39 thoughts on “Italian Election: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. Why can't british and americans understand politic system and societies which are different from theirs? Italy hasn't a prime minister, Italy is a parliamentary republic, the many rearrangements inside the italian goverments doesn't mean italian politics is fool, because it's the parliament the most important political entity. Age of consent in Italy is 14 so Berlusconi can theorically fucks who he wants over that age. Berlusconi wasn't candidate in the last election (so it's a fake news). The criminal who shot to a group of immigrants in a central italian town was under psichiatric treatment, and his violent reation was due to the gang rape, killing and dismemberment of an italian teenager girl by a group of african illegal immigrants and drug dealers…why is omitted this in the video? The critics about italian TV is also ridicolous, because those programs are old than 15 years and some are candid cameras…British television is still garbage, true rubbish, when i have been on Holiday in London i watched only people farting in tv, naked flabby people, screaming and scandals…same for magazines and newspapers, large part of them show soft pornography and gossip only

  2. Note that the Italian gunman was avenging the rape and murder of a young Italian woman (Pamela Mastropietro) by an illegal immigrant.


    The woman's mother decided to personally carry the bouquet sent by the gunman, at her daughter's funeral.

  3. Italy… the country that gave us Paganini, Leonardo Davinci and the Roman empire. The first civilized empire in world history.

  4. I know this is dated & I'm a fan of this show, but take note that Frankie Muniz suffers from strokes & memory loss & doesn't remember the show that made him famous (Malcolm). If he has a toothache, he has a toothache & if he can do better tell em how.

  5. Salvini has won since this video. I wonder how many times Italian people will continue to vote for shitty governments… Mussolini, Craxi, Berlusconi, and now a wonderful far right prime minster. Doesn’t these people learn anything from the past ?

  6. Wow one year later, and if you followed politics you would know all the great things Di Maio and the 5 star movement has done so far. That is satisfaction, put that in your pipe and smoke Oliver, just to quote one of your jokes: oooh the places you can go f***k yourself!

  7. By the way, Salvini is called Il Capitano in Italy, which is a stock character from Commedia Del Atre, who fakes being brave,but is terrified of everything. Just saying.

  8. I am Italian and I would have voted for you.
    You think it's a joke?
    In John's voice: "clearly you have never seen this fucking Italian before."

  9. Come to Canada! The amount of Anti-vaxxers will blow your mind~ I guess free-health care gives a lot more problems than benefit like a 8 hour wait time to see the doctor at the hospital, 1 year wait time for a surgery and stupidity

  10. Are you retarded John Oliver?
    Crime rates in Germany , Sweden,Austria,France,Uk, Norway have increased due to immigrants and you are saying it's a myth
    Thanks to you even in Germany, Netherlands anti immigration party won

  11. A segment on Italian politics …

    1 minute mark … no Berlusconi
    2 minute mark … no Berlusconi
    3 minute mark … no Berlusconi
    4 minute mark … no Berlusconi
    5 minute mark … no Berlusconi
    6 minute mark … no Berlusconi
    7 minute mark … no Berlusconi
    8 minute mark … no Berlusconi
    9 minute mark … no Berlusconi, and somehow Trump is here
    10 minute mark … no Berlus–aaaaaaaaaand there he is. Knew he'd show up eventually XD

  12. John did not even mention that legal age is 12 and public masterbation is legal as long as everyone around is at least 12. Plus parents raising their kids vegan 🌱 will land parents in jail for 1-2 years for child abuse, all true!!!

  13. Vaffanculo day is September 8th, for anyone who wants a quick answer.

    It's close to my birthday but nobody cares.

  14. 8:22 he was talking about cleaning ze streets from trash. Do you know how much spaghetti they throw out. And don't forget the pizza people

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