Jack Ma: Believe in yourself, believe in doing business in China

Jack Ma: Believe in yourself, believe in doing business in China

35 thoughts on “Jack Ma: Believe in yourself, believe in doing business in China

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  3. You are really inspiration for that peoples who are not smart enough and from middle or low background. But they want to achieve something big in their life

  4. Jack is not only a great businessman but also such a wonderful public speaker. We respect him from the deep of our hearts !

  5. Those who implement the tips Jack Ma gave in this video will far ahead than anybody else! Hmm He is a Visionary! Let's learn Chinese! haha

  6. Teacher life style be the business owner. Study. He practice Qigong Taiji everyday . Proud for that.

  7. He is one of my best mentors that I have, he encourage me to be a better person…thank you Jack Ma for all the support and knowledge that you share 🙂 God bless you

  8. What did you to ensure that one of them in the group did not steal your idea. Very interested to learn

  9. mmmmh when you do everything with LOVE,you become a better person,Countries we have to learn something on this VIDEO.

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  12. If we HV group of Rich men like Mr Jack m who have God will,the word will become a better place, He give good advice to young men in other to succeeded in life.Thanks so much Mr Jack I which if I can be like u want day.

  13. Yes I so much wish to go to China 🎄👌🎂🎁🏩❤🆒 very inspiring speech given by the great legend Jack Ma !

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