Jagmeet Singh wins seat in B.C. byelection | Power & Politics Special

Jagmeet Singh wins seat in B.C. byelection | Power & Politics Special

hello and welcome to this special edition of power and politics a special online only edition a by-election nights special because it's by election night in Canada I'm Eric grinny the CBC's polls analyst I'll be joined shortly by Vashti Capello's the host of power and politics she's right now just speaking with the national so we're here to talk about the federal by-elections that are taking place across the country the polls are now closed in York Simcoe and Ontario in Burnaby South in British Columbia and HMO in Quebec so we're gonna be here all night fought with you as the results come in talking about those results and we'll see if we can also here jug meets mink Singh's speak later on the leader of the NDP if and when the results come in in that by-election so here tonight we got a few things we have the results that are gonna be on this screen over here this is the Elections Canada site so we're gonna be following this these results with you and maybe we'll see if we have the same frustrations in terms of getting this to load as the night goes on I think a lot of people will be refreshing over on this side we'll also have this an election map that I will be exploring throughout the night it's one of the features that we'll be using throughout the year as we go towards the fall federal ection so why are we doing this by-election special tonight it's because there's three by-elections that are taking place and they are pretty big ones two of them are NDP seats Burnaby south and British Columbia is of course where NDP leader jug meets Singh is putting his own political future on the line he needs a seat in the House of Commons it'll be up to the voters and Burnaby South to give him one also on the line is the writing of a chomo in Quebec now this is of course where Tom Mulcair won in 2007 beginning the orange wave which eventually flooded the province in 2011 and then there's a rioting in New York Simcoe that's a conservative stronghold but we'll be watching to see how the People's Party does in that rioting in particular it's one of those GTA ridings it is a conservative stronghold but we'll be curious to see how maximum Bernie's party does so we'll be taking your questions throughout the night so we want it's gonna be a long night as these results start coming in so if you have any questions you can reach us on Twitter on YouTube on Facebook on the various channels you can find them throughout on the power and politics YouTube page Facebook page the CBC politics you can see it right there right there all right there I'm working I'm working on this for the first time so we got some results that are starting to come in now these are still just early results here so let's just take a quick look at them so right now we are looking at really first results in both HMO and York Simcoe which closed at 9:30 so they had a little bit of time to count the votes right now new trim oh we're seeing that the Liberals do have an early lead with about 75 percent to 15 percent for the NDP is Julio Sanchez Rachel Ben Diane is the Liberal candidate there she ran against Tom Mulcair in 2015 so she's looking to get that seat now now the Tom Mulcair has resigned as NDP MP and he's now a political commentator we're also seeing early results in the Riding of York Simcoe there Scott Davidson the Conservative candidate is also out to an early and commanding lead but we're talking very early results only one poll box has been counted opened and counted in each ramone only three in York Simcoe so still very early results there and you can see the candidates that will be contesting the seat in New York Simcoe Canada tonight Scott Davidson would be considered the favorite as I said this was a conservative stronghold for a long time peter van loan was the Conservative MP for the Riding he was a former cabinet minister as well the Conservatives held this writing since 2004 before that if you combine the old PC Canadian alliance or reformed votes conservative candidates have gotten the most votes in the writing of York Simcoe since 1979 so we're not exactly expecting an upset there tonight so we're still going to be waiting to see as these results come in as I said it is still early going and it'll take some time before we're ready to make any projections but why don't they just show you this this fun map because I'm excited about this map so this is something that we're gonna be looking at throughout the campaign and you know it gives us an idea of where these writings really are so let's start with you Charmin which is in of course on the island of Montreal it's that writing right there now you can see that this is all now liberal read but if we look at where things were in 2011 there's a lot more NDP orange on the island of Montreal so right now we do know that the Liberals are going to be targeting not only ultramel but really these other seats as well you're looking at ROS Mon petit battery that's Alexander bullet-face is writing that might be the last stronghold for the NDP on the Island of Montreal to other writings as well Ashley and and lovely-looking st. Mitty which was of course shield except old writing and then there's a block writing up in the corner so this is where the battleground for HMO is tonight right in the center this is an area that voted for Quebec so that sullied air in the provincial election in Quebec just in October so it is a progressive area and even when the NDP was not a real factor in Quebec before the 2007 breakthrough of Tom Mulcair they could still count on double digits in that writing so the NDP will be looking for more than that so let's go out now to Ontario this is York Simcoe which is just north of Toronto you can see it right there just north of the the band of seats that around Toronto now what's really interesting about this writing yes it is in central Ontario a bit more of a rural area there's not a huge urban center in York Simcoe but if you look at 2011 all of this area was conservative blue this is what delivered the conservative majority in 2011 but you can see in 2015 it delivered the liberal majority and the liberal seats went all the way just to the borders of York Simcoe so while we're not expecting that the Liberals are going to be very strong in this writing it is still a writing where you know there is a contest between the two parties the Liberals while they might not expect to be taking the writing they want to put up some good numbers to show that they still have some support in the wider GTA the Conservatives don't want to see a big number for max and Bearnaise People's Party because if the People's Party is taking 510 percent of the vote in some of these GTA ridings a lot of them aren't gonna flip over to Andrew Shearer and then finally the race that we're gonna be watching may probably the longest tonight and also the one we probably also care most about the result because it's gonna have impact throughout this election year is Burnaby south so this is just just to the east of the Vancouver the center of Vancouver and this is a writing that is voted for the NDP since 2004 if you're looking at the the boundaries and they've changed over the years used to be split between two ridings but this has been a pretty good NDP riding for quite some time but even back in 2004 2006 2008 2011 and 2015 it was not a walk for the NDP they always won this riding by pretty thin over the Conservatives over the Liberals it was only 547 votes that Kennedy Stewart won this riding in 2015 and of course he is now the mayor of Vancouver so let's look back at the results as they're starting to come in because we're still we're still pretty early on so we don't really know exactly what the projection will be we're not going to be projecting the results for some time but remember we are going to be taking your questions throughout the night because these results are going to be counted sometimes quickly sometimes slowly but we'll take your questions as they come in and try to answer as many as we can so we're still very early on still only looking at two percent of the votes that have been counted in the writing of York Simcoe you can see you there Scott Davidson does have a good lead at this stage now the Conservatives took 50% of the vote in this riding in 2015 so they're gonna be wanting more than that so right now they're at 54 but again still extremely early and we're still waiting for the second polling box to be open to nutriment but the results there at this stage still looking good for the Liberals but really early going and it doesn't matter where these votes are being counted and that's one of the things that happens when we're watching these kinds of results come in parts of York Simcoe for example we're pretty solidly conservative but other parts like the Bradford West will and burry was an area where the Liberals had a bit more support so if you it depends on where the numbers are coming in and lucha MO as well the eastern corner of the Riding was a bit more liberal than the the rest of the writing which voted more solidly for the NDP so that is one of the other things as we see these results come in that you need to remember where the votes are coming in but we don't know where they're coming in so that's something that we just don't know if you've watched John King on CNN he knows where all those counties are reporting on on election that United States we don't know that we don't get that information from Elections Canada so that's why we have to wait we got to wait until all the votes are counted or at least enough votes that we can start to see a trend line and our decision desk is able to make some calls so just to remind you that again we will be taking your questions throughout the night so do send them in YouTube Twitter Facebook you can send us a smoke signal you can send us a telegram and we'll try to answer your questions waiting for Vashi Capello's who is speaking with the national tonight about these by-elections so she'll be joining us very shortly and and that way we'll be able to go back and forth so we're going to start taking some questions right now and now while I'm on my own I got to read them off my toe at my phone so I apologize for that Dave Delaney on YouTube asks what's the last Burnaby South Pole so we saw a poll from Burnaby South early on in the campaign back in mid January and that poll which had been done by Main Street research had shown that jugman Singh was a head of the Liberal candidate who at the time was Karin Wang now Karin Wang was the Liberal candidate who had communicated on WeChat saying that you know voters communicating that you know she was the only Chinese a Canadian candidate in the race whereas jugman Singh was an Indian Canadian and because of that she ended up resigning she wanted to get the candidate nomination back from the Liberal Party liberals did not give it back so instead the Liberals have they have Richard T Lee who is running for the Liberal Party against judge Mead Singh is probably the biggest competition for the new Democrats in Burnaby South because Richard T Lee was the MLA for a provincial riding that was part of Burnaby south there was more in the northern side of Burnaby rather than the southern portion but he does have at least some recognition within Burnaby he was the MLA for 16 years he was defeated in the 2017 provincial election so he does have some some networks there he has some name recognition so he could give the New Democrats a bit of a run for their money but Jackman Singh still considered the favorite in this race as I said it has a long history of voting for the NDP and they've been pouring resources they've been pouring effort into this riding jug meet Singh has rented a place there he's living there with his wife he's been campaigning for weeks on end as things have been going on here in Ottawa he is still knocking on the doors in Burnaby South so there is the expectation that will pay off and he'll be able to win that riding Jason for the Conservatives is running as well and Laurel in Tyler Thompson who is the People's Party Canada she's been getting a lot of attention throughout this race when she's been at some of the debates that have been taking place in Burnaby South a lot of her supporters have gone I've made a lot of noise and and been cheering her on so we're pretty curious to see what her results will be in Burnaby South if the People's Party will have any sort of impact there certainly she would be the highest profile candidate of the three that the People's Party has running in the various riding so that is what we'll be looking to see there and maybe just see how that compares to the conservative numbers if the conservative and People's Party numbers combined would put a United Conservative candidate in more in the running that'll be something that'll be pretty instructive so we're still waiting on some some of these polls to be counted so we'll take a couple questions now from Marlo Turner Richy Facebook do we have the new polling machines and Quebec the fast tabulating ones we don't Elections Canada doesn't really want to go in that route as we've seen in some other areas like Ontario and New Brunswick where they have the tabulators they have a mixed record let's just call it that in some areas and Vashi is right now she's there she's getting a seat now yeah she'll get connected and then she'll take the the mic away from me but yeah so no Elections Canada is still counting votes the old-fashioned way one of the reasons that maybe that is actually a positive thing with all of this concern about the potential for tampering or foreign interference in elections having an old-fashioned way of counting the votes a way that really hasn't changed since the time the horse and buggy might be a good thing in that sense the horse and buggy so yeah we'll talk about horses and buggies so I will now pass off to Vashti who will give me a little bit of a relief here yes a little bit thank you Eric that's a lot of talking it is yes so I I've already laid out the scene okay we're waiting for more results to come in we only have a couple polls so if there's a couple polls but that the Liberals comfortable they do although very very minimal yeah yeah we so we only have one box reporting a nutria mouse okay way to go okay long way to go that's exciting I'm so happy to be here with you guys thanks for your patience and thanks to Eric for filling 11 minutes of time which you're in the ball a million years and TV time let's start with some questions have you taken any questions taken a couple you have okay so forgive me if I'm repeating oh we have a fresh batch okay well I'll start have we gone through the Instagram questions already I don't okay I'm gonna hit some Instagram ones will the PPC's performance in York Simcoe be an indicator of how they might perform in the GTA yeah we talked about that no like you and I yeah that that that might be more of a writing that might be more indicative of the People's Party support because in Burnaby South you have Laura Lynn Thompson who a bit of a polarizing candidate has a pre-existing support base because of her position on sex education and she's a well-known social conservative in the area whereas York Simcoe is a conservative writing if you're a conservative voter who is not happy with the way things I'm going to danja Shearer maybe you have permission into writing like that to go over to another party you might feel that way and Lutra MOU is you know in the island of munchy all very diverse writing maybe not the kind of place that the People's Party would be expecting to do very well deep how much of an indicator do you think these by-elections are going to be for the federal election for the People's Party of Canada specifically I mean it's a brand-new party we're talking came about in the fall basically after Maxine Bernier split off from the Conservatives you know we put a lot of stock and getting I mean they ran three candidates it's fascinating to see what kind of results that may get but how much stock can you really put in the results where the peepees where the PBC is concerned yeah I think you can put a little bit of at least because this is the first