Jaclyn Hill DELETES Social Media, James Charles VS Marlena Stell

Jaclyn Hill DELETES Social Media, James Charles VS Marlena Stell

hey bitches it's Nick Schneider and welcome back to my youtube channel in this video I am gonna discuss Jaclyn hill deactivating all of her social media as well as Marlena style from makeup geek addressing James Charles if this is your first time on my channel hello welcome how are you doing if you could please hit the subscribe button down below I would greatly appreciate it and if you were someone who has been here for a day a week a month or a year well welcome back if you do please make sure you have all of your notifications that's you on by clicking the bell icons somewhere on the screen please note that everything I speak on in my videos is my own personal opinion and opinions are not facts and please do not send hate to anyone or any brand that I speak on in my videos because that isn't that what these are meant for they meant for us to throw a little shade spill a little tea and have a messy time here on the Internet Jacqueline Hill decided to pull a laura-leigh and delete all four social media following all the drama surrounding Jacqueline Cosmetics a lot of people are wondering why Jacqueline Hill would all of a sudden delete all of her social medias but judging by this response to a now-deleted posed I would have to say it's probably the same their response goes as follows I deleted it because I immediately got hateful comments and although everything I stated is a thousand percent true I need to protect my mental state first and foremost and I know people think that makes me a victim but honestly my sanity needs to come first Jacqueline Hill is a hundred percent correct her mental health does need to come first and I can only imagine the hate and the negativity that she is receiving online cannot be that fun to see every day and it can make you feel a certain type of way however a lot of people online are feeling that by her going above and beyond to delete all for social media she's trying to really make people feel bad for her and be like well maybe it is getting too hard for it she just can't handle it in my opinion I do believe that deleting all of your social media and making it deactivate it is a grab for attention because you know everyone is gonna be talking about it people are gonna try to dig further into the reason why you actually deleted it people are gonna think you're trying to hide something people are gonna think you're doing it for sympathy I think that she should have just held down her finger on her iPhone press that little X button on the application and deleted the application from her phone and not looked at social media for a very long time since Jacqueline Hill has deleted all of her social media people have been filtering over to the Instagram and Twitter of Jacqueline Cosmetics and calling her out for things like deleting comments and just question exactly why she would delete all four social media one person's comment goes as follows y'all are definitely deleting comments I was looking at this thread yesterday and it looked different you ain't got to like Craig okay I must be out of the loop right now I know that some people are like listen Linda and all that kind of stuff but who is Craig does anyone who Craig is can you please let me know down in the comments section Jaclyn hill cosmetics actually responded and said the following if you change from the top comments to newest first you'll see all comments we can't control how Instagram sorts the top comments if you go to any post on this page it is filled with negative comments we are not deleting comments I mean honestly new drinking game every time Jaclyn Hillard Jaclyn hill cosmetics uses the word comments in one of their responses they also said the following not a single comment has been deleted which should be clear if you take the time to scroll through and read the mini opinions our fans have what is your opinion about why Jaclyn hill deleted it all for social media do you think that she did it because she just couldn't face the negativity that she was receiving or do you think that she's trying to play a little bit of a victim role in this sense please let me know all of your thoughts and opinions down below and now let's talk about Marlene Estelle calling out James Charles it is a well-known fact that James Charles Oh Marlene Estelle do not get along we all saw last year where James Charles threw a hissy fit on social media because Marlene Estelle put out that she was working on a documentary with Netflix in my opinion when James Charles lashed out at Marlene Estelle because of her deal with Netflix and the fact that she was doing a documentary that was pure jealousy because James Charles has spoken out before about how he would love to do a documentary on the beauty industry and all the things that go on behind the scenes and he really wants people to understand why Beauty influencers and influencers in general deserve the money that they are asking it was complete jealousy that Netflix didn't want to work with James Charles and if you know anything about James Charles when he does not get his way girl in a 1 hour and 25-minute video from Marlene Estela titled dear influencers she sat down and she addressed exactly how James Charles tweets about her to Netflix and everything made her feel here is what she had to say ok so last year you guys know that I did a documentary with Netflix I'm not gonna give more details because honestly I know Netflix is kind of like after I did that little tweet I'll explain the whole story I got approached I think it was August of last year August or September actually so last year was I was at my lowest point the last couple years horrible when Netflix contacted me about this documentary it was like the one be of light that was going on in a midst of just pure garbage that I was doing on behind the scenes and so I was so excited it was like this great opportunity and was thrilled went to LA to film with them and so I asked the team I was like can I just post little teaser just saying hey this is coming just to get people excited and they're like yes just you know don't give any super details so I did then comes completely out of the blue from James Charles I'm so upset he was basically saying like I've been working on a documentary for a while which I had no idea of I follow James but not so closely I don't know what all he's working on so he responds to Netflix and tags them and says let's make a documentary on behind the scenes and why the community is plummeting plummeting I already have a full outline that highlights the faults on all sides in a non biased way and a platform of millions that want to know more email me so this is going on why I'm still filming with this team and and it starts blowing up and now that I'm with the film crew it blows up so much to the point that the executives of Netflix are now calling the film crew that I'm with like delete the tweet take it down I'm mortified at this point I'm so embarrassed because I had no idea that this was gonna like there