or that only when they make remarks about their glorious leader: the orange one.

  14. This is weird apparently Saudi Arabia is friend of USA, but USA cover this topic extensively… Is this because it is right thing to do or there is another motive?

  15. They dismembered him while he was alive? 😲
    What is the transcript from? Like what is the audio recoded for?

  16. the saudis have blood on their hands and egg on their face.
    i was there when the news broke that night..
    i thought it's an open-shut case. the rumors that preceded the official facts are pretty similar.
    the Turks knew how and when they murdered him… but the saudis lied and denied it from the get-go.
    hindsight is a btch

  17. So where is his body now….? in the consulate's house….? what happened to his body…..? im so confused…

  18. Believe me i am no friend of the criminal regime of Saudia Arabia but , the US government has the blood of hundreds of millions of people on their hands , which makes MBS look like an angle comparing to them.

  19. If this exact same heinous act was made by a countries government who did not give the American government millions of dollars in trade deals and did not kiss Americas ass…. you can be sure the reaction of the western world would have been 1000 times stronger. This is horrific. They assassinated this man.

  20. I'm not sure if you all get this. Trump minions don't care. This man was not a US citizen, he was a US resident and a minions. His minions only care about the border wall and tax breaks that don't affect them. They don't care about, or understand, foreign policy, democracy, or anything the founding fathers wanted. Calling Trump evil won't deter them. Calling him racist definitely won't either. His supporters know and are happy to have a leader that truly represents them.

  21. Congratulations Trump. You approve the murder of this man, by meeting and praising his murderer, MBS of Saudi Arabia. I have lost respect for the higher office that house you.

  22. Who cares what they are doing in Yemen or what they did with that journalist in Turkey as long as the USA has their side.
    If Iran put a spy to prison all the American media Start shouting that Iran is breaching the human right when Saudi kills everyday hundreds of innocent people in Yemen, stoning the women, killing the minority religious groups, arming extremists, spreading Wahhabism to the Middle East and among the Muslim youth in western countries to make them extremists even the USA help them with modern weapon and the majority of the media is shut
    From American( Donald Trump) point of view Yemenis are not human and gashogji is also not human and their right are killing in the worst possible way like dismembering and …..

  23. So they chopped this guy up while he was still alive … the earplugs were to drown out Khashoggi's screams?!! Horrific.

  24. After consistantly criticizing of the Crown Prince Jamal Khashoggi should have known better to step foot into that country!

  25. This is frighteningly word and offensively sad. It's sad that the same fate is awaiting them. The same grave will not spare them even if they fast forward to the grave this fellow bentdown on truth.

  26. This is a horror story you would expect out of a sick disgusting B grade movie. They cut him up alive??? I know the arab world can come come up with some barbarous stuff but this is sick and evil. They lured him inside and butchered him like an animal while his loved one is waiting outside.

  27. the tape has been proven to be doctored. CNN never bothered to follow up with the results.. it went against their fake news narrative

  28. USA democracy is under treat and as a result, is treating global political and economic stability, all because of AMERICA UNTOUCHABLE super hero…"DONALD TRUMP". Both Republicans (the cowards ones who resemble Conway) and more so the Democrats are a sad bunch who are to afraid to stand up to a PRESIDENTIAL BULLY.

  29. Look at all the dreadful things done or revealed in the last 3 years, in which Trump seems to have some unfortunate connection or to be an apologist. This murder, the NK fatal torture of a young American, the Nazi murder in Carrlottesville, mistreatment of children in federal custody, multiple mass shootings. DT was even buddies with now-dead sex trafficker Epstein, and actually appointed Epstein's former (non-) prosecutor tohigh office.

  30. Crown prince of Saudi Arabia, involved in the assasination, a leader of a nation committing blatant crime against his critic, and yet not even a leader in the so cold "free world" is taking it seriously. Oh yeah, i just remembered, Saudi controls the oil trade, it's worth turning a blind eye on.

  31. That’s horrifying af and I can only imagine the pain and terror he must’ve felt knowing his wife was a few feet away from him and they would never see each other again. I Trump is an awful person for not condemning the Saudi’s. Should’ve been him instead.

  32. Presidents Trumps wife was strangled to death and then cut up and dismembered then put in a trunk and disposed of by Saudi Arabi when she visited one of their consulates,  the president said we can't afford to loose a multi billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia because of this small incident.

  33. After reading Washington Post about the kashoggi's murder, I suggest: Saudi Arabia must be nuked and evaporated from the Earth. period.

  34. The denial of MBS involvement in Jamal’s death by Trump and his evil, evil, sycophants is the potential tipping point. Maybe JK is the Franz Ferdinand of this era?

  35. The United States of Israel & Saudi Arabia are friends & accomplices in the take over of Palestine, the wars in Middle East… better known as "The Greater Israel Project" so the guilty will not be held accountable

  36. Kushner told the Crown Prince, "don't worry…just weather the storm, it'll be forgotten about in months" f**cking murderers

  37. He didn’t know he quite possibly was gonna get whacked?!!! After what he said about Saudi Arabia?

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    Stupid fucker went back into the lions den?

    This whole thing stinks…………doesn’t make sense to go back to those who were gonna fuck you up

    Whole thing is a sham to see what the reaction was going to be from the wests sitting power

  38. 😂😂😂 So cnn got all this info how?If have all this info why not take to police.How the heck u geting all transcript if they destroyrd everything?

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