real test that we're getting for the People's Party we've had the fundraising numbers that they have put out right and they've you know they're they're pretty good fundraising numbers for a party that just didn't exist a couple months ago and so this is the first time that actual people are going to be casting ballots for People's Party candidate for Maxim Bernays party so I think this is a good test for them just to see where they're gonna register they're gonna be a to 3% you know in a by-election some of the minor parties sometimes get that there was a by-election the first one in Medicine Hat I think it was in 2006 where the Christian heritage party finished ahead of the NDP so you can sometimes have weird results like that for these small parties so if Maxim Bernie is only getting two to three percent of the vote I think if you're under shear you're breathing a sigh at what point do you start panicking if you're over five four yeah I think 5% would be the kind of number that if they're able to pull that much that would be a problem for the Conservatives because 5% in a lot of these GTA ridings in particular that'll make the difference right so and a lot of those voters probably are conservative voters not all of them some of them might be boohoo who stayed home Max and Bernie said that one of the things he wants to do is bring out new people so you know it's it's it's I think that would be the kind of number that would start to make the Conservatives worry that in some ridings Maxon Bernie could cost them the seat what effect I should say anson underscore yeag yeah shadow to Edmonton what effect will the SNC lavell and Wilson Raybould issue have and he's asking where she's asking specifically about you CH or mom but do you think these by-elections are going to be an indicator at all of whether people are I noticed like a lot of our reporters were in the various ridings today and they were asking people oh what's on your mind is very few of them were saying I mean at this juncture it's still very much happening and in the weeds but I don't know if people have like is this what they're yeah I think it's still really early so it might be hard for a lot of people to know even what to think of it right so I mean if you're already someone who's predisposed not to support the Liberals or you're someone who are on the fence maybe this is the kind of thing that makes you not want to go out and vote for them whether that'll still be the case in October is a very completely different question but one of the things the the advanced polling days were taking place just over the weekend just after Jodie Wilson Raybould had resigned it was just before Jerry but said resigned not a very good weekend if you're a liberal supporter right so if they didn't get their people out to vote in advance polls will that have an impact if those people were not feeling like I'm not really all that jazz vote for the Liberals this weekend you know I wonder if that might have a good of an impact we should note that also there's some news tonight on that story that the Prime Minister has waved confidence wave solicitor client privilege so we will we should expect we don't know the exact day or time yet but Jodi Wilson rambled basically is free to answer questions on the oh we have a decision desk projecting oh okay and let's see never mind what I was saying this is way more exciting okay protecting the Conservatives will win in New York Simcoe yeah yeah rejecting very exciting having some trouble getting these numbers refreshed because there's not a lot here right now but yeah this is the one that we I think we thought was the easy to call it's not surprising that it took this it happened this quickly that Scott Davidson has been projected the winner in York Simcoe and what can you tell us about mr. Davidson I do know there you know a lot about Peter van loan occupied that seat for a number of years very well known around Ottawa in Parliament Hill so I mean you had been saying for a long time that this was very unlikely to go yeah maybe that's why we didn't pay enough attention to that yeah because Scott Davidson is projecting now that he will be going to the House of Commons taking over from Peter van loan and like I said this was the one that was probably the easiest to call very bad weather in York Simcoe today oh my gosh did you see poor Jacqueline Hanson all day reporting from there she was there were no it's probably not gonna be very high yeah didn't look like turnout was gonna be huge anywhere no that's that was a common thread all the reporters that we talked to today were saying polls are kind of slow here I mean it's it's anecdotal but but we shall see we know that the advance voting wasn't too high in know you're gonna be especially about 5% of people went out to vote in the advanced program which is less than half of what it usually is usually to 10 to 12 percent or something like that right but yep so that's Scott Davidson and that's first off the board don't have any maybe if someone has seen seeing them tell me in my ear what the year yes the results are because all powerful people in the control room because everybody is refreshing this page that's not coming up for us so what we can tell you though is decision desk is projecting as we said that the conservative Scott Davidson will win in the Riding of York Simcoe which is kind of the edges of the GTA so very important area for this federal election right yeah and and I just heard in my ear that T's right now at about 50 was a fifty one point four percent of the votes so that is a bit better than where Peter van loan was in 2015 so that is a early sign that you know the Conservatives are able to get their vote of but 51 percent if they're only up if they end up this night only gaining one or two points in a writing like York Simcoe that's not gonna cut it they need to buy well if they're gonna be winning seats in Ontario they need to be picking up five ten points in in 2015 so in a writing like York Simcoe if they're only up a point that's not going to deliver a lot of seats nationwide so province-wide so maybe also what was the People's Party candidate Tyler in my ear only one point eight percent so 18 percent of the polls have reporting in York Simcoe and not seeing particularly strong results for either the Conservative candidate or the People's Party so we'll have to wait and see party is Robert well now I got them now I got okay yeah so right now we got the fifty percent for Scott Davidson the Liberal candidate Sean Sean Tanaka is at thirty point five percent and then we have the NDP 28.5% the PCs which are the progressive Canadian party Dorian Baxter is actually the leader of this party which wanted to take place take the place of the Progressive Conservatives after it disappeared is actually a four point nine percent I so that's actually a strong result for them because they're currently placing ahead of the Greens who are at three point two percent and Robert Kurtz at just one point eight percent right now also a little bit of a trivia John Turmel and we know this is his 97th election run he is apparently a world Guinness a Guinness world record holder he runs everywhere he ran in provincial special that's amazing yeah well he's he's run in provincial by-elections in Quebec in Ontario throughout we're all over the place and he's never won a single time but he keeps running up that number 97 so anyway so yeah Scott Davidson off to projecting now that he will win the seat but not with the nod I mean it's a good he's winning by 20 points obviously it's a strong result right this is the kind of riding where if the Conservatives are forming a government they should be getting 60% of the votes something more like that so now I guess we look towards sutram all to see when results are coming there it seems like it was a bit of an early lead obviously for for the Liberals but might make projections there happen a bit sooner well we're now looking at this now we got 24 percent of the votes now counted in huge mo and you can see there Rachel Ben Diane right now is at forty four point five percent of ballots cast so far I think that would be a pretty good result for the Liberals that's pretty much where Tom Mulcair was in 2015 that's how much we're in the arena anybody's at twenty three point seven four Julio Sanchez yeah that is a big difference again that's a twenty point they hit that twenty percent mark that's really had to yeah when I was reading a little bit of a sigh of relief yeah when I was handicapping this I figured that the 20 to 25 percent mark for the NDP would be the area where they'd be okay right okay with that result because that is the the NDP before 2007 could count on 15 17 percent of the vote there so at least show that they still have some base in there in the riding but still that is a drop of almost 20 points for the NDP in bootrom all a lot of that would be Tom Mulcair so just losing the leader is gonna cost you some rights right to begin with right that's still it's not a disaster result for the NDP but to be at 24 percent it's not very good interesting right now in third place is the Green Party candidate Daniel Green is a deputy leader for the Green Party bloc québécois is now at 10 only 6 percent for the Conservatives 2 percent for the People's Party yeah that's very so we'll be watching still ultra mall that's not an official projection yet but we we are awaiting that and we are projecting the decision desk is projecting that the Conservatives will take the riding the by-election riding of York Simcoe I'm gonna take some more questions Jeff Townsend on YouTube asks does Porter note favor the NDP or the Liberals NBC Owen BCI but st. Porter now would favor the NDP because usually the poor turnout favors the incumbent because that usually suggests there's not a huge enthusiasm for voting out the incumbent so that would probably be a good sign for the NDP but we saw in the advanced polls that the turnout was a little bit higher in Burnaby south and wasn't the others but still low ish so you know probably still gonna end up at 3540 percent by the end of the night in terms of turnout just based on on historical trends and where things are okay if this was another question based on ultra mall you kind of answered it but let's Alex GUI board I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly on Facebook asks if they don't win what percent of the popular vote does the NDP need a new drama to avoid complete panic yeah I think I think we said yeah 20 percent mark would be the number they would need because like I said in 2006 party did not win a single seat in Quebec and they still at 17 percent of the vote in new trim oh it's a progressive writing at the downtown writing it's the kind of writing where the NDP's should be able to pull a certain amount of the vote so at least beating that kind of record but still this is this is a writing that is very solidly for Quebec slowly there at the provincial level which is a sovereignist party but it's a left-wing party and the NDP is not really in the running for it they are in a solid second which i think is good news for them in the sense that they want to at least be the alternative party in these urban ridings in Montreal but I know that this was still within the kind of the range of what we would have expected I think they would have liked something better still I have to interrupt you because the decision desk is now projecting that the Liberal candidate in uture mall will take that by-election yeah Rachel Rachel men Don Julio Sanchez was the can for the NDP so this is Tom Mulcair's old riding as we've been discussing tonight Tom Mulcair the former leader of the NDP he won that rotting kind of firm stole it from the clutches of the Liberals they had held the riding from 1935 I believe to 2007 with the exception of 1988 right she's won at once okay they want it once so so this is this is a switch this is something that you had problem you know you had been predicting this isn't a huge surprise that the Liberals would win in new trim all but probably you know they're happy about it obviously Quebec is very important yeah and I think that number for them 46% is actually a pretty strong result for them because if you look back 2006 they had 35 percent of the vote the liberals did 2004 the previous time they had performed a government they still had 41 percent of the votes so the Liberals are doing pretty well in nutriment because this is a gain of about 10 about 12 points from from where they were in 2015 it's not going to go like that but if they gain 12 points across the contents they're winning 60 65 seats in Quebec Wow so it just it's the kind of the benchmark kind of number for them I think that's a pretty strong result for the other parties though for the NDP like I said a disappointing result but the greens at 12% is actually probably the most a surprising number out of all of these really you know we had a question about about the Greens if I can find it excuse me I think they were wanting to look at the Greens in a house oh sorry I had it for one second and now Oh should we watch how the Greens do in York Simcoe with the general in the fall in mind well York's m-code not really or here or anywhere I mean just I mean there may be but 3% in in York Simcoe which is sort of what you'd expect from them and not writing but yeah the 12% of nutri mode there has been some polls in Quebec that have shown the greens are doing not too bad for like for the Green Party like they're not you know moving ahead of the other main parties there but what do you think that's a result of well you know what that's it it is Daniel Green who is the deputy leader he does have a bit of a profile his name is also very convenient for a Green Party candidate Daniel Green but he ran in a by-election in Samara a few years ago so he's got a bit of track record now running for party and I think that for a lot of voters the issue I think yeah because right now in Quebec climate change and the environment is really one of the most important issues in a way that we're not seeing another provinces that's fascinating so I may be for a lot of these voters who had voted for the NDP in the past because the enemies down 20 points and the Liberals are only taken up about half of that so a lot of these voters might have decided that I would you have predicted the greenwood takes no erosion of that other half no because i mean we were talking about where the block would end up or where the Conservatives would end up but I don't think we were expecting greens finished third and they're writing like what does it say about the block the block has a new leader we can him on the show seemed like they had raised a bit of money they seem to be there poll numbers got a bit of a bump after he became the leader what does what do you read into this well for them nine point three percent which is where we have them right now with thirty two percent of the ballots counted that's a bit better than the last year is only about a point up from where they were in 2015 I think they would have liked to shown a little bit more life than that under with a new leader the block used to be the second party in new term oh it used to be a liberal block contest and the block could count on thirty thirty five percent of the vote it was more or less they were getting the NDP vote from the last few elections those progressive voters are going to the block so I don't think they're gonna be too happy with those results because I think while it's not the kind of writing that you'd expect them to win a little bit more momentum because we've seen polls have been a bit better for the bloc in Quebec but I think that it's pretty interesting to think of how much of that green vote might have gone to the block because the block with smaller Blanchette he's a former Environment Minister I was gonna say they're very he's big on climate yeah they're gonna try and push environmentalism as a way to make the message that Quebec Sabu's on environment are different from the rest of the country so that's why the block would be the oh we've got some votes coming in from Burnaby South oh we do you know this is very exciting okay well one counted one well we've got 43 votes counted but that's looking like it could be actually pretty