37 thoughts on “Jake Paul vs Soulja Boy BOXING MATCH! #DramaAlert Video Game journalist SWATS a YouTuber!

  1. What's with all the yelling youtubers.. I swear your videos would be much more appealing if I wasn't being yelled at for 10 plus minutes

  2. Keemstar you remind me of the popular rich kid in middle school that doesnt let kids into his party because they aren't cool enough ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Hey you guys remember when he called people n words, said he was the supreme race, personal docs and ruined MANY people's careers and lives by calling them pesos? Hope his vids make you happy…

  4. This my first time on this channel or watching one of Keemโ€™s videos & all I see is dudes feed full of drama like wtf get a life bro go worry bout ya self what typa shit but hey anything for subs and money right ?

  5. Wow old ugly ass nigga getting mad at my nigga Agent00 boy get yo white ass on some where sound like a bitch pussy bot you be a bitch grew up as a bitch mad cause he doing better then you

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