1. I feel YouTube is such a dangerous place when things don’t go 💯 for the YouTuber. I feel like Jaclyn really cares to please everyone, especially to her fans who have been loyal. So she probably feels as it’s her duty to please everyone. Unfortunately, there’s no way to please everyone so I feel like this is why it is taking a toll on her. And her getting off social media is perfect for her. She needs a clear space to really think things through and what her next step will be. Being clouded by hate or cruel comments doesn’t allow a person to think, so in Jaclyn’s place. She’s getting frustrated, she wants to please, she wants to perfect everything so the negative stops

  2. Her mental health is not more important than the thousands of people whom she ignored, lied to & dragged. Sorry but suck it up Buttercup & fix your problem. This won't go away simply cause you try to hide. It will get worse & your brand will never have any chance to recover.

  3. Exactly!! she should of let her audience know about her mental health break before doing it.
    Also, do it on YouTube because not all ppl has tweeter/ IG accounts
    IN The end she left people wonder and make assumptions about leaving abruptly in the middle of the fire..

  4. I think the word bully is over used but I do think people are now actually bullying her… she wouldn't have intentionally messed up her company she so badly wanted to succeed…..I do think she didn't handle it will but she doesn't deserve the personal hate she's taking….people are now accustomed to being cruel to one another….. it's not only normal but absolutely accepted to be hateful and unkind to each other… That needs to stop

  5. I think her company needs to release an official statement (it doesn't have to come straight from her lips but from the company). She has been very open about her mental health issues and so I think she deserves this time off. People want answers but she doesn't have them yet. It takes time to get down to it. I think everyone would be happy with a recall.

  6. its insteresting you bring up actual breaks for YouTubers, LIlly Singh and Grace Helbig both took mental health breaks to reanalyze what they want to do and revamp their creativity. Im surprised more people don't do their own breaks on this platform. But those who don't, i imagine they possibly don't manage their money in a smart way and cant afford their lifestyle without working.

  7. No the people’s health NEEDED TO COME FIRST! Not her mental health! If she doesn’t have the mental health to deal with the backlash of her mistakes then she needs to go away!

  8. Just because you love makeup doesn’t mean you should brand yourself and own a business. After all her mess ups, she needs to walk away.

  9. In order for Jaclyn to learn from her mistakes she first has to acknowledge she made mistakes & to realize she is directly responsible for all of this *hit. I hope she takes this time to have a reality check, recall all her products and be honest for a change.

  10. I totally agree with your statement about "bullying" being way over used these days. There is a difference between actual Bullying and someone disagreeing with you or voicing their opinion.
    You seem to have alot of common sense and I love it.

  11. I love the message more towards the end .. any time I have a conversation with someone I try so hard not to hurt anyone’s feelings. I think it’s so important. And if I think what I said was remotely close to offensive I usually apologize because we should always put ourselves in others situations. If you don’t like it then why give it out ?

    Oh my god !!! I’m at the end and you say are you taking care of yourself .. and you nailed me right on the head .. I actually am doing a skin ritual while the baby is sleeping
    You should have seen my face 😳
    Lol you’re definitely a psychic loll😬

  12. On one hand I get the impression that she is trying to push out the negativity/ cancel culture and is trying re brand, start fresh and come back later when she has more answers. The on the other hand it looks like to some that she is running away and not facing the issue. I’m sure this is an extremely stressful situation to be in. I get the feeling that if u have a big platform like Jaclyn. It doesn’t matter what she does, someone isn’t going to be happy about it. Idk I’m on the fence

  13. Would Stacy be as kind if the CEO of, say, McDonalds, had defective, potentially very harmful items that they delusionally kept defending? Then ran away once the truth came out?

  14. I think to some extent that people are just going around in circles now. Like a lot of people are dragging her because cancel culture is entertaining to a lot of people. Especially since Marlena dropped her video. I'm not saying people are wrong in thinking that Jacyln needs to recall her products. I think she needs to as well. But she's not and thats on her, ultimately. The constant bashing isn't called for. No one deserves that.