interesting this one polling box we don't know where it was counted or anything like that but surely Richard Lee in second place of 26 Singh at 35 in the lead in third place is the People's Party candidate with 21 percent of the vote so pretty interesting right now but that's fascinating it is just 40 but just yeah yeah yes very early so we should recap that we the decision desk is projecting that the Conservatives will take the by-election in York Simcoe and Liberals have one in each arm ah Montreal in Quebec so those are two of the three by-elections we're watching tonight the other one of course is the big one and Burnaby South the NDP's leader jug meet Singh is running there for a house for a seat I've said this all night I've mixed up the tour it's a seat in the House of Commons big deal for that party a lot of questions the majority of questions I find that we are getting in drug meets saying what happens to him if he wins if he loses yeah what will happen I mean I have a bunch of questions here asking can he stay on will he be forced to resign and that is if he if you were to lose do you think it matters by how much he wins I don't think matters that much the other team riding it's a bit more interesting to see where everybody else ends up and what's the level of the vote they get for the NDP they just need a win they've haven't had a win in a long time understood saying where they're not doing well in the polls that about 14% nationwide which would be a worst result since 2000 they haven't had good fundraising under Singh and he had been a really effective fundraiser during the leadership race but he hasn't been able to translate that into fundraising from the party so they just need a win they need him to get in the house and impress people there and get something going for the party we had another good question I don't know I'm just gonna remembering off the top of my head but how much impact and this is sort of more analysis for us but how much impact will like how important is being in the house given that we are on the last stretch of the sitting and it sounds like a lot like we still have March April May June but there's actually a lot less there's more break weeks I find this this portion of the sitting yeah I think there's like 55 or 56 days basically where he'll be able to sit in the house how much of a difference how important is that yeah well we saw a Tom Mulcair that he was seen as a pretty effective person in the house didn't really get great results in the end although they were leading in the polls going into that campaign but things been out of the house and it's not working right so maybe four maybe in a different scenario it could work to not have a scene the house that it's not a big deal but Singh hasn't made it work being outside of the house right he said he didn't need a seat in the house and he could go around the country and talk to voters it doesn't seem to have been helping the party so they need something different getting him in the house putting him on the same stage as Andrew Shearer and Justin Trudeau might might help them yeah I think I think not just for his own profile and and sort of I know it's a lot of people say it's the bubble and stuff but you know to sort of be on the same level in the house with with Andrew shear with Justin Trudeau asking the Prime Minister questions directly looking like you're I think from the other point of view is also representing caucus and being there to lead your party because we have seen a lot of NDP MPs who aren't running a number of sort of stories Hanna team Doherty no team doe has reported very effectively on a lot of the rumblings within caucus we saw instances where jugman scene didn't seem especially clear on what the party's policy will be so then you Headley it leads you to ask well who's directing that whose figure I just think you know as from the perspective of looking like the leader of the party this can only help yeah should he win we have a few more votes counted now we're up to only a 2.5 percent of the vote counted but singing is still holding on to that lead he's got 40 percent of 366 votes so again still extremely early counting right now but we still see the Richard Lee is in second with 25 percent and now the Conservative candidate Jason has moved into third with 19 and Laurel and Thompson of the People's Party in fourth with 15 percent I think I think Maxim Bernie would be pretty happy with 15% of yeah he told me last week if they were to get eighth in that riding that would be he was looking at that as a I mean he was pretty honest he was saying like you know we're a brand-new party if we can get eight that's pretty good showing so I'm sure 15 if it stays there around 15 percent will be I mean she was a interesting candidate you could say she was polarizing and he was I remember doing an interview with him right when the sort of by-election campaign started putting some of her comments that she had made to him and he was very he would not take his own position on them which is I find something that he does often but he said they're willing to have whatever views they want even as I think I asked even if they are labeled homophobic and he said it's their opinion you know like go for it and and clearly he was be I think he was campaigning with her pretty recently as well so interesting dynamic there yes absolutely and I just lost my results here you're looking here at the candidates in Burnaby South so we've got judge neat saying of course the leader of the NDP party and Richard Lee who that's a whole other interesting story so a longtime liberal NLA of in the province he he's running for the federal Liberals because he actually replaced another candidate Karin Wang who had get kind of got the boot from the Liberals because wanted to get back in yes yes because of some divisive and controversial comments she made about ethnicity and about jug meat sing and so she was she got the boot Richard Lee was ushered in I think just back in January right so yeah in the midst of the campaign so not very long ago so interesting to watch what kind of show I mean he has some name recognition in the province as well obviously interesting to see I mean I'm I'm I'm interested in the Liberals showing for a number of reasons obviously the sea scene we have all these discussions about resources and pipelines and the kind of impact that that will have on voters in BC okay yeah why don't we go why don't we go to the Scott Davidson that's the conservative who just won in York Simcoe he's in Sutton Ontario let's take a listen in so friends thank you to everyone that's come out tonight and thanks to York Simcoe tonight and York Simcoe includes a lot of communities and a lot of communities eyes around that includes Polk bolster peffer la Mount Albert Sharon Queens Ville Newton Robinson Bradford Sutton Island Grove we can go on and on and and also we have a great first nations with the Chippewas and georgina island many of my friends are over on the first nations and big shout out to you guys tonight I want to give a big shout out to I've got a lot of friends in Prince Edward Island I want to give a big shout out to them and the province of Quebec tonight for supporting me I really appreciate it and I think this by-election for me one of my main focuses was small business small businesses lost its voice in Ottawa I just want to thank small business for coming out for me tonight because I know a lot of you guys were grinding it out 16 hours a day and I know you came out for me today and I really want to say thank you to small business so I'll keep this as brief as I can about four months ago with support of many of you we fought a nomination to carry the conservative banner in York Simcoe and I won that nomination was very proud to carry the conservative banner and just over six weeks ago along with the support of all of you we started campaigning in this by-election that tested everyone's challenge and it was a challenge the weather was ugly we were into trying to get signs in and we had a hammer drill going and I really got to thank and you're all here tonight we have candidates here that have come from don valley and i appreciate it surely and all the volunteers there's so many names to list and this whole thing couldn't be done without volunteers and i gotta give i gotta give a big shout out everyone worked oh so hard and you know a lot of people say that this riding you know it's a conservative it's a conservative stronghold but you know what the former MP peter van loan and all the volunteers have always worked hard to keep this riding conservative and we're going to continue to do that because there's no replacement for hard work [Applause] so just over eight days ago we were planning our final week in that final weeks our leader ender shear in the riding a week which we closed in on knocking on over 20,000 doors and I'm so proud of the volunteers that helped us with that I mean getting door-to-door and talking to people is so important just over ten hours ago I joined many of you as we started the final push of getting out the vote and we grinded it out and today was a grind especially up in the northern part of the riding we were it blow the hot right off your head out there today so over 20 minutes ago Peter did I was sitting out in the in the parking lot and it looked convincing that we were going to be victorious tonight and I just want to say that we all did this together in this campaign and I'm really really proud of that and I really really want to thank the voters because we tried our best to reach out to them and get our message out and I'm really proud that they came out to support a strong conservative candidate and thank you very much on that now if it might have been my name on the ballot but together we kept this riding Tory blue and together we sent a message to Justin Trudeau that his days are numbered as Prime Minister and very important to me standing on this side is my beautiful wife Suzanne house for all her support and on this side is my best buddy and my son Graydon [Applause] and I know there's a bunch of you here as well and and I owe so much to all of you for your time your financial donations for your support and again most importantly to all the voters tonight in New York Simcoe and that improves the urban and rural because I know rule I spent a lot of time in the rule and rule is very important to me and thank you so much for coming out on that I also wanted to acknowledge my 8 fellow competitors that were on the ballot tonight we did not agree on all the issues I value the opportunity to debate the ideas and look forward to representing every voter in York Simcoe and that is something that's very important to me I want to be an MP for everyone I am the type of guy that I want people to pick up the phone and how to have a conversation with I'm the type of guy you want to set a Senate meeting up come and have a meeting pick up the phone and let's have some dialogue because I think that is very important for any of you that don't know me please take the opportunity to come and meet with me and get to know me it's very important that connection and that's the type of MP I want to be for everybody now I have to tell you this past weekend I spent some time with our party leader Andrew shear he came in to Sharon and over to mount Albert with me and I talked to Andrew on the phone I'd never met him in person and I was the guy is solid ok you'll see I'm the type of guy that I'll call a spade a spade and I want to tell you Andrew Shearer made me feel so comfortable him and I hit it off and he cares so much about this great country we all call home Canada he was very engaged in talking about the writing he had done his homework he knew about the issues environmental with Lake Simcoe and it's something we want to continue on the good works of our former MP Peter van loan to make sure Lake Simcoe is somewhere that we can all live work and play and enjoy and have a clean for our grandkids and our children so that's that's a priority and I was so happy that Andrew she reached out about that we're listening Scott David centrality a Conservative candidate the now winner of the by-election in York Simcoe Scott Davidson who according to Bradford today has an economics degree lives in Georgina he's a small business owner so you heard him talk at the beginning of his speech there was victory speech about the importance of small business has focused on small business it appears that he he he owned a bar he launched a company called fish crisp which was a company producing a fish coating product that was sold in sporting good departments across North America so kind of interesting history there but lends itself to a lot of what we heard about the focus on small business we are of course also waiting for the results in Burnaby South that's the 3rd by-election that we the only one we don't yet know who wants so conservatives won in York Simcoe in Ontario and the Liberals won in Quebec in ultra MA which is Tom Mulcair's old Friday what are some of the things as where I think we're waiting for Jeb meeting to talk we might have a shot of the of the room there but what are some of the things that based on the results there it is there's the podium right there we're waiting as I said for drug meet Singh we still don't have a projection for that riding but some interesting numbers mm-hmm in in what's being reported so far yeah well if we still want to talk about the York Simcoe numbers just that it was 51% of the vote for Scott Davidson at this stage which is pretty much exactly where Peter Van loan was in 2015 when they got 50% of the vote under him the Liberals have dropped about sick points in that writing and the NDP bail – and the People's Party we were talking a lot about how much of an impact people's party would have riding like York Simcoe just north of the GTA and just on the edge of where those those liberal gains were in 2015 only 1.8 percent of the vote so really not an impact there would not have made a difference but it's interesting to see still that the Conservatives did not make a game there we were expecting that in the writing of Leeds Grenville which had a by-election just at the end of last year they made a gain of about 10 points and they didn't do that here so it's an interesting number but we are starting to see some of the numbers come in in Burnaby South we're still now now we're at 11% of the votes counted so they got 1,400 votes and we can see that Singh is still ahead and is looking in a strong position he's got 39 percent of the vote 27 percent right now from Richard T Lee and Jason of the Conservatives at 21% and Laurel and Thompson of the People's Party at 11% so I think that's a pretty good score for the NDP if they can hold on to it because the NDP took 35% of the vote in Burnaby South in the last election and the Green Party candidate had about 3% of the vote there's no Green Party candidate your Elizabeth May wanted to give judgment seeing that leaders courtesy so if a lot of those voters went over to the NDP seems like it could have happened so we're seeing that seeing at this stage we'll see what this holds he's just now shy of 40% just the numbers going up right now but if he is able to that would be a good it would be good because I mean it does show that he brought voters to the NDP that he wasn't just putting up the same kind results that the any of you would normally get in that writing that he's actually giving a party boost and so they wouldn't need that right now so right now in campaigning non-stop non-stop yeah yeah we haven't seen him in autumn I was just gonna say yeah so right now I had by 13 points over Richard T Lee of the Liberals I think the Democrats would be pretty satisfied to these results but again it's the only 15 percent of the vote counted I want to remind everybody who's watching us on Twitter and YouTube and Facebook send your questions in and we will get to as many of them as possible Dylan Moser on Facebook asks if seeing wins his election will we see a surge in NDP support and would that surge benefit the conservatives or liberals more good question well will we see a surge maybe we'll have to wait I mean obviously it would be a boost to have for the NDP to have a good news story they haven't had