1. I honestly want whatever Jaclyn is drinking or taking because she lives in a world where she is 1,000% right and it baffles me just how out of touch with the world she is

    Ig: lolamaymtz

  2. I truly don't understand why Jaclyn didn't hire a PR team. She really needed some serious guidance. Insta: @Stephanie.MolesKrayeski

  3. Honestly, even if she just gave a genuine apology acknowledging mthe situation in FULL and not beading around the bush that would have looked SO much better and WAY more professional.

  4. People love to hate Jaclyn, but things would have been 1000% better of she had said “we’re looking into what caused the contamination in the lipsticks. I’m so sorry, you all deserve better. We are issuing a recall and giving full refunds. I dropped the ball, I’m going to do what I have to so we can make this better in future launches.” Thats seriously all she had to do and she would have lost less money, less damage to her reputation, and given herself the potential for profit in the future.

  5. Her going dark like this is extreamly suspicious and reflects poorly on her as a CEO. Thank the gods i never got anything from her…moldy lipsticks is a hell of a way to launch a company
    Ig: @analessialynn

  6. Jaclyn keeps doubling down on her lies & keeps insisting every single thing she' stated has been true. Smh. That's basically still saying they're "a 100% safe & not bad/harmful in any shape way or form.". It's not hate it's pple calling her out on her lies. No one should be defending Jaclyn, she doesn't know how to be an adult & own up to things. Should just take the L, recall the lipsticks, come clean with her supposed lab results (actual forms not blacked out, so we can read it for ourselves) & take the L. Pple can forgive a mistake when someone sincerely apologizes & owns up to what went wrong instead of always blaming everyone else for these issues. However, she keeps lying, lashing out, & hiding from the situation, while not owning up to anything & taking no responsibility.

  7. As a person with ptsd, anxiety and depression, I really hate it when people use mental health issues as a way to evade responsibility for their actions. Mental health is never an excuse for crappy behavior, being a crappy human or for taking responsibility.
    IG: lavenderloularue

  8. I can’t for the life of me understand why she’s not just admitting fault and recalling these disgusting lipsticks. Going and hiding in her closet full of birkins isn’t helping her at all.

    Insta: celesteabotha

  9. Honestly I’ve lost all respect for Jaclyn at this point bc she’s not honest.
    Insta: fathia_balgahoom

  10. Twitter: @SaharaEscapist

    Jaclyn is, clearly, way above her comfort zone. Since she started getting collabs and other opportunities outside youtube, she stopped doing what she herself said she's best at: which is doing tutorials, reviews, playing with make up. She's a great saleswoman, but as a CEO, she never showed the knowledge or the maturity you can clearly see from some influencers who also have their own brands. Even if they're clowns in their videos or get into drama, they know how to convert it into sales or how to keep it apart from their business. Jaclyn made her business and herself into one. She's not ready and honestly, i'm struggling to believe she actually runs her company, I think it's her name there. She gets to name the releases, choose packaging, maybe play with the formula, but she's not the one making big decisions or spending days and nights at the lab. In the end she's still collaborator in her own brand.

  11. I don't see how JH can bounce back from this.. She literally couldn't blame anyone else (even though she blamed the lab)… She needs to do what Laura and Manny did and just go under the radar.. Plus has anyone seen those exact swatches for her lipsticks?? She isn't out here revolutionizing makeup – she should just stop at this point until she can actually put out a good product.
    IG: 1Driaaa

  12. Girl I totally agree this social media break from Jaclyn seems like an attempt to play the victim. Like poor Jaclyn she’s not in a good place, her anxiety is so overwhelming, etc. I don’t buy it for a second!! She constantly tries to get away with half assed products and gets caught every time being shady af. Thank you so much for for the giveaway and good luck to everyone! 💕💕

    Instagram: brays8084
    Twitter: @brays8084

  13. She still has a lot of hopeless fans, but I wonder if this time she will manage to bounce back. I think it won't be easy like in the past. I love how she was all drama free during the Tati vs JC and now… Twitter: @_violetcupcake_

  14. Playing the mental health card really urks me. If she had handled things correctly in the first place instead of ignoring it whilst counting her coins she wouldnt be getting the backlash she is getting. You made your bed, lie in it.

  15. It seems unprofessional to me for an owner & CEO of a business to suddenly run off and hide if something doest go their way. And to throw “mental health” cards left and right is insulting to me, as someone with medically diagnosed mental health conditions that I must address every single day of my life. @mi_chelle_1968

  16. She's definitely hiding & peeking in to see if it goes quiet! @lyniroquai is my handle on all accounts 👍😘👌

  17. She's a Jellyfish. But, it talks and it's ugly human being. She should turned off her notifications off her phone on social media. Also, have her big CEO pants on.

  18. I’m not sure why people trusted her after all the other scandals she’s had 🤷🏻‍♀️.

    Jolibean (insta)

  19. I just want to know the lab results! She said she invested “$100K” …

    Insta: @jennifer_sotelo2

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