  15. She absolutely was and continues to be bullied about this among many things. The hateful words Ive seen directed at her are nothing short of bullying / harassment! She is only human and absolutely deserves to take whatever break she needs. Its fucking lipstick- like get the fuck over it people and put your energy into something positive, take a stand against the real issues in the world. Clearly Jaclyn was not at the head of this project and was being lead by whoever really makes the decisions. This sheep mentality where everyone just blindly follows the latest rumor and assumptions is truly scary.

  16. Jaclyn is so fake! I unsubscribed from her the moment her CEO self didn’t and hasn’t handled any issue in a professional or appropriate way! Bye falicia 👋 @jaclynhill

  17. Man, her poor employees of her company. She just fucking abandoned them, and they are left to take care of the dumpster fire. She really just needs to retire.

  18. I'm sick of mental health being used as a cop out to taking accountability for actions. It's insulting to those of us who do truly struggle with mental health. Anytime a celebrity or a big youtuber gets called out and question about something shady they've done, suddenly they're suffering mentally. No, no you're not suffering, you're not being bullied, you're lying and can't handle that no one believes your lies. Sense when is asking for the truth bullying someone? While I'm sure there are people who take it too far, the majority are just asking for the truth. Her explanation doesn't add up and it's clear she's hiding something to save face.

  19. Jaclyn is arrogant & makes everything about her. She cares for HER health, but not the health of her customers. She’s getting hate because ppl are not believing her lies. She’s a pathological liar and thinks what she’s telling her customers is the truth. She needs to address things like an adult and not lie to people. Also, I thought only a few people didn’t like her lipsticks **eye roll*** Stop supporting these people. They do not deserve your money.

  20. CEO‘s have to handle criticism! Especially when you are at fault and release shitty products under YOUR name! You cannot just disappear! What is this?!?

  21. you know the thing is, a small part of me feels bad for her, overall though, she knew those lipsticks were old and busted and sold them anyway. She did this to herself, what did she expect to happen, she knows the internet and had to know what would happen. it was a money grab like everything else she pawns off on us.

  22. I think going off social media is disrespectful when there’s lipsticks being tested for harmful contamination.

  23. And this is why having I’m thankful that before I went to law school, I studied business. Regardless of the field you go into, if you don’t have good business ethics then you fall on your face when you’re in a position of recovery after a career blow. This lack of professionalism and silence is literally criminal! And if I had bought these lipsticks and they caused any problems I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to prosecute this to the fullest extent. I can look beyond a tragic mistake, but it’s all about how she handles it. And she’s doing poorly.

  24. If Jaclyn would have addressed the issues straight on and with concern when they were first coming out people would have more respect for her and her brand. But she blew it off, ran away and hid, and then came out with blatantly obvious lies about what was happening. She handled this situation completely wrong and has only herself to blame at this point.

  25. I wish she would have said hey I'm deactivating my accounts to take a little mental break while I figure out what's going on with my products and I will be back in a few days. I wish she also would have stated that she would be addressing all of this when she comes back and has a clearer understanding of what exactly is going on. That way people would know that she's not running from this. It would have been better for her and for her consumers. In my opinion.

  26. Thank you Peter so much for speaking on mental health because it is extremely important. Self compassion is extremely important. Compassion for others is extremely important. No one is perfect and I think it’s extremely important that we understand that.

  27. She spent 100K on lab tests, says you will get a refund and then disappears. What is in those nasty lipsticks? If she would have been honest, recalled those things and apologized this would be so much smaller. Her lies and attitude get her in trouble

  28. Is no one going to cover MELRAE the $60k models video???? … she exposes Make Up Greek’s fake scam palette and explains the $60k lawsuit. I believe her over Marlena.

  29. imagine doing something wrong at work and then not showing up the next several days because “ her mental health needs to come first “ LOL .. here’s your termination letter, sweetie .

  30. I’m sorry but I feel like the beauty community use mental health as an excuse these days! I understand mental health. I empathize with mental health. But they are always in a dark place… needed mental health break when the going gets tough. Ugh whatever!

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