one for a little while maybe sing performs well when he's in the house maybe it gives the party a bit more credibility because saying is not stacking up well against shear and sure Doan questions related to who people want as prime minister he's usually at somewhere around five six percent whereas Shearer would be at twenty four twenty five percent and and Trudeau thirty five percent of North that's like a unknown factor or is that based on what they've seen next I don't know if it's an unknown factor because a lot of the polls that have been done shown that people had know him about as well as they know ng Shearer there's not a big difference between the two and of the people who have an opinion for Shearer it's usually mixed it's about the same amount of people who think you have a good opinion of them who have a bad opinion but for saying it's it's almost two to one people don't have a good opinion of them so what they've seen so far they haven't liked that much so maybe being the house of give them a bit of a boost but if the NDP does get a boost that would help the Conservatives because at fourteen percent which is where they are in the polls right now the Conservatives would not think that they're in a good position to win an election it's very rare when the NDP is that week that the Conservatives are very competitive because in a lot of those writings and the GTA in certain Greater Vancouver area for example if there's a weak NDP the Liberals are probably winning some of these writing do you think it's a given I take that point definitely in the last election but I started to wonder the other day is it a given that those votes will go over to the Liberals and I ask because might they just stay home there are some kind of polarizing issues that the Liberals for example in buying the pipeline have really alienated a lot of those voters that went over to them in the last election because they didn't feel they had a home in the NDP where they might traditionally go and I'm wondering if this time who I don't know I'm just raising the question but if they won't if they're not if there's a Oh jug meetings not a viable option for me does that automatically mean they go to Justin Trudeau or do they not vote yeah if they stay home that's I don't know almost as bad I think because then if voters who who would support the Liberals don't go out and vote but they and they don't go out and vote for the NDP that means the NDP is not winning a liberal seat pretty Yeah right but yeah that is also one of those factors that it's not exactly that liberals vote and and New Democrats vote for one or the other party right there's a little bit of movement to other parties the greens for example though we're not cite from Outremont really getting that surprising third place very exciting yeah you don't it's not always a simple equation but I think it's also a not just a voters going in one direction or another but a signal when the NDP is weak it's a signal for a lot of voters perhaps that the Liberals are good enough to vote for that they're not pushing voters towards other parties because of that they see that the Liberals are weak so when the NDP is weak it almost is a signal that for voters who are on the center-left the liberals are so palatable at least rather than when there's a strong NDP it's usually a sign that the Liberals are not doing very well okay why don't we take a look so wait I'll recap what we're doing right now while you try and get your numbers back up there so you can give us the latest we are the decision desk has projected that the Conservatives will win have won in the by-election in New York Simcoe that's an Ontario kind of the edges of the GTA the candidate there Scott Davidson a small business owner he just delivered his victory speech he he thanked of course the previous MP Peter van loan cited the leader of the Conservative Party Andrew Shearer thanked him for campaigning with him over the past few days spoke of how they got along well and and seemed to mesh he also as I said focused on small business it seems to be that that that is his background he replaces Peter van loan who was therefore in that riding for a number of years over in Quebec in ultra MA that Tom Mulcair's old riding the former leader of the NDP he won the election back in 2007 in that riding it had been a liberal stronghold for decades and and the Liberals have stolen that riding back this time around a big pretty important riding for the Liberals given how well they've been polling in Quebec we were all sort of watching to see how well they would do in this riding if those poll numbers would translate here and and perhaps if they can be a bigger indicator of what's to come in the federal election in October and finally of course we are watching the big one in Burnaby south watching to see what will happen with drug meet saying the leader of the federal NDP he is running for a seat in the House of Commons he's been leader of that party since October of 2017 which is kind of feels like yeah attorney to go but so he hasn't had to say I'm fascinated to see how he does should he win that looks like looks like at this point we don't know obviously but I'm I'm interested to see how he performs in the House of Commons I think it would be I just remember covering Tom Mulcair and Stephen Harper and how much of a part of Tom Mulcair's reputation his performance in the house became again that's a very Ottawa thing you know I I don't think my sisters our home glued to Kewpie every day but but it sort of did translate because like you mentioned when they went into the election prior to the campaign the NDP were we're polling very very high and the him he himself as a leader looked poised to do big things and then a number of things happen to the campaign to change those four jokes yeah and I think it's not just about the performance in the house I think because being on that stage I think it does add credibility and makes you someone who seems like more of a legitimate option compared to the other two and if you at least are at that baseline where people are taking you as seriously as they are the other ones even if they don't particularly like you or they they're not sure if they're gonna vote for the party just to at least be in the running to be considered on the same stage like Maxim Bernie and Elizabeth may have a seat in the house and I think it helps them quite a bit right in the sense that it gives them more credibility than then a leader of a party that does not have any seats because you just want to be seen as someone who is a legitimate I'm sorry yeah yeah yeah I mean what we watch in the House of Commons is essentially a jockeying for power yep you look what's going on right now with the SNC lavell and controversy I mean there is a back-and-forth every day that is reflective of some of the choices voters will have to make come election time and so even though it is very inside of your life it matters a family yeah and when you but it's also in a way in blue Matic of the NDP because when you watch Q P like as we do the Conservatives are you know Shearer asks this questions at the beginning it's very focused one issue and then usually the issue carries through to the other quest as well you see the NDP but they have a series of people getting up and asking questions that are often not as focused not on one issue in a way it shows how lacking that leader there who is maybe there to be the focal point of the criticisms of the questions is something that's happening with the NDP where there just doesn't seem to be as much focus and I think it's in part because they don't have a leader there every single day well and they've also been fit as a result of that and it was as a result of some of the internal struggles they have faced questions day in and day out will your party survive this how are you gonna you know head into the election your leaders in here why isn't he here or what kind of are their frictions within caucus I mean those are the that is essentially the line of questioning that they've faced and I'm sure they're not thrilled about that yeah hecklers in the house whenever they mentioned our leader judge Meads saying you can hear a chorus of liberals yeah Natasha Cornett has a great question for us on Facebook what do you think was the ballot box question in Burnaby was it the pipeline you know what I don't know if it was the pipeline but when you do see the numbers for the Liberals right now we are starting to see a pretty good portion of the vote counted 23% in Burnaby south Liberals are a twenty six percent and in the last election they got about thirty three and a half percent so they're down seven points in that riding which isn't a very good sign for them BC is pretty important for them the Greater Vancouver area there's some seats they'd like to pick up so that might be a bit of a sign that they are taking a bit of a hit on that because just based on the polls where they are and BC you wouldn't expect a big as big of a drop as that and when you see that Singh is that 39% I think it is a combination of the pipeline issue in the sense that he's the the main anti pipeline candidate on the ballot Valentine Wu was running as an independent was actually a Green Party candidate at the provincial level in 2017 the Greens decided not to run a candidate there but I think for Singh right now he's at 39% he's got a 13-point lead over the Liberals so he's and he's been holding that we haven't seen yeah there hasn't been a lot of fluctuation usually as a sign that no matter where the votes are coming from it's you know more or less what what is happening across the riding coz of our parts of the rioting that have voted more liberal the northern part is much more is where Richard Lee's seat had some overlapped with the federal one whose provincial seat so it's a good sign for saying and the number is a good good number I think that there are 39 percent it shows that they've made a bit of a gain and when you see the polls in BC and the polls nationwide for the any of you wouldn't expect them to make a game so that does seem to be a bit of a single bump at least here the interesting question on on what the ballot box question is we had a number of reporters who were in Burnaby add to various polling stations I felt based on their reporting it seemed like the biggest issue was affordable housing and that doesn't come as a huge shock given what people in and around Vancouver in an throughout BC are facing when it comes to housing prices you also see that Mir which might give us some indication of Singh's performance tonight mirrored in a lot of the messaging from the NDP and Japanese saying right from the start I can remember when he basically declared that he would be running in that riding one of his first messages out the gate was around affordable housing and it's interesting because and a bit of foreshadowing I think towards the federal election because this is one of those policy issues they've been criticised the NDP for not getting a solid grip on what exactly they are gonna stand for I would I would argue that affordable housing is an outlier to that criticism that they have had a pretty strong message on that the Liberals have talked a lot about affordable housing they've committed some money a lot of it is back ended and they've kind of provided a bit of an opening for the NDP to say okay what are you doing for not just affordable housing for those who can afford to buy homes but those who have you know who are having trouble paying the rent and things like that so they see that seem to be a message that has resonated with voters most especially out there it'll be interesting to see if that permeates there at the rest of the country and jugman Singh would have some personal experience with the housing issue in Burnaby because he was looking for a place right and he was joking that he got it I think he called what a Vancouver special so very expensive place that is not at all at the level that you would expect for the the price points right I think it is a very sensitive issue and he would even know that for a Sam Rory ditch burn on Twitter asks if Singh wins tonight how will that change the narrative around the federal NDP moving into the next election and not just wins like this I mean we have to wait till we know for sure but that kind of an outcome where you're able to build on previous support yeah and it's not win by default at this stage it's looking like a solid respectable win for the NDP more than they'd gotten in recent elections they did get 44% of the vote here in 2011 though that was obviously I think years a big year for them you know this is in line with where they would have been for example in 2008 or that kind of thing right so it's still just it's a creditable win it's something that he can take so I think it changes narrative a bit cuz the narrative on the NDP for a few months has just been about more or less failures failures to resonate among voters failures to raise money in by-elections we've seen that the average results for the NDP has been a minus six points in every by-election they've lost in every single one except for Ottawa Vanier which was won by election where they they actually picked up some vote but this is actually one of the first by-elections of this Parliament where they're going to do better than where they were in 2015 so I think it starts to change a little bit of the narrative that Singh is someone who can deliver he can actually get voters to vote for the NDP that didn't vote for them previously so it gives them a chance gives them to have some good news and we're I was looking at the results in new trim Oh 26% at this stage for Julio Sanchez that's not a bad result for the NDP you were saying 20 yes 20 was my minimum bar 25% was my upper bar for once when it starts to get decent I think 26 fact that's both of those results are gonna put a little bit of wind in the NDP's sails and I think not even from a sort of larger party perspective but even within caucus like you talked to a lot of MPs who were unsure of how this thing would go I think in the last few weeks there they kind of solidified their expectation that that job means Singh would win it won't come as a surprise I don't think they were as sure by how much or if there would be any gains and I think they were also worried about new trim also you you've you've got to expect this will have some effect on the caucus dynamic as well which is not a bad thing for drug me and saying who will now be leading them in the House of Commons as well yeah I think for some new Democratic MPs in Quebec they're not the kind of numbers that would make them confident that they will be re-elected but if you're an Alexandra bullet ace if you're a Ruth Ellen door so if your decal home may be a look at these numbers say like okay we dropped but maybe I can still work with a drop this large and still eke out to win over some other over a divided field so the NDP pretty I mean there's still not good results you can't sugarcoat that they're dropping almost 20 points in new trim all right they lost Mulcair that's a big deal but still to get a solid second spot twice as much as the third place Canada which in this case is the Greens again a bit of a surprise not too bad not as bad as it could have been there when you saw we saw some polls over the last couple weeks six eight percent for the NDP and Quebec that is that would be a catastrophe for them decimation lose every single seat not even be in the running so I think it's not there's not a win Julio Sanchez isn't gonna be happy that she was defeated but maybe not so bad maybe the maybe the narratives will change a little bit for the NDP that dude on YouTube that's a direct quote that's his name on YouTube or hers asks how does the entry of PPC compare to other parties first appearances in elections well when you think about where where the bloc québécois started 1990s ruled except was a candidate in locating Saint Mary he won that riding for the block that was the first ever time that that block ran as a candidate and they won think about the Reform Party under Debora gray 1989 in riding in Alberta they won that riding not great results for the People's Party I mean if we're looking at if we're looking at the ones okay bath shoes