It is Wrong to Normalise Violence in British Politics

It is Wrong to Normalise Violence in British Politics

[Applause] so I was a tanked again this week today in fact not for the fourth time but for the second but well at least the second that I was actually hit but what I find really interesting is that the media is now encouraging this milkshake throwing you keep candidate for the fourth time this week this is becoming a habit and then a video with some jaunty little music listen to this that's very jaunty isn't it as if this is all fun and games this is intimidation this is political intimidation that is being drummed up by the state the meter by the media the state politicians on Twitter corporations and is being fully facilitated as part of the democratic process as a method of D platforming I don't think it's wise for the left or the the establishment whatever it is to normalize political violence against outsiders and dissidents you have to let them fail at the ballot box by their own standards by their own means and you don't have the right to intimidate them and encourage violence against them through your reporting which is what you're doing for example I had among the fourth milkshake thrown over me in over a week you know in a week no that's not true I've had to throw at me two people have failed that's fake news the far-right activists I don't agree with that label why would you not use the term I used to describe myself the English liberal activist would be a fair a fair title but far-right what you don't know where I am on the political spectrum it would make more sense to promote me as I define myself I mean it seems uncharitable to define that person for them but I was touring Salisbury as part of my came campaign for the European election this week was targeted by opponents in the street yes I was attacked by radical left wingers that's what's happening because I am opposed to radical left wingers in fact I'm opposed to the left-wing hegemony of this country oh there should be an equal balance between left and right and at the moment the right has been crushed at least influentially ideologically a Twitter user who posted a photograph denounced in the military quickly received more than a thousand likes well so what that's nothing I mean I posted the picture myself saying you fools no amount of milkshake can stop me and I got five and a half thousand likes but I mean hey a guy got a thousand likes on Twitter that's bloody important stuff remember there's last newsworthy is it another Twitter user posted this is becoming a habit yes is it wise to incite political violence in our system we are like violence's is the the place you're never allowed to go to the person who does this kind of thing loses the argument and it's clear by the way that they've been acting that they just don't have one they're just wrong on the things that they're talking about we are right on these issues and they know it which is why they have to try and silence me this and not just me that's Tommy like today Tommy I saw on his telegram he was attacked by a gang of Muslims called the Muslim Defense Force whatever that is and I'm sure they're gonna be categorized as fascists very soon who throwing eggs and bricks who ended up smashing up a bunch of police cars and again the coverage was Oh violence broke out no they were attacked I suppose I should thank the independent independent factor you're pointing out that it is people targeting me that this is doing this I guess I should thank you for it earlier this week a police and totnes separated Benjamin supporters from demonstrators after his doused in a milkshake for the third time no that was the first time but anyway don't worry about the facts you don't bothered about the facts just spinning a narrative right but it wasn't that my supporters were not separate from them they were separated from us because they attacked us because you whip them out about a bunch of lies I would let you sit interrogate like Andrew Breitbart on starter the the the protesters one by one what are you here for what do you think none of them know anything like I had a history teacher couldn't define fascism I had a bunch of left-wing activists who literally didn't know what what I'd actually said and there was one guy who didn't even know who I was he thought I was my loan you know plus it happened not to be there for that day and then he thought I was pulled Joseph Watson again I'm not and I was like okay what's mine and he couldn't tell me he didn't know who the hell I was but he knew that something bad was going on and that he had to go down and do something about it and blah blah blah blah I say what the hell is this like these people don't know anything like I today it's Salisbury knows this one goes that you're a fascist refreshen okay well I'm a constitutionalist and for limited government he's a lot know you're a fascist like what is fashion desire I can I can i can define fashion I'm just not going to there's a lady in Wilson sir I know what you're for you're about I know what you're about what am I about oh I'm gonna tell you I know what you know telefilm what I'm about you know and I can I can say well they are I sure so I believe those things or I can say no I don't believe those things and she obviously wouldn't say it because she knew she knew that she didn't know what was going on it's embarrassing how uninformed these protesters aren't and I just make them look like absolute pill oaks to everyone watching they're not doing themselves and then then throwing stuff and getting violence like that doesn't make me look bad that makes you look like bullies when the media actually incites this kind of aggression against me and then we're actually attacking the same with Tommy as well you know when the media insights this which people can see that that's what you're doing do you look like bullies I mean look look at this right this is what Burger King tweeted out dear people of Scotland wish we're selling milkshakes all weekend have fun love burning 14 thousand retweets seventy four thousand likes that's you inciting violence and you know it so we'd never endorse pilots or dude who said who said anything about violence why are you worried about endorsing what no one would say the Burger King we're selling milkshakes all weekend love baking no one would say that was endorsing violence but because of the fucking context you know that you are dog whistling and endorsing violence so you don't like oh wait we don't endorse – yes you do you liars I mean honestly I can't believe that this is the case now right but this incitement against political candidates is being used as an excuse to D platform those political parties that exist outside of Westminster things like you can't things that do things other than sit in Parliament and worry about what people said on Twitter all day right I've been banned from various hustings under the under thing of public or risk it could be a public on risk right okay what do you mean you mean I might be attacked by radical idiots who don't know anything useful idiots who don't know anything who have been whipped up by a media campaign against me a smear campaign against me because they don't like the fact that I know what they do I know what they think and I will directly challenge their gender politics bullshit on its own merits while every other politician just fucking caves because they're politically correct cups that's what it is isn't it this is the reason that I'm being treated this way and the same with Tom Ian we've come to the point where the political establishment is denouncing certain people that they don't like this gives it dog this is a green light to the media to then whip up a hate mob who then go out and physically attack these people and that is used as an excuse to D platform them from from the political process that's the situation in Britain in 2019 political violence has become a normal way to keep political competition out of the running to make sure they don't get to engage in the democratic process on a level field right this is what we're doing this is Britain in 2019 this is the establishment losing its grip on power realizing that there are other narratives outside of their own in fact the moral impetus for these narratives has come from the moral failings of the establishment which is why everything they do when dealing with any of these sort of dissident Outsiders is not asked them okay what are your arguments on the merits which is what someone who is intellectually confident would do no they have to try and make us ashamed to be the people that we are just think the things that we think and to have the fun that we have to make jokes we should be ashamed of this and that is this that is the tool that they use to keep everyone in line and if we don't bow to this if we don't say sorry they hate us they can't control us any of the dissident campaigners any of the dissident politicians that's what they're afraid of not being able to control them and so now it's come to the point where they will adjust most political violence and use that violence 2d platform us this is a genuinely worrying point in western and British politics in particular and I tell you what any other country do not tolerate the first egg thrown the first milkshake thrown right do not tolerate it right and we don't for people on the inside Jeremy Corbyn got egged about a month ago Oh two months ago and he the guy who did it got a month in jail for just throwing an egg it's one rule for one one rule for another and I do not think this is a very wise thing for us to do whether you like a personal nuts regardless of how offensive you find them you have a duty to make sure you do not attack them you personally you know that that's wrong you know that that's an attempt at outright violence or intimidation and you know you wouldn't want it happening to yourself so maybe you should check your priveledge look at the power that you wield and think for the sake of the integrity of democracy in this country maybe just maybe we shouldn't encourage political violence even if it is at currently a low scale but again I hasten to add Tommy Robinson had a bricks thrown at him today in all term by the Muslim Defense Force remember this next time next time come on like these Buddha's off in Oldham yeah yeah we've got about 300 people with this book boys the high socks Pakistan is ripping in old [Applause] emotions fight you a fast police rise to join a circus or sirens Tommy will say the phrase obviously quite worrisome is gonna be getting the tragus out early because the debate stops from this entrance yeah and this one goes all the way around [Applause] so this is not acceptable you should not be bringing political violence into our democracy and it will not end well if you do I don't even know who and bad before it'll just be bad it'd be bad when people actually start dying in the streets so let's actually talk free speech is the way we solve our problems stop acting like your opinions are made of glass and can't can't withstand the slightest touch of a counter-narrative of an outside force of anything that might contradict what you already believe unless of course you think you have received wisdom from the gods okay you do not have a perfect truth you have a duty to listen to other people what they think is true and see what about that is true actually examine it interrogate it honestly stop acting like you're about to lose everything I'll tell you what though this campaign has been amazing and it's been an absolute pleasure to be denounced by both Jeremy Corbyn and Nick Griffin the leader of the British National Party and the leader of the Labour Party the fascists and the Communists have both denounced the liberal I'm doing my job right and frankly Jeremy Corbyn this appalling has absolutely no place anywhere in society you know yeah I bet you were saying that about being egged as well are you going to say that about everyone else being attacked or is it just one rule for you and another rule for us lowly plebeians

