14 thoughts on “Issue Briefing: Jobs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  1. The redistribution and lop sided wealth polymerization comes out of the monetary systems more than anything else.

  2. Interesting point about education at 27 :59 .
    They very well know that, besides nourishing that littlness of mind which is proper to slavery, the increase of artificial wants only binds so many more chains upon the people. John Jacques Rousseau 1750. 🎩💣💲💻

  3. Basically, an education system in each country should be based on STEAM elements. Without this approach, we will be lost in the future.

  4. These kind of discussions are essential in these uncertain times. This optimism from people who know what they are talking about is a lot more comforting than the panic I've been experiencing over job losses in my country.

  5. Amazing to note the macro economic context being demystified, alongside meaningful insights on ground reality. Pertinent question from the Swedish educationalist, one of the primary sources of the Future Generation of SKILLED workforce – understanding of Finland Education system, has been a wonderful takeaway. To add, Singapore has already opened up their classrooms for MORE involved creative learning than mere competitive demonstrations on well defined existing subjects.

  6. I dont think the bolds guy new playbook is the way… dogmatism is spiritual laziness. everyone should get lost in nature on LSD and that's it

  7. The human spirit is truly amazing…even though these commies are about to be destroyed…their entire scheme of enslaving everyone under the Bilderberg class is about to come to a fiery end…they still make the same lame and boring videos that they have been making for the last 15 years about “green jobs”. LOL!

  8. Fix the problems in SKI RESORTS! Housing and diversity. No more bringing in foreign work force. Alex Spanos had it wrong in his book "Sharing the Wealth" and history is the proof. When will we see REINVENTING in the people?

  9. Interesting video!. I wish it would be much longer in exchange views, it really help us to understand the prepareness of futur job challenges.

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