now because she's got to go for the national so she here's Phil Lane it's a great producer here in the bureau so I'll take over for the next little while so we were talking about the the People's Party as that she goes off she'll be back she'll be back don't worry I won't won't just be me for too long yeah and I mean we're starting to get close to quite a that number of votes County didn't Burnaby south so you know maybe I'll have to make a call we'll have to wait and see but we're the question was about the People's Party so if we look at these results right now it's 11 percent for Laurel in Thompson on in Burnaby South that's a that's a good result I would say for a party like the People's Party getting 11 percent in Burnaby South but again we don't know how much of that would be because of her own appeal she has a base of supporters she ran in a municipal office and and had a decent amount of the vote there she's pro-life she was speaking out against the sexual education program in BC so she had a particular vote in base I'm just not sure if it's a People's Party base that's not exactly the kind of clientele that Maxim Bernie has been chasing and I don't know if he can replicate it in other writings because when you see with the other results nutri mo People's Party 1.8 percent not very good as I'd mentioned earlier you can sometimes see some candidates get that kind of score we've seen the Christian heritage party for example finished ahead of the NDP in a medicine hat by-election in earlier on in the session and when you look also at York Simcoe we were talking a lot about how much of an impact the People's Party would have on a GTA writing for the Conservatives only 1.8 percent they finished behind the PC party not the Progressive Conservatives the progressive Canadian their leader Dorian Baxter I believe it's the later I was I wasn't Lear at some point I'm not sure if they believe it now I'd have to recheck my notes but finishing behind them finishing behind the Greens that's not those aren't strong results for the for Maxine Barnea if if he was looking at these results I don't think he should be very pleased that he was scoring under 2% a new Tramel in his native province of Quebec and in York Simcoe a solid conservative writing we're voting for the People's Party was not gonna cost them was not gonna cost and conservatives the seat but the result in 11 11 percent in Burnaby South that's a sign that if Bernie can find these kinds of candidates who are maybe lightning rods for controversy which also means lightning rods for attention that he can get some good results there but not a great night for the People's Party I'd say because a lot of that vote for Tom and Laurel and Thompson and burned me south might be more about Laurel and Thompson than it is about max and Bernie though it did seem that Bernie was spending a bit more time in that riding than he was in the other two so Todd's purl on Facebook I reminded you cannot you can send your questions in Twitter YouTube Facebook you can mail them in we'll answer them in a couple weeks Todd's Perl on Facebook outside of Alexandra bullet-face do you see the NDP winning any seats in Quebec he says he doesn't so let's look at the map let's use this map since it's sitting right here let's look at the map in Quebec right now so at the end of the last election where things were the NDP won 16 seats in Quebec so you can see that they won a few in there this is Romeo Sega Nash's riding at Christine Moore and a couple in the East but it was largely in the southern portion of the province where the NDP held onto its seats so a couple on the Island of Montreal in long grey and central Quebec and Salaberry a problem for the NDP is that a lot of these candidates aren't running again and men through quack is not running she's in celibacy uh-oh she leg on the Island of Montreal where Merlin butyne sweet she's not running Alain lebed's yeah who won the writing no hey McKee from Judah SEP she's not running again these are gonna be hard to win if you're the NDP right now you're looking at a riding like a Buddha face on the Island of Montreal Rosemont legitimately should just be right up here that's a pretty solid progressive riding it voted very strongly for the Quebec slider in the provincial election and you might also be looking at a riding like Ruth Ellen Brousseau who's in bourtzi Moschino j-just right here and she is the candidate was infamously in Las Vegas in the 2011 federal election and didn't speak much French she learned French she became a really good constituency MP and there's now she was actually one of the ones who was able to hold her vote in 2015 unlike a lot of NDP candidate so when we're looking at what happened in her mouth this was a a writing that Tom Mulcair one with about 44% of the vote in 2015 he'd wanted by huge margin in 2011 they're dropping about this stage we're looking at the numbers they've dropped about about 20 points 19 18 points the NDP should be able to get 15 percent of the vote on a bad day in which so they're doing better than that but this is a big gap losing 20 almost 20 points in a writing that would cost them every single seat in the province if they did that on election night now a lot of that vote lost would be Tom Mulcair vote and not just because of the DP not doing very well in the polls lately but if it was just a Tom Mulcair but you'd still probably expect them to be somewhere around the 35% so not a strong showing for the NDP nutriment but enough that they can maybe think that people like Alexander bullet-face in hos mana pizzas belly and ghee cajon Rimouski and Ruth Ellen Brousseau in vert CMS conoce that maybe they would have a chance to hold on tianyu tianyu Wang on YouTube how competitive with the Green Party beat in the next general election this is one of the interesting questions because we've seen the Greens do really well in a series of provincial elections they won a seat in Guelph in Ontario they won three seats in New Brunswick they hold three seats in British Columbia the provincial level they hold two seats in PEI and are actually in a neck-and-neck race with the Liberals they're in what's expected to be a spring election so keep an eye on that if the Greens win in PEI suddenly and form a government at the provincial level that's suddenly going to be a bit of a shift in the narrative a little bit like when the NDP won in Alberta in 2015 which is what actually propelled Tom Mulcair to the top of the polls there so the results we're seeing so far if we can we'll take a look at this screen there for where the NDP for the greens are they didn't run a candidate in Burnaby South this is probably helping Singh who right now has a 12-point lead over Richard T Lee with about just over a third of the vote counted so good showing for Jack needs Singh there and the fact that the greens aren't running candidates probably helped it's probably worth a couple points but doesn't look like he actually needed it they probably would've won anyway York Simcoe not a good result for the Greens 2.8 percent right now generally where they are in that kind of writing so nothing surprising there but who chose the one that's really kind of shocking because you have Rachel Ben Diane who's now projected to be the next MP before I talk about the greens that's just look at that 13% for the greens but we do have a projection right now in Burnaby so CBC News is ready to project that jerk meet Singh will be the winner in the by-election in Burnaby South jug meet Singh who is the leader of the NDP who became the leader in October 2017 did not have a seat in the House of Commons was a former Ontario MPP who made the jump to federal politics he will be going to Ottawa coming to Ottawa here as the next MP for Burnaby South and I think this will silence some of the critics that he's had of his leadership that party has not been doing very well in the polls hasn't been doing very well in financing about a quarter of its caucus is not running for re-election they decided not to reoffer in in 2019 in October but good news for jug meat Singh he wanted to get a seat in the house he targeted Burnaby South when Kennedy steward decided to step down as the MP for Burnaby South and run for the mayor's office in Vancouver and CBC News is now projecting that he will be the next MP for Burnaby South so let's just take a look at those results for him in the riding so we got about 38 percent of the votes now counted not a huge amount of turnout but we still gotta wait and see where things end up by the end of the night it's always hard to estimate turnout as the votes are counted coming in 39% 38.8% for jugman Singh at this stage pretty healthy nearly 13 point lead over Richard Tilley of the Liberals a former BC liberal MLA from the area a Jason in a third place to 22% and Laurel and Thompson of the People's Party in a pretty strong fourth place with 11 percent but for judgment saying strong result for him thirty eight point eight percent of the vote that is better than what Kennedy Stewart got in 2015 he took thirty five point one percent in a squeaker of a win 547 votes over the Liberal candidate there jug meat Singh right now is already 800 votes ahead of Richard Keeley so it looks like his margin of victory will certainly be a lot wider than what Kennedy Stewart won in 2015 so Chuck meet Singh going to be the next MP for Burnaby south going to have a seat in the House of Commons this is what he wanted he had he when he first took over the leadership of the NDP was said that he didn't he what he didn't feel like he needed to he was comfortable not having a seat you can see I don't know if he thought Vashti was running she missed the projection but that was was me who got the project but yeah good good news for a jug meet Singh vashu you missed the big news you missed it Jogi Singh is winning he's projected to be the next MP in Burnaby South yeah so you'll be able to interview him in studio after interviewing him at a distance in Burnaby but a good result for the NDP and I think they're going to be pretty happy that not only did he win but he increased his share of the vote over 2015 one pretty handily liberals not a strong showing there for them down about 7 points from the last election so Jackman saying is we're gonna be waiting for him to take a give a speech and we are going to take that yes yeah we're just waiting for that to happen yeah and and look at that it's 11 o'clock just after 11 o'clock got lots of time yeah lots of time so let's recap the newest news the projection is from the decision desk that jug meets Singh has taken the by-election in Burnaby South it feels like just a few months ago we were all saying will he won't he pretty decisive victory thirty-eight point nine percent of the vote with how many polls reporting we're now up to 80 of 196 so just under forty one percent so that's a it's a good chunk of the vote and then we've got over in Ontario in York Simcoe the Conservative candidate there Scott Davidson projected to win and in new term all the Liberal candidate Rachel and Diane thank you has been projected to win there so kind of not a shocker each of those writings but I think the big thing we were all washing for was the NDP right and Judd meets saying what kind of performance would he have and like you said able to build on the support that the party had in the last election I imagine it's pretty excited NDP and pleased relieved and probably not a disappointed Liberal Party probably not not gonna lie this was what they were they're going on the assumption that they will perform better if Judd meets Singh as leader because they don't anticipate many of them I shouldn't speak for all of them but the ones whom I've spoken with don't anticipate that his performance necessarily will aid him yeah and it's a bit of a you know Pandora's box you don't know if he would have stepped down what would have come out of that maybe a worse leader maybe a better one look at the experience it doesn't mean the end of anything no in fact you can go on to become premier with a large mandate just after a couple months later after you go going in so jugman saying yeah I think for him he's got to be pretty relieved about this because he put a lot on the line I think you know you said how we were wondering at first whether he would win and I think if a by-election had been held in the fall I'm not sure if he would have won at that stage I think the fact that he counted he knocked on so many doors clearly put a big effort into there he moved to the riding I think it was enough for voters to say okay let's give him a chance I mean even when he decided to run if you think back to when he decided to run in that riding there were tons of questions like really you're gonna run in Burnaby South you're from the 905 region that's what he represented that's the area who represented as a provincial politician in the Ontario legislature nobody you know nobody felt like he had much experience there he didn't understand the local issues in fact I think he ended up being the only candidate who actually lived in lives in the run he was a Ron eclis eligible to vote yeah and we saw him doing that and so as I said before he seemed to really pick up on some of the big issues out there especially I would say affordable housing based on what I heard I remember him talking about that right from the beginning and we heard from a lot of our reporters out there a number of people who were out the polls voting talking about those types of issues it also seemed to be an actually a pretty divisive campaign there were a lot of people whom a lot of voters who were speaking to our reporters were talking about some of the nasty names we know the Liberal candidate for example made some comments that she ended up getting the boot for about jug meetings ethnicity some of the debates were particularly rambunctious yeah yeah so that might have played into how people ended up voting as well yeah I think so and I think you know his team says that they vote he'd knocked on 30,000 doors so a lot of people who did vote certainly you're not going to reach 30,000 votes I don't think we're only at 6800 County we got about half just about a 43% counted but they knocked on a lot of doors so if you weren't sure about Chuck meets saying you didn't believe that he was someone who was serious for the job that he wasn't from the riding if he came to your door a couple times maybe that's enough to change it you know he is a charming person in person he he I think that kind of politics is really where he's got his strikes and we're just looking at a shot now of drug meetings headquarters we're awaiting his arrival and once again the CBC is projecting that mr. Singh has won the Burnaby South by-election he's about 38.5% with 80 80 of more than 80 polls reporting our yeah we got 85 so 43% and he's got a winning he's beating Richard Keeley by just about 12 or 11 points any indicators on yeah it doesn't look like it's gonna be very high cuz right now it's at 9% with 43% counted so we should end up somewhere north of 20 but as I said it's hard to estimate early on because also there's if you weren't on the list but you showed up you get counted so the elections can it would still be finalizing the amount of people actually are eligible to vote in the rioting so we won't know the final turnout numbers those are usually the things that are hard to know before the end of the night and often also some of the polling boxes that are counted are the biggest ones are counted at the end so suddenly you get a big rush of votes but certainly we didn't see surprising we didn't see high turnout in the advance poll in in any of them and there's terrible weather in New York Simcoe area today so the turnout they're expecting to be pretty low but you know what it's about who goes up votes and you got to get your people out and it looks like the NDP was successful doing that Connor McIntyre on YouTube asks it was talked about earlier that Mulcair would get a little boost because he was leader how much of that do you think is the case for a judgment saying well I think it's fair to say that he is beating Kennedy Stewart's numbers by note about three points right now but the NDP has dropped support in BC so you would have expected all else being equal that the NDP might