29 thoughts on “It is Wrong to Normalise Violence in British Politics

  1. The blue haired women of the left imagine the brown guys they are importing will be their army. That army will of course turn on them in the end, but they don't think that far ahead.

  2. And now the BBC is "Joking" – the milk be replaced with acid ! And the prophesied emergence of violent Islamist gangs given licence, by the establishment, to attack the indigenous population has begun.

  3. When the Left starts it, Headlines read: Violence Breaks Out
    When someone on the Right so much a Farts at the wrong time and place, headlines read:

  4. Assumes ben is far-right but doesn’t assume the protestors that assaulted him as far-left. Great journalism there

  5. The entire left is mentally ill.

    Borderline personality disorder combined with a kind of hysteria whipped up and perpetually fed by the intersectional cultural marxist media and ruling classes.

    Gen X is going to have to fix this mess created by Boomers and millenials.

    We've only just worked out it's gotten quite as bad as it has….

    I predict due to circumstance and being at the right age for it we will now enter politics and steady this increasingly unstable ship of state.

    I suspect the reason things are as bad as they are is because boomers wilfully rejected the ideals of the greatest generation and the millenials never knew them.

    Us Xr's had them as grandparents so benefited from the ideals and wisdom they had to offer.

    Time to roll our sleeves up and get on with it.

    I've started by refusing to self censor and saying what I believe to be the truth.

    If we have no freedom of speech we have nothing.

  6. I honestly think the way to destroy the establishment is to first end the royal family like they were ended in Russia. Cut the whole tree down. After that obliterate the prince and princesses (the top 10%).

  7. Those muslim guys throwing bricks and rocks at people literally made me say "Just fucking shoot them"

    A couple cops with guns, telling them to go home otherwise they will be shot.

  8. We here in Australia put our egg throwers up on a pedestal. Well at least we put the leftist one up there. Had a person on the right thrown an egg at a sitting member of parliament they’d have been arrested but a leftist gets money from crowd funding and a spot on prime time leftist news show called The Project. 😡

  9. I keep telling you guys, just hire an ex-marine, he will shoot that fucker, I'm just saying that shake could've been acid, then again you are a reasonable human being soo ..guess you have to take one for the team

  10. If I was put in charge of the police force, I would just shoot these terrorists in the streets, protest and political pressure be damned

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