was gonna be some sort of like you know blowing it up like I was gonna do this documentary and blah blah blah and so to be honest I was like I was embarrassed I was personally hurt the last part of the filming I haven't even seen the documentary yet I know it's gonna be amazing they always kick it out of the park I'm so excited it's gonna be a kick documentary I'm sure but the last half of the video that was getting ready to film I was I was getting emotional because I'm like this is supposed to be such a great day for me it's like a positive light with that I've gone through before this I was devastated and so I still took their time respond I try to be respectful in the beginning I said I tagged James I said I think it would be great to hear about your input from an influencer site as well I did not approach them they approached me and wanted to understand everything about the in beauty industry it wasn't about influence or thing and I know where this was coming from because James has been upset about that truth video I'm gonna say it hit dogs holler the loudest that's all I'm gonna say and I'm gonna be bold and say that because I never once said any names in that truth video for a specific reason talk about that in a second – so it started going back and forth I'm gonna put up here the tweets that I said to James I said my point is not to belittle him but to state that influence are just one aspect of the beauty industry I'm coming from it from my experience behind the scenes as well in front of the scenes so anyways that kind of all blew up to this day I'm gonna be honest I'm still pissed about that and because that day was ruined for me and I think what upset me the most was you calling me that woman I'm gonna say this bluntly I apologize if it offends anyone but I'm gonna be blunt I would never if even if it wasn't addressed at me if it was addressed as someone and it was as public with the largest audience that you said called anyone of any age that woman I'd be pissed that is so disrespectful and especially coming to someone as myself who's been doing your job before you did myself and many others like Leisha you know ex sparkage pixie woo wing cos nikkietutorials candy Johnson it's duty time there's so many people that had done all of this stuff for free did it how the passion of it worked hard to try to make this beauty community what you know a reputable place and for you to disrespect me for that and call me that woman I'm that was wrong I'm sorry that was utterly wrong I know you said an apology later but this is what really bothered me was the apology came after I responded back showing that I was really upset from that so this is what happened so these are someone a message that happened on Twitter behind the scenes Marlena this is from James I'm so incredibly hurt and offended by this I also love when you asked me to message you privately and I do but you continue tweeting for publicity I just had to pause the clip right there for a second because I love how James Charles starts this thing against Marlena style from makeup geek on his Twitter calling her that woman and is telling Netflix that basically she shouldn't be the one that they work with because she's not doing it for the right reasons and then he tries to say that she's just responding still on Twitter because of publicity no she's responding because your sisters are very out there and they would love to tear someone's out because they think you're gonna give them a little bit of attention and they're doing it in your honor so she has every right to sit on her Twitter and respond in a respectful manner it was not tweeting for publicity I was comin I was tweeting to defend myself because you bub publicly not only bashed me and called me that woman but you did it tagging the company that I was with that day that crossed a line so um it goes on you said you wanted to film a video with me I'm and I said I'm sorry oh so I said I didn't see this team yesterday and I wasn't tweeting for publicity James they were responses to you're bashing me to be honest you owe me a massive apology before I sit down with you I never once said anything about but kind things about you before you even well he asked me to film with him to speak my side especially after the truth video came out and I agreed even though I was still upset it was like okay let's try to save face let's try to bind together let's put this away and I said I'm you know I am I was trying to plan a time to go to LA I'm not living in LA when where and I was like okay if I'm in a book this ticket like this needs to be serious cuz I'm taking time I've got two companies I'm running I'm busy I can't just be hot booking flights to get down to LA so this better be sure but I was smart and I didn't booked my ticket because I had a gut feeling I was like he's gonna back out so as soon as the publicity from all of that died down sure enough he canceled on me and I was pissed at that because I had taken my time not only one to agree to sit down with someone that just bashed me publicly but to Hawaii said don't waste my time if I'm gonna take that effort booked a flight fly down to LA take time away from me running my companies to do this it's gotta be done well I don't know about all of you but I for one am extremely extremely shocked that James Charles would back out of something that he feels is no longer gonna benefit him in the long run even though he already made promises to do a video with Marlena and addressed this whole situation but I mean in true James Charles fashion did anybody actually think that he was gonna do the video and I mean honestly is anyone shocked that Widmore Leena said heart dogs hollered the loudest or hit dogs holler the loudest did anybody really think that when James Charles was sitting on Tates Channel and he was talking about how much influencers make and how influencers need to be paid because of production and all this kind of stuff that makeup companies would have to pay for an actual campaign so he thinks influencers deserve that did anybody actually think he was talking about some of those friends no we all thought that James Charles was talking about himself and he thought that he deserves $60,000 for mentioning a product in one of his videos but also I am NOT gonna name names James Charles is not the only one that allegedly is up to this $60,000 for a mention in a video there's another influencer out there that if you do the first and the last name together it comes to ten letters who back when they were smaller thought that they deserved $60,000 as well let me know who you guys think that is down in the comment section but how do you feel about what Marlene Estelle had to say in her video about James Charles do you think that she was correct in doing so do you think she was looking for a little sympathy or did you agree with everything that she said please let me know all of your thoughts and opinions down below and with that said everyone that is it for this video please follow all my social media that's linked down in the description and I love you guys and I'll see you in the next one bye