have ended up somewhere around 30% or something like that but instead he's given them a bit of a boost I think it's fair to give him the the sort you know the leadership vote boosts of you know five points or something like that I think he can take credit for a decent amount of this because when you look at how Julio Sanchez is doing in nutria mo where she dropped 20 points ish after Mulcair is gone you look at their results in New York tsimko where they their I believe the last I checked that they were a little bit further down from where they were in 2015 that the NDP is is not performing well in these other by-elections but performing well in Burnaby South so it's a bit it makes for a bit of a muddled narrative because you'll have these results in nutria mo not good result New York Simcoe wasn't ever gonna be good because it's not their kind of riding but still nothing to write home about but then a strong result and a pretty good result for the NDP to pick up support when everywhere else they seem to be drawn and I feel like maybe muddled if you get into the weeds but compared to that's what I do expect I know you do but I just take a broad strokes TV reporter type of give it to me in two minutes and I think the expectation for you know there was so much speculation and appointing on how bad could the NDP do like let's be realistic right that was I know they weren't happy with that and that was sort of the narrative oh my god how low can their fundraising go how low can their poll numbers go that if you compare if you look on it like a comparative value of how they perform tonight versus what perhaps the low point of the expectations about their performance would be I feel like they're breathing a sigh of relief yeah I think so even though even though they dropped a nutri ma for example I mean we were we were saying what if they go below yep yeah we're finished fourth and they didn't do that they weren't wiped off the map is that you know cause for celebration silver lining probably not you want really looking for one for the NDP and they are looking for them but they are looking for it that's the point that's a silver lining give them that the fact that they are still the if you're a voter on the Island of Montreal right now looks like you're deciding to vote out of the liberal or an EP the only people take that means they're not people aren't voting for the bloc they're not voting for the Conservatives of the Greens that in these urban areas where they have their seats that the NDP is still the alternative so if things get better for them over the next few months then that means they're back in the running in some of these writings right okay let me take another question Seamus Finnerty on Facebook Eric and Vashi do you think that the People's Choice party so far has left enough of a statement given the number of boats that have been cast to make the Conservative Party leery about the upcoming federal election given and this and Seamus says that most of the people's votes are likely to come from the conservative base yeah I would say no if I'm Andrew Shearer sorry about that if I'm Andrew Shearer I'm pretty relieved by these results because you can look at the ones in nutria moe where they only have less than two percent of the vote you look at the results in New York tsimko less than 2 percent that's 2 percent they're gonna lose to an independent candidate they can lose to the Christian heritage party in some areas and you know that's not a worry for them if they if 2 percent is not going to cost them more than a handful of seats if that's what Bernie is able to do everywhere and the one in Burnaby South where they're at about 11 percent for Laura Lynn Thompson and at eleven point three percent I think the Conservatives can say this was particular to this particular riding this candidate and the issues that she was pushing and so it's not emblematic of the People's Party elsewhere so these are what if they can get other candidates like like the one in Burnaby South if they can get people who have sort of a name somewhat of a name or who have a somewhat of a voter base because they've run in other types of elections or I don't know I mean that's difficult to do for 300 300 ridings it was kind of astonishing that they had three candidates in these by-elections but it maybe shows that you need that type of candidate that you need some recognition on the candidate level and your party alone is it going to get that well when we think about the kind of attention that Maxim Bernie has gotten it's largely when he's done something a bit unconventional let's just say that way you you had him recently on your own power and politics discussing blackface of all things exactly but it's just it's just a that's what's between getting him a lot of attention and for Laura Lynn Thompson it's the same kind of playbook right it's it's taking positions that get a lot of attention that in engage a lot of people either because they didn't rages them or it really finally someone's talking about these issues that kind of thing and then in the other two ridings where they had two candidates who seemed to be normal candidates one was a prosecutor one was a former member of the Armed Forces just not normal but less polarized yeah well that's what I mean like the kind of candidates that would not be they could react they could run for yeah and the fact that they didn't attract any significant votes suggests that for in a lot of these ridings the People's Party needs someone who is going to really galvanize those supporters who feel that the other parties aren't representing them and not pushing the kinds of issues that they care about that if they just have normal candidates who are just your generic I'm a People's Party candidate and I stand for the platform that's it that that might not be enough to really really get people enthusiastic to go out and vote for max and Bernie I mean it's a new party that regardless of where they fall on the spectrum or whatever I mean the idea of this this party was just formed in the fall so no matter I mean I can't imagine any other new party that that would just on the sheer recognition of their name yeah but no you look good Burnaby so Terry Grimwood who's an independent candidate as 1.2 percent of the vote yeah which is similar to what's happening in the other ones you know what York Simcoe you have William Barrett he's got 0.4 that's not very that's not very high but if you look at for example in York Simcoe you have Robert Gertz who's 1.8 percent he's finished behind the greens but he's also finished behind the progressive Canadian party which isn't is I'll be honest a lot of people voting for this party probably believe it's the Progressive Conservative Party and and they're voting for a PC candidate which is why they registered their name is registered here as PC party they this was on purpose when when the when the merger happened this party was created and they weren't able to take the name because it was too similar to the praise that exists and this is their play this is what they want they want to be the old PC party but it just shows you that in a by-election turnout slow people go to the ballot box they they'll cast their ballot didn't you know you can get up 1% of the vote if you're an independent if you're running for a minor party so I I'm actually surprised that the results are this low from accident early and these other two ridings I thought that I thought that a three four percent would have been a low bar for him to meet 1.8 1.7 percent like I said you're an independent candidate with a name that sounds familiar you can get at least that amount of the vote Marlowe turning Ritchie on Facebook asks this is such a great question to what extent and I know you look at this all the time to buy election results translate into general election which they do more than people think because I because I never even to watch exactly I like by-election results I was poor over them and and and people say they don't matter but they actually do if you look at the track record when a party makes gains in a riding in a by-election they tend to by a margin of two to one about make gains in the next election they make gains either in the nationwide or provincially and Prime Minister's who have a winning record they tend to be reelected more than prime ministers who have a losing record in by-elections and Justin Trudeau now his record is actually one of the better ones based compared to other Prime Minister's they've deliver as have picked up three ridings in this session which is not something you see very often Stephen Harper did it in one of his terms and one of those ridings was Bill Casey's at the time he had he had stepped down so he was a PC ER and then he was an independent the Conservatives want it back so that's the last time you find three a prime minister win three by-elections in one Parliament you have to go back to back to Wilfrid Laurier to find one who did that as again so it's not it's it it it's unusual it's unusual for Prime Minister's to to win in by-elections it's not that in you know if you in British Columbia for example provincially the record of governments is horrifying they lose everyone but in in federal elections its incumbents win as often as they as they lose like it's it's not a particular strong side but anyway yes they're not nothing they do actually tell you something you want to win doesn't suck to win yeah bottom line Blake chador on Facebook asks and I apologize if I mispronounce that name what might the strong showing for the NDP in BC and Quebec along with corresponding weak results for the PPC in Ontario and Quebec indicate about overall liberal fortunes in October well in BC I think if your they would well yeah for the peoples probably liberals wanted to see something a bit better so I I don't think they're happy with these results for the NDP in BC these are good results for them although they're certain come down a little bit now at thirty seven point seven percent from German saying but still better than what Kennedy Stewart did I don't think the Liberals would see these results and be particularly happy not just with Singh's number but the fact that Richard teal II got twenty six percent which is not a terrific result for the Liberals and not writing in the writing but I feel like countrywide they're they're like okay yeah maybe they weren't they're not crushed no no no I don't think so but the numbers in Quebec writing right yeah they're only strong compared to expectations for the NDP right there they did they still lost almost 20 points in the scene it's not good so if you're the Liberals looking at the results in Quebec I think you're thinking that you're probably going to be able to win the extra 15 seats in the province picking up a lot of seats that they expend some the NDP how important is that so important for them because they're writing off seats in Atlantic Canada New Brunswick Nova Scotia and they're writing off seats in the GTA that they didn't expect to win in 2015 so they know they're going to be losing 2030 seats yeah they have a 15 seat cushion so if they lose 30 seats nationwide and pick up 15 in Quebec then it evens out they can still get a majority so that's sort of the calculation there that if they can win a dozen seats or more in Quebec it might be enough to still get a majority government despite losses also and it's so interesting because a lot of the stuff we're talking about on a daily basis here that might have an impact on their electoral fortunes across the country I'm thinking for example specifically of the SNC labelling controversy plays so differently go back even the fight over the carbon tax and a lot of provinces banding together who don't want it who feel like it's being imposed again Quebec is a very unique situation and the actions of the federal government are perceived much differently there on big controversial issues like the two I just mentioned and so even though we might be saying wow how hard of a hit might they take on this SNC imagine Jodie Wilson rambled comes out in two days and says very incriminating things it might still not impact them to the same degree or if at all and you know at least comparative comparatively speaking to the rest of the country you know that yeah they picked up about almost ten points in each mo and this is just in the wake of the S&C level i affair which has been just unfolding in these last few weeks if you've at all paid attention to politics in the last couple sets all you've heard it was like today we were only talking about these by-elections before that it was just as xi Li so the fact that they were still able to pull that amount of vote in Quebec I think would suggest that yeah they've they don't feel it's gonna hurt them that much there and it might actually help them because for a lot of voters in Quebec they might look at this they see the provincial government which is popular government right now saying save this company it shouldn't be it shouldn't be allowed to go under and the Liberals you already hearing their messaging it's no longer about who said what it's that they start standing up for jobs and the economy and this kind of thing so they're already knowing that this will play well for them in Quebec and I guess the long term calculation is that it might play well for them elsewhere as well if it just becomes an issue about jobs because they know that the economy is the top issue that's the thing if it becomes if people if people feel like the Prime Minister didn't act correctly and we saw some polling already that suggests that there's few Canadians who feel like he did act correctly there's a lot who are still in the fence a lot of those people reached the conclusion that what the Prime Minister did was not was not correct if it's not good then they might lose some of those people who went over them who voted for the Conservatives in the previous election voted for the NDP in 2011 and went to the Liberals and maybe they don't come they don't stick with the party and they go back to one of the other ones or they stay home I want to remind everybody that we are taking your questions on Facebook Twitter and YouTube so please send them in we're also waiting right now we'll take a shot inside the room this is where jugg meet Singh is going to give his Victor speech any moment we are waiting for that right now the CBC has projected that jug meet Singh has one where we'll win the Burnaby South by-election just to remind everyone who may be tuning in for the first time the Liberals CBC is projecting that the Liberals will win the by-election in utter ma Tom Mulcair's old riding former NDP leader and that the Conservatives Scott Davidson will win the rotting of York Simcoe quite handily taking over for Peter van loan a former Conservative MP who was there for a number of years so reminders send in your questions I'll read another one here Colton Newton on YouTube does this win and Burnaby South say anything about provincial NDP support I don't know I don't I wouldn't say so I think it's a bit too hard to translate the two and because of the way that I think Singh might be on his way out soon so we might have to oh yeah let's take his speech we'll see one CEO hold that up and watch that and talk over it yeah but like that you know the BC and DP would be expected to do much better than this in this kind of writing because the scene is so different but we saw that the NDP was able to they BC ADP held onto the Nanaimo by-election which meant that their government was able to hold on there he is there man of the hour he seems pretty happy with this [Applause] [Applause] you're just joining now we're watching the victory party for judge neat saying the CBC has projected that mr. Singh will win the by-election in South be the leader of the NDP since October of 2017 this will be his foray into the House of Commons here in Ottawa something that is the fate fielding questions on since basically the day he became they said that he wanted to connect with people across the country he didn't think that getting the seat in Ottawa was important obviously now if you're watching Erickson results we're now up to quite a bit now we're up to just over two-thirds have been accounted now so we're up to 12,000 votes