Jake Tapper Keeps Interrupting Ellen with Breaking Fashion News

Jake Tapper Keeps Interrupting Ellen with Breaking Fashion News

It is Friday. And that means that it’s– [INAUDIBLE] Yes, Mary? I’m talking. I know. You have some breaking news. Oh, really? Yeah. Well I’m being told that
we have some breaking news from backstage. Let’s go to our backstage
reporter, Jake Tapper. Hey, Ellen. It’s Jake Tapper from CNN. I’m just backstage manspreading. I’m kidding. Getting here ready for the show. Today I’m also going
to be appearing with my incredible daughter. So there’s a lot of preparation
to be done back here. Hair, nails, wardrobe,
and then of course if there’s time my daughter can
get in the makeup chair too. But seriously Ellen, one
time I did my wife’s makeup. I put lipstick on her
forehead because I was trying to help her make up her mind. Back to you Ellen. [LAUGHING] Thanks, Jake Tapper for that. I’m pretty sure that
was unnecessary. Especially that last part. So anyway, if you
didn’t know this year, this is a 50th
anniversary of Woodstock. And if you don’t know
what Woodstock was, it was like Coachella
without Snapchat. So this week they
announced that they’re having an anniversary concert. It’s going to feature
some of the people who played at the original Woodstock
like Jean Sebastian and Canned Heat and the Magic Gophers. I made up that last
one just to see if you were paying attention. In case you’re thinking of
going I did a little research. And I am going to compare
the original Woodstock with the new anniversary
concert in our segment, What’s the Diff? [MUSIC PLAYING] [CLAPPING ON BEAT] At the original Woodstock– We got a– What, Mary? No. Oh, Andy? Oh, who is it Mary or Andy? Who wants the– It’s me. You want this bit? It’s me. OK, Mary? Yes. There’s more breaking news. Oh, I’m being told there’s more
breaking news from Jake Tapper. Ellen I hate to interrupt
your little comedy routine about Woodstock. But it did seem there was
a little bit of a lull. I do have some important
breaking news from backstage. I’m about to pick
my show wardrobe. And I’ve narrowed it
down to two options. This suit that I’m
wearing and this shirt. I like the suit. But I also like the shirt. The suit says,
respected news anchor. The shirt says, I’m a cowboy. And even though
I’m not a cowboy I did once adopt a
dachshund because I wanted to get a long little doggy. Back to you, Ellen. [LAUGHING] I think Jake is
getting a contact high from Offset’s dressing room. All right. [LAUGHING] Well let’s move on. So there was a strange
story in the news this week. Take a look at
this headline here. It says, a Texas
spelling bee went on so long it ran out of words. Apparently most spelling
bees go like 18 rounds. And this one went for 63. They literally ran out of words. And things got really
desperate towards the end. Take a look. Next up, Cindy Brenner. Your word is– Your word is okurrr. Can you please use the
word in a sentence? It’s about to get lit
up in this club okurrr. Can I please have the
language of origin? Cardi B. Can I please have
the definition. OK with rs. Okurrr, O-K-U-R-R-R, okurrr. Yep, that’s that. Ellen. What is it Mary? Ellen! We’re going again. Oh Andy. What is it Andy? Apparently they’re got to
go back with Jake Tapper. You have to look
down for the line? Did you look down for that line? We need– It was breaking news. We have breaking news, Ellen. This is the last time though. Let’s go back to Jake
Tapper backstage. Hey Ellen, Tap man here again. A quick update for you. I’ve decided on the suit. I don’t want to look
silly on your show. And one of my favorite
actors is here, Ben Stiller. Let’s see if he’s available. Hey. How’s it going? I like that suit. You think this cowboy
shirt is too much? Cowboy outfit? I prefer to call
it ranch dressing. Back to you Ellen. Cowboy shirt. I really– That’s funny. I don’t know what
happened to my show. But I blame Mary.

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  4. hi ellen i am wondring if you choose guys also in your games i was watching your show almost 4 years and i saw so many guys are there and just are excited to choose them but you choose girls so i hope you choose guys as well and thnaks if you read this

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