26 thoughts on “Jaclyn Hill DELETES Social Media, James Charles VS Marlena Stell

  1. Don't even know why people still follow Jaklyn. She might have been good once but now is just a diva with too much ego. From the moment you launch your brand you have to be professional, you can't just vanish from social media, you're not just an influencer anymore you're a CEO of a company… Jeezuz so unprofessional.

  2. James Charles will look back on all his childish behavior when he’s older and be mortified! Teenagers are so entitled and think they are the smartest, then you grow up and look back and can’t believe how DUMB you were. And he’s doing it in front of millions!

  3. okay, Jaclyn's lipsticks are disgusting and clearly not safe to use, and yeah, at this point she really doesn't have anything else to lose by saying "please don't use my lipstick", but this girl has already come out with two videos trying to rectify the situation and offered every person a refund, so at this point people are just beating a dead freaking horse. It's not surprising at all that she deleted her social media. What else is she supposed to do? People literally will not accept that she took responsibility in any capacity, that she admitted it wasn't the quality her fans deserved, and is trying to rectify the situation–they just keep coming for her like she's not human. And before anybody comes at me for being a "fan" I didn't know who the hell she was prior to this whole lipstick thing, and once this eventually blows over I probably won't care about her again, but being on the internet (or in any sort of spotlight) doesn't mean you cease to be a person with emotions and feelings. It's not playing victim to feel like you're being attacked when you're bombarded with hate every minute of every day, especially when you've been trying to make it right. Just imagine you failed out of college and your mom spent all day every day just berating you about it. It doesn't make the situation any better, it just makes you feel worse, and at some point you're going to want to get away from it.

    Even with the James Charles scandal shit, I thought people were going too damn far, and I don't even like James Charles because I think he's obnoxious and conceited.

  4. James thinks he is untouchable but forgets he left everyone receipts and proof for them to still use against him

  5. The whole Craig name is from a movie called Friday and that is one of the characters names and a girl has gone up to him and told him “you ain’t got to lie Craig!” Lol

  6. Funny how he thinks of himself as the Messiah of the beauty community when many others made it possible for him to make a living on this platform.

  7. “You ain’t got to lie Craig” is from the iconic movie called Friday staring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. That’s where the phrase “bye Felicia” came from as well (even tho the movie came out in the 90s).

  8. Your introduction sounds greatly like a quick run down when I'm about to ride a roller coaster, or the airline infomercial of how to apply an air mask or where the nearest exits are located.

  9. Jaclyn is damned if she does and damned if she doesnt at this point, let the bitch be human and delete her own accounts if she wants to.

  10. "hit dogs holler the loudest" did marlena just confirm that it was james who demands the $60k per video ???? iconic

  11. I can’t believe you people still support JC he’s literally the worst and just cares about the money not about makeup

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