just over 12,000 votes and now in the system and joke meet Singh 38 percent of the vote beating Richard T Lee by a margin of 12 points this was a riding that was decided by just 547 votes in 2015 and right now Singh is winning by a margin of about 1,500 votes so he's and that's on lower turnout so he's clearly improved upon Kennedy Stewart's performance in the 2015 election and I think that he can take credit for a good amount of this this this gain that the party is making in this seat in terms of compared to where it was in 2015 there's no Green Party candidate here which might have helped boost him a little bit but I think that he can take credit for a lot of these extra votes that the NDP is getting in the ballot box top I said here expecting him to speak any moment now we don't know the turnout obviously final turnout numbers but we are seeing some initial ones and other writings and it looks pretty low New York Simcoe nearly 80% of the polls reporting turn it is only about four yeah these are pretty low turnouts across the board we'll see what's the final counts are but because everyone stayed home to wait to watch yeah yeah you weren't supposed to do that income watch turn on by-elections usually somewhere around thirty five percent that's usually where it ends up on average they'll see if we beat that number in any of these we're not up to that level yet again the interesting to see especially in this rotting as you mentioned there has been gracious campaigning efforts on the part of Germany NDP there we haven't seen him outside of burn me in weeks and it was a race of national national significance national attention unlike the other two in areas with Don Davies and I believe Jenny quanah's Bevers she's currently the immigration critic for the NDP trying to see if I see any other NDP and hangs out there lotta talk among the caucus members over the past few months about what the outcome of this I said earlier in the past few weeks it appeared from the people I was speaking to them they had sort of solidified their anticipation that he would win they were not sure by how much and how solid a win it would be but they know they needed that top yeah and I don't think that they would have even expected they'd be winning by 12 13 points and here's a lesson [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's a new day it's a new day before I go any further I want to acknowledge that we are gathered here to live to play to work on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish people the Musqueam the Squamish and the slave of truth – Burnaby south thank you – Burnaby south thank you for trusting me to be your Member of Parliament thank you I want to promise you something I will be your champion I will be your champion I will take each and every one of you with me to Ottawa where I'll fight with for you in the House of Commons to everyone in this room there's so many of you who poured your heart and soul into the campaign thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who knocked on a door to everyone who made a phone call to everyone who made a donation thank you thank you thank you to my to my incredible campaign team you know there's so many people I want to name I've got a shout out especially my incredible campaign manager amber team [Applause] thank you for building thank you for building the type of culture we believe in a culture of positivity a culture of joyful struggle in the office thank you [Applause] my family's here with me today and when I shout out my mom and dad there's a crowd my brother grew up dancing and of course my wife my life partners were getting on you know your love and support means so much to me I literally would not be able to do any of the things that I've been able to do without all of your love and support so thank you I want to also acknowledge the other candidates in the race they fought a hard campaign and I want to thank them for their very important contribution to the democratic process so I thank them there were people across the country that helped out in so many ways I want to thank every one of them who helped out I'm humbled for your support for our party I'm humbled by your belief in me thank you to everyone that helped our friends we made history today you know when I was growing up as a kid when I was growing up I could have never imagined someone like me ever running to be Prime Minister but guess what guess what we just told a lot of kids out there that yes you can and I know that carries a lot of responsibility and I understand that responsibility and I want you to know that when I take my seed and the House of Commons I also want to take a moment to thank our amazing candidates in the other by-elections we had Julio Sanchez a new trimmer Jessa McLean and York Simcoe they fought hard campaigns they fought for the action that people need now in their lives and they did us all very proud and we're very very proud of all the work on do melons Jacqueline you see hey you news to men Bonnie the wop hog assist UK back at us to Canada circus emblem Oh a essencial put bets here for mayor so city comes chef GTA v DF thing was just saying that Jamar gosh I've joined together progressives across Quebec in 2011 and he says he wants to renew connections with Quebec to realize he will be in Quebec next week anyway beckoning could be quite key because we'll have a plan to reconnect with Quebecers and reelected zach is incumbents we are the champions for Quebecers new democrats are the champions for canadians we will continue to do that work there's so many people out there there's so many people out there that count on us they need us and so I know people have worked really hard over these past couple weeks I know it's been a long slog but I hope you've got more left in the tank because we just have eight more months we have eight more months to let the people know that they can choose a government that stands up for people not for corporations that doesn't give handouts the SNC Laughlin but stands up for everyday Canadian [Applause] my friends we have eight more months to show people that there is a better choice or Canadians that people can vote for those who are on their side we are on the side of people my friends my friends I want to talk to you a little bit about what's going on in Canada we live in an incredible country it's a beautiful country filled with amazing people but far too many of those people are falling behind many of them are struggling many of the people around us are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet people are I've had a chance to meet the people across this country I'm touring across here and Burnaby south and across Canada Canada is filled with proud people people that work hard to make a living for their families to support their families but they're working hard and feeling like they're falling further and further behind and they're starting to feel a lot of fear and uncertainty in worry and if they're worried about themselves that are even more worried about their kids and what their kids are going to have in terms of a future now some people are gonna use that fear and already are using that fear and that uncertainty to blame those not the ones that are responsible but they're using that fear and uncertainty to point at your neighbors support they're using that fear and uncertainty to point at the people that you work with the people you live with the people in your communities [Applause] now people are afraid and uncertain for a reason the reason is many of the basic things that we count on the basic things that we need in life are no longer there things like health care that actually covers everyone that covers us all the ability to have a job that actually pays enough to build a good life the ability to afford actually afford a home to have clean air and water to know that your kids can actually realize their dreams now these basic things didn't just disappear this didn't happen by accident this was a concerted decision made by consecutive liberal and conservative governments these liberal and conservative governments chose to strip away the things the basic things that we count on they are responsible they are the ones we need to point at and they've been getting away for it by my friends not for long so I get it people gave I get it people gave mr. Trudeau gave Justin Trudeau a chance they thought maybe he would solve some of the problems some of the mess that the Conservatives made people said ok it will give him a shot let's see what what he's doing let's see if he's actually gonna solve some of those problems but the reality is is he doing it he's not doing it he's making a bigger mess he's not doing it instead what is he doing he is helping his well-connected corporate friends at SNC Lavin try to get off the hook he continues to subsidize with billions and billions of our dollars oil and gas he's putting pharmaceutical industry profits ahead of everyday Canadians who are struggling with the rising cost of medication people should be angry at that angry our governments in Ottawa that continue to develop a system that puts more and more wealth in fewer and fewer hands so what's the answer though what's the answer [Applause] true true but my mom always taught me my mom's here she can tell you this is true I've always taught me that we're all connected with one another that we've got a connection that we all share and she taught me that if people around us are struggling then we're also struggling if people are hurting around us we're also hurting and she taught me if we lift up the people around us so being connected coming together that's how we solve this but conservatives that's not what they believe in they believe that we're all separate they believe that each one of us has to go it alone they believe that each one of us is responsible to deal with the major problems that were faced with as a society and that's why Andrew Shearer is proposing the same old approach the same old way that got us here in the first place we know who it is all the way is his old ways going to be the cut and to privatize the essential services that families need he's gonna drive up beers he's gonna continue to divide us now I met a young kid ten years old take this in there's a kid who's ten years old and he has a chronic long-term illness this young kid with his illness told me about the medication and the injections and all the work he's got to go through just to stay alive and he told me I'm not worried about my illness I'm not worried about the injections or the medication I am worried about how much it cost my parents he's worried that he's a burden to his family this ten-year-old kid feels like he's a burden to his family now the old way it's not gonna help out that kid it's not gonna help out his family it's not gonna make him feel like less of a burden in fact the old way of doing things hurts families it hurts people the old way of doing things the old way the old approach hurts the mom who works here in Burnaby South but has to commute two hours a day because she can't afford to live here the old way hurts the new graduate who graduates has some opportunities but is afraid to start a family delays starting a family because they're drowning and student debt the old way the old way hurts people who spend their whole life working for a corporation working for a job dedicated to a job only to see the corporation walk away and steal their pensions the conservatives and liberals have rigged a system that works for the powerful the wealthy and the well-connected not for everyday Canadians time's up it doesn't have to be this way we can fix it and we will fix it we can make different choices and get better results we can make life easier for people not easier for corporations to take advantage of us we can actually we can actually take care of each other instead of being taken for granted and we can choose to help people now by making sure we expand our healthcare system to include medication coverage for every single person in our country we can build we can build we do we can build half a million affordable units across this country nonprofit non market cooperative housing and keep the dream of owning a home alive we can tear down the barriers to education so young people have a bright future so they can realize their dreams and we can yes we [Applause] can also transform into a green economy where we defend our environment create incredible opportunities for jobs and good salaries while reducing our emissions that's what we can do and we and we can work honestly we can work honestly towards reconciliation with the first people of this land with indigenous communities that's why my friends I'm asking you I'm asking you all to keep this fight going for the next eight months I need you to be a part of this I need your energy I need your passion I need you to be a part of this the people at the top and the wealthiest corporations have had it way too good for way too long you need someone on your side for once the officially called onto a please on DejaVu calendar ler koti on ibis when the Kalka the not party not a coffee not a hotel so my friends together if we come together we can chart a new course for Canada together we can lift up the people around us so we all rise together we can build a brighter future now before it's too late we can do this together my friends let's do it let's make it up thank you [Applause] we are listening to NDP leader drug meet Singh now newest victor in the Burnaby South by-election he has one just finished delivering his victory speech on Vashti palace and I'm here with Eric Grenier we've been listening in lots of talk Eric about sort of doing away with the old way of doing things and speaking about a number of items that relate to that highlighting the SNC issue and sort of talking about the idea of corporations getting what they want the Liberals and the Conservatives appeasing the rich and his message of of doing otherwise also a very diverse crowd of people around him which is I think something to watch going forward definitely part of the NDP's plans and who their target voters might be and where they're looking to to make some gains where there is opportunity to make some gains what did you think of the Macedonia speech yeah I think we hit a lot of the points that the NDP has been trying to hit mention pharmacare as one of them I it was interesting to hear him go after the Conservatives a little bit don't hear that him say that very much so that was an interesting thing to hear from him I have to say he looks pretty relieved he looks pretty happy he's and you know we've seen him give a number of speeches I would say this is one of his better ones he did seem to be a little bit more comfortable in the role and in a really kind of campaign style speech and yeah I think for him a good showing for the NDP and I think they're pretty happy that they were able to win this he's gonna listen I just wanna shout out some people just gonna take some media questions we're gonna reset we're gonna listen in to those questions I have to run upstairs again not here I just want you to cheer for a couple of people Eric will be leaving goodbye to the viewers well I will know that we've been watching these grammars I might call in my caucus my colleagues that are here I want to shout out you know Don Davies is right here tomorrow we're looking at the judge mixing 38% right now in this writing this is a writing that was won by Kennedy Stewart with about 35% of the votes so he did better than that result and what we're seeing lately is the numbers between the Conservatives and the Liberals getting a lot closer I was 26 percent for Richard to leave the Liberals the 23 percent rejection of the Conservatives one of the questions had been whether the pipeline issue the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion had any impact on this on this riding and maybe because I was a low result for the Liberals lots of shoutouts funders missed there were a few saidit's to mp's her there Jenny Kwan and Don Davies and then also to his brother who is kind of by his side and has been right from the beginning was an Ontario MPP right now he succeeded his brother Denis shout out the Burnaby mla's who helped out so much on this campaign waiting once again for mr. Singh to take questions from the media he indicated that after the show doats that's what he'll be doing so we're gonna be standing by to watch that oh okay apparently I have to leave right now because there might be some technical difficulties on the national so I got to run to do it everyone for watching so I'll stick with you and we'll see what the questions that jug would sing will take I'm sure he'll be relieved he's not gonna be answering questions about his future as leader of the NDP I think he's pretty safe enough position right now making everybody in the crowd and he didn't get quite a bit of help from the provincial NDP for example which he thanked to the local NDP MPs in the area this is one of the reasons why the narrative might have changed in this writing because so many people were helping out in this writing how many resources were being poured into it raises the question of what would have happened if the NDP had poured as many resources and efforts into each Rameau would the result had been any different there but certainly winning in Burnaby South electing their leader and giving him a seat in the House of Commons he was given priority and looks like that was the right thing to do very relieved token saying thank you back who is won the Burnaby South Asia we're just waiting to see answer questions from the media just to catch you up and liberals won the by-election of bootrom Oh Rachel been dyin alright I think my good friend we got a question coming to the media go yes Richards Osmond global news congratulations thank you very much Sarah what are you gonna do now to reverse the sagging polling numbers for the nationally well what we're gonna do is get to work we're gonna fight for people and show them that they don't have to put up with a government in Ottawa that's too busy handing out gifts to SNC lavell in two pharmaceutical industry continuing to subsidize oil and gas instead they can choose to have the New Democrats who will fight for them be on their side in their corner are we gonna reverse the fundraising numbers I understand the parties having a hard time raising money how are you gonna raise money what we're confident that people people across Burnaby South are feeling let down they're feeling disappointed because this Liberal government hasn't delivered the change that they promised people are still hurting their lives are not better three and a half years later and we're gonna speak with those folks we're gonna let them know that they matter they care and we're gonna offer our plan present our plan which is to build half a million affordable homes to build a more accessible country where we expand our medication coverage to every single Canadian and we built a green economy where we invest in technology that reduces the impact on the environment and creates great jobs so this plan is going to inspire people thank you got another question mr. Sega's Laura Lynch from CBC and you can't see me all the way up there but congratulations thank you very much you made a special mention of Quebecers tonight and made a special pitch to them and yet you lost your party lost in new time oh you also managed to criticize SNC lavell am which may not go over well in Quebec how are you planning to hold on to NDP support of the province well I gotta acknowledge that Julio Sanchez read a great ran a great campaign she did a great job but we always knew we always know that which amount riding was gonna be a tough riding we always do that but when it comes to what people and Quebec care about people in Quebec hear about the environment they don't like the fact that the Liberal Party and the prime minister just purchased a pipeline that is not what they believe is the right use the responsible use of our taxpayer dollars they want to see us invest in green energy they want to cease invest in the green economy so we're going to continue to fight for Quebecers and I've talked about next week going to come back to present our plan to lay out our plan for Quebec because we know that we've got a great team out there we've got a great team of MPs and we're to continue to offer a vision that inspires the people of Quebec yes unite the party and your caucus behind you you have faced a lot of internal criticism over the low fund raising over low support in the polls how are you gonna bring your caucus and your party together behind you now well I believe and I and I've spent time with people at the doorsteps and it's clear to me that all New Democrats are committed to making sure that people in their writing their voices and their concerns are brought to Ottawa and we're all United we're all united in that vision we're all united in the vision I'm making sure our governments stand up for people not for the powerful and the well-connected so I'm confident that we'll be able to work together on those shared values that we all have and every one of my team knows that that's what our job is to fight for the people that don't have a voice lot of attention to what your win means nationally but I want to know what it means locally what are you gonna do for the residents of Burnaby so just ask you to repeat that again all right what are you going to do for the residents of Burnaby south and for British Columbia as the whole sure sure well the concerns that we heard at the doorsteps and my team heard everywhere we went when we went to community events when we spoke to people at community centers when we spoke to people that we met and phoned the concerns were housing housing was the top concern across this writing and what we're committed to doing is immediate action we're fast tracking we're calling for the fast tracking of investments to build new cooperative housing and new non-market housing immediately we're calling for we're calling for a return to the time when the federal government used to build housing back in the 70s back in the late 40s we used to build hundreds and thousands of affordable homes I want to get back into doing that so people can still dream of and actually achieve the dream of owning a home mr. Sigma Jason de Souza CBC News Jason we've seen how contentious this by-election has been both between the candidates but as well between supporters obviously a number of the public debates the tensions and emotions ran very high what kind of tone do you think that might set for the general election come to fall well I think that tone comes from the fact that people are frustrated there's a lot of frustration there's a lot of anger and there's some folks that are gonna use that anger and frustration and direct it towards people that are not responsible new Canadians and people that are fleeing persecution are not responsible for the problems that we're faced with governments in Ottawa are responsible their lack of prioritizing people is responsible so we're gonna make better choices we're gonna address the fact that people want to have a bright future they want to know that their kids have a bright future and so we're gonna make the choices that put people first and that deal with the problems they're faced with and we'll address that uncertainty and that fear by giving people hope and something to dream and something to look forward to and I'm confident we can do that sorry there's a little bit of applause when he started too skinny so what do you say about the symbolism tonight you've won in Burnaby South but you lost a nutri mall where the orange wave began you say you're gonna talk to Quebecers but you've already talked to the bakers and still you lost to Tremont tonight what are you gonna do to try and turn things around and Quebec doesn't matter to you if you lose ground in Quebec thank you so first off we always knew that everyone was gonna be a tough riding but we've got an incredible team of MPs in in Quebec we know that the people of Quebec are not happy with some of the policies that this government the Liberal government has brought forward they're upset at the lack of respect for the culture and identity they're concerned about offshore tax havens they're really disappointed in the Liberal government's decision to buy a pipeline we know that there's folks in Quebec that care deeply about the environment on those issues the Liberals have left them down the Conservatives don't care about those particular issues New Democrats want to build a brighter future where we invest in the green economy where we create great jobs and reduce our emissions we would not have purchased the pipeline with our taxpayer dollars instead we would invest that money in the future which is green energy renewable energy so we're confident to go to the question you were asked earlier is there a risk and slagging S&C level and it may play and Burnaby south is there a risk that it could cost you support in Quebec where many Quebecers work for the company well even Canadians across this country including Quebecers don't believe we should be giving preferential treatment to one corporation that if you're well-connected and powerful you can just call up the Prime Minister and have them change the laws to get you off the hook no one believes that's a good way to run a country and Quebecers also don't believe that that's the way we should run our country you talked about sorry you talk about your going to be in Quebec next week your leading a national party into a federal election are the people of Burnaby South gonna be left behind are you still gonna be able to represent those people in Ottawa not at all the people are burning be south were left behind by a Liberal government that chose not to deal with the housing crisis the liberal people are Burnaby south were left behind by a prime minister who purchased a pipeline that the people did not want the people of Burnaby South were left behind by a Liberal Party and a prime minister that doesn't believe in expanding or healthcare to ensure that everyone in our country is covered with medication coverage so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna fight for affordable housing we're gonna build new units we're gonna push for investments and co-ops and nonprofit and non market housing we're gonna expand our health care system and push for solutions that solve people's problems how much time between now and the election how are you gonna split between being everywhere else and actually big here in Burnaby so well as as any MP my job is to take the concerns that I've heard here in in Burnaby South and take them to Ottawa so I'm gonna do that job I'm gonna make sure the concerns that I've heard the people's voice is going to be heard loud and clear when I take my seat in the House of Commons and Burnaby South and the Lower Mainland are incredibly important to us as New Democrats we're going to continually be here and have a strong presence here ok thank you everybody thank you for being here we're gonna start the party soon I'm gonna get on the mic we're gonna get some music starting so get ready get your dancing feet ready because we're gonna turn this into a party now because it can be singing I'm sorry I was a jerk meet sing is leader of the NDP and newly elected MP for the Riding of Burnaby south and as he just said the party's about to get started with some singing there in Burnaby I certainly a very relieved an EP leader he had been struggling without a seat in the House of Commons he wanted to get one and the voters of Burnaby south have given one to him so that's Jack Mead sang newly elected MP for Burnaby south and he had a good result there in Burnaby South so he took about thirty eight point seven percent of the vote that's where we are now with 92 percent of the votes counted turnout was quite low right now we're standing at 27 percent it'll go up as a bit more of the votes are counted but a good result for the NDP leader at about 39 percent the Liberals finished second in the riding with 26 percent which is Richard Tilley the Liberal candidate quite a bit lower than last time we're only 547 votes separated Kennedy Stewart the former NDP MP who is now at the Vancouver the mayor of Vancouver and the Liberal candidate there so a good win for jugg meets saying the Conservatives finishing third of 23 percent and the People's Party candidate lorilynn Thompson finishing fourth with 11 percent Burnaby south elects judgment Singh you'll be heading to Ottawa there are two other by-elections that took place as well in other parts of the country in York Simcoe which was a conservative stronghold conservative small businessman Scott Davidson took 53 percent of the vote so up about three points from where pieter van loan had been in the 2015 election and 30% for Sean Tanaka of the Liberals finished in second place and third place here went to the NDP's Jessa McLain so when they're from Scott Davidson and Vashti coupe Ellis is now rejoining after doing the National excuse me and then just to finish off in each mo Rachel Ben Diane was elected for the Liberals taking that iconic NDP seat which had elected Tom Mulcair in 2007 the NDP finished in second place there Julio Sanchez with 28% of the vote incredible performance for the NDP there compared to where they have been standing in the polls but still a disappointing loss for them and finishing in third place with a bit of a surprise was the greens with a 13% Daniel Green who is the deputy leader one of the deputy leaders of the Green Party with a bit of a surprising third-place finish there so liberal victories in Kuchar mo conservative in York Simcoe and of course Chuck meet Singh NDP invited me south three-way split we had a great question from someone who said is this just an indication that the election is gonna be all over the map too close to call yeah yeah exciting lots of reasons to watch yeah absolutely and I mean if we at least we're not going to be doing the next couple months about an NDP leader shove race as well I mean that would have just been a bit crazy ahead of an election campaign so now Chuck meet Singh head neared Ottawa and the NDP can start thinking about October and we're gonna have tons of analysis tomorrow on PNP we'll have an online I'm sure you'll be writing something spectacular for I will be and I'm sure everyone will be so I think that's that's it for us right now though think it's done okay thank you everyone so much for watching and for tuning in with us and sending us your questions they were such such great questions we appreciate it thank you Eric for all your insight and I hope everyone has a great evening we'll see you tomorrow

37 thoughts on “Jagmeet Singh wins seat in B.C. byelection | Power & Politics Special

  1. scary when someone can run in a riding in a province they do not even live in…come next election he will run in a different riding forgetting the people who got him in parliament.
    this should not be allowed…and to think he will never be in power and the people wasted their votes on someone who will abandon them

  2. This happened because most people are running on political autopilot, making surface-level judgements, and oblivious to the nuances of the candidates.

  3. Jagmeet won just because he's Indian and has a community supporting him because he's Indian not because he is a politician. He's a flake.


  4. No place for religious paraphernalia in a democratic society. If you believe in democracy why would you run around trying to look different from everyone else.

  5. Mister Singh why do you want to make yourself different from everyone else by wearing your silly religious symbols. I thought we were all supposedly the same and equal in this country. Mister Singh stop living in the dark ages.

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  10. win one,loose one.. ! i guess the people out there in b.c. will never have a member, a voice in and of the corrupt gov. side.. cons. or lib. just like the ppp,a waste of any votes when the votes should go to either cons or lib to see who is the strongest.. just my thoughts..

  11. When confronted with true facts, honesty, integrity and a viable plan by the PPC candidate….Mr. Singh was reduced to a babbling dear in the headlights…. Singh and the Lib/Con candidates were an absolute joke on stage…. unprepared, and unable to respond to a legitimate candidate